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  1. WELLLLLLL.....

    How to put this nicely.

    No... the surprise is NOT going to happen in 2013. however, it should be about the middle of january. The next chapter of Kandric is in the process of being written as we speak.

    also, i take back what i said in the last post. there's not one surprise, but 2.. one of which will certainly accompany the next Kandric chapter, the other. well we are working on it.

    With that being said, if there is anyone that would like to be 'in on the secrets' and are willing to assits with certain things, we could certianly use the help. feel free to email me at roland.stories@gmail.com. i will explain more after someone contacts me.

    but, bottom line is. by the middle of Jan, maybe late middle, there will be a few new things for those of us that Love Kandric.

  2. Hey all,

    Well i stumbled upon this forum by doing a goggle search for Kandric. Mainly out of curiousity.

    I too am a major fan of the Kandric Saga, which is why i roped Kyle Aarons into writing in the Revolutions Universe. Yes it is a massive colaberation, but i am pretty happy with the amount of material we have been able to put out so far, and quality material, in my humble opinion. However, this thread is not meant to talk about the RU, but Kandric.

    at this time, all i am permitted to say is that there will indeed be a Kandric chapter this year. Kyle needs to wait for his real life to calm down some, before he can put forth the sort of effort that Kandric requires. SO it will probably be a few months before he can finish writing the chapter, and get it read for post.

    ON another note, I have it from some very good sourses that this years chapter will be coupled with another surprise for the readers. What that is, i can not say, under pain of death. But we all hope it will be something to thank all of the faithful readers.

    Anyways, i will try to keep everyone posted on the progress of the new chapter, and try and give you all an idea of when it will be posted.

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