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The Talon House

Chapter 3


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Love Transcending, Chapter 3

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Following our most wonderful night in the cabin, it was the day we were to shove off and begin our journey through the many lakes and rivers Minnesota had to offer. After we got out of bed, dressed and packed our gear, and ate breakfast it was almost time to leave.

The outfitters supplied us with all the food, utensils, supplies and accessories we would need on our trip. The only items us boys were required to bring were clothes, bedding, and personal items. Once the bags were out, some were designated for food, others for equipment, and the rest for our stuff.

Chuck, Tony, Fred, and Gene went through our belongings with us to make sure we left any unnecessary items at home, which would otherwise collectively increase the load we would need to carry, and ultimately cause more work for us boys, who would be repeatedly lugging the bags to and from the canoes multiple times daily.

Once the gear was set, we headed down to the canoe equipment storage shed. Each boy grabbed a paddle that was of appropriate length for his height, as well as a well-fitting life preserver. While the outfitter staff put the canoes to water, we were busy deciding who was going to be canoeing with whom. Nick and his father would be in one, Jason with his father, Tony with Travis, Gary with Gene, and Me with my love, Chris.

Nate was the pass-around boy, as there were an uneven number of boys to work with the 2 per canoe rule. Since he was the smallest, we figured he would be the best boy to make up the only 3-person canoe we needed that week. Everyone was really excited as we were on the brink of beginning our journey.

Before we embarked on our jouney, the outfitters discussed with the group which route we were going to take, and we decided to take the shorter route, but spend a couple days in each area along the way, so as to balance out canoeing time with relaxing and recreational time.

After what seemed like forever, we finally were able to board our canoes and begin our journey through the many lakes of the Boundary Waters, named as such due to their close proximity to the boundary of Canada.

I was so excited to be with my boy Chris that I didn’t even notice how much work it was to do all the paddling in lakes without a current. We laughed and joked and told stories of what few good moments we had during the years of our separation. It was a most rewarding experience.

Though it wasn’t the same as living those memories together, I was glad just to hear about his new life in Arkansas. I felt I shouldn’t think ill of his experiences simply because I wasn’t right there with him to enjoy them as well. The past was the past. Most importantly, we were together again, and we were damn sure going to make good use of what time we knew we’d have together.

We moved as a group steadily for a few miles until lunch time, where we found a nice island in the lake to stop. We boys were hungry as horses. Even though it wasn’t a full day’s work, we weren’t used to the intense effort it took to propel our canoes through current-less waters. We all docked our canoes and started handing out the sandwiches in an orderly fashion, then proceeded to devour them in the most ravenous, ill mannered fashion as we could.

After that we decided to relax on the shore for a while, the adults wanting to give us boys time to rejuvenate ourselves for the second half of the day. After all the water and juice I drank in the morning, I was ready to let loose all over the place, so I pulled Chris along with me. As we headed into the wilderness enough so we were out of earshot, I started the conversation.

“Ugh, I can’t stand staring at you all day without wanting to jump your bones!” Chris looked comically shocked at my statement. He pushed me against a nearby tree, pinning my arms against it.

“Beat ya,” he joked with a sly smile. He brought his lips to mine and we made out for a few minutes, our hands roaming all over each other. If it was a cold afternoon, we had no way of knowing. The heat of our passion was so overwhelming that it could have been winter and we wouldn’t have noticed.

“Dude, I can’t wait much longer,” I stated desperately, “If I have to kick everyone out of my tent to get you alone tonight, I will. I want to make love to you.”

Chris’ eyes watered, face blushed. His emotions were overflowing and it made it difficult to speak without his voice cracking. “I love you so much, Matt.”

“I love you more,” I joked. He chuckled and I caught him off guard, kissing him gently on the nose. “You’re right, I can’t wait either.”

Chris was wickedly surprised when I slowly slithered down his body to my knees, gently unbuckling his belt and pants, dropping them to the ground. Chris’ hardness was pressing against his boxers, waiting for my oral embrace. I put my fingers between his skin the fabric of his boxers and slid them down to the ground, leaving Chris exposed from the waist down. I stared at his beautiful organ, swelled and ready to burst.

I was so nervous I was sweating bullets. Here was Chris, my one and only love, in front of me, his hardness pulsing, begging to be relieved. With a quick movement of my lips I engulfed his 5 inch c*** in my mouth, sucking gently, rolling my tongue over his red mushroom-like head.

