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The Talon House

Chapter 7


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Love Transcending, Chapter 7

Comments and/or constructive criticism to bwctadmin@cox.net .

After what seemed to be an unbearable eternity, Friday afternoon arrived, as did Chris, at precisely 7 o’clock pm. I had spent our day apart thoroughly cleaning my room, picking up every speck of trash, and tidying up the bed. Cleanliness was never a strong suit of mine; however my desire to impress my boyfriend overpowered my laziness.

My mother greeted him at the door, and as he walked down the stairs to my room, I did a last minute check and sprayed a manly room freshener around to add to the atmosphere.

Chris came through the door lazily; pushing it closed with his back, sighing heavily as he spoke. “Wow….that was the longest day of my life!”

I laughed out loud in agreement, walked over to my love, who was still backed against the door, and French kissed him as passionately as I could. “I missed you too. So, what do you want to do first?”

‘I know what I want to do first,’ Chris thought to himself, ‘but it’s too early for that yet.’ “Oh, I don’t know. Got any good videos?”

“Girlfriend,” I joked, “VCRs are out. DVDs are in!”

Chris shot me a quizzical expression. “What the heck is a DVD?”

“I have no idea,” I answered truthfully, “but I do know that it’s twice as expensive as a VCR.” Chris and I burst out laughing.

“Oh and by the way,” Chris added, “you’re the girl in this relationship, and I’m the boy. Got it, ‘girlfriend?’”

“I think not,” I responded. “Need I remind you who is better at wrestling again? Or would you prefer a demonstration?”

Chris mocked me playfully. “That’s ok, I wouldn’t want you to break a nail or anything.”

“Oh that is it!” I declared, attacking my boyfriend and pushing him onto my bed, where we wrestled around playfully for a couple minutes, until I had made my point and we started to get sweaty.

“Well, now that we’ve established my clear male dominance,” I pronounced, “how about that movie?”

Chris smiled and let the argument go for the moment, and we began searching through my limited collection of movies, settling on some cheesy action flick, which, surprisingly enough, held our attention for the duration of the feature. Well, most of our attention. We lay on our bellies at the foot of the bed, with our arms crossed under our heads.

We glanced at each other several times during the movie, smiling affectionately each time our eyes met. It was still hard to believe that I actually had a boyfriend, something I never expected to happen.

About half-way into the movie, Chris groaned and stretched his torso this way and that, pronouncing “Man, I can’t believe my back still hurts from all the canoeing,” as if it was just implied that I was to give him a back rub. Not that I was unhappy in the least to perform such a task.

I sat up and straddled my legs on either side of Chris‘ body, guiding my butt to rest on his. Slowly but firmly, I massaged Chris’ back, wanting to give him as much relief as I could. Soon, I became frustrated with his clothing and gave him an order. “Take your shirt off, it’s getting in the way.”

I helped him pull it over his head, and he tossed it aside, allowing me to continue. I relished the feeling of massaging his soft, bare skin, probing my thumbs deep into his tense muscles. It was an erotic experience, and we were still half dressed. After twenty minutes or so, I sat up and pronounced, “It’s your turn to do me.”

Chris looked up to me and smiled. “Don’t mind if I do.”

We switched places and I removed my t-shirt as well, and Chris started working on me. Being on the receiving end of a massage from your lover is even better than giving one, I learned. Every muscle he touched with his soft hands melted instantly, my stiffness disappearing as if it were never there before.

When he was done, he scooted off of me, lying on his side facing me. I turned myself so I was facing him, seated the same way, and our eyes connected. We stayed there, communicating silently for several minutes. When I could no longer stand the mere inches of separation that stood between us, I pushed him onto his back, laid on top of him, and we started making out. Chris was thoroughly aroused and, to my surprise, was ready to bring our relationship to the next level.

“Matt,” he stated softly, “I think it’s time.”

“Are you sure?” I questioned him, knowing full well what it was he was preparing to give to me.

Chris’ eyes said yes even before he answered. I hopped off the bed and dug through my bottom drawer, retrieving a condom and some lube. I wasn’t sure how well this was going to turn out, as I’d never done it before, but it seemed almost a no-brainer to me: put the stick in the hole. The only points to focus on were gentleness and pleasure.

I finished dropping my clothes to the floor, my erection standing proud and unhidden, and began working on Chris’ shorts, sliding them down his legs and over his feet, leaving them on the corner of the bed. During the day we were apart, I read up on preparing yourself and your partner for your first experience, and took care to follow each instruction to the T. I feared that if I didn’t do this right, it would turn a wonderful memory into an awkward situation.

