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The Talon House

Christmas in Belize

Miguel Sanchez

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This is Part 1 to a 4 part series.

Christmas in Belize

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction and that of love. Any resemblance to actual places, events, or persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. This story may contain erotic and/or sexually explicit behavior between consenting teens. If it is illegal for you to, or you find this sort of work offensive, don't download or read it!

The people in this story do not use protection because diseases don’t exist here. However, in our world they do so please use caution and protection.

This story is protected by copyright. It may not be downloaded or copied for other than your private enjoyment and may not be duplicated in any form, physical, electronic, audio or otherwise without the expressed written permission of the author.

This story was written for the Gay Authors Anthology Collection. You can view other entries here: http://www.gayauthors.org/anthology/index.php

I hope you enjoy this story.

Miguel Sanchez

© Miguel Sanchez 2006

Christmas in Belize

It was getting close to Christmas time again and as usual, I was getting depressed. Ever since my boyfriend passed away a couple years ago around this time, I sank down into the dumps. Well, Ben decided to take me on a vacation to try and lift my spirits. He decided on Belize. We’d been there a couple years earlier and we really fell in love with the country, especially a little town called San Ignacio. I guess I should introduce myself. My name is Mike Palmer and my roomie is Ben Parker. We’d been rooming together ever since I’d returned from Sweden a number of years ago.

We left Miami 3 days before Christmas and the short flight into Belize City was uneventful. He rented a small 4x4 because the roads out of the city were not the best. It took us about 2 hours to drive to San Ignacio and when we went though town, I started feeling better. We arrived at the resort and the desk clerk was as hot was I remember. Ben booked as a cabaña and it just happened to be the same one we were in when we were here the first time.

After going to our room and unpacking, we took a drive into town. We took a lazy stroll around and soon some of the street kids were looking for little handouts. There was even this one boy who offered to shine our shoes. What made this funny was we were wearing tennis shoes. He brushed the dust off them and I gave him 2 dollars for his work. When I handed him the money it was if I’d given him a twenty. He had a smile on his face that went from ear to ear and could have lit up the town.

Now, you need to know something about Belize and its currency. Belize is the old British Honduras but they are now somewhat Americanized as they drive on the right hand side of the road. The Belize currency is even based somewhat on the British pound. Their money looks like that of England. 1 Belize dollar is equal to 50 cents American. They have a 1 and 2 dollar coin with Queen Elizabeth on the front. Their paper money is the same size as the British Currency and comes in 5, 10, 20 and 50 dollar denominations.

We continued walking around town and soon we were getting hungry. We found a local restaurant and got a burger, fries and limeade to drink. It was a local drink that brought back memories of when we were kids. It was both tart and sweet and really quenched your thirst. Every time a group of boys walked past, my eyes immediately started following. “Mike if you’re not careful you’ll get a case of whiplash and have to spend the rest of the trip in a collar.”

“Alright man, I’ll be careful but you know I can’t help looking at the kids here.”

I noticed a couple of boys sitting across the street trying to pan handle so I caught the waitress’ attention and ordered two large cheese burgers, two large orders of fries and two limeades to go. I paid for the food and then went over across the street. “Here you go guys. It looks like you both could use something to eat.”

“Gee thanks Mister,” the older looking boy said then dropped his head to the street.

I sat down beside them wondering what was wrong. “Here, this is for you and your friend. No strings attached.”

The little one lit up when he heard that. “Really?”

I made an X mark across my chest. “Cross my heart.”

The older one took the bag but seemed a little distrustful. “Why you do this? Everyone else wants something in return.”

Now this got to me. “What do you mean; everyone else wants something in return?”

The little one had a mouthful of fries. “Um, they wanna play with us.”

I kinda had an idea what he was talking about but I wanted to be sure. “Play with you? Play with you how?”

After stuffing more fires into his mouth, the little one tried to speak. “You know, play with us. They wanna play with our peepees.”

“You mean they wanna do sex stuff with you?” I asked wrapping my arms around them.

The older boy pushed my arm off his shoulder. “Yeah mister, they wanna do sex s**t with us, just like you and your friend over there.”

The little one suddenly got scared when the older boy made that comment. “No son, it’s not like that at all. When I said no strings attached, I meant it.”

I saw the little one relax a little but not his friend. The older one ate his food then looked at me, as if to size me up. “OK then, prove it.”

I wasn’t sure what he meant by that so I took a shot. “Very well then how about this? This isn’t our first time here to Belize but there is still a lot of this area we haven’t seen. How about we hire you two to show us around, like tour guides? I’ll pay you each 10 dollars American plus buy you both lunch. How does that sound?”

The older one was milling that around in his head. “How long will you be in Belize for?”

“Until after the New Year,” I replied reaching my hand inside my pocket.

“10 dollars American,” the little one asked.

I took the money clip off my cash and handed them each 5 dollars American. “This is for you guys.”

The older one looked at me cautiously. “But we haven’t done anything.”

“Call it good faith funds son,” I said as the little one scooted close to me. “We’re both kinda tired after the trip so we’re not really going to do much sight seeing today. You can show us around a little though.”

“Fair enough,” the older one said stuffing the money into shorts.