Chris was in utter bliss, moaning softly, pushing up his hips to meet my mouth. His wispy pubic hairs tickled my nose on each downward motion of my head. Chris gently held my head, caressing my soft hair. He bit his lip in anticipation as his impending orgasm began to build in his testicles. With every motion of my mouth around his dick, every swirl of my tongue, waves of pleasure swept over Chris’ body. I loved more than anything to please this boy god in front of me. Within another minute, Chris was achingly close to orgasm.

“Matt…..I’m gonna……I’m…..” Chris moaned as he began releasing pre-orgasmic fluid, which I lapped up with my tongue happily, using it to further lubricate his rigid c***. Chris began humping my face, moaning harder, as I could tell he was on the edge of losing it.

With one final thrust of his hips, Chris moaned “umph” and released his ejaculate in a most incredibly powerful and quantitative orgasm, several jets of cum I could feel hitting the back of my throat, which I willingly ate up. I didn’t think it was possible, but his ejaculate was even sweeter than his saliva. Once I tasted it, I knew there was no way I could ever love anyone else. Here Chris was, fulfilling my dream of finding love and happiness. There was no way I was going to let him go this time. Not then, not ever. Oh yea, and we were so not done playing around that day, not by a long shot.

After Chris and I spent some time recovering from our little exercise, we fixed ourselves back up and joined the group, who had finished eating and were just milling about, talking and things. Chris and I stayed pretty close together, talking to Travis and Nate, making jokes and playfully punching each other as typical teenagers do.

We knew it was getting to be time to keep moving, so we helped the leaders clean up all our food mess, packed up everything that needed packing, and continued on down the river. It was a couple hours before we reached what would ultimately be our stopping point for the next two days. We figured that we could go on day explorations around the lake from here, or just hang out and play cards, do some swimming, or anything else that suited us.

It took about an hour and a half to set up all the tents, including the dining fly, and stow our gear for the night. After things were settled, Gary directed a couple of the boys to begin preparing the dinner. We were surprised how amply portioned everything was. No scout or adult went hungry that night.

Once done eating, we sat around the fire for a couple hours shooting the s**t. Travis and Nate decided they wanted to try taking a swim, so they ran into their tents and changed quickly into their trunks, and returned bare-chested and ready to make some waves. Chris and I sat watching the two foolhardy boys freeze their balls off in the cold water. They were visibly shaking but still insisted on having fun. Travis’ nipples looked to be painfully erect, which is probably the opposite of what his young p**** was. I can’t imagine little Travis having fun being drowned in the icy water. I laughed at the thought.

Chris peered over at me. “What’s so funny?”

I returned his gaze, smiling back at him. “Nothing.” A wink was all it took to put a smile on my lover’s face. “Wanna have some fun tonight?”

“Hell yeah,” Chris bellowed in a comically deep voice. He quickly shoved me in the direction of our tent, to which I gladly navigated myself. Once the zipper of the tent was closed, Chris was all over me, kissing my neck, rubbing my chest. I hated to disconnect myself for the minuscule moments it took to yank my shirt off and kick off my pants.

He then jumped me, sitting on my legs and pinning my arms back above my head. “It’s my turn to pin you.” He continued his oral assault of my face and neck for a minute, then slowly began working his way down my body with his tongue, gently teasing one of my nipples. He continued further, probing my belly button, sanitizing it with his thick saliva. I was more than ready for what was next.

He roughly untied and removed my shoes and socks. He then shifted to pleasuring my feet, licking each toe until it was slippery with his juices. I had no idea he could be this loving and sensuous. He licked his way up my legs; I shuddered as he stimulated my inner thigh, and just before he reached my genitals, he switched to the bottom of the other leg, where he continued bathing me with his tongue.

I was squirming around, excited at the contact, my c*** standing proud and ready, balls hanging low and loose, little orbs filled with my seed.

“Oh god, Chris,” I moaned, “I can’t wait any longer.” His tongue stimulations were driving me mad, and I was even producing precum, something I’ve never done when pleasuring myself. At long last, he attacked my c*** and swallowed it all, working feverishly to get me off, stimulating the head of my dick so much, I was on cloud nine. He loved the taste of my dick, I could tell. Even he was moaning at this point.

Chris let my c*** slip out of my mouth, then moved to my right testicle, gently caressing it with his tongue, then taking the whole thing into his mouth, sucking lightly, which brought on indescribable new sensations that I will never forget.

