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    Fleeting I was just a confused grocery boy when I found the old man. I rushed back out to my car, grabbed my cell phone and dialed 911. Once the police arrived we re-entered the house. There were still clips of snow from my boots on the front rug as we entered. The whole city had been without electricity for the last two days, but power was restored as I dressed for work early this morning. The local sheriff, we all called Enis the p****, walked into the room and the echo of his boots against the cold floor made me shiver. He checked for a pulse, and then lifted an envelope from the f
  2. Passage of a Soul Prologue The moon looked fuzzy as I gazed into the star lit sky. The edges weren’t as crisp and distinct as I usually gazed upon, and I didn’t feel the usual compulsion to try and see deeper into each bent shadow. A scattering of clouds was passing overhead, and by their shape, I knew the weather would not interfere with this eve’s merriment. My mind drifted a moment as the hiss of waves against the rocky shore flooded my ears. This night was as hypnotic as any I could remember in the past, and I lost myself in the swell of the sea and the feather-like touch of cool
  3. Chapter 1 The Pact The thunder echoed in the distance as I sat at my computer. There was another storm brewing and I knew she’d be by my side. It’s what we did. Tornado, hail, or otherwise, she and I would sit together contemplating life under the wood pavilion as we watched the white flashes of light draw closer. “Ahhh come on. You’re no fun!” Those were always the words that drew her to me as I begged for company. I hung up the phone and tried to clean as much as I was able. I didn’t want my best friend Jeana to see what a total slob I really was, and it was just the motivation
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    Lucif Chapter 2 & 3 The Druid Chapter 10, 11, 12, & 13 Midnight’s Rainbow Chapter 3 & 4 Fleeting Chapter 1 Promise Forsaken Chapter 1 Passage Of A Soul Prologue My deepest apologies for not having kept up with this. I've been distracted (I've got a boyfriend! WOO HOO!) Either way, it is no real excuse and I apologize to my readers. Here's hoping the bevy of updates makes up for my lack of attention to this great site. Take care everyone and I hope that you all have a wonderful new year!
  5. Chapter 4 Wings of Light For the first time since my arrival on this planet I didn’t know where the sun lay in the sky. Ever since I was thrown from Haven, and until what seemed only moments ago, I had always felt the sun searching for my flesh. There had always been that subtle tug in the universe seeking to punish me, and now it was gone. As strange as it might seem, I mourned the loss. It was familiar, and one of the few constants in my reality that never wavered. Now it was gone. I wanted to go to my brother, but knew the druids would return, and decided that venture could wait for
  6. Chapter 3 Wings of Hope “Well met Asher.” Anthoni bent at the hip, and gave me a curt bow. I plunged into his mind and swam through his thoughts. He struggled against the intrusion but failed in the attempt. Pulling back from his mind, I noticed the affect my mental assault had upon him. Anthony staggered and was noticeably weakened. His skin had lightened in color as if his body had eaten too much of the blood that sustained him. “You could have asked my intentions.” Anthoni’s speech reminded me of a different era. The last time I had heard this particular accent was during a bri
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    Chapter 3 Distraction Marcus was gone when I awoke. Many years had passed, and he didn’t need me any longer. His determination and will had given him the strength to wean himself from my blood decades ago. We were never as close as Moses and I once were, but we knew each other almost as intimately. Well, as much as any two acquaintances can when they are in each other’s company for a couple of centuries. I suppose it has always been different for me. Long ago, I learned that life on this rock is little more than one distraction after the next, interrupted by the odd obsession and occa
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    Chapter 2 Druid Born I knew that the Druids would come. They had no choice. We had created a new monster in this world, and had to somehow reign in the evil of our latest atrocity. It is this one thing that has always made me laugh. Worry… it seemed so human an emotion and as equally senseless. Now don’t get me wrong, there are many human emotions that are constructive and useful, however ‘worry’, has never been one of them. It’s always seemed a fruitless endeavor to dread a thing that you cannot change when the time would be better spent finding a solution. I rose from my bed earl