As he pushed the money into his shorts, they came down enough to show that he wasn’t wearing any underwear. I made a mental note of that and to pick them each up some the first chance I got. Just then, Ben walked over. “Mike, I’m tired and it’s past nappy time for me. Why don’t you take me back to the room and you can come back and walk around.”

The older boy looked up then slid closer to my side. “Relax kiddo, he won’t hurt you.”

Just then, it hit me where I’d seen these two boys before. “I remember you boys but I doubt you remember me. The last time we were here, we were strolling around and I saw you two sitting under your house. You made the motion for me to take your picture and I did.”

I got the camera from Ben and looked to see if by chance the photo was still on it and sure enough it was. “See guys, here it is.”

They both looked at it. “Wow you were little there bro.”

“Hey, you were little too man,” the younger one said.

Ben helped me up then another thing hit me. I didn’t even know their names. The boys stood up and put their trash in a can nearby. “What are your names boys?”

The older one was still cautious but the little one seemed to have been won over. “I’m Benjy and that’s my brother Drew.”

Drew glared at his brother and I just ruffled his hair. “Relax guys, I’m Mike and this is Ben. Would you like to come with me while I take him back to where we’re staying?”

Drew looked like he wanted to trust us. “No funny stuff?”

“No funny stuff,” Ben replied as he extended his hand.

Drew shook it then we headed back to where we parked the Sidekick. Ben and I dropped the soft top then the boys climbed into the back seat. We took off and as we passed some other boys, I saw several of them look at Drew and Benjy. I stored that in the back of my mind and would ask them about it later. “Hang on boys, this road gets really bumpy.”

Ben took the hill at about 10 MPH but even with that, it was still a wild ride. “Woo hoo,” Benjy exclaimed as he was being bounced up and down in his seat.”

Ben saw a deep rut in the road and came to a stop. “Put your seat belt on guys. I don’t want either of you getting tossed out and getting hurt.”

After some moans and groans, the boys relented and put their seat belts on. We finished the climb and Benjy was still all smiles. “Come on boys, you can come with us.”

“Uh no thanks mister,” Drew said not getting out.

“Hey Drew,” I asked coming over to his side of the vehicle. “What’s with the mister stuff? You can call me Mike.”

He still had his head hung down. “OK Mike.”

I lifted his head up with my finger. “What is it Drew? Please tell me.”

Benjy undid his seatbelt and climbed onto the seat then sat on the spare tire. “Mike, some guys brought us here before. He hurt Drew then he lied to the manager. The manager hit us and said we could never come back here.”

I unbuckled Drew and lifted him out of the Sidekick. “Don’t you worry about that. Were you guys in town when they found you?”

Benjy’s head was nodding up and down like a yo-yo. “Uh huh, right near where we you saw us. That guy that hurt Drew said we hit on them in here but they brought us here.”

“We’ll take care of that,” Ben said. “No one will hurt you as long as long as you’re with us.”

Drew showed the first sign of relaxing as he hopped down and took my hand. We walked up the steps and past the front desk. “Excuse me sir, might I have a word with you please?”

I walked over and Drew stayed with Ben. “What is it sir?”

He looked right at the boys and glared. “Those two aren’t allowed in here. They’re street scum who hustled two of my guests here.”

Just then two guys walked by and I saw one of them smile at Benjy. “I see the hustlers got two more in town.”

Ben let go of the boys’ hands and walked over to the loud mouth. “What did you say?”

He raised his hands. “Don’t worry dude. That little one is…”

Just then the man dropped to his knees holding his jewels. “Watch your mouth prick.”

I glared back at the manager. “I thought you said they were hustling here, sir?”

I saw the manager swallow hard. “Well, that’s what the gentleman told me. Obviously he was lying.”

“Obviously he was,” I spat back. “Now what are you going to do about it?”

This man was sweating bullets now. “I’ll take care of it, I assure it sir and the boys are welcome here as long as they’re escorted by you.”

I turned and went back to the boys then we went to our cabaña. Benjy eyed the pool as we walked past and soon we were at our room. As Ben was getting the key out I saw Benjy holding himself and squirming. As soon as we got inside, I went to the bathroom with a little boy hot on my heels and turned on the light. Benjy didn’t stand on ceremony as he yanked his shorts down and quickly relieved himself. I giggled as I heard his sigh. “Feel better little one?”

He pulled his shorts up and ran over to me. “Man, I’ve had to do that for the last 5 minutes. I didn’t think I was gonna make it.”

Drew was the next one to pee but I closed the door and gave him his privacy. He came out and gave Ben and I each a hug. “Thanks guys. That jerk tried to hurt us pretty bad then he lied to the manager.”

Ben stretched out on the bed so we left so he could get a nap. “Come on guys, let’s head back into town.”

We went outside and right away, Benjy took my hand. The next thing I felt was a hand slip into my other one. I looked down and Drew was holding my hand. “Are you OK kiddo?”

He looked down for a moment then quickly looked up at me. “I’m fine Mike. For the first time my brother and I have met someone who isn’t after our dicks or our butts.”

