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The Talon House

Chapter 4


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Love Transcending, Chapter 4

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It was Friday, and it was time to move on to our next campsite. Most of the boys had a strenuous day before, out swimming, canoeing around the area, hiking to and from other campsites, or annoying the hell out of our adult leaders, but Chris and I were wide awake and ready to tackle another day of canoeing.

After the usual awesome breakfast, which Chris and I, as well as the rest of our patrol, cooked for our troop, we cleaned up, packed away our cooking and camping gear, and set off for another day of canoeing.

This was our first experience with “portaging” ever. A portage was a path from one lake to the next in which we docked our canoes, emptied out all contents, and carried our aluminum canoes through a cut out path to the next lake. We made multiple trips carrying first our green packs and then our canoes over the 100+ yard path, sometimes having to climb up or down hills, due to the varying landscape of each portage. Those of us who were stronger often were designated carriers of the canoes, while the smaller gents would carry the supply packs. Each portage would normally take anywhere from thirty minutes to an hour, depending on how steep the hills were.

Once we had finished transporting our gear from one end of the portage to the other, we then proceeded to pack everything back in the canoes and continue on through the next lake.

Everyone was visibly fatigued from our first portaging experience, but I was impressed with the amount of teamwork my fellow scouts and I displayed. Travis and Nate carried at least three canoes over the portage that day, and even still had enough energy to go back and help the weaker scouts lug the rest of the gear over the land bridge. Our adult leaders complimented us, as well, on our swift and thorough job of portaging that morning.

Though we were significantly drained, we paddled on for a few more hours, stopping for lunch at around 2pm. Chris and I ate quickly, then went back to our canoes to wait. As I lay on the bow, my favorite position, head on the metal frame, Chris shoved us off and paddled to the middle, where he decided to stop, so that we could be alone for a while.

“How you feelin’?” He asked.

“Not too bad,” I responded. “From what Tony said, this was gonna be the easiest portage of them all. We got a really long one coming up this afternoon- almost a half mile…..”

‘We can do it,” Chris assured me. “I can’t wait till I get you in that tent tonight. We’re gonna have some fun.”

My eyes perked up. “Oh really? What did you have in mind? You gonna invite Travis in for a threesome?” We laughed together at the thought. Though Travis was a stunning piece of male perfection, he was also hopelessly straight. The only way we could have gotten some action out of him was to get him drunk, which wasn’t going to happen, as we had no alcohol available. ‘Mental note: ask Doug (my brother) to buy me a bottle of Jack Daniel’s for our next campout.’

“You’ll see, in time….” Chris teased. His lustful eyes told me I was in for a real treat tonight.

After everyone else was finished eating, relaxing, or goofing around, they all put their canoes to water and joined us, and we continued our journey across the lake.

One disadvantage to canoeing in a lake is its complete lack of a current. Therefore, if you stopped paddling, you stopped moving. So, we were forced to paddle almost constantly every day to get to our destination. Though, at this point it didn’t really matter. We were used to the long hours canoeing and portaging, that it even became fun at some point. Who would have thought portaging would ever be considered fun?

We portaged once more that afternoon, over a half mile path. It was hard on everyone, but we managed. Canoeing continued until around four-thirty, when we found our next campsite for the following two nights.

Setting up camp was second nature to us at that point, so we had it up and going and dinner served by six. The food was awesome, Spaghetti and sauce, bread, and milk, even a dessert. Not one boy went hungry that night. Possibly one morbidly overweight priest of a scoutmaster, but no boys…

Travis, Nate, and Mike did their hypothermia dance in the frigid waters again that night. Gary, Chris and I watched from the dining fly, laughing as they splashed around, willingly subjecting themselves to near freezing lake water. My pants tented as I gazed over Travis and Nate, their smooth bodies glistening with water, nipples painfully erect from the cold temperatures. Mike couldn’t get me up if he tried. He was overly chubby, deep-voiced and generally obnoxious to be around. Though he could be funny at times, I never liked working with him much.

Chris smacked my stomach as he noticed my overly long gaze at the two young teen stallions flaunting their bodies unknowingly. “Watch what you’re doing with those eyes,” he whispered to me when I shot him a questioning look. I reached my hand under the table and into his lap, grabbing his hardness, giving it a squeeze.