  9. Chapter 13 Hey Mister “Hey Mister! You can wake up now… I’m okay.” I felt the feather like touch of young flesh against my hand and a tug on my arm, trying to pull me upright. “Get up! Dinner’s waiting!” The voice was familiar, though at the same time strange, and I had a hard time lifting the weight of my eyelids. I didn’t truly want to wake up. “Ty!” Brian’s voice echoed through my mind and my eyes shot open. A feeling of dread engulfed me as the memories of those last moments of consciousness filled my mind. Somehow I had called the lightning without thinking, and had killed an
  10. Chapter 12 Lost Innocence The ground seemed to shift under my feet and I fell to my knees. An ache filled my chest as deeply as if the uncles had plunged a blade into my heart yet again. They were gone. How could they leave us? I should have known this was going to happen, but I didn’t, and that frustrated me even more. With the knowledge that Galen and Doris had given us, how could we not know of this ritual? What in hell was going on? “Galen!” I screamed his name into the darkness, as hot wet tears streamed down my cheeks and cooled in the night air. Bry rushed to my side, knel
  11. Chapter 11 Brethren “What the hell was that?” The surprise and worry in Mark’s voice did little to settle my nerves. “I’m not sure, but it was strong enough to get past the wards and can still move about during the daylight hours.” At first I would have thought it a shade, but the sun had already risen and this thing was much more powerful. I leaned over, collected my chair from the floor, and sat it upright. Usually, I would have trusted my instincts to know that it was safe, but I wasn’t sure anymore. How long had it lurked in the shadows? The skin along the back of my neck tingled
  12. Chapter 10 Dark Horizon The morning sun blazed against the back of my eyelids and the chill of the autumn morning made me want to dig deeper into the warmth of Bry’s body. The frost filled air caused an involuntary shudder in my chest as I yawned. I pulled Bry’s arm around me and tried to squirm deeper into the covers to hide the small bits of flesh that were exposed to the cold during my night’s slumber. He let out a gasp as I twisted around and buried my face into his warm chest. The tip of my nose felt like ice, and I tried to hide from the frigid air and memories that threatened to t
  13. My apologies. I didn't realize that I didn't finish out Chapter 2 of The Lycan here. It is of course supposed to be here first and foremost. On that note.. I've also posted chapter 3. Hope you like! Take care!
  14. Chapter 3 Leon’s Torment “That’s a very nice bike you have my sleeping beauty.” A heavily timbered bass voice filled my ears as I struggled to wake. It didn’t take me long before I remembered Leon and jerked awake. The white fluorescent lights burned my eyes as I struggled to sit upright. The fluorescent tubes seemed impossibly high above me. The ceiling must have been twenty feet high. As my eyes adjusted and the dull ache faded inside my skull I noticed the exposed wiring that ran along its length. The building was old and I suspected we were on the second floor of the restaurant. S
  15. Chapter 1 Welcome To the Night Life “Hey baby, need a date?” I left the safety of my home and entered this dark world four years ago. There is harm that accompanies these words. We night folk are a fragile breed though you might not suspect it. Each transgression strips away another piece of who we once were and thickens the wall around our desolate hearts. I’ve given so much of myself to those I serve that my soul has withered away into nothingness. I see the furtive glances of those more pristine than I. They turn their heads in disgust and race down the highway beneath the wash of str
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    Chapter 1 Birth of The Damned The man I love is dead. My time with him was a bittersweet torment. I gave up my world to be in his, and have endured the sorrow ever since. I watched my precious Moses wither with age, and die before I knew what my blood could do for his kind. Eternity pulses through my veins and can create the creatures known as Vampire. It was a different time then, and I was naive to the affect my blood has on humans. It’s difficult to explain how incredibly brief a human life is in comparison to immortality. When you have existed for several hundred millennia, a mer
  17. The Nephillim Prologue I lay thrashing about in the bottom of the bath tub, nude, and half wrapped in a tangle of shower curtain. I slipped, and my 7 foot 2 inch frame made more noise than I thought possible as I grappled for anything to keep my balance. I failed and took the shower curtain with me. The spray of water seemed to suddenly change direction as though the shower head had taken on a life of its own, adding to the chaos. “Hey Mallik, you okay?” Darryl’s muffled words came through the door. I heard a click from the bathroom door knob and struggled to cover myself. “Don’t come in.