As we got close to the front desk, I felt their grips get tighter on my hands. We came into the lobby and there stood the guy Ben kneed in the balls standing by the front desk with his luggage. The man was yelling at the top of his lungs to the manager. “Why the hell am I being asked to leave? I didn’t do a thing. In fact I was assaulted.”

I stopped in the doorway and listened to the man rant. “Sir, you have a choice. Leave here and the country or I’ll call the police. We have very strict laws here regarding child abuse. You could very easily spend the rest of your life in prison.”

“For what,” the man shouted. “Getting a piece of dick from that street s**t? If he hadn’t of got away, I’d have had his a**.”

The manager looked over at us and hung his head and mouthed the words “I’m sorry” towards the boys. He then looked at the man and smiled and picked the phone up. I couldn’t hear who he was talking to because the loud mouth was still ranting. He was on the phone several minutes then smiled as he hung it up. “Oh sir you should know that I’ve called the police. They are on their way here to arrest you.”

“Arrest me,” he shouted. “I tell you I haven’t done anything.”

The manager laughed loudly when he heard that. “You didn’t? That’s not what I just heard. I heard you just admit to abusing those two boys and attempting to rape one of them.”

“What,” he yelled. “It’s your word against mine you fool.”

The manager shook his head. “I don’t think so. That man there heard you, the boys did likewise plus I’m sure they would testify to what you did to them.”

“Ha, ha, ha,” he laughed. “You think they’re going to take the word of two gutter snipes like them over me?”

Just then two police officers walked in. The manager pointed to the loud mouth and quickly he was in silver bracelets. The manager then came out and handed the officers a video tape. “Oh they’d believe the boys sir. But they will also believe that video tape of everything you’ve said here. I have a closed circuit video surveillance system and you sure looked good ranting.”

I was glad he had that tape because I didn’t want the boys to have to go through a court trial. The officers led him off and for once, he wasn’t shooting off his mouth. The manager came over and knelt down in front of the boys. “How can I ever make that up to you? I’m so sorry I didn’t believe you. Can you ever forgive me?”

I saw Drew glare at him and then look up to me. Our eyes met and I just smiled to him. “I forgive you.”

The manager patted each boy on the back then we headed for the parking lot. We drove back into town and I saw a little store. I parked the Sidekick then we went inside. “I have a question for you boys. Do your parents like the fact you’re out here all the time?”

Benjy stopped, let go of my hand and ran outside. Drew glared at me then took off after him. Realizing I just made a fool out of myself, I took off hoping to find them. I looked up and down the street then saw Drew hop a short wall. I ran up to where I saw him but didn’t see anything. I stood there looking then I heard a little boy crying. I eased up to the wall and looked over it and saw Drew holding a crying Benjy. I hopped over the wall and looked at my little one. “Oh Benjy, I’m sorry. As soon as I said it I knew the mistake I made.”

I held my arms out but Drew held onto him. “Look mister, next week, you’ll be back on a plane heading back to your world and we’ll still be stuck here.”

I remembered the house where I took their picture. “What’s the house you two were at that day?”

“That’s where we live,” Drew snapped.

Now I was confused. “It’s where you live?”

“Yeah that’s where we live,” Drew said again. “There aren’t enough house people to watch all of us so some of us older kids look out for the little ones. We get money for food but I don’t know how to cook that well.”

Now I was starting to understand some things. “You get what foods you can manage then use the rest to eat out?”

Drew nodded his head then went back to hugging Benjy. “How about I try and teach you how to cook a little?”

Drew looked annoyed when I asked that question. “Mike, people have tried that and I can cook. But cooking dinners is hard. I have homework to do and Benjy to care for. I just can’t do everything.”

I sat down and pulled Drew onto my lap. “How old are you Drew and how old is Benjy?”

“12,” he mumbled into my chest. “Benjy is 9.”

A 12 year old boy has no business trying to raise his little brother. “Do you have enough clothes?”

“Yeah,” Benjy said. “We have plenty of shorts.”

“But no underpants,” I said looking at Drew and snapping the elastic in his shorts.

He turned red when I said that. “No. Besides, I don’t like wearing them.”

“Is there an adult who checks on you?” I inquired. “I would like to meet them so they know you and you’re alright.”

“We’ll be fine,” Drew said. “As long as we’re in bed by 10, we’ll get enough rest.”

I decided to try acting like an adult and take charge. I hoped it wasn’t going to backfire on me but, then again, it couldn’t be any worse than what just happened. I turned the boys around and looked at them both. “OK, now here’s what we’re going to do. I’ll get you two each a bathing suit then you can take that to your house and get a shower because you’re both filthy. After that, you’ll come back with me and you can swim for a little while. Then we’ll get dinner and I’ll have you back home before bed time. I’ll even tuck you in so I know you’re safe.”

I think Benjy liked the idea of being tucked in. I could see Drew mulling over my words. He got a little devil look in his eyes. “What would happen if we got up after you left?”

I just grinned at him. “Then I think we would have a problem.”

Benjy snuggled against me and Drew closed his eyes for a moment. “Yes sir that would be fine.”

We got up and went into the store. We looked around and found a small selection of swimming wear. Drew found a pair of trunks that looked more like underwear and held them up against his body. “What do you think Mike?”