I opened the package of lube and spread some on my index finger, looking up one more time to make sure Chris was ready, to which I received the go-ahead nod. I inserted the first finger into Chris’ tiny hole, slowly and gently pushing until it was all the way in. I probed it in and out a few times, making sure my lover was well lubricated, and then proceeded to insert a second finger to help stretch his tight orifice to make room for my manhood. I could see Chris beginning to have some discomfort, so I slowed down until he became more used to the feeling.

I unknowingly brushed against Chris’ prostate gland, sending a shiver of delight throughout his entire body, causing his p**** to become painfully erect. After I felt he was sufficiently lubricated and would not be hurt much by my impending penetration, I fumbled with the condom nervously, applying it to myself as instructed.

“Ready?” I asked one last time.

“Yes,” he answered back in nervous anticipation, biting on his lip lightly while waiting for the final hurdle to be jumped.

It was now or never, I decided. One last time, I made sure I was well lubed, and then lined myself up with his entrance, pushing against the tight ring of his anus until I felt the muscles relax and the head slide in. The hardest part was over. I looked up at Chris, who seemed momentarily uncomfortable, but relaxed as the pain subsided. I continued slowly pushing myself into him, bit by bit, until I was as far in as I could go.

Taking a minute to rest, I gazed up at my lover, who was anxiously awaiting the fun to come. Gently at first, I pulled myself back, almost removing my c*** entirely, then pushing it back down as far as I could, slowly developing a rhythm with my lover. As soon as I picked up the pace, I could tell with each downward motion of my body, I was stimulating Chris’ prostate repeatedly. I could tell by the high pitched grunts my lover made, that I was giving him the ultimate pleasure.

Chris c*** pulsed with the rhythm of his heartbeat, being stimulated without so much as a helping hand. As I continued humping my lover, brushing that electrifying button deep inside of him, Chris leaked significant amounts of precum. Chris had his arms over his head and eyes closed, but he gently lifted his groin to meet the thrusts of my manhood.

The tightness of his as yet unexplored bowels caused my erection to receive ample stimulation, as his warm insides surrounded it lovingly. I had never experienced such an intimate pleasure in my entire life. Here I was, taking the virginity of my best friend and lover, whom I had dreamed of for three long years. I was in Heaven, and judging by the audible moans of my boyfriend, the thrashing of his arms over the sheets, the sweat glistening on his skin, and the pre-orgasmic fluids freely dripping onto his stomach, he was deriving as much pleasure from this experience as I was.

The pressure of his tight anus squeezing my erection became too much for me. I felt my testicles tingle as they prepared my semen for release, and the skin of my sac pulled them closer to my body as the pressure built to its peak. I knew I was going over the edge. With the little control I had left, I sped up dramatically and repeatedly pushed on the walls of Chris’ prostate, until he could no longer hold back either. He released a powerful and productive orgasm, the contents of which shot over his head and hit the headboard of my bed. There was a trail of his ejaculate spread across his face, neck, chest and stomach, and his p**** continued to twitch madly until his flow of semen had been depleted.

Excited by watching my lover explode in a blissful, ecstatic orgasm, I was sent over the edge, releasing an equally powerful orgasm, which made my groin tingle with pleasure. It also sent a wave of warm erotic energy to spread like an ocean wave over my entire body, pleasing every area of my torso, from the top of my head, to the tips of my fingers and all the way down to my toes. I let loose so much ejaculate that the gooey white liquid was actually dripping out of the bottom of my condom and pooling in my curly pubic hair.

Chris lay there and took in the feeling of pleasure from both ends, experiencing my own orgasm as well as one of his own. His eyes were fixed on me, silently communicating the feelings he had experienced and the new level of intimacy we had achieved by this special act. We were now one, our bodies connected forever. I couldn’t wait for Chris to return the favor, by taking my most sacred possession, my virginity. I was so ready to share it with him, but we knew we each needed time to recover. I wasn’t a very healthy person, and this exercise wore on me once the bliss of orgasm had faded.

We lay together for an hour or so, each trying to comfort the other, to help savor the feelings of our sexual activity. As this was fairly new to us, Chris and I did not recover as quickly as we had hoped, so we decided to put the rest of our plans on hold until tomorrow night, when it would be my turn to lose my virginity.

The depth of my description of the blissful feelings I experienced from taking his virginity seemed to excite him even more, and he seemed to be very ill at ease with having to wait until tomorrow night. It was still hard to believe that everything we just did was real. I never thought in a million years that I would one day be making love to my first crush, a boy who I thought was as straight as an arrow, up until the night before he left my life, over two years ago.