“This,” I responded, “is all I’ll ever need.”

Chris’ smile broadened, and he squeezed my thigh as a gesture of appreciation. We stayed out there for a while longer, relaxing by the glowing brightness of the fire. Shortly after their frigid aquatic experience, the three stooges joined us around the fire circle, draping dry towels over themselves and warming their trembling hands by the radiating heat of our campfire. We talked for a while about this and that, discussing our feelings of the trip to date.

As much fun as I was having there, I began missing my family, my warm cozy bed, and the comforts that my electronic gadgets gave. It’s a conundrum: to stay here with my awesome friends in this care free environment, or to be home surrounded by the toys of entertainment which often stole the majority of my free time. If it meant that Chris wouldn’t be there, I would have stayed on this trip forever.

Chris pulled me off to the tent about 9:30, giggling as he guided me. We sat down together and Chris leaned in and kissed me passionately. I was erect almost instantly, my body ready for the night’s activities.

We slowly undressed each other, taking turns removing an article of clothing until we were sitting in our tents, stark naked and achingly erect. Chris guided my head to the pillow, and positioned himself in the “69” position, pausing to wait for my signal of approval. “Are you ready?” he asked.

I have been ready for this for two and a half years you fool! “Oh yeah.”

Chris cupped his right hand under my balls, grasping the shaft with his other hand. He licked up and down my rod, generously coating it with his fluids, then began to take it into his mouth, sucking ever so gently.

I engulfed his c*** and stimulated it with the same loving energy as he displayed with mine. I loved the taste of his salty-sweet skin, the feel of his balls jiggling about in my hand.

We simultaneously sucked each other off feverishly. I thoroughly stimulated his mushroom head with my tongue, digging into the small opening of his p****. He continued performing fellatio on me as well; we both were humping each other’s mouths as we edged closer and closer to orgasm. Chris surprised me by inserting his middle finger into my a******. I clamped own on it immediately, and felt a warm wave of pre-orgasmic pleasure to wash over my pelvis. I could feel my precum leaking from my rigid c***, Chris’ ejecting its own pre-orgasmic fluids as well. My rhythm of humping began to change as I felt the pressure build up, and my orgasm took hold, sending several spurts of cum into my lover’s mouth. He willingly swallowed it all up, and continued f****** my face with his hard c***. I loved the feeling of his c*** in my mouth. I felt each pulse of his heartbeat through the skin, smelled the sweet stench of his scent. I increased my sucking as I felt him come close, and he quickly shot his load into my mouth. His face was scrunched up as he came, skin flushed with blood. My angel was on top of the world and I was the one that brought him there.

We cuddled together there, slowly recovering from a powerful act of love making that we would remember for a long time to come. We were too hot and worked up to sleep inside the sleeping bag that night, so we lazed on top of our comfortable bedding, completely naked, bodies entangled in each other. We didn’t need the warmth of our sleeping bag anyway, for we had the warmth of each other’s love to keep us comfortable through the night.


There was a rustling outside the tent the next morning, but I was physically unable to shake myself awake enough to realize what was happening. Outside, Travis was unzipping the tent, getting ready to rouse us from our slumber, which had extended past our required wake up time.

“Let’s go Matt, Chris. It’s time to get…..” His voice trailed off as he popped his head into the tent to see us lying there, still naked, dried cum splattered around our stomachs, morning erections still raging. “….UP….” he finished.

I opened my eyes to see Trav looking at us surprised, then gazed over at Chris, my lover, as naked and aroused as I. Quickly (though not quickly enough), I realized what was happening and said “s**t!” as I tried to grab something to cover myself up.

Travis shook himself out of the surprised stare that had his eyes fixated on our naked frames. He turned away, flipped the tent flap back down and apologized. “I’m….I’m sorry guys…..Just hurry up, ok?” He quickly walked away towards the dining fly.

“Travis, wait!” I called as I feverishly threw my clothes on. Chris was too stunned to know what to do. I looked over at him and tried to assure. “Get dressed, I’ll take care of it.”