I knew they were designed to be tight but I wasn’t sure if they would fit or not. I reached out and pulled the back of his shorts out so I could see if there was a size label on them. The label said 8 then I looked at the trunks. They were the same size so I thought they should fit. I looked at Benjy’s and he was wearing a 5. I found him a pair that he liked so it was on to the checkout. I paid for the trunks then walked over to the house they were staying at.

It was a small house on the outside but inside was spacious. There were 3 bedrooms, a bathroom, living room and kitchen. The kitchen had an eating area and could hold a small family. Benjy took his trunks and headed for what I guessed was his bedroom. Then next thing I saw was a naked little boy running towards me. I knelt down and he held his arms out for me. “Can you help me in the bath?”

I picked him up and set him on my hip. “Who normally helps you?”

Drew slapped him on his butt. “Come on squirt, I’ll help you.”

“Can Mike help me too?” he asked showing puppy dog eyes.

I didn’t want to intrude on Drew’s privacy so I looked at him to see what he had to say. “Alright Benjy, maybe Mike will help me rinse my hair. I can never get all the soap out of it.”

I ruffled Drew’s hair as he reached around me and gave me a quick hug while I sat Benjy down. “Where’s the bathroom?”

Benjy took off and I followed the jiggling butt. I saw him enter a room then Drew and I entered. I looked at the tub and it was an old cast iron one that looked like it was at least 50 years old. The fixtures had been updated and a shower had been added also. I got the water temperature set and put the stopper in the drain so the tub could fill. I turned around and now I had two naked boys. “Drew, are you OK with me seeing you naked son?”

He walked over and melted into my arms. He looked up at me and I could see for the first time, total trust. “Mike, you and Ben care about us and that’s something no one has ever done. Yeah the state lady comes here and checks on us but it’s more like her job. Homes are starting to get parents so maybe we’ll get one soon.”

I got up off the toilet so the boys could use it then I helped Benjy in. Drew stood there like he was waiting for something so I lifted him in too. “Duck your heads under the water then I’ll shampoo them.”

I got the shampoo and did Drew’s first. His hair was long and thick and I could see why he had a hard time rinsing it properly. I noticed the shower head came off so I turned the water on and then pulled the lever and soon the shower was running. I rinsed the soap out then washed it once more. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. His dark brown hair was shining. Next I did Benjy's and after two washings, his was like Drew’s. The boys got washed and after their chest and legs were done, they were ready to get out. “Hold it guys, there’s more left to wash.”

Benjy and Drew looked at each other then back to me. “What’s left Mike?”

I guess with no parents to guide them, they only did the necessities. “Well, you have your face, neck and ears. Then you have your back and feet. Last but not least you have your bottoms and your dicks.”

Benjy looked at me curiously. “I tried that but I got soap in my eyes.”

For a 9 year old that can be a little daunting without proper guidance. I sat him back in the tub and lathered my hands. “Close your eyes tight Benjy.”

He closed them then I washed his face, neck and ears. “Now, keep your eyes closed and duck your face under the water and rinse the soap off your face.”

He did as directed then came up. He opened his eyes and wiped the water off. “Hey, no soap got in my eyes.”

I smiled at him. “See, you learn something new everyday.”

Drew did the same thing as Benjy and now it was on to their backs. “Drew, stand up. Benjy put some soap on your hands and wash Drew’s back. Drew when Benjy is done, you do the same thing and wash his back.”

I watched and they laughed and giggled as they washed each other. After rinsing, they were ready for the next thing. “OK, now for your feet. Stand up and put your foot here. Wash each foot and in between your toes. When that one is done, you do the other.”

I knew getting them to wash their butts might be difficult. “Boys, now you need to wash your bottoms. I know people have tried to do things to you back there but you need to keep it clean. Do you think you can do it?”

Drew looked at me very seriously. “Is it important Mike?”

I nodded my head. “Yes it is little man. Has anyone showed you how to properly wash your dick?”

Drew shook his head no and started doing his butt. Benjy soaped his hand and copied his brother. They sat in the water and rinsed off and then were standing in front of me for their next lesson. “Drew, can you slide the skin back on it?”

He reached down and gently started retracting the foreskin. I saw him wince but he got it done. “OK, lather your hands and wash it then pull the foreskin back. When you rinse it, pull the skin back again and make sure all the soap is off.”

I looked at Benjy and I wasn’t sure the skin had ever been retracted. “Benjy, can I try to do this?”

He nodded his head so I gently lifted it and started to slide it back. I got it about half way back and I felt resistance. I applied a little pressure and it slid a little more but I heard Benjy wince. I knew it would go back but it was going to sting some. “Drew, I’m going to have to slide Benjy’s foreskin back but I don’t think it’s ever been done before and it’s gonna sting a little. Can you hold him? Benjy, I don’t wanna have to do this but it’s important. It’s gonna sting some but once this is done and clean, you’ll be able to keep it clean so this doesn’t happen again. Are you ok with it?”

He looked at Drew and he nodded his head. “OK Mike, go ahead.”

I took his p**** in my hand and slid the foreskin up and back as far as it would go. Then I decided it was time so I slid it back and finished pulling it back over the head all the way. “Owie Mike, it stings.”

