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  1. This story will be exclusively available at The Authors' Keep until after the new year, when I will start gradually posting it at nifty, here, Gayauthors, etc........ So, if the teaser interests you, feel free to check it out! And don't forget to send feedback (please? LOL) Matt/BWCTwriter
  2. When Fenton, a scrawny fifteen year old who had been bullied for the past two years of grade school, is at the end of his rope, he makes a wish to have a chance to be the one with the upper hand for once. He didn't understand the power of his wish, nor the danger that could come of it. When he gets his chance at being the Alpha Male, he finds himself falling prey to the same temptations as his abusers, taking things to a level even he thought he'd never reach. Though his intentions were not evil in nature, he wasn't sure just how far he'd let things go The Day the Tables Turned. Story Co
  3. Finally, the conclusion of Gone From Darkness is posted on The authors' keep! Check it out, and feel free to read other stories by newly hosted authors! And dont forget to submit feedback! Us writers love to hear what our readers think of our stories! Thanks! --Bwctwriter
  4. A difficult path lies ahead for two young boys, who awake to find themselves in a strange place, with no memory of who they are, and how they got there. Their only choice is to stick together, look for shelter, and try and discover the past which has conspicuously disappeared from their minds. Soon, their very eventful past comes to light, and they must make a choice: Deny or embrace. Each option has its own benefits, and its own downside as well, but it is a choice they must make regardless. Will they deny their hearts' desire and move on alone, or will they embrace the opportunity they've
  5. I've started a new site that I hope will turn out to be a collaborative site for gay authors of all ages and abilities to find a more permanent home for their story and their following. You can visit the site here: Authorskeep I wont encourage you to just completely ditch this site, because, well, I owe Talonrider for his kindness. I will, however, ask that you give it a look, and consider promoting your story there (non-exclusively).... I can also give anyone their own subdomain where they can build a full-featured site. I have pretty relaxed limits on bandwidth and disk space, so i wo
  6. I've been stewing over this storyline idea for some time now, completely unrelated to LT, and well, i thought it was going to be a lot harder to write than it was. Anyway, i really got into it, and until i have the work polished and posted, I'll be concentrating on it and not LT. Dont worry, you'll be able to see that and comment on it as well, but only when its ready. So, hope u enjoy whats posted so far and look forward to more!
  7. Love Transcending, Chapter 8 My mother shook herself out of her trance and turned back toward the door. “I’m sorry I barged in on you boys,” she apologized as she left the room. “Breakfast will be ready in twenty minutes.” With that, she left the room, closing the door behind her. Chris and I were speechless. The fear began to set in as we slowly dressed to go upstairs for breakfast. This was a lot sooner than I had planned to have to deal with coming out to my parents. I wasn’t sure what my mother would think of us now, whether she’d be upset, and worst of all, whether she planned on
  8. Love Transcending, Chapter 7 Comments and/or constructive criticism to bwctadmin@cox.net . After what seemed to be an unbearable eternity, Friday afternoon arrived, as did Chris, at precisely 7 o’clock pm. I had spent our day apart thoroughly cleaning my room, picking up every speck of trash, and tidying up the bed. Cleanliness was never a strong suit of mine; however my desire to impress my boyfriend overpowered my laziness. My mother greeted him at the door, and as he walked down the stairs to my room, I did a last minute check and sprayed a manly room freshener around to add to the
  9. Love Transcending, Chapter 6 Comments and/or constructive criticism to bwctadmin@cox.net . We were all up early the next morning, more than ready to complete the last leg of our journey. It was due to be an easy trip; a portage free day. We had a filling breakfast that morning, then proceeded to do our final takedown of camp for the trip. Some of us went off to find a private place to bathe, thoroughly sickened by our own filthy, smelly bodies. Even the normally shy scouts seemed uncaring of appearing nude in front of the others, as today was a day that we refused to spoil. Travis a
  10. I've pretty much got all the way up to chapter 17 completed, but I'm very much interested in where you'd like to see the characters end up, where you would go with them if it was your story. What would make this story more "real" to you? Reply if you'd like to add suggestions, or email me at bwctadmin@cox.net with any feedback. Thanks! Bwctwriter
  11. Love Transcending, aka Boundary Waters Canoe Trip, Ch 5 Comments and/or constructive criticism to bwctadmin@cox.net . Sunday morning signaled the end of our stay at the second camp, so we once again packed our belongings up and continued canoeing on down the lake. It was the warmest day yet, and I even entertained the idea of going for a swim that day, surprisingly enough. Chris and I were very talkative that morning, joking and laughing, being the goofballs that everyone knew us to be. Fred and Chuck “encouraged” us to move a little faster, as we lagged behind the group most of the w
  12. Suggestions on where you'd like to see the story go? What its missing? Likes and dislikes? Email them to me! bwctadmin@cox.net I'm looking forward to your comments!