We fell asleep together again, each of us basking in the warmth our bodies created together. I knew then that I would never tire of Chris, and sharing my love with him. I felt so strongly of our bond, that I was prepared to use any and all means in my power to keep us together through the rocky path we would inevitably encounter in the days, weeks, months, and years to come. I’d found my star-crossed lover, and I would let nothing stand in my way.

I awoke to see my sweet, angelic boyfriend staring lovingly at me the next morning, gently brushing the hair out of my eyes. He leaned down to kiss me, and we enjoyed a warm moment together before Chris advised that we had to get up and get moving, before my mother walked in and caught us in an awkward position. While I found this “sneaking around” thing quite annoying, I knew it needed to be done, at least for a while, until I came out to my parents properly, and that wasn’t something I planned to do any time soon.

We made our way upstairs, showering separately, to keep our level of intimacy on the down-low. We could afford to be “good friends” in front of my parents and siblings, but anything more and there would elicit lots of questions.

Chris showered first, while I stayed in the kitchen, cooking myself a couple of waffles and some bacon, before pouring a big glass of chocolate milk to drink. I leafed through the paper to see if there were any good movies playing that night, and was thoroughly disgusted with my choices. ‘Oh well,’ I thought, ‘I guess we’ll have to stay in tonight…’

I had just finished up my breakfast when Chris emerged from the bathroom, his hair still wet and his body free of dirt and…other substances. I think he had also sprayed on some of my dad’s cologne, which by itself was not bad, because it was a nice scent. However, I feared that if we were to engage in any more sexual activities tonight, I might feel uncomfortable smelling the same odor that my father carried around with him every day. It just wasn’t right. I kept my mouth shut though. There was no way to deal with it then, as the damage had already been done. I thought maybe if we worked off enough energy during the day, it would be gone by nightfall.

“Shower’s all yours,” Chris stated, patting me on the shoulder.

With that, I disappeared into the bathroom and did my morning hygiene ritual, although I obsessed over my face more than usual. Suddenly, I realized how many pimples I had and it disgusted me. I decided to look around for some acne cream and spotted a tube that appeared to be really old. I smeared some over the effected areas and hoped there was some potency left in it, before I finished dressing.

As I entered the kitchen, I found Chris and my mother talking about how much he enjoyed the canoe trip. “The trip was such a blast, I can’t believe that so much exercise could be fun,” he revealed. “And Matt made sure to include me on a lot of interesting games at night.”

My mouth dropped open and I shot a shocked look at Chris, who just smiled and winked at me. I composed myself quickly, so my mother wouldn’t notice how much his statement had affected me, but silently I vowed to get him back later that night.

Thankfully, my sometimes blissfully ignorant mother did not catch on to Chris’ inside joke, and I let out a mental sigh of relief. Shortly after breakfast, my mother left to run errands, telling us that she would be gone most of the day, and not to burn the house down, keep the doors locked, and don’t let anyone in the house. Though I often thought her instructions were way too juvenile and unnecessary, I quickly agreed as Chris and I pushed her out the door. My mother was such a nag, but I still loved her.

Once she was gone, we were excited at having the house to ourselves. We decided to just have a chill day, as we were still recovering from the canoe trip, and the Friday night after party. We lay on our backs as close together as we could, while watching TV, holding hands the entire time.

I couldn’t help the overwhelming urge to be in contact with him at all times. If we weren’t holding hands, then I was stroking his arm, tracing circles on his chest with my finger, or running my hands through his hair. I had always been a very touchy-feely person, but I never had anyone to practice on until Chris came back into my life.

Chris could only concentrate on the TV for about thirty seconds before he instinctively looked over at me and smiled. I loved his thoughtful gazes. He thought I was special and made sure I knew it.

Half way through whatever crappy Saturday morning movie we were watching, Chris laid his head on my chest and closed his eyes, falling asleep for a while. I just slowly stroked his hair with my right hand, pushing it away from his face, which looked so peaceful while he slept. I couldn’t bear disrupting his peaceful slumber, so I waited him out.

I couldn’t believe how turned on he made me, simply by being around him. I’d never felt more alive than the last two weeks we’d been together. I had basically given up on finding love and happiness until recently, when I found out that I would be reunited with Chris again. The moments I’d spent with Chris have made me feel again. I thought I’d buried my sexual desires deep underground, where they could never be used as fuel for homophobic a******* to break me down. Things had changed. I was able to share my love with Chris, and receive his love in return. The feelings were indescribable, and I knew that, even though the road ahead would be rough, I knew we could survive it together.