Chris was visibly frightened at what had just occurred. He saw what could potentially be his whole world crashing down in front of himself, and didn’t know what was going to happen. “Oh, man, oh s**t. What are we gonna do?”

“Shh,” I put a finger to his lips, “I’ll take care of it. Don’t worry babe.” I gave him a quick peck on the lips, finished putting my socks and shoes on, then ran out to find Travis, who was eating his breakfast, sitting by the fire, away from everyone else.

I approached him cautiously, sitting down across from him, trying not to put myself in harms way if he were to do something rash. “Travis….” I started, but quickly found that the words had left me. I was clueless of what to say. Grasping at straws, I used the famous one-liner, “it’s not what it looked like.”

“Oh so you weren’t….” he had the decency to continue speaking at a hushed voice, “….naked in bed together?”

My face flushed and my palms began to sweat. I was so nervous and afraid that Travis would tell our leaders, and that we would be sent home, I to Mason City, and Chris all the way back to Arkansas, neither of us ever seeing each other again. We would be branded as “faggots” to the world and would be treated with such utter disgust that depression, loneliness and fear would follow us wherever we went. “Please don’t tell anyone Travis. I’ll do whatever you want, just don’t get us kicked out of here. I just can’t lose him…..” Probably should have left that last part out, but my fear out-weighed my natural defense to keep my feelings suppressed.

My worry, however, would unknowingly be getting a temporary reprieve from the situation at hand. Travis sighed and thought deeply over what had just transpired. He seemed to put great thought into the choice of words he was going to use. After an uncomfortably long silence, he responded to the events in front of him.

“Good choice,” he smirked, “I’ve been eyeing him since he got here.”

My eyes were wide open, mouth agape at what he just said. Here I was, sitting down with a friend that had just caught me naked in bed with another boy, and he tells me he wished he got there first?? “Excuse me?”

“Dude, you’ve got good taste,” he reiterated. He winked at me and continued. “Just don’t go blabbing around. I like being a chick magnet.”

Still surprised at his subtle coming out, I was even more confused than before. “No way, you can’t be.”

“Am…..” he answered back. “I’ve always felt….wierd around boys. But lately, they’re all I can think about. I was so ready to jump into Chris’ pants….” He stopped when he saw I was visibly upset that he planned to steal away my boyfriend. “But now I guess I’ll have to keep looking…..”

“Damn right,” I chided. “Touch him and die.”

“Well s**t,” Travis joked, “Now I don’t want him. God only knows what you gave him.”

I playfully punched him in the shoulder, and this sent us into a fit of laughs, and I got up and hugged him tight. “Thanks for not going homophobe on me.”

“Well,” Travis responded, “now I have just as much to lose as you do…..Well, almost as much. Lucky bastard.”

“I know, thank you,” I pushed him slightly then threw my arm over him and we walked over to where the rest of the troop was gathered, eating like pigs at a trough.

Chris looked up when he saw us approach, a piece of link sausage hanging out of his mouth in a fairly peculiar way. I looked over at Travis surprised, and we both broke out into laughter.

Chris scrunched up his face in confusion, giving me his puppy dog eye routine, and asked “what?”

That just made us laugh harder. Everyone in the troop looked at us as if we were aliens from another planet. How could he NOT realize how suggestive that looked, considering we had just had oral sex the night before? Oh well, it just made him even more adorable, how he could turn me on and not even know it. I’d definitely have to talk to him about “subtlety” later. But, now was not the time. I needed to hurry up and get some food down my gullet before it was time to move on to the next campsite.

It was a beautiful Saturday, clear skies and crisp, clean air. The trees swayed in the breeze, which unfortunately made it an uncomfortable ride in the boat, until we had some time to warm up. We were supposed to stay another day at that campsite, but figured that if we went further that day, we could take two days off in a row to really relax and kick back. I was all for a day of relaxation with my babe.

On we continued down the lake, portaging twice that day, one short and easy portage, followed by a much longer one. I could tell that Frank, our oldest leader, was having some trouble getting through it that day. I imagine the cold air got his arthritis up a bit. I nudged Travis to suggest he help carry Frank’s one-man canoe over the portage, which he gladly accepted.

