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New Home for BWCTwriter's stories


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I've started a new site that I hope will turn out to be a collaborative site for gay authors of all ages and abilities to find a more permanent home for their story and their following.

You can visit the site here: Authorskeep

I wont encourage you to just completely ditch this site, because, well, I owe Talonrider for his kindness. I will, however, ask that you give it a look, and consider promoting your story there (non-exclusively).... I can also give anyone their own subdomain where they can build a full-featured site. I have pretty relaxed limits on bandwidth and disk space, so i wont be running out any time soon.

If you're interested in opening your story up to new places and new opportunities, give me a buzz at admin@authorskeep.com

Thanks for being a fan!


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