After my lover woke from his nap, we continued cuddling together until I heard my mom’s car pull into the driveway. “s**t!” I exclaimed. We scurried down to my bedroom and threw our clothes on quickly, finishing just as she entered the door. We greeted her happily, offering to help her with the groceries.

Mom looked at us strangely as she saw our sudden eagerness to help her with something which normal teenage boys dreaded. I tried to keep eye contact with Chris to a minimum, not wanting to get caught eyeing up my supposed “friend” in a way that would tip my mother off. We were only a few days into our relationship and we were already looking over our shoulders in fear. I was not looking forward to THIS part of our relationship; though I think in some sick, twisted way it seemed to turn Chris on even more. He would tempt fate by sneaking a wink past my mother, or kissing me quickly on the cheek while my mother’s back was turned. She would look over just in time to see me blush madly, wondering why on earth I would be so nervous around her.

While we finished tidying up the kitchen, my mother had made the rounds through the house and collected our dirty towels and such. I was surprised when she so nonchalantly placed the small used packet of lube, which I had so carelessly left on the floor of my room, in my hand, commenting, “Don’t let your father see this.” I froze, not knowing just how much she could have deduced by finding such an item in my room. Did she know that Chris and I were having sex? She could have thought that Chris and I were just “experimenting.” Or maybe she just thought I was using it for my own self-pleasure. I sincerely hoped it was the latter of the three. My mother was a Bible fanatic, and I had no idea how she would react to my coming out to her. I didn’t think she’d hate me, but I really didn’t want to hear the whole “gay people go to hell” myth that her Catholic Church likes to peddle.

Once the groceries had been tended to, I told my mom we were going for a walk, which piqued Chris’ interest. I led him out into our large backyard, which extended about 100 feet to a creek, with a hill rising up behind it to support the train tracks running through the city. We climbed the hill and walked the tracks over the bridge to the other side of the creek, directing ourselves toward the bike path, which wound around the lake. It wasn’t a great lake by any means. I believe someone once told me that it used to be a source of clay (mining?) or something, so it had been dug out and filled by artificial means, then stocked with fish.

We were lucky to have the path virtually to ourselves that day, so we slowly walked the path, mostly in silence. I took a chance by looking around for any prying eyes, and when I saw there were none around, I grabbed Chris’ hand and interlaced my fingers with his. He looked up at me and smiled, and then we kept walking for about three-quarters of a mile, to the point where the path ended, before we turned around.

Everything seemed brighter that day. The trees seemed greener, the aroma of the flowers in bloom more powerful, and the wind seemed to sing in harmony with the birds in the trees. I had never taken notice to the beauty of nature until that very moment. Upon until now, it was hard to see such beauty in other things. I had never experienced them before that wonderful week in the Boundary Waters, but now that I was with Chris, they just seem to jump out at me from all directions.

When we returned home, it was getting closer to dinner, so we sat and watched an afternoon movie as my mother folded laundry and tended to the house as was her normal weekend routine. We had pizza that night, ordered from some local establishment, which we liked better, because the food seemed to taste fresher than from the typical mainstream places. I was always a big pizza fan and my favorite activity would be sitting in front of the TV, eating pizza, drinking Pepsi or Coke, and for a change of pace, being close to my love.

After exhausting every effort to find some engaging program to watch and failing miserably, we retired to my room for the night. I closed and locked the door after we entered, as I always did when I relaxed in my room, and we tinkered around with my computer for a while. I showed him a couple gay teen love stories I had found online, which I used often to facilitate my own fantasies. We played some computer games and chatted with some of my friends, typical teen stuff I guess. What was fairly atypical was the way we clung to each other though. I draped my arm over his shoulder for a while, then would place one hand on his thigh, rubbing gently until I noticed him responding. He gasped as I rubbed the tent in his shorts, his erection now making itself painfully obvious to my lover.

When we decided it was safe (when my parents had gone to bed), we took out our essentials and prepared for our late night activities. Chris asked me once again, before we started, if I was sure that I was ready. I agreed that I was, so we decided to get down to business.