Drew was holding him and I washed his p**** removing the smegma that had built up. I rinsed it off then let the skin come back naturally. I washed it once more then slid the skin back and forth and it moved freely. I looked at him and wiped the tears off his face. I put my arms out and he fell into them. “I’m sorry baby. I hated hurting you but now it’s all better. Promise me you’ll wash it every time you take a bath.”

I got my next surprise of the day. Benjy kissed me on the cheek then on my nose. “I’ll do it every time Mike.”

I set him down and wrapped a towel around him. I picked Drew up and set him down then got him a towel. While they were drying off, I let the water out of the tub and man, what a ring around the tub. I turned to say something to the boys and I was alone. I knew they couldn’t have dried themselves off completely that fast. “Drew, Benjy get back in here.”

They came walking in giggling and I could still see water on their bodies. “The purpose of the towel is to dry your body. Drew, dry your brother’s back then Benjy, you do Drew’s. Get your legs and in between them. It’s hard to put swimming trunks on when your butt and legs are wet.”

They started drying themselves again while I cleaned the bath tub. When I was finished, they were no where to be found. The boys were sitting out in the living room snuggled together. “Why are you still naked?”

I walked over and sat beside them. The boys form fitted themselves against my body then Drew looked at me. “After dinner, we take a bath. We just stay naked until it’s time for bed. We have the doors locked and no one can see us.”

I thought about it for a moment and it wasn’t a bad idea. I looked at my watch and I was pretty sure Ben would be awake from nappy time. “OK guys, go get a clean pair of shorts on and grab your swimming trunks. I want you also to bring a shirt in case it cools off tonight.”

I saw some tennis shoes in their room and had them put those on instead of the sandals they were wearing before. When we arrived back at the resort, Ben was awake and watching television. Benjy made a beeline for him and jumped on the bed. “Hi Ben, did you miss us?”

For some reason, he was taken with the boys. “I was wondering when you guys would be back. I thought you got lost.”

Drew came over and sat on the bed beside them. “No, Mike made us take a bath and then showed us how to do it right.”

Ben looked at me like I was crazy. “Drew there is more to your body, as you saw, than just your chest, arms and legs.”

Ben had grandchildren so that statement made perfect sense to him. The next thing I knew, there were two naked boys jumping up and down. I handed them their trunks and they put them on and we were being pulled out the door. “Come on, Mike said we could go swimming.”

Ben turned off the television and we headed towards the pool. I saw the manager looking at us then nodded his head. When the boys were playing in the pool he came over to us. “I’m so sorry I spoke about them that way. I’m really ashamed of myself. I see that they are really good boys.”

Ben looked at him for a moment. “One should never judge a book by its cover.”

The manager swallowed hard then went back to his work. We let the boys swim for an hour or so and I could feel it starting to cool off. I was glad I had them bring shirts because they were going to need them. We got them out of the pool and back to the room where I had them take a quick shower to rinse the chlorine off. Ben and I were chatting when I heard Benjy call me.

“What is it little one?”

He had his p**** in his hand and had the foreskin retracted. “I washed it just like you said.”

I smiled at him then held out towels. They got dried off then put their shorts and tee shirts on. It was after 7 already yet it seemed that only a couple of hours had passed. We went to the hotel’s restaurant and had a nice meal. When dinner was finished, it was almost 8:30 and the boys would need to get home soon. Ben decided to stay at the room and relax so I took the boys home by myself.

When we arrived, the boys did their usual and got comfortable. I sat on the couch and quickly the boys got comfy. “Did you have a good time today?”

“Oh yes Mike,” Benjy chimed. “This was the best day I can ever remember.”

Drew was a little more somber. “I had a great time Mike. I know this is only for a short while but I did enjoy myself. Do you have children?”

I had been married but we were never blessed. “No son, I don’t. I wanted to be a father but it never happened.”

He looked at me and with all sincerity said, “Well, you will make a great father.”

We sat and talked until it was their bedtime. I saw how the front door locked so I knew once the boys were in bed, I could see to it the door was locked. The boys went to the bathroom then they scampered into their bed. I tucked them in and gave each a kiss in the cheek. “Good night boys. I had a great time also. Get a good night’s sleep and I’ll see you tomorrow.”

The boys returned my kisses and Drew sat up. “Mike, be careful going back to the resort.”

I smiled and headed for the door. “I will Drew, I promise.”

I turned the bedroom light off then turned the light off in the living room. I looked back down the hall and I saw a small light come on. I guess they need some little sense of security. I went out and made sure the door was securely closed then drove back to the resort.

When I returned I saw Ben lying on the bed engrossed in a movie. I got undressed and stretched out beside him. “You had a good time today, didn’t you?”

Suddenly I felt bad that Ben had been ignored and my eyes dipped towards the bed. “I’m sorry I ignored you Ben.”

He turned over and looked at me. “Don’t be sorry Mike. Today was the first time in a long time I’d seen you out of your shell. You were the old Mike that I first met. You took it really hard when Rainer died and I was really worried about you when you couldn’t even get over there for his funeral.”

I tried not to think about that because it would send me back into the doldrums’. “I still miss him Ben. We were together only 6 months but it was as if I’d known him all my life. He was the only person I can honestly say I was totally and completely head over heels in love with.”

