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The Talon House

Chapter 6


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Love Transcending, Chapter 6

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We were all up early the next morning, more than ready to complete the last leg of our journey. It was due to be an easy trip; a portage free day. We had a filling breakfast that morning, then proceeded to do our final takedown of camp for the trip.

Some of us went off to find a private place to bathe, thoroughly sickened by our own filthy, smelly bodies. Even the normally shy scouts seemed uncaring of appearing nude in front of the others, as today was a day that we refused to spoil. Travis and Nate, Chris, and I all scrubbed our bodies feverishly, washing what remained of soil from the week’s strenuous activities. I even noticed that all the work we had done that week had caused me to lose some weight, which was surprising, considering how much I ate. Even Chris’ pecs looked more defined than they did in the beginning. We goofed around for about a half hour, pushing each other under the water and grabbing each other’s privates. No one seemed to mind, as it was all in good fun.

Once we dried off, dressed and returned to camp, we finished breaking down camp and loaded our canoes, then began paddling the home stretch of our journey. Despite our unwillingness to leave the close knit group we had developed over the past week, we knew that all good things must come to an end. It’s not like we were never going to see each other again, but it was still hard to realize that our care free vacation was over.

We pushed ourselves to the limit, straining our tired muscles, racing each other when we caught site of the outfitter. Chris and I were neck and neck with Travis and Nate, Mike and Jason not far behind. My resolve gave out close to the end and Travis’ canoe pulled ahead. They arrived at the docks first, climbing out onto the wooden planks, jumping up and down, waving their arms around in triumph.

The rest of us pulled up soon after, tying up our canoes, tearing off our life preservers, and running up the dock to the outfitter. We sat around and waited a bit for the outfitters to get the canoe trailers set up, and then loaded them up one by one, and depositing our life jackets and paddles back in the supply shed.

None of us talked much during our checking out time, as we were soaking up the events of the last week, realizing just how much ground we covered, almost fifty miles. I was ecstatic and proud that my unhealthy teenage body held out as long as it did.

Once the gear was returned to the outfitter, we loaded all our personal equipment into our trailer then piled into the cars, strapped ourselves in, and prepared for the long ride home.

It was already past lunch time, and we were looking at arriving late that night. Our leaders discussed the options we had to spend the rest of that day: either drive straight through, or find a hotel somewhere along the way. To be honest, I was so tired that the prospect of an uncomfortable six hour nap in the car on the way home sounded extremely unpleasant. That seemed to be the general consensus from the group, and the leaders agreed that we would drive back into Grand Marais, then stop for dinner and stay the night.

I know Chris and I were ecstatic with the idea of sharing a hotel bed together. While sitting down to eat dinner, we agreed to partner with Travis and Nate, which left Mike, Nick, and Jason together in the other room. As for the leaders, no one cared who slept with whom, so don’t ask.

After dinner, we drove around a bit until we found a suitable motel, with reasonable prices. They gave us a group discount, and we stayed there fairly cheap. We were advised not to bother bringing in our gear, except maybe for a change of clothes. Unpacking our gear another time seemed grossly unnecessary.

I was the first to grab a towel and dash towards the shower, desperately wanting to feel the warm water as it cleansed my body. Once I had completely disrobed and was about to step into the shower, there was a knock on the door. I stood in front of the door, using it to shield my nakedness to whoever was on the other side. I was relieved to see that it was only Chris.

“Hey…..is there room for two in that shower?” he asked curiously.

I looked over at the generously proportioned shower, reached my arm through the crack in the door, and quickly pulled Chris into the bathroom. I could have sworn I heard two boys giggling on the other side, but I couldn’t be sure.

Chris and I embraced, lips locked in a sensuous kiss. My exposed hardness pressed against his clothes, knocking on Chris’ door, asking if little Chris wanted to come out and play. With Chris’ permission, I began slowly and erotically undressing my love, pulling his shirt over his head and tossing it in the corner, unbuckling his belt, unzipping his pants, and dropped them to the floor, leaving him standing there in his jockeys. I slid my thumbs underneath the elastic of his underwear, pulling them gently over his erection and down to the floor. He stepped out of his clothes and was now as naked as I was. We walked each other over to the shower and got in, closing the glass door behind us.

Slowly and gently, we began bathing each other, rubbing soap into every crack and crevasse on each other’s body. Our hard-ons stood proud in excitement and anticipation. We loved bathing together; it was a soothing and erotic experience, but we decided to save it for underneath the covers. Not to say that we didn’t take our time showering, but if we were to get too excited, we’d have no energy left for the bedroom. After thoroughly enjoying our warm, steamy shower, we dried each other off and streaked through the bedroom, jumping under the covers quickly, putting the peep show to an end.