Then, he went to my left testicle. I was producing so much precum that I didn’t know if I was even going to ejaculate at this point. When he thought he’d tortured me enough, and I assure you he did, he finally took my aching p**** into his mouth, sucking hard and bobbing up and down rhythmically. It only took about thirty seconds with his mouth stimulating me that I could not hold it anymore. The buildup started from the lowest part of my testicles, rising up through my organs, and at long last I was at the point of no return. My entire body shook as I reached orgasm, my body was soaked with sweat, muscles twitching, and the pressure in my balls was so achingly powerful that I could not hold it for more than a few seconds, and with a yelp I exploded the most powerful and awesome orgasm I have ever had in my life. Six times I shot my seed into his mouth what must have been the mother load, because Chris barely kept up, and even let a few drops trickle down the side of his lips, which were curled up in a satisfied smile, knowing that he caused such powerful feelings to erupt from my body. He brought his face up to mine and we kissed passionately. I could still taste the leftover ejaculate that had collected in the corner of his lip.

Chris broke the kiss, but stayed close to my face, staring straight into my eyes. “You taste like cherries….”

We both giggled at the simile. I thought it was sweet that he found such delight in tasting me. I don’t know why, but I guess Chris was just trying to impress me more or something.

Chris and I composed ourselves soon after, and spent the rest of the evening in each others arms, wrapped in Chris’ oversized sleeping bag, not sure why he decided to bring THAT along…..I know I wasn’t thinking that far ahead. Luckily Chris was cleverer than I. We snuggled up close and just lost ourselves in the moment.

Holding him close to my naked body, sharing our body heat, as well as our love was a very comforting experience. Suddenly, I didn’t feel as though any of the problems I had in school in the past two years meant anything. Right there, in that moment, I was free from worry and stress. Being wrapped around my love was a completing social experience that would change my life from that moment on.

We eventually fell asleep in that same position, content with each other’s presence to keep us warm and comfortable. I didn’t need to dream that night, because my dreams had just come true before my very eyes.

I was the first to stir the next morning, finding my head still propped lovingly over Chris’ neck. I could smell his scent, the sweet stench of an active teenager. Fortunately, despite our late night activities, my muscles did feel rejuvenated, and I was ready to tackle another day of canoeing with my love.

“Chris, wake up man”

“Five more minutes, mommy,” Chris groaned.

Feeling insulted, I slapped him playfully in the belly, which caused him to gasp suddenly, and then we broke out in a fit of giggles, Chris pushing me back in mock disgust.

“Go away,” Chris ordered, “I do not wish to see your face today!”

“Well too bad,” I spat back, “because you have to canoe with me all day long.”

“Psh, what ever!” Chris responded in an effeminate manner. “Maybe I’ll go spend the day with Travis. I’m sure we could cause some controversy.”

I pushed him away and scoffed. “If you do that, don’t bother coming back and begging to sleep with me ever again!”

Chris grinned slyly. “Promise?”

“Ugh,” I said frustrated with his sarcastic taunting, “get out of here! Go make me breakfast or something.”

“Yeah,” Chris responded, “Like that’s gonna happen!”

We broke out in laughter again, pushing each other around playfully until we noticed that our activities were beginning to escalate beyond what we had meant them to be. Our teenage hormones were at it again, getting us into trouble at all hours of the day.

“Okay, okay, that’s enough,” I had to stop the foreplay before it got any worse. “We need to talk today, after lunch, ok?”

“Alright babe,” Chris responded, grinning goofily back at me.

“Breakfast is ready!” called Gary from the dining area. Realizing we were both starving, we threw on our clothes and made our way to the dining fly, sitting down with our group of scouts and leaders, each engaged with their own individual conversations with this boy or that. Breakfast was definitely better than expected, as the supplies given to us by the outfitters were far above adequate, even considering the semi-generous amount of money each boy had to pay to go on this weeklong trip.

As expected, we stayed around our home campsite, taking small canoeing trips around the area, while leaving our equipment at our “home base.” I remember going out with Dr. Crowe (Jason’s dad) on a canoe to retrieve some water. Tim brought along with him a water purifier, as we couldn’t very well be toting large quantities around like camels. We would paddle ourselves out to the middle of the lake, sink a pail with a rope attached to it until it reached the bottom, pull it up and then proceed to feed it through the purifying apparatus. This kind of intrigued me, as I couldn’t really understand how it all worked, but was happy it did, so as to prevent any of us boys from getting sick and ruining the camping experience for ourselves and others.