I started crying and acting like a little boy. “I know you were Mike. I saw it every time you talked about him or were online with him. That’s why today it was good to see you happy again. Now, what’s going to happen when we leave?”

He had to bring that up. It was like the air in my balloon was just let out. “Good question.”

Suddenly I got a thought and it was like a light bulb was shining over top of my head. “Oh no Mike, there is no way we can adopt them. International adoptions are hard even in the best of circumstances but here we are; 2 single gay men.”

He was right and I knew it. I tried keeping a safe distance from the boys so my heart wouldn’t get broke but damn it to hell, I was starting to really care for these two. “I know Ben and to top it off I’m starting to really love them. I guess I’m just one of those guys who’s destined to be alone and lonely.”

He wrapped his arms around me as I started crying again. I don’t know how long I cried but the next thing I remember was the sun was shining through the window. “Morning babe, here’s some coffee for you.”

I took a swig then looked at the clock. It was almost 9 and I was wondering about the boys. I quickly finished the coffee and emptied my bladder. “Damn, why’d you let me sleep so long?”

Ben started laughing at my antics. “Calm down Mike. I’ve already had my coffee. Now let’s go and find Drew and Benjy before you have a heart attack.”

We headed for the Sidekick and I drove because I remembered where the house was. As we pulled up, I saw a lady standing at the front door. Drew was there talking with her then she went inside. I suddenly got worried and started wondering what this was all about. At first I was going to drive off and come back later but decided to throw caution to the wind. I found a place to park then we went up to the door. I knocked and Benjy opened it. Suddenly I had an arm full of little boy. “Mike, I was wondering when you’d be here.”

I felt a warm wet kiss on my cheek and then noticed the lady looking curiously at me. We walked inside and I stuck my hand out to her. “Hi, I’m Mike Parker and this is my friend Ben Palmer.”

She shook my hand and smiled. “I’m Beth Mayfield. I’m the city Social Worker. Drew here told me what you two did for them yesterday. I’m glad the man will be punished for what he did.”

I nodded my head and set Benjy down on his feet. I sent the boys into the kitchen to get themselves breakfast while Beth, Ben and I talked. “I’m glad too Beth. I knew the boys would testify but I really didn’t want them put through a trial.”

Beth nodded her head in agreement. “I agree Mike. Drew told me you helped them yesterday and they had a really enjoyable time. Were you able to determine if the boys had been injured physically?”

I sucked a little wind at her statement. “No I haven’t. I did help them with their bath but I never looked at their bottoms. I didn’t want them thinking I was like the others.”

It was then I realized there were little ears in the room. “Mike, I don’t think of you like that now. If you needed to see us back there, why didn’t you just ask?”

Benjy was standing there also and started to drop his shorts. “Hang on Benjy; we don’t go naked in front of ladies.”

Benjy started to say something when Drew stopped him. “Yes sir, you’re right. I’m sorry Miss Beth.”

Beth looked at me with a quizzical look on her face. “Yes sir? Alright, where are the real Drew and Benjy?”

Benjy came running over. “I’m right here Miss Beth. You know me.”

We all started laughing at Benjy’s antics. I decided to take a look at them while she was here and if they had been injured, she could get them medical care. “Come on boys, I’d like to take a look at your bottoms.”

We walked down to their room and they both shucked their shorts and hopped up on the bed. I took a look at Drew first. When I spread his cheeks, I saw his rectum still nice and pink. I then looked at Benjy and I could tell right away someone had tried to penetrate him but the damage was very minimal. There was a small healed cut that appeared to have been caused by a fingernail. Other than that he was fine. “OK boys, you can get dressed now.”

“That’s it?” Drew asked.

I nodded my head and kissed his cheek. “That’s it little man. You’re both fine back there.”

Benjy stood up and retracted the foreskin on his p**** for me. “Look Mike, it works fine now and it doesn’t hurt either.”

“Benjy you better stop that,” Drew said. “You’re getting a stiffy.”

I knew this wasn’t the time but I was going to have to have a little talk with the boys. Benjy hung his head like a scolded puppy. “It’s OK little one. It’s going to do that from time to time and it’s nothing to be ashamed of.”

Benjy grabbed his shorts then stuck his tongue out at his brother. We returned to the living room and I told Beth the boys were, for all intents and purposes, fine. She nodded her head and said she’d check on the boys later this afternoon or tomorrow. Drew told her that they would be spending the day again with us and she didn’t seem to have a problem with it. After she left, Benjy jumped into my arms. “I love you Mike. I wish you didn’t have to leave.”

Out of the mouths of babes came the three words I’d been dreading to hear but I couldn’t deny my feelings towards them any longer. I kissed him on the cheek and hugged him close to me. “I love you too Benjy.”

I wrapped my arm around Drew and pulled him close to me also. “Yes Drew, I love you as well.”

He looked up at me with a beaming smile on his face. “I’ve never said this to any man Mike but I do love you. I too wish you didn’t have to leave.”

Ben was standing there with a smile on his face. “Didn’t I tell you Mike?”