  13. Love Transcending, Chapter 4 Comments and/or constructive criticism to bwctadmin@cox.net . It was Friday, and it was time to move on to our next campsite. Most of the boys had a strenuous day before, out swimming, canoeing around the area, hiking to and from other campsites, or annoying the hell out of our adult leaders, but Chris and I were wide awake and ready to tackle another day of canoeing. After the usual awesome breakfast, which Chris and I, as well as the rest of our patrol, cooked for our troop, we cleaned up, packed away our cooking and camping gear, and set off for another
  14. Love Transcending, Chapter 3 Comments and/or constructive criticism to bwctadmin@cox.net . Following our most wonderful night in the cabin, it was the day we were to shove off and begin our journey through the many lakes and rivers Minnesota had to offer. After we got out of bed, dressed and packed our gear, and ate breakfast it was almost time to leave. The outfitters supplied us with all the food, utensils, supplies and accessories we would need on our trip. The only items us boys were required to bring were clothes, bedding, and personal items. Once the bags were out, some were
  15. Want to be informed when new chapters are released? want to know about site updates and changes? Feel free to send a blank e-mail to LTupdates-subscribe@topica.com and you will get a confirmation email promptly. Once you activate the comfirmation link, you will be all set to be the first to know when new chapters of LT have been released. Sign up now! LTupdates-subscribe@topica.com
  16. Love Transcending, Chapter 2 Please send any comments and/or constructive criticism to bwctadmin@cox.net . Upon returning home, life began to return to normal. The summer ended, school resumed, and the Boy Scouts continued on without Gary and Chris. Nick's father, Chuck, took over as scoutmaster of the troop. He was a preacher at a church in town. Upon his taking the position, he promptly moved the weekly meeting place to the basement of the church. Other things had changed as well. We now began and ended our weekly meetings with the Lord's Prayer, and we would also attend church at t
  17. Talonrider, you made my day when you set this forum up for me. I am so happy to have a place to completely control the submission of my story. I had hoped to one day have a forum set up, so that i could edit, delete, or change things at will w/o having to go thru a third party to complete a task, which would undoubtedly take a lot longer to accomplish. You rock, man. Thanx Bwctwriter
  18. Love Transcending, Ch 1 Formerly Known as Boundary Waters Canoe Trip- Uncensored Version Copyright 2004-2006. All rights reserved. No part of this story may be used or reproduced by any means, without the written permission of the publisher. This story is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents are products of the author's imagination or are used fictionally. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental. This story involves relationships between underage boys. If you are under the age of 18, or it is illegal t
  19. He was a shy, kindhearted young boy with a spirited personality. I was a Depressed, bitter, aimless victim of the world around me. Each of us led our own lives, hoping one day to find love. Fate, it seemed, brought us together from completely different worlds, then tore us apart for reasons incomprehensible to us. Two years later, we were once again brought together by events greater than ourselves, the two of us finding in each other the love and support we had secretly hoped was there all along. We knew our trials and hardships would be plentiful, But we did not fear. We would be each
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