Travis was visibly disappointed, but he would unknowingly be experiencing his own pleasure with Nate that night, who seemed to be in a hormonally-charged mood that would grey the line of his sexuality for the night.

As we kissed under the covers, hands roving all over each other’s smooth bodies, preparing for a long night of sensuous love making, pronounced to his bed partner, “I can’t stand watching them like that.” He ducked his head under the covers, causing Travis to assume that he wanted no part in the night’s activities. To Travis’ surprise, Nate pulled his friend under the covers and put a finger to his lips, ushering him to be quiet. He began tugging at Travis’ pajama bottoms, slowly sliding his bed wear to his feet. He then took time to disrobe himself, and both boys were now completely naked and aroused.

Travis had never seen Nate with an erection, and was quite surprised at its size. His c*** stood almost 7 inches, over 1 and a half inches larger than his own. He was somewhat jealous, but didn’t wish to hurt Nate’s feelings. He knew it was nature’s control.

Both boys were noticeably nervous of how to proceed at that point, so Nate decided to guide his friend carefully, gently grasping Travis’ hand at the wrist and bringing it down to his erection, which Travis held with caution.

Seeing as Travis appeared overcome with nervous tension, Nate furthered his assistance by gently guiding Travis’ hand up and down his own shaft, helping him create a rhythm until he was able to continue on himself. Travis took great care in stimulating his partner, as he knew this was a gift from his more experienced friend. He tried to work as delicately as if it were his own erection, wanting to share his blissful feelings with Nate.

Once Travis got more comfortable with his own ministrations, Nate grasped Travis’ boyhood and stimulated him as well, taking the same care to comfort as Travis. The boys looked lustfully in each other’s eyes, enjoying the pleasurable sensations of mutual masturbation. Travis used his other hand to trace lines down Nate’s defined pectorals and smooth stomach.

Their eyes shifted back and forth between their erections and the eyes of their partner as their stimulation had begun igniting pre-orgasmic pleasure. Travis began humping his friend’s hand rhythmically, deriving as much pleasure as he could. As this was Travis’ second sexual experience with another boy, he didn’t last very long, and soon grunted heavily, and ejaculated large strings of semen onto Nate’s chest. While still lost in his own feelings, Travis continued flogging Nate until he too reached a powerful orgasm.

Travis relished the feeling of another boy’s seed on his chest. He dabbed a little on his finger and tasted it, a bitter, salty, pheromonic concoction that left Travis wanting for more. He knew, though, that getting this much out of Nate was a blessing alone, and refused to push his friend any further that night.

Chris and I were content just to cuddle together that night, gazing over at our horny companions, happy that Travis had finally begun exploring his sexuality with someone that was willing to “show him the ropes.”

We slept nude as was our growing tradition, sharing the warmth of each others bodies and communicating our endless love in our embrace. Though we knew that tomorrow was the day we would be returning home, we knew that the closeness we had shared would be seriously restricted due to our upcoming return to school, and dreaded the inevitable game of “hide from mom and dad” that we would have to play on the nights we would be able to enjoy together. It was a hard road ahead, we agreed, but I knew I would be fine as long as I had my lover by my side.

The following morning, we awoke energized and excited that we would soon be home, back to our own beds, computers and televisions, all vitally important teenage necessities.

We had a quick breakfast at a local restaurant, each paying for his own fill, then piled back into the vehicles and began our long ride home. Chris and I rode in Gene’s SUV, myself sitting in the middle of the back seat, surrounded by my friend and my lover. We were still too tired to make any interesting conversation. We shifted our focus between the radio, some magazines, and a couple handheld electronics to keep us from being overcome with boredom, but it was inevitable.

Chris was being silly that morning, trying to sleep comfortably with his head propped up against the window. It was painful and amusing to watch at the same time. Wishing to end his suffering, I pulled him towards me, allowing him to use my body as a pillow, resting his head on the soft part of my chest. I stretched out my left arm and draped it over his chest and stomach, comforting both myself and my love as well.

It became apparent fairly soon that my upper body was not making a good enough pillow for him, so he laid his head upon my lap, pushing his right arm behind my back and placing his left on my knee. I cherished the closeness and warmth of my love resting on my thighs; sound of his rhythmic breathing sang to my ears. Frankly, I don’t know how he got any sleep with a six inch stick poking at his head for six hours. I was so in love with the boy I held in my arms. I knew our relationship was just starting, and I couldn’t wait for it to blossom even further.

I lost time during the ride, lost in the comfort of having my lover sleeping on me, and was suddenly surprised when I felt a warm hand gently groping my genitals over the fabric of my blue jeans.

I looked down and caught Chris in the act; he gave me a wicked grin and said, “I’m awake.”