We all left and started walking around the town. We found a place that rented horses and I got a great idea. “Hey guys, how would you like to go horse back riding?”

Benjy got nervous when I asked them that question. “Mike, I’ve never been on a horse before. They’re big and I’m scared.”

“How about you ride with me,” I asked as I picked up my little one. “If Drew’s scared he can ride with Ben.”

“All alright Mike,” Benjy stuttered. “I trust you.”

Ben and I rented horses and took the boys on an enjoyable ride. After several minutes, Benjy had the reigns in his hands and I was just along for the ride. After turning the horses in, we all got some lunch then Ben spotted a place where you could go diving. The boys weren’t certified divers and neither was I so we decided to go snorkeling. We swam and played to together for about an hour then went for a little stroll so our shorts could dry our.

The day was quickly passing and my love for these two was growing stronger with each passing minute. We were walking down the street when suddenly the boys took off. Ben and I noticed a couple boys playing as they ran over to them. After a few minutes, the four of them walked back to us and Drew was quite animated. “These are two very good friends of ours.”

The taller one had quite dark skin. It was a dark olive complexion and his hair was a jet black that shined more than Drew’s. His eyes looked like two onyxes. The other boy was just the opposite. His skin was a fair white, like a sheet. His hair was a golden blonde and his eyes were like pools of crystal clear water. “Mike, Ben, this is Mohammad. He likes to be called Mo.”

I reached my hand out and he gave it a firm shake and then he smiled at me. His teeth had to be the whitest of anyone I’d ever seen. I thought Drew and Benjy had electric smiles but Mo had them both beat hands down. It’s nice to meet you Mo. And who is this other young man?”

The boy smiled and blushed. “This is Sasha. They live several blocks away.”

Mo looked at us and it appeared he was trying to size me up. “Ben, Drew says you’re not like the other men around here. He says you’re someone who will help boys like us.”

Ben could see his eyes starting to get wet. He wrapped his arms around Drew and drew him close. “I will do anything I can to help.”

The tears were rolling down his face now. I saw a little store across the street. “Boys, just wait here with Ben a minute and I’ll be right back. Then we can go over to Drew and Benjy’s place where we can all sit and talk.”

I went into the little store and bought several bottles of soda then we took the boys home. After fixing them each something to drink we sat on the couch and Mo started to tell me what was on his mind. “Mike, I don’t like where we live now. There is a man who knows we live there alone and he has tried to get in.”

I was shocked at this news. “Did you call the police or tell Miss Beth?”

“No have phone,” Sasha said in a think Russian accent as he scooted close to Ben. “No have woman for Social Worker either. Man gives Sasha the creeps.”

I looked at the boys and had to ask a serious question. I just hoped this wouldn’t scare them away from me. “Boys, I need to ask you a question but please, we will not judge you or think badly of you.”

The boys’ heads started swinging back and forth. “Alright, Drew says you’re not like the others. What is your question?”

I took a deep breath. “Have you done things with men in order to survive?”

Sasha shook his head no but Mo started crying again. I comforted Mo until he could talk. “No, I’ve never had sex with a man, if that is what you mean but my parents tossed me out when my father caught me playing with another boy. My mother slapped me hard across the face and my father said I am a disgrace to the family. We were here visiting the country. They tore up my plane ticket, burned my passport and left for home without me.”

Mo started crying again and it took a few minutes before he could speak. “I’ve let men take photographs of me. They say I have a big dick. Sasha and I have even been photographed together. I don’t let a man touch us.”

“How old are you boys?” I asked.

Mo looked at Sasha then back to me. “I’m 11 and Sasha is 10. Can you help us?”

I nodded my head. “Yes, we’ll help you guys. First thing, I want you to stay here with Drew and Benjy. Is that alright with you guys Drew?”

Drew and Benjy both nodded their heads in agreement. “The next thing we’re going to do is get you some clothes here so you don’t have to go back there. Tomorrow, if Miss Beth comes here, we can talk with her and get you moved here permanently.”

I managed to get Mo calmed down then we went out and tried to have a little fun. The first thing on the agenda was drive over to Mo and Sasha’s place and get them some clothes. I found some bags and got some shorts, tee shirts and undies bagged up for them both. We were about to get back into the Sidekick when a man came up. “Just where are you taking these boys?”

Mo looked at me and tried to become a permanent attachment to my body. “That’s our Social Worker,” he whispered very quietly.

Now even this guy gave me with willies. “They’re going to spend the night with Drew and Benjy. Haven’t you ever heard of a sleep over?”

“Not without my permission,” he barked causing Sasha to try to fit in between Ben’s legs. “They don’t do a thing without MY say so.”

Just then a car pulled up and I saw Beth get out. “What’s going on here?”

Drew ran over to Beth and started getting animated. “Mo and Sasha want to have a sleep over and I know it’s OK. This guy says Mo and Sasha can’t do anything without his OK first.”

The man recognized Beth and he started trying to cover his a**. “That’s not what I said. It just so happens I have prospective parents wanting to meet the boys. That’s why I was here.”

Ben leaned down and picked Sasha up. “Gee buddy, that’s not what I heard a few seconds ago.”

