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The Talon House

Chapter 5


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Love Transcending, aka Boundary Waters Canoe Trip, Ch 5

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Sunday morning signaled the end of our stay at the second camp, so we once again packed our belongings up and continued canoeing on down the lake. It was the warmest day yet, and I even entertained the idea of going for a swim that day, surprisingly enough.

Chris and I were very talkative that morning, joking and laughing, being the goofballs that everyone knew us to be. Fred and Chuck “encouraged” us to move a little faster, as we lagged behind the group most of the way. We were a little too into ourselves to get all motivated to kick a** paddling across a lake that would rather have us move lazily along, which is what I deduced from the fact that it was adamant about giving us no current whatsoever to help us along.

Mike and Jason attempted to race Nate and Travis for a while, but we knew it was a lost cause. Nate and Trav were far better at canoeing than Mike and Jason, but that certainly didn’t stop them from trying.

Nick and his father spent time arguing about who should have been in the bow, and who in the stern positions. Chuck often used his parental authority to make the decision, something that they could have worked out without causing as much drama as they did. Then again, it’s not like my opinion of Chuck was going to change anytime soon, so he might as well play his role. On a more objective note, I don’t imagine the canoe would go any faster with the majority of its weight in the bow anyway.

Tony and Gene toted Dr Crowe as their passenger that day. They seemed to be having their own adult conversation which we really had no desire to relate to. What 16 year old wants to talk about the electrician business?

When we stopped for lunch shortly after noon, Travis approached me excited. “Dude, can I please be your canoeing partner this afternoon?”

“Geez, man,” I really didn’t know how to answer, “I’ve already got Chris. Umm…..Why don’t you go ask him if he doesn’t mind switching with you? It’s really his choice, not mine.”

“Ok, thanks!” he stumbled over to Chris, their conversation too far away for me to hear. Mumbled hysterics and excited body movements from Travis seemed to be his way of convincing my boyfriend to hand me over for the day. When he started jumping up and down and screamed “Yes,” I pretty much knew that the deal had been sealed. He gave Chris a big hug and ran back over to me. “He said yes! He said yes!”

“Travis, calm down. If you sink my canoe today I’m gonna kick your a**!” I playfully pushed his shoulder and he laughed and pushed me back. We started wrestling on the ground, and I became worried when I noticed someone getting a little too excited over a supposedly platonic act of goofery. I fought my way to my feet and gently pushed him away. “Ok, Trav, that’s enough.”

I sauntered back over to Chris to verify that he was cool with the arrangement, and he surprised me with his answer. “It’ll make me even more excited to see you tonight…..” A wink was all I needed to know that he was cool with it and was even planning to “make up for lost time” later that night. I squeezed his shoulder and took my paddle and life jacket over to Travis’ canoe, giving Nate a high five as we passed each other.

“Take care of my….” I almost faltered, “….Brother.” Yeah, that would work. That’s not suggestive at all.

“No prob',” Nate answered in his hoarse but sweet prepubescent voice. I hate to say that I never gave him much chance in my “people to screw” list, because he probably deserved to be on it. He had a deep natural skin tone, being of Central American heritage, tight curly hair, well developed muscles from the training of the many sports in which he was involved. Even his eyes were electrifying, his lips sensuous. The damn kid was beautiful, but, he was not for me. I had my one and only and wasn’t going to do anything to jeopardize that.

After exchanging our personal gear, we took to the water with our new canoeing partners. Chris got a chance to take the bow this time, as I had occupied that position most of the week. I was never good at the “J-stroke” which was the foundation to properly navigating the stern of a canoe. I stayed in the bow and made Travis take stern, the bastard that I was. He didn’t mind though. As soon as there was far enough space between us and neighboring canoes, Travis started asking me tons of questions about Chris and me.

“So how long have you been in love?” “Have you had sex yet?” “How big is his c***?” “Is he a top or a bottom?”

“Dude,” I told him, “those questions are WAY too personal…..We didn’t really know about each other until the summer he left. We…..” I paused to let my emotions calm. “We kissed the last night at camp. I didn’t know if it was love or what, but I missed him so much these past few years. I can’t believe he’s moving back up to Mason.”

“Cool,” Travis responded. “So you want to hear my story?”

I let Travis open up to me, telling of his first experimentations, to his failed attempts to get Nate to give him a piece of a**, to his coming out to his father and mother. His cousin never treated him the same after that. I don’t even remember his name anymore. He rubbed me the wrong way from day one, and my opinion never changed.