Nick and Chuck argued briefly over who was going to go in the front. Nick didn’t trust Chuck because last time he was in front, Nick was not warned in time to avoid a large rock which he tripped over and bruised his leg, dropping the canoe and denting it in the process. Chuck scolded him over dropping the canoe, and the two got into a big argument, then things settled down. I just hoped Nick wouldn’t try and pay back his father that day.

Once all the portaging was done, we loaded the canoes back up, then I sat down on a rock, taking a swig of my canteen and staring out onto the next lake we had to face. Chris came to sit by me, our shoulders barely touching. I could feel his presence there. I had never felt someone ignite a fire inside me from simply being in the vicinity of myself, until Chris crossed my path in life. So much love flowed from within him that I couldn’t help but be turned on. He was my love, my life, my soul mate.

My mood went sour at the realization that this trip was more than half over. Chris seemed to sense my change and put his arm over my shoulder. Normally this would have been a comfort, but I suddenly pulled away, afraid to get to close. Here I was falling in love with a boy whom I hadn’t seen in two years, igniting a passion that I yearned to feel since the last time I saw him.

I was afraid once we went back to Mason, our differing school schedules would pull us apart. I was going to be a junior, and Chris a freshman. The only possible ways to get together would be during lunch, gym or study hall. The more I thought about it, the more I realized that gym was out, as at MCHS, freshmen/sophomores had class on alternating days as juniors/seniors. That probably meant that study hall was out as well, as I had it opposite gym. So, the only time left would be lunch, and even then, there are A, B, and C lunch periods, depending on what class you were in at the time fourth period rolls around.

So, here I was, analyzing the difficult road ahead, while backing away from the love standing in front of me. What is wrong with me? I can’t even enjoy the present, always obsessing about the future.

“Earth to Matt,” Chris bellowed. “Come in, Matt.”

I shook my head out of its daydream, refocusing myself on Chris, who stood looking at me concerned.

“What’s wrong?” Chris asked. “Are you ok?”

I hesitated, not wanting to get into the details of my depressed mood at that particular time and place. “Can we talk about it later, Chris? I don’t feel so good right now.”

“Sure,” Chris responded, patting me on the back in an attempt to console me. I shifted my body away from him, and he retaliated with a dirty look, heavy sigh, and then fumingly walked away and started getting ready to continue canoeing.

All the canoes were set up but ours, and the leaders became agitated that we had stood there doing nothing as long as we did.

Chuck walked over to me, face visibly upset. “Don’t you think you should get your stuff ready? We’re all waiting for you two to get packed up so we can keep going. We’re on a schedule here, Matthew.”

I hated when he called me Matthew. It annoyed the hell out of me. No one else but Chuck called me “Matthew” in the last two and a half years. The last thing I needed was for Chuck to go off on a religious tangent, explaining to me the virtues of teamwork and whatever other kind of garbage he could regurgitate in his quest to cut me down to the obedient scout that he wanted me to be. He’d never get his wish.

“Whatever,” I responded, blowing him off and going over to my canoe to help Chris finish stocking it neatly, then put my life jacket on and pushed off the shore.

Chris was surprised at my sudden need to hurry up, but knew that he wasn’t going to get anything out of me until later. I decided to try and use my agitation as fuel to keep pushing forward, afraid that if I didn’t find an outlet, Chris would be my next target, which I wanted to avoid at all costs.

We pressed onward; our canoe in the lead for most of the day’s canoeing. Stopping only for lunch, we made a lot of distance that day. Our next campsite was just as bare as the one before, but our troops skills in setting up had the site up and running in two hours flat, functioning as our base of operations for the next two days. We had dinner that night, some sort of Dinty More stew type stuff. It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t the most magnificent meal of the week, by any stretch of the imagination.

Chris and I stayed close to each other, but kept our conversations superficial, and allowed no physical contact outside the tent, to keep up with the façade that we were just really close friends. We fooled everyone but Travis. I was going to have to keep an eye on him. If he tried to muscle in on my man, he’d go down fast and hard. I doubt that he would betray our friendship like that, but I did have reason to be concerned: it happened on Maury Povich, Sally Jesse Raphael, and Geraldo all the time. Topics like “I cheated on you with your best friend while you were in the next room” made lots of money and perpetuated gay stereotypes for years. No way was I going to let our relationship become a sideshow.