Once I returned from our water retrieval project, Chris confronted me with a request to go off with Travis and Nate for a little day trip. I was a little let down, as I really didn’t want to be too far away from my newfound love…….ever…… But I knew it was important to him, so I agreed. So, as the three havoc-wreaking young teenagers scurried off to do their thing, I hung around with Gary and Gene by the fire, talking about whatever came up.

After the trio joined the rest of the troop for lunch, I feigned fatigue and pulled Chris off with me to the tent. Once we were secured inside, I plopped down on the ground, Chris gazing down at me. I did my best to look ill in order to gain his sympathies.

“What’s wrong,” he queried, obviously picking up on my attempt to steal his attention. “Are you sick?”

Now there’s an interesting question. “Yes. I’m sick of being away from you. Kiss me.”

“Well,” he replied jokingly, “don’t mind if I do.” Chris brought his lips to mine and we made out for a couple minutes before we had to come up from air. I didn’t think it would ever be possible to be this much in love with someone. I wanted to share everything with him. I couldn’t wait for the moment where we would lose our virginity together. There was no one on this earth whom deserved it more than my love.

“God, I wish we were home,” I thought out loud. “I want you so bad, but we have to be careful. I think Gene already kinda’ knows about me. I can tell that he doesn’t care, but we can’t take any chances. If that bible toting bastard Chuck finds out, we’ll both be on an express ticket home, that’s for sure. That means I go back to Iowa, and you go back to Arkansas.”

“No way,” Chris retorted, “I’d never let that happen. I’ll run away if I have to. I’ll do whatever it takes to stay with you, Matt. I love you so much.”

We embraced lovingly, I kissed his neck, and he grazed his fingers over my chest, the fibers of my shirt tickling my skin as his fingers moved up and down my belly.

“I love you too, Chris,” I answered back. “I thought I’d lost you two years ago; thought I’d never see you again. I want to shout out to the world my love for you. I know that it’s going to be hard for us, Chris, but I think we can do it together.”

“I’m not ready to come out yet,” Chris stated. “My dad would be devastated. We’d get kicked out of scouts for sure. I want to so bad, but I think we should take more time to strengthen our relationship first. I want us to be prepared for our coming out. I know a lot of good websites we can check out. Hopefully I can find some places around Mason City when we move out here in October.”

I thought I had heard wrong. “What did you say?”

Chris smiled broadly, then straightened his face out. “Oh, you mean I forgot to tell you? Oh yeah, well the old man wants to return to Iowa because the schools down in Arkansas suck, so we’ll be checkin’ out houses next week, after we drive back to Mason.”

“Shut up!” I said in astonishment. “Dude, how could you hold that from me?”

Chris gleamed with pride in his sneaky underhandedness. “What can I say, I love watching you squirm.”

“Oh, you are so dead,” I threatened. Right then I tackled him, pinning him to the ground, and paused for dramatic effect. “Hmm…..now that I’ve got you trapped, what shall I do with you? I know, lets see if you’re still ticklish.” I began feverishly attacking his sides and underarms, sending him into a fit of uncontrollable, child-like giggles. “Now who’s squirming?”

“OK, OK I give, I give!” Chris conceded, at which point I stopped tickling and laid on my back, being as calm as I was when we first sat down in the tent. “Sadist.”

“Yes, I’ll have one order, please,” I chided. I grabbed my love in my arms again, hugging his head to my shoulder. “God, I love you.”

“I love you more….”

* * * **

While we stayed back lazily from the group of canoes in front of us, doing an evening run around the lake, I felt I needed to talk further about keeping our secret during this trip. We didn’t need anyone gossiping behind our back, or accusations thrown around, parents called, or items thrown in our direction, so I suggested that we keep our displays of affection limited to the confines of our own tent, which would cut down on the chance of us getting caught.

Chris was in agreement, but I had a feeling he’d still try and get in what action he could when no one was looking, and I was right. That night, during a campfire session, Travis, Nate, and Mike were sitting across from us, engaged in their own conversation, not really focused on anything else, and they began creating a ruckus with pushing, shoving, and raised voices. Frank, the troop’s resident social security leech, at like…..I dunno 120 years old or something, walked over to them and started ranting and raving about how he’d never be loud and disruptive when he was a kid, or something equally lame. The boys started arguing with the nearly extinct dinosaur which threatened to break up the fun they were having.