He first took off all his clothes, in a goofily-seductive way, trying to imitate some of the routines we had seen on various breeder movies over the years. He rubbed his hairless chest sensuously, while grinding his crotch into his hand and moaning quietly. I was extremely turned on and couldn’t wait for us to get down to business. He knew I was eager and decided to save the cheesy p*** star bit for another day, so he kicked the rest of his clothing off, then pushed me onto my back on the bed, sitting on my stomach. He lifted my shirt over my head and tossed it into the corner, and then we kissed deeply for a few minutes, while his hands freely caressing my chest and stomach. He began undoing my pants while he had me pinned down on the bed, sliding them down past my knees, and I pulled my feet through the legs and left them sitting at the foot of the bed. We were now both completely naked, our erections touching and our smooth skin tickling each other’s. Chris sat up and grabbed another packet of lube from my bedside table, squeezing some in my hands and rubbing them together to help warm it up. I looked up at Chris lovingly, giving him permission with my eyes to have his way with me.

He pulled my legs up and placed them on his shoulders, on either side of his head, before he carefully inserted the first finger into my backside, which caused me to release an emotional grunt. He could tell that I was enjoying the stimulation his finger evoked and he was not surprised to see my level of pleasure increase, when he inserted the second lube-covered finger into my anus. He pulled and then pushed his fingers in and out energetically, until he felt I was loose enough to try the real thing.

He affixed the condom over his erection, and then covered it with a generous coating of KY to minimize my discomfort. Once the preparations had been completed, he lined up his erection with my backside, and looked up at me one last time, to make sure this is what I wanted. I bit my lip in nervous anticipation and nodded for him to proceed.

After my final confirmation was given, Chris gently inserted the head of his p**** into me, an act that caused great pain and pleasure at the same time. I did what was suggested in the materials I had read on the Internet, and pushed down on my abdominal muscles, relaxing the tight muscle that kept him from proceeding. As the pain lessened and the pressure became less intense, Chris continued pushing downward until he was completely inside of me. After waiting and giving me time to adjust to this new feeling, he began his rhythmic movements, which filled my body with unbridled sensations of pleasure. The pressure of his boyhood inside of me was unlike anything I had ever felt before, and each time he hit the prostate gland, a hot pleasurable euphoria spread throughout my pelvic area.

Chris’ body and mine were obviously straining from these activities, and we were both covered in sweat from head to toe. I couldn’t believe it felt so good to have my lover inside of me. Unable to be solely a passenger in my own sexual escapades, I masturbated in time to Chris’ work, and reveled at the awesome feelings that we were creating together.

Each time Chris pulled away and pushed back down, I would clamp down on his erection, causing him to shudder in ecstasy, pulling him deeper and deeper inside of me. I could tell he was almost there, as he sped up and then suddenly buried himself as far inside as he could, and grunted with pleasure as he came with his erection inside of me. Just as he finished with his own orgasm, he withdrew from me, grabbed my hand and removed it from my own c***, before taking me into his mouth. Lovingly, he pleased my most sensitive organ with such great care that the feelings became too much and I could no longer restrain myself, and I came into his mouth. It was an incredible experience that I would never forget.

They say that getting a blowjob is better than any other type of sex, but that weekend I knew that was not true. For, any sexual act between two lovers is infinitely pleasurable and I couldn’t believe how wonderful he made me feel, inside and out. I had finally lost my virginity to the first and only boy I had ever loved.

We fell asleep still entangled together, in the same fashion as the night before, continuing to revel in each other’s warm presence.

I felt Chris stir sometime during the night, leaving the room briefly to go to the bathroom, then returning to my bed, curling up beside me, stroking my back as I rested my tired body.

I was too tired to notice that Chris forgot to lock the door after he returned from his late night bathroom trip. We’d soon be paying for that careless blunder.

I awoke early Sunday morning, my muscles still sore from our lovemaking the night before. I rubbed my nose gently against Chris’ neck, which caused him to pull away, mumbling something incoherent, before he fell back to sleep again. Not even close to being done messing with him, I nuzzled my nose into the nape of his neck again, and he pulled away once more, this time saying something which sounded like, “mom, quit it.”

I looked at him cross and decided that I was through with being subtle. I threw back the covers of the bed, which surprised Chris and his eyes shot open, mouth agape.

“Dude, it’s cold!” he exclaimed.

“Well then,” I responded, “lemme help you warm up….” I pinned him down with my naked body, our erections once again pressed together. I ran my hands through his hair as we made out for several minutes, our crotches grinding together with little urgency.

As I sat up to give him a breather, I glanced over at the door and my jaw dropped to the floor. My eyes locked onto the figure of my mother standing in the doorway, a shocked expression on her face. I just sat there not knowing what to say. Chris was still humping my groin when I slapped him on the head and he screamed at me.

“Dude, what the f**k?”

I cleared my throat, and nodded my head in my mother’s direction.

He took one look at my concerned mother staring in awe, and responded appropriately. “Oh shit….”

Comments and/or constructive criticism to bwctadmin@cox.net .

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