“So am I,” I responded with equal mischievousness. We smiled at each other and I stroked his head lightly for a few minutes.

When he was fully awake he sat up, yawning and stretching his tired muscles, asking in one long yawn “are we there yet?” It was so cute I had to giggle at his use of such a juvenile, clichéd expression.

“We just passed Albert Lea,” I answered. That meant we had about forty miles to go. Travis, Chris and I became excited that home was only minutes away. I couldn’t wait to get back to civilization and start my new life with Chris.

I knew that Chris and his father would have a lot to do in the next couple weeks, looking for a house and all, but I still hoped we could squeeze in some time together. In fact, I asked Gary if Chris could sleep over at my house minutes before we arrived back at Tony’s house, which he gladly accepted.

It was mid afternoon once we arrived, and we decided not to bother calling all the parents of the boys, instead breaking up the group into those boys who needed to be dropped off on the west side of Mason, and those on the east side. Since Chris was coming with me, we went with Travis’ Dad to the west side.

All I could think about was getting him alone that night, spending hours with him in the warm confines of my full size bed, which up until that point, had yet to be shared with anyone. Dozens of ideas as to how we would occupy our time flashed through my head as we rode towards my house. I didn’t want to get my hopes up, as I wasn’t sure how much “alone time” we would be afforded for the rest of the day, but I figured since I was in the basement, we would have a little privacy, should we desire to engage in any love making activities.

When we got to my house, Chris and I lugged our gear in as quietly as possible, stumbling upon my mother in the living room. I re-introduced her to Chris, whom she hadn’t seen since very soon after we moved to Iowa, and she played “gracious host” and made some sandwiches served with chips and Pepsi for us, but not before smothering the both of us with hugs, kisses, and a myriad of questions about how our trip went.

After gulping down our food and satisfying the house detective that we had divulged all our details, which, of course, we hadn’t, we galloped down to my room in the basement, where I showed him my state of the art (for 1997 anyway) computer system, my stereo and, the most important item, my full size bed. Chris sat down on the corner of the bed and looked around, impressed. I started my computer and babbled about how awesome it was for a few minutes. Being a techie in training, I felt the need to boast about my computer’s impressive specifications, even to someone that obviously had no reason to care. It was a simple pleasure that I got to share, amidst the voices of degradation I faced daily during my educational career.

We watched a movie on my computer until I was sure my parents were asleep, then I yanked my lover away from the computer and started pulling at his clothes like a rabid animal.

“Geez, man, calm down!” Chris ordered.

I blushed and giggled. “I’m sorry, I’m just excited. You know how long I’ve waited to get you in here?”

“Two long years,” he replied, pushing me onto the bed and climbing on top of me. He pinned my arms above my head gently but firmly, then started attacking my face with his lips, showering me with sensuous kisses. We ground our crotches into each other with no hesitation this time. My room was well enough away that as long as we didn’t scream, we would be left alone.

We were both in our underwear, Chris sitting on top of my privates. I took him by surprise while he was kissing my chest, grabbing his shoulders, pushing back on his body, which sent him to his right, and I completed my takeover, our situation now entirely reversed.

“You should go out for wrestling,” I teased, “so this wouldn’t be so damn easy for me.” It was my turn to attack him this time. I seductively traced my tongue over his body up his left arm, down his chest and stomach, stopping at his belly button and probing it thoroughly, leaving saliva pooled inside.

I was surprised when Chris directed my attention to his pleading eyes, begging me to partake in the most intimate pleasure we would ever share together. “f**k me.”

As incredible as it sounded, and as turned on as I was at that moment, I knew that we should wait until we were more prepared. I don’t know if I was ready to go through with it, taking my boyfriend’s virginity, especially without proper lubrication. “Dude, I want to so bad, but…..I don’t want to hurt you, Chris. If we do this now, without any lubrication or anything, it’s gonna be pretty painful. I can’t do that to you. Let’s just wait till this weekend. We can read up a little about it first, find out what we should use and all, then we’ll set my room up all romantic like, and we can do it then, ok?”

Chris was visibly disappointed, but he knew in his heart that I was right. Losing our virginity together should be a sweet, romantic, and blissful experience. But if we were to do that right then and there, there would be pain, discomfort, and blood. “Well…..let’s look online for some information. You’re good at doin’ that stuff.”

“Ok…..” I agreed, “But we can’t do anything until we take care of that…..”

* * * * *

We slept for a good, long time, as it was the first night of truly comfortable sleep for us in over a week. Chris and I awoke in each other’s arms the next afternoon, our sweaty bodies pressed together, evidence of the previous night’s activities still evident on our smooth bodies.