I learned that day that Travis wasn’t as together as he appeared to be. He may have been a chick magnet, but that was a side effect of his good looks. He wished he wasn’t so popular with the ladies, because a couple guys wouldn’t approach him due to his apparent involvement in the breeder scene. I felt for him, and assured him that he would find the right guy one day. I don’t know if he believed me, but that’s all I really could say to support him.

Upon arriving at our final campsite for the week, we set up camp and had dinner, then goofed around for a while. Travis, Chris, and I played rummy at the picnic table, while Mike and Jason argued over what the coolest movie of the summer was. Nick and Nate were listening to their CD players, which were supposed to be left behind. No one cared though. It’s not like we were a big touchy feely troop that sat around talking about our feelings. Everyone had their own little cliques within the troop, and that was fine with the leaders, as long as Fred got time to relax and whittle like old geezers do, Tony and Gene talk about life, Chuck and Gary ramble about the validity of the Bible.

Travis approached us when it grew closer to lights out with a request. “Do you guys think I can bunk in with you two?” He gave me his big puppy dog eyes and desperate look to seal the deal, which I found somewhat insulting.

He knew what we had planned to do that night, and he wanted in. My first instinct was to say ‘hell no’, but I didn’t want to send him away. I know he had Nate to hang with, but I knew that he had more in common with us, and that talking about his sexuality would help himself as much as it would help us. I agreed, as long as he promised not to try and pull any moves on us.

Travis giggled and responded, “I promise.”

We took his word for it and told him to go grab his sleeping bag. He dashed off towards his tent, and came back within seconds, pronouncing “I’m ready.”

I just shook my head and pushed him inside the tent. He fell on top of his sleeping bag and pack then started laughing. He goofily threw his stuff in the corner and set up his sleeping bag.

We followed him in, sitting on our own sleeping bag. I saw the disappointment in his eyes to see that he was not a part of our relationship. I could understand, but I would not let this situation get out of hand. Three is a crowd for a relationship, and if he were to manage his way into our lives, things would get heated.

“Look, Trav,” I explained, “It’s not that we don’t like you, it’s just different. Chris makes me feel awesome in every way I can imagine. He lights up my spirits just by being near me. I like you too and always have, but you’re more like a little brother to me. s**t, we’re almost 3 years apart.” Travis was visibly saddened by the realization that there would be no chance for him to be in a relationship with me or Chris. I hugged him close for a minute and continued. “So, I’ve got a boyfriend. You know what I need though? I need a loyal best friend. I need a brother. Think you could pull that off?”

“Hell yes!” he answered back. “Now….does being your brother includes any occasional ‘messing around’ perks?”

I rolled my eyes and shoved his head away with my hand. “You wish….” I slipped into the sleeping bag with my lover, and then we disappeared under the covers for a couple minutes. I put my finger to Chris’ lips and pulled down his underwear, then quickly tore off my own. Lifting the sleeping bag from atop our heads, I saw Travis staring, as I expected, lust and jealousy in his eyes. I knew he wouldn’t do anything now that the rules had been plainly spelled out, but that didn’t mean he didn’t want to be part of our intimate pleasures.

I smiled slyly at Travis and teased him. “You want ‘perks’ do you?” I tossed our undies in his face and said “here. Have fun.”

Chris and I started laughing hysterically at his perplexed expression, which changed quickly to one of admiration at his own cunning devilry. He put our briefs up to his nose and took a big whiff, then said “ahhhhhhhh.”

Chris and I both sat up in shock. “Holy s**t!” We looked at each other and laughed, then looked back at our voyeur of a tent mate.

“Dude,” I said, “that’s just wrong!”

“So,” he retaliated, “you suck him off every night. This is the same s**t that comes out of him.”

“Yeah, but still,” Chris added, “that’s just weird.”

“You’re only pissed that you didn’t think of it first,” was Travis’ attempt to gain back a little respect.

“No….” Chris retorted, “No, I’m not.”

We all cracked up in laughter at the conversation. However sick it was, it seemed that Travis never ran out of material. We all settled down shortly after, and Chris and I snuggled up together, warm and content with our naked bodies pressed against each other. I have to admit the nights we slept naked did not rejuvenate us very well, as our erections kept us up half the night.

At around 2:30 in the morning, I threw the covers back and sat up, Chris following suit. “I can’t sleep with ‘this’,” I pointed to my erection.