  18. Chapter 9 Reunion Finally reaching the end of the driveway I felt for the familiar lump in my front pocket. Like many things I carried with me, my pocket knife was always there. I used it for trimming the plants of my garden, but now I had other work for it. I pulled out the blade and placed it against the fat of my palm and gave a quick jerk. The bite of metal into my flesh was a sudden flash of pain, but I endured it. I folded back the knife and pushed it back into my pocket for safe keeping. Clenching my fist, to promote the flow of blood, I took one final deep breath and began casting
  19. Chapter 8 Celastrus Scandens "Bittersweet" My mind shifted in a dreamy state as my senses crawled to life inside my skull. I saw the light pushing against the back of my eyelids. I listened to Bry's rhythmic soft breath and refused to open my eyes. I let the weight of my body press against his warm smooth skin. I couldn't remember when I had slept better or felt as happy to wake. We lay spooning in a mutual fetal position. My left arm was wrapped around his chest as if pulling him closer, with his arm's weight against mine. He seemed to want to keep it there, and I wasn't of a mind to obje
  20. Chapter 7 House Guests Bry continued to stare at me with a confused look on his face. I felt a mix of longing and regret rush through him like ocean waves striking sand. The pain would recede, only to be replaced again with a stronger onslaught of sorrow. I guess the gift of 'Balance' only worked when he was in battle, because now I felt only the turmoil in his broken heart. "Well, that's if you want to stay." I diverted my eyes to the floor, because I didn't want him to see my fear. He had enough on his mind. I began kicking myself mentally. I've been so selfish lately. I didn't stop to t
  21. Chapter 6 Dicentra Spectabilis "Bleeding Heart" "David!" I shot upright in bed, nearly throwing Brian to the floor. The dream had been so real. In my mind I could still hear the echoes of David's cries for help. I glanced around, frantically trying to understand my surroundings. Taking note of the shadowed dresser in the corner and the window at the head of my bed, I found my bearings. I was in my room but I didn't feel safe anymore. It would never be the perfect safety that it had once been. Recent events left this place tainted somehow. My Godfather's dead body haunted my mind with a f
  22. Chapter 5 Salix Alba 'White Willow' I was shivering as my eyes opened. I knew where I was, but not why, as the last fleeting memories of my murder returned to me. I sat up, wrapping my arms around my knees, shuddering as my body tried to warm itself. The hard granite altar felt like ice against my skin but I didn't think my body was going to cooperate until I got something to protect me from the bitter cold. I sat atop the large granite alter at the base of the giant oak, naked and freezing. I looked out as the stars trimmed the dark branches of our grove of sacred trees. The acre sized cl
  23. Chapter 4 Matricaria Recutita 'Red Heather' Brian drives a 1998 Mustang convertible that is in less than mint condition. The convertible part is what sent my shoulder length brown hair whipping my face. The car isn't new, but immaculately maintained. The rust spots around the doors and fenders had been sanded away and covered with an ugly grey primer. "Nice car!" I yelled as the wind thundered against my ears. A grin crept across Brian's face as a feeling of pride centered on his chest. "Thanks," he said. We didn't get into the details most guys would regarding engine size and such. M
  24. Chapter 3 Lilac I found an empty seat on the bus that didn't look too sticky. Duct tape seemed to be the predominant color for the majority of the seats with the slight intrusion of the ugliest of dark greens. The seats had been carved up, written on, and taped several times over the years. I leaned my head against the window and watched the road blaze past in a blur of gravel and concrete. Each bump sent my head tapping against the window like Morris Code. Glancing up to the scenery of empty cornfields, I noticed we were getting closer to my house. I released the barrier from around myself
  25. Chapter 2 The Dance I walked beside Brian on the concrete death row, toward my new school, staring at the small colored pebbles that formed the sidewalk beneath my feet. I had hoped to make it past the flag pole and the jocks leaning against it. I felt the one called Jerid O'Toole walking toward us and I braced myself. "Yo, Brian!" Jerid yelled, shoving Brian's shoulder knocking him into me. I was ready for it, and stopped Brian from falling. I felt the aggravation in Jerid for not having succeeded in pushing him to the ground. "What the hell are you doing with 'freak show'?" Jerid aske
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