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  1. Thanks!! My long-term goal is to write a mainstream (not gay centric) book, and Kindle direct publishing is a very intriguing option! Circumnavigation would, I think, not be too acceptable to a straight audience, though one of my past novels had a significant readership of straight military types, due to the content. (many of whom hated the gay aspects). I do plan to give a mainstream novel a whirl soon. I have to reluctantly announce a hiatus of two weeks, due to me falling way behind in writing. The next chapter should be posted on or before Jan 9th. CJ
  2. BUAHAHAAA!!!! I can sympathize... back when I lived in a house that was accessible by road, I'd sometimes take taxis to the airport. MAny a time I "waved goodbye" to the empty house, so the cabbie wouldn't know it was empty. Actually, the most common source for burglars buying tips on who is away come from newspaper delivery guys.
  3. "There are as many ways to know of many things, as there are things of which to know." CJ
  4. A new story, Circumnavigation, is nearing completion, and here's a link. : )
  5. Wow, Jan, Thank you!!! BTW, Ch 20 is now posted, too.
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