“Neither can I,” my boyfriend agreed. Silently we decided that a quick hand job would suffice. Each of us grabbed each other’s erection and slowly stimulated our partner. I bit my lip to keep from moaning, and had to chastise Chris to keep it down, as well.

Travis kept quiet, all the while watching us helping each other get off and silently masturbating under the covers of his own sleeping bag. We saw him the whole time, and I even tried to play up our show, rubbing my other hand over Chris’ body, kissing his neck and chest. I knew that Travis would blow his load in a second if I did what I wanted to do, so I decided to hold off on any anal stimulation. Besides, I didn’t know if Chris was ready for that yet.

Chris and I were humping each other’s fist as we edged closer and closer to orgasm. Once again, I was producing ample precum that night, the white goo trickling down my shaft, gliding over the skin of my testicles, and dripping slowly on the bedding. Chris didn’t seem very productive right then, at least not of precum. I was really close to orgasm at this point, and my hip gyrations began to lose pace. I stopped stimulating Chris, threw my head back and viciously f***** Chris’ soft silky hand. Within twenty seconds I gave birth to a most wonderful orgasm that shook my entire body, blinding me to everything around me but that feeling.

As I came down from my high feelings, I realized that I was neglecting my lover, who sat there patiently awaiting my assistance. It looked like he was about to take matters into his own hands when I shot up straight, pushed his hand away and went back to work, feverishly working away at his c***. He came in a powerful orgasm which I imagine was as awesome as my own. We sank into the sticky sleeping bag and embraced each other, falling asleep soon after.

Travis was so kind as to make sure we were covered up, so as to avoid any shocking discoveries in the morning. Well, at least he wasn’t trying to sabotage our relationship. Maybe this whole “friend and brother” deal would work out after all.

Monday morning came all too soon. Both Chris and I were still pretty tired from our lack of sleep and vigorous sexual activity from the night before. Travis, by contrast, was awake and as chipper as ever, and was dressed and out the door before I even had my glasses on.

I groaned and stretched my arms. “Last night was great.”

Chris yawned, “Yep…..I wonder if Travis took any pictures for the scrap book?”

We both laughed out loud, knowing full well that any pictures of us together would certainly not end up in ANY scrapbook belonging to the troop. Although, as I thought about it, they would make a handy addition to the inside of my pillow case at home, where I could take them out if I was missing my love on a lonely night, of which I hoped there would be none.

It was the second to last day of our trip, and we planned to cover ¾ of the distance left back to the outfitter. It was no long stretch by any means, as we had worked our butts off the past few days to make our last couple easier. We quickly shoveled our food down our gullets, barely coming up for air, then packed up our gear and got ready to go.

We left around 9 that morning and canoed until we stopped for a late lunch at two in the afternoon. Around 3:30, we reached our last portage of the trip. It was not the longest portage by far, but we would certainly be glad when it was over. We were excited that this would be our last portage and we trekked from one side to the other in no time flat. We even ran into another boy scout troop on the way, heading in the opposite direction that we were. Pleasantries were exchanged briefly while we kept lugging the equipment across the land bridge.

We were packed up and canoeing again in no time flat, growing ever closer to our home base. We decided to grab the closest site to the outfitter, and set up camp there for the night. We only had about one mile to go the next day to finish our journey, so this was a perfect place to stop.

All of us boys were energized that day, goofing around and playing games before, during, and after setting up camp, and we even sat down together after dinner and discussed the good points and bad points of the trip.

“Good friends,” Travis said.

“Awesome food,” Nick added.

“Portaging was fun,” Chris commented. I bonked him on the head and cracked up laughing after hearing such a silly idea. Who in this whole group was crazy enough to like portaging??

The truth was, we all loved it, and every other second of the trip. I knew that this was something I would hold sacred for the rest of my life. To this day even, I still view that week as the week that I learned to live and to love again. I looked around the fire ring, taking mental pictures of all the people that I shared this awesome week with.

Chuck: the overly religious but kind-hearted preacher that brought this reunion together

Gary: the gigantic child.

Tony: the proud father.

Fred: the old-fashioned war vet who constantly ragged on us all.

Tim: the brainy doctor.

Michael: the clown.

Jason: the techno-geek.

Nick: the soft-spoken romantic.

Nate: the kind-hearted and sexy stud.

Travis: the affectionate extrovert, who could make anyone feel good.

Chris: My boyfriend, my lover, my life.

