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Antonio's Song


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In order to understand this poem, you need some background. This atrocity hit the news a few days ago and it really upset me. Sometimes things like this hit me and cut right to the bones. It hit way too close to home and rattled my issues. It has made me very angry alternating between being quiet and withdrawn and snapping at people ever since.

Sometimes the only way I can get things like this out of my head is to write it out.


Florida man convicted of murdering 3-year-old "gay" son


A Florida man stands convicted of second-degree murder after killing his 3-year-old son because he thought the boy might grow up to be gay. A Tampa jury on Thursday found Ronnie Paris Jr. guilty of second-degree manslaughter and aggravated child abuse in the death of his son, Ronnie Antonio Paris. According to The Tampa Tribune, the boy was beaten so badly that he became lethargic, stopped eating, and began wetting himself. On January 22 the boy went into a coma and died six days later. Experts testified that his death was caused by blunt trauma to the head.

The child's mother, Nysherra Paris, testified that her husband was trying to "toughen up" their son because he was worried he might grow up to be gay. Nysherra Paris, who never reported any abuse until February, is charged with child neglect and faces up to 15 years in prison if convicted. Ronnie Paris will be sentenced next month, and he faces life in prison. (Sirius/OutQ)

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Antonio’s Song

In the beginning,

I used to be your little man.

Now you can’t stand me,

And I’m afraid of your hands.

Why do you hurt me?

What did I do wrong?

Why can’t I please you?

Does it make you feel strong?

I just can’t see,

I can’t understand,

How hurting me,

Is gonna make me a man.

What mistakes did I make?

What did I ever do to you?

Why don’t you love me anymore?

Why do the things that you do?

Daddy please don’t hit me,

I can’t take it anymore,

I know that it’s all my fault,

My heart is broken,

Cause you don’t love me anymore.

I will just close my eyes,

And slowly slip away,

Why did I have to die?

How can a three year old be gay?

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