After dinner and the usual evening activities, we headed to bed to rest up for whatever we were going to do the next day. I really became a fan of the “canoe a day and take a day off” schedule that our middle aged leaders followed religiously. I loved canoeing, don’t get me wrong, but it seemed pointless to just canoe around a boring lake when I could hang by the fire and play cards with Chris, or have deep conversations with Gary, Tony, or Gene. I was never a very athletic person, so things like this took a lot of energy out of me. I needed more time to rest than most of the other boys, who seemed to have one long sugar rush the entire week we were there.

Chris and I lay in our tent together, not really wanting or knowing what to say to each other. I was afraid that if I was honest with him, I’d bring his mood down. I definitely didn’t want to do that. I could barely stand being so pessimistic myself, there’s no way I would allow myself to bring my lover down there with me.

Chris was perplexed with the situation. He didn’t know if he said or did something wrong, or if he wasn’t being a good enough friend. I left him in the dark too much that day. I knew it was time to take that weight off his shoulders.

“I’m sorry, Chris,” I started, “it’s my fault. You didn’t do anything wrong. I’m just worried that when we go back to school, we won’t be able to see each other as much. I don’t know if I can stand being away from you. We’ll probably only get to see each other at lunch, and I don’t think I can live with that. I just found you again after two years and I can’t lose you again.”

“You won’t lose me,” Chris consoled me, tousling my hair. I loved it when he did that. “We’ll just have to spend our nights and weekends together.”

“But,” I interjected, my pessimism showing in my statement, “what if Dad and Gary find out? They’ll tear us apart for sure! My dad will flip and ground me for life and your dad will keep you from seeing me. I’ll kill myself if I can’t see you.”

Chris’ heart dropped. There’s no way he was going to let me put myself in that situation. “You better not kill yourself, because I’ll never forgive you.”

I tried to back-pedal my words. “I didn’t mean it like that. I just…..I don’t know what I’ll do if I can’t see you when I need you.”

“Don’t worry about that now,” Chris advised me. “We’ll deal with that when it comes up. Let’s just try and enjoy this week. We still have the rest of the trip to be together. Come here.” He opened his arms and we sat up and hugged. I really needed that physical contact right then. He kissed me on the neck lovingly, teasing at my skin with his tongue. His hands held my sides with such care that I didn’t know I was worth all the love and attention he gave me.

We slept in our clothes that night. I was too depressed to get down and dirty. I felt like it wouldn’t be as enjoyable as our last few nights of intimacy. Plus, I hadn’t showered since Tuesday night, four nights ago. I was rank and I knew it. There was no way I was going to subject Chris to my odoriferous body. We were going to be relaxing tomorrow, so I figured Chris and I could find a private area to bathe then.

I hoped with all my heart that tomorrow would come and I would have a renewed spirit, and was able to put aside what lie ahead of us in the future, and focus on the present. Any more wallowing and I’d be seriously neglecting my lover. I couldn’t bare to do that, so I put my worries on hold for the time being.

Once again, the following day was designated as a free day, due to the distance we covered Saturday. If we kept pushing as hard as we were, we would end up surprising the outfitters a day early. No way in hell was I going to willingly give up a day of intimacy with my boyfriend.

After breakfast, Chris and I snuck off along the shore of the island, trekking through the weeds, bushes, fallen branches, and sticks in order to find a secluded place to bathe. I slung my shower bag over my shoulder, and Chris and I held hands while we walked. It was a very sweet moment for both of us.

When we stumbled upon an inlet of water we followed it towards the center of the island, where it pooled into a small lake. I dropped my bag to the ground and started to undress, pulling my shirt over my head, then sat on a rock to untie my shoes and pull off my socks. Chris followed suit.

Thankfully, the awkwardness of being nude in front of each other had dissipated completely. I was comfortable displaying my naked body in front of him. I hoped it aroused him as much as I wanted it to. Once we got home, I planned to really start heating up the relationship.