I knew that once this week was over, the camaraderie we shared in our tight knit group would fade, our friendships would weaken, and we would ultimately move on some day, leaving our childhood friends behind and looking to the future. Knowing the predictable outcome of such friendships, I promised myself that, despite the overwhelming odds, I would keep in contact with this, my family, as long as I had a breath in my body.

It was another cuddly night for Chris and I. We thought that the amount of time we had left would be spoiled by any sexual activities. Instead we held each other close in bed, savoring each other’s presence, the warmth of our bodies, smell of each others breath, and the infinite depth of our eyes.

I looked briefly over to Travis, whom we knew needed some comfort. I looked back at Chris to seek his approval for what I was going to say, Chris silently agreeing with my idea.

“Damn,” I commented, “there’s too much room in this sleeping bag. We could use an extra body to help fill it up.”

Travis’ eyes lit up like firecrackers, hope burning in his heart that there was still room in our relationship for him. I knew he would most likely take this to mean more than it was, so I made it clear to him before he sat down, that this was an entirely platonic gesture.

“Travis,” I started, “I don’t want you to take this the wrong way. We like you as a friend and a brother only. I know it’s tough for you and we want to include you in our friendship. But this is where the line is drawn, ok? Don’t try and pull any funny business on us, or you’re out, got it?”

Travis looked down at his lap. He knew he’d lost the war for inclusion into our relationship. I could see him wipe away a stray tear before he looked up and smiled, saying “I got it,” then quickly scooting in between us and cozying himself inside the sleeping bag. He lay there on his back, shifting his eyes back and forth to Chris and I as we sat on our sides, heads propped up by our elbows, each of us giving him thoughtful stares.

I was the first to speak. “Trav, I know it’s hard for you and all, but at least you have a couple of good friends you can talk to. You’ll always be my little brother, and whatever I can do to help you through all this relationship stuff, just ask.”

“And if you need some help finding a boyfriend,” Chris suggested, “I know a lot of girls connected to the gay network in Mason.” He winked at Travis and smiled.

Travis was visibly less stressed after our short but meaningful conversation, knowing now that he wasn’t alone in the trials and tribulations that lie ahead. He had two advocates and a host of female friends who could help him find a boy that was right for him, teach him how to be careful, and give him support when he needed it most.

Chris and I beamed with pride at the idea that we had taken a young cub under our wing; a boy that was reaching out for love and compassion. I hoped we could help him get what he needed from us and from whatever boy he connected with in the future.

Just then, what should have been a fleeting thought popped into my head, and my eyes bugged out. I reached over Travis and whispered into my lover’s ear.

“You are wicked!” Chris responded to my query. “Ok, I’ll do it. But this is the only time.

Travis looked between the two of us with a confused expression on his face. “What?”

I knew it was hypocritical of me to put my sudden idea into play at that moment, but I felt as though this boy needed some kind of incentive to push him outside his comfort zone, something he would have to do in the future. If Chris and I could show him what he’d be missing if he were to just settle with being alone and not even bother looking for a boy to share his love with.

I hoped he would not take the meaning to be more than just a friendly act, but I wasn’t going to back out right then. He would have known something was up, and bugged us twice as much just to find out what it was, let alone the amount of bugging it would have taken to get us to do it otherwise.

“We’ve decided,” Chris announced, “that we will be bending the ‘brother’ rules a little tonight. But only for tonight.”

“What does that mean?” he asked confused.

“This is what it means,” I responded. I sat up and leaned over him and put a finger to his lips. He froze, his eyes wide open, watching to see what we had planned.

I started by pulling his white t-shirt out from under the elastic of his boxers, lifting it up towards his head. He silently lifted his arms allowing me to take it off. Chris then grabbed Travis’ boxers and gave them a tug, pulling them down to the boy’s feet. Chris grabbed Travis’ hand and guided it to his own boxers, and Travis happily removed my boyfriend’s boxers, then waited for us to make the next move. He knew we were in control of the situation, and lay still, waiting for the next order.

I then pulled his hand toward my boxers, and he pulled my own off, then brought his hand to my testicles to cop a feel. I stopped him silently, as a reminder to him that Chris and I were in control of the situation. Then, we pushed Travis onto his back and began caressing his skin from shoulders down, doing our best to light his senses ablaze with pleasure. Chris worked on his nipples for a bit, while I caressed his stomach. Then we moved down to his legs, massaging and tickling his skin gently, all the while making him mad with anticipation.