For the sake of saving my mother’s innocent eyes (and my own hide), we threw our clothes on before venturing up the stairs to take a shower. Luckily, no one was home that morning. We took advantage of the opportunity and decided to have a relaxing bath together. I was never much into baths before, but things began to change as I became more comfortable and more accustomed to sharing my time with the boy of my dreams.

I ran the water and retrieved our towels and face cloths as Chris relieved himself, then we climbed into the warm bath soon after. We sat together, Chris leaning on my back, my arms wrapped around his, hands holding each other’s.

We talked for quite some time about our sexual discoveries. Each of us had our own unique stories, some exciting and funny, some were downright scary. Not every boy we came across during our youth was as excited to mess around as we were, so there were the inevitable bad reactions, and pleadings by us to the boys who held our social lives in their hands, begging them not to spread word of our homosexuality through the school. Luckily, up until that point, we were spared of the true horror of being outed publicly.

Realizing that at some point we were actually going to have to clean ourselves, Chris and I took turns gently cleaning each other with a soft washcloth, taking extra special care of the genital area.

Needless to say, the water in the tub was significantly dirtier than when we went in that morning. Oh well, Mom would never notice. After Stepping out of the bath and drying each other off completely, we wrapped our towels around our waists, not bothering with the silly ritual of clothing that morning. We sat down at my computer and dug into the depths of the Internet, scouring around for information on lubricants, condoms and other accessories, finding more information than we knew what to do with, including some products we didn’t even know existed. It was quite an informative experience.

Once we knew what products we needed for best results, we had to figure out who the hell was going to buy them for us. I racked my brain as I thought who I could ask to help us out with such a task.

Suddenly I remembered that the local YMCA offered such materials in their lobby. As odd as I thought it was at the time of discovery, I realized it would save me from the embarrassment and rejection of attempting to acquire them at any drug store. Thus, we were forced to actually put on clothing that morning, much to my discomfort. During the last week, I had become thoroughly accustomed to being naked a large portion of the time that I began feeling uncomfortable while wearing such skin coverings. ‘Blast the insecurities of the church,’ I thought. I disliked how religion made nudity seem wrong and dirty, that your body was not meant be seen by anyone but yourself. I refused to accept that decree. I was by no means a nudist, but lets get real here. Who needs clothes when they’re sleeping? If you want to stay warm, throw on an extra blanket.

Once we were ready to go, Chris and I took off on two of my bikes, one of which was technically an asset of my brother’s. However, he was 19 and in the Navy, so I was pretty sure he wouldn’t come around asking for it any time soon.

On we pedaled our bikes to downtown Mason City, parking our bikes on the side of the building, then walking inside and up the stairs to the main floor. We veered off to the TV room, which was conveniently empty at the time, and I saw the table with the condoms and lube. Quickly, I shoveled a half dozen of each into my pockets, Chris doing the same.

It became apparent we were not quick enough. “Make sure you leave some for everyone else,” one of the employees said from the hallway as he passed the door.

I turned my head in his direction and met his eyes, which were returning an accepting look. I smiled at him, and then slowly went back to the task at hand, no longer feeling shameful about what I was doing. I looked through the flavored lubes, picked a couple that I knew I’d like, and then made sure we had enough condoms to last us for a while.

When we finished, we shamelessly walked out of the Y, The staffer winking at me as I left, as if to say “good choice.” He must have known we were together.

Once back at my house, we dashed to my room, depositing all the little packages to the right hand corner of the bottom drawer of my dresser. My mom never looked in there. I decided, just as a precaution, to throw a couple sweatshirts on top of them. I didn’t want to make my Mom’s job too easy, in the event that she did decide to snoop around.

We breathed a sigh of relief once the condoms were safely tucked away, and we waited for another hour, when Gary arrived to pick up his son. We immediately asked him if he would allow his son to stay the weekend as well, which he gladly accepted.

We said our goodbyes for the moment and then I allowed Chris and Gary to take off. I trudged back into the house, already missing my love. I returned to my room, plopping myself on the bed and letting the events of the last week sink in.

I have a boyfriend. Chris is my boyfriend. I love Chris. For the first time ever, I’ve found someone I love, that loves me back.

I quickly retrieved one of the packages of lube from the bottom drawer, now sexually worked up, and desiring to “test” the consistency of the materials I would be working with.

As I slowly began to work myself to release, I reveled in how different the texture of the lube was from everything else I’ve ever tried. It wasn’t as thick, but was a lot more slippery, which magnified the intensity of my self-loving exercise. I knew that I could bring Chris a lot of pleasure with this stuff, and couldn’t wait for my opportunity to try.

Thursday. One more day until Friday. One more day until the fun would begin.

Tip: Prepare yourselves for a very intense and romantic interlude in chapter 7

Comments and/or constructive criticism to bwctadmin@cox.net .

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