Once completely disrobed, we jumped into the water, which was unsurprisingly icy. I could feel goose bumps all over my skin, and noticed Chris’ teeth chattering lightly. We took care of our personal hygiene first. I noticed the night before that we were no longer emitting solely normal teenage body odor. Anyone close enough to us could have picked up the smell of semen on our skin. We washed ourselves quickly but thoroughly, careful not to miss any important areas.

Knowing how cold my Chris was, I took hold of his torso, placing my hands around his back, and he responded by throwing his over my shoulders. We stared at each other for a moment, then kissed passionately. Amazingly enough, our icy cold privates responded to the stimulation, growing erect in an instant. I felt my hardness press against his as we continued loving each other. Suddenly it didn’t seem quite as cold as it was moments ago. We were growing oblivious to the surroundings, lost in our embrace. We didn’t even notice him approaching us, wearing only his swim shorts, towel draped over his shoulder.

“Boy you two sure are horny,” Travis commented, sending us apart faster than lightning.

“Holy s**t!” I exclaimed. “Geez Trav, don’t do that!”

Travis giggled like a school girl. “It’s a good thing you can’t get pregnant. Wouldn’t THAT cause a controversy?”

“Shut up Travis,” Chris snapped. “God, I can’t believe you did that.”

“What can I say?” he answered back. “I’m a sneaky bastard. Guess I brought these trunks for nothing.” He quickly yanked his swimwear down to the ground and jumped in with us, splashing water in our eyes.

“Once again,” I lectured, “Manners, Trav.”

“Yeah, yeah,” he responded. “But seriously guys, you better cool it with the PDA’s. You don’t want Chuckles or Frank to get suspicious. I doubt the other leaders would care, most certainly not my father.”

“He knows?” I questioned with curiosity. I hadn’t even considered coming out to my parents at this point in my life.

“Yup!” he followed. “He took it really well. He’s even going to PFLAG now.”

“Wow, that’s awesome,” I commented. “I wish I could do that with my dad. I don’t think he’ll ever accept me for being gay. I’ll be lucky if he doesn’t kick me out of the house.”

“Same here,” Chris added.

Silence took over for a few moments, and we all just continued bathing quietly. Once we could no longer stand the icy waters, we quickly climbed out and dried ourselves off. I threw my towel over my shoulders and walked over to my shivering lover, rubbing my hands over the towel, helping to create some warming friction. Chris began doing the same thing, and our recently shriveled genitals began to respond to what we thought was a miniscule amount of stimulation.

Travis shook his head in disbelief. “You guys are horn dogs.”

Chris shot back, “You’re just jealous.”

Travis remained silent for the remainder of our time at the pond.


After our chillingly refreshing bathing ritual, we had to sit by the fire for quite a while to warm up. We had towels draped over our bare torsos, our arms touching slightly.

Whatever contact Chris and I could get while still remaining “straight” to the rest of the group kept us from feeling too distant from each other. Though it would have been great to be open with our relationship, society does not make it easy for alternative couples to gain acceptance. So, we were forced to keep our feelings hidden from those we loved, at least until we felt more safe to come out, which I wasn’t planning on doing until I was out of my father’s house.

The usual nighttime entertainment carried on that night, but most boys steered clear of swimming from then on. It was just too cold to subject yourself, and your manhood, to.

Travis winked at us as we walked casually toward the tent that night, knowing the type of exercise we would be engaging in. He decided to be a smart-Alec and asked, “You guys need a third?”

We looked at him incredulously, looked at each other, then turned our heads back to him, simultaneously pronouncing a “Hell no.”

“Fine,” he responded. “I was planning on interesting Nate in a little ‘experimentation’ anyway. Oh well, your loss.”

“Dude,” Chris spat, “you are so full of yourself.”

“I know, ain’t it grand?”

“Psh,” I responded. And he was the one calling me a horn-dog?

Chris and I played around for about an hour, each of us releasing our sexual tension from the buildup at the pond earlier in the day. We were happy with our level of intimacy at that point, not needing to go beyond oral stimulation. From what I had heard, anal sex took a lot of preparation and could be quite painful at first, especially without proper lubrication, and we weren’t ready for that yet. Our love making was gentle and sweet, and it was all we needed at this point in our relationship.

Travis never got in Nate’s pants that night.

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