At one point the boys were in a position which they were too centered on the heated debate to notice, and Chris took a chance and pecked me on the lips. I gasped and looked in his direction. He smiled his sly smile, seeing his daring feat cause me to turn a deep shade of crimson in embarrassment.

I playfully pushed him, then draped my right arm over his shoulders, pulling him in close momentarily, then back to his upright position. I kept my arm there for a good 30 minutes, savoring the only contact that I thought would go unnoticed in a group full of boys. Luckily, no one asked why we seemed so close and mellow together. …..Blind fools…..

Soon enough it was time to head to bed. The leaders shooed us back to our tents while they continued talking by the fire. Chris and I were more than willing to get inside our tent, zip ourselves in his oversized sleeping bag, and strip each other naked.

It’s a good thing no one ever saw the inside of our tent, because I hadn’t touched my sleeping bag since we got there. There were two pillows atop Chris’ bedding, something that definitely would have drawn questions.

As was no surprise to me, we were both painfully erect. The heat we shared in that sleeping bag helped arouse us further, and I pinned Chris down as I had done before, kissing his neck and chest, then slowly began grinding my hardness into his. I began slow at first, and we began to pick up the pace as Chris got into the rhythm. It was an intense feeling of bliss, our teenage organs stimulating each other simultaneously. We were breathing heavily; sweat dripping off my hair and onto Chris’ face. He licked the salty fluids off my face, and continued picking up the pace of his pumping, as did I, until we quickly began approaching the point of no return. I was feverishly humping my boy from above, as he complemented my movements from below. I had to bite my tongue to keep from screaming, and covered Chris’ mouth just in case, as we could no longer hold it in, and came at the same time, our seed mixing together between our sweaty bodies, coating each other with thick ropes of fluid.

When the orgasm subsided, I collapsed to the side of Chris, draping my arm over his chest, right leg intertwined with his. I gently and quietly cleaned Chris and myself of our sexual release, and we stayed there in silence as I drew small circles around his chest with my fingertips. I figured now that we were calmed down and alone, we should start to get to know each other’s stories.

Keeping my eyes on his chest, I started. “So, when did you know that you were…..gay?”

Chris reflected a moment before he spoke softly. “’Bout six months before you came to Iowa. I really didn’t know what to do about it. I felt weird starting a conversation with someone ‘hey, you wanna mess around?’ I didn’t want to get my a** kicked. I had a couple online friends I came out to, and they’ve been pretty cool. They helped me decide that even though I wasn’t sure, I had to be honest with you. I have missed you ever since I left here two years ago. I was too damn chicken to say anything.”

“Chris, it’s alright,” I comforted him. “I did the same thing.” I paused for a moment in silent reflection. “Wow, I can’t believe you waited two years for me.”

“Didn’t have much choice,” Chris admitted. “No one likes me down there. They’re always pushin’ me around, calling me a fag and a pussy.” He paused to let a tear drop. “Why do we have to be like this, man?”

“I don’t know, Chris.” I hugged him close. After a pause I started telling my story. “I first started messing around with my cousin Pete when I was ten, just normal boy experimentation, except I never grew out of it.” I stopped momentarily, hearing a stir from outside. “Did you hear something?” I stuck my head outside the flap of the tent and found an empty campground. I guess my paranoia was on high, due to the private nature of our conversation. I returned to our conversation promptly. “The term gay started hitting home in sixth and seventh grade. I just didn’t like girls. Boys were so much cuter to me. And when I joined up with your troop in Mason, I knew what I wanted for sure. I’ve loved you since the moment we met. You’re my one and only, Chris.”

Chris became teary eyed, silver droplets of water cascading off his face. My lover was moved by my admission, so much so that his emotions were forced to flow out his body in the only way it knew how.

“Matt,” Chris responded, “you’re the only one I want in this whole world.”

We embraced lovingly, and stayed cuddled together through the night, sharing our heat, our presence, our strength and love with each other. There was no way I would ever let Chris go. My soul was his and his mine. We were partners in a long journey that was just beginning, outcome unknown, but with faith that God would carry us through it until we found true happiness and acceptance.

Comments and/or constructive criticism to bwctadmin@cox.net .

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