We had to remind the boy to try and keep it down a bit, as he started to moan a little louder than he should have. He did his best to bite his tongue, considering the fact that he was having the first sexual experience of his life, with two different boys at once.

After I felt we had sufficiently tortured him, I guided his right hand to my rigid c***, Chris doing the same to him. He caressed and savored the feeling of another boy’s p**** in his hand, a feeling quite different than his own self-loving activities.

I knew he wouldn’t last long the first time, so I decided that he would be happier to have me get him off, something he’d secretly wanted for some time, so I looked at Chris for his final approval and, attacked his hard p**** with my hands. I massaged his balls as I quickly stimulated his shaft.

Travis’ pleasure meter hit the roof fairly quickly, and Chris actually had to cover the boy’s mouth due to his uncontrolled moaning. Within two minutes, Travis was thrusting his pelvis into my hand seconds before he had quite a powerful climax. His body spasmed during and after his ejaculation, a moderate amount of semen was released from his pulsing organ, and he was panting from the overload of feelings erupting from his 14 year old body.

We let him cool down for a few minutes. Chris grabbed a towel and I gently cleaned him and myself up. There wasn’t much to clean, as he didn’t have much buildup time, but that didn’t lessen the boy’s pleasure any.

“Wow,” Travis exclaimed. “That was awesome!”

“Well,” Chris followed, “we wanted to at least break you in a little, so you’ll have some idea about how to please a boy.”

Travis got a a mischievious grin and asked in response, “can I practice on you guys now?”

I quickly threw my hands up in defense and replied, “nooooooo I don’t think so.”

Travis disregarded me once he had my answer, then directed his gleeful stare at Chris, repeating the question.

Chris got a sorrowful look on his face and reluctantly answered, “Nah, I don’t think so.”

“Damn,” Travis responded, “you guys are no fun.”

We looked at the boy incredulously, and I asked, “No fun? What was all that, geometry?”

“It was really good,” he answered, “but I want more.”

Chris and I shook our heads and I stated, “kids these days. Never satisfied.”

Travis giggled and we shoved each other around for a few minutes, but calmed down soon after, when Gary politely instructed us to shut our yappers. I could tell that, though he was happy about the activities, Travis needed a little “patience” pep talk. It was obvious to Chris and I that he wanted love right then and there. Unfortunately for him, and as was the case for Chris and I, sometimes love takes time. We calmed him down from his playful mindset and then sat him down for a little chat.

I was the first to speak. “Trav, I know it’s hard for you to wait for your dream boy to come along, but at least you have a couple of good friends you can talk to. You’ll always be my little brother, and whatever I can do to help you through all this relationship stuff, just ask.”

Travis’ face turned down at the mention of his current plight. Though we wished it didn’t have to be that way, we continued.

“And if you need some help finding a boyfriend,” Chris suggested, “I know a lot of girls connected to the gay network in Mason.” He winked at Travis and smiled.

“Just remember,” I added to my boyfriend’s words of wisdom, “that this little activity will not become a regular occurrence.”

“Okay,” Travis answered. “I really hope I can find someone in Mason. Thanks for tonight, guys. I really liked it, and the talk, too.”

“No problem,” Chris replied. “Now you have a standard for your first boyfriend to exceed.”

We all laughed at Chris’ joke. The idea that we left him wanting more was rewarding in itself. It would hopefully lower his inhibitions about approaching a boy he was attracted to. Though sex could not make the relationship, willingness to be in such a vulnerable state with someone else took a lot of personal strength; which could help him open up on deeper levels with those he pined over in the future.

Travis was visibly less stressed after our short but meaningful conversation, knowing now that he wasn’t alone in the trials and tribulations that lie ahead. He had two advocates and a host of female friends who could help him find a boy that was right for him, teach him how to be careful, and give him support when he needed it most.

Chris and I beamed with pride at the idea that we had taken a young cub under our wing; a boy that was reaching out for love and compassion. I hoped we could help him get what he needed from us and from whatever boy he connected with in the future.

The three of us wound out of our deep conversation, then just started reminiscing all the fun times of the past week. There we were, on the eve of our last day at Boundary Waters, sharing our perspectives on the trip. I don’t know how long we talked that night, but it didn’t matter. We were high with happiness and anticipation of our impending arrival back into the civilized world, back with the families that missed us so, back in our warm and comfortable beds, forever cherishing the memories we created that week in august of 1997, the summer to remember.

Comments and/or constructive criticism to bwctadmin@cox.net .

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