Beth got a cynical look on her face. “This is not the first time you’ve done this Jack. The last time, the 3 boys you took weren’t home for several days. I have no record of this so I want to know who these parents are.”

Jack looked worried. “Um they’re coming into Belize City. That’s where their plane is landing. I’m taking the boys to meet them.”

Beth started shaking her head. “You know full well that’s against our policies. Children are not to be taken out of the city. Boys, has this happened before?”

I saw Jack glare at them. Mo shook his head no and Sasha was saying yes. “Da Ma’am. It happen before.”

Beth was livid. “Jack, you’re fired.”

The man was furious. He took a lunge at Beth but Sasha was faster. The little guy swung with all his might and nailed the man right in the balls. I noticed a police car coming up the street so I waved them over. Beth told the police what had happened and the police took control of Jack until things could get sorted. Sasha saw Jacks briefcase and started going through it. Jack’s eyes got big then he shouted, “Hey kid, that’s private property.”

He found an envelope and handed that to Beth. “Here lady, he take these of Sasha and Mo.”

Jack started wiggling trying to break free. I walked over beside Beth and watched as she undid the clasp and remove the contents. At first, all I saw were some photos of the boys in their underwear. The next photo I saw was Mo and Sasha naked. As Beth flipped through the photos, they started getting worse. In one photo, it showed Jack openly playing with Mo and Sasha’s p****. Beth put the photos back in the envelope then handed it to the police officer. What she did next made me glad I wasn’t in his place. She drew back and swung with an open hand slapping him in the face. “How could you abuse the boys you’re charged to protect.”

The officers took the envelope then stuck Jack in the back of the car. I went over and knelt down wrapping my arms around Mo while Ben held Sasha. We held them for a few moments then I got angry. I went over to the police car and yanked open the back door. “Just what the f**k got into you? How could you?”

At first he thought I was gonna let him have it like Beth did and the thought had crossed my mind. “How could I? Oh come on mister. Those boys loved it. Did you see the erections on them?”

I damn near hit him when I heard that. “Any boy will get an erection if their p**** is stimulated. I hope you enjoy your time in prison.”

I slammed the door and went back to the boys. I looked around and they weren’t there. I saw Beth’s car still parked where she left it. I looked at the house then spotted Benjy’s little head. The officer’s left with Jack then I went inside the house. I saw Sasha and Mo and immediately started crying. Mo came up and hugged me tightly. “Why are you crying Mike?”

I was a blubbering mess as I held them. “Oh boys, I’m sorry you had that happen to you.”

Mo kissed my cheek and wiped my face with his thumbs. “Mike, I did like being touched. Not by him but when Sasha did it. I like boys, not girls.”

I kissed him then looked Mo in the eyes. “Mo, just because you like boys, doesn’t give adults the right to do things to you or to make another boy touch you. You’re only 11 and getting your p**** touched by someone does feel good. Weather you’ll like that later on, no one knows. If you do, that’s fine and if you don’t, that’s fine also.”

I saw Beth come out with two bags of clothes. “Guys, can you be sure Mo and Sasha are settled into the other house?”

I nodded my head and all four boys let out cheers. God, two more taking hold onto my heart. I didn’t know how leaving here would be possible. Beth came over and whispered to me. “Would you and Ben mind staying there tonight? I have a feeling Mo and Sasha might have some problems and they’re going to need someone there.”

“Not a problem Beth. We’ll stay there tonight.

Beth leaned in and gave us a big hug. “Thanks guys, you’re really a God send for these boys. I know tomorrow is Christmas Eve but I’ll stop in and check in on you all in the morning.”

Benjy’s little ears perked up. “Are you staying with us tonight?”

Beth headed towards the door then looked at me. “Bye guys.”

“Are you staying with us?” Mo asked with hopeful eyes.

I nodded my head then headed towards the door. “Come on guys, we have things to do. We have to get clothes sorted and put away.

We started talking about the house when Drew leaned forward and said, “Don’t worry, we have a lot of goodies. We do have cable and the internet but we don’t have a TV or computer.”

Ben and I looked at each other. The first thing we did was get Drew and Benjy to help Mo and Sasha put their clothes away. While the boys were doing that, Ben looked at me. “I saw a used electronics place nearby.”

I smiled and wondered how we’d keep the boys from going ballistic when they knew what we were going to do. The four came running out and I ended up with Sasha in my arms. “What are we going to do now?”

I looked at my watch but 4 boys’ tummies answered the question for us. “We’re hungry.”

We headed over to the resort where Ben and I packed our clothes and talked to the manager. After Ben explained everything, the manager graciously gave him a refund on the room. We next took the boys to the restaurant and had a huge dinner. After that, it was time to go shopping.

Ben parked a couple blocks from the store so the boys wouldn’t figure out where we were going. As we got closer, Drew started getting excited. “Mike, Ben, are we going in there?”

I took Drew by the hand but we couldn’t corral the others in time as they bolted towards the store. I let Ben and his ex-Navy voice handle the round-up. “Hold it right there.”

The boys hit the brakes and turned to look at us. We walked up and I took Mo’s hand. “Listen guys, it’s going to be a zoo in there and we have an idea of what we want.”

Drew looked up at me and then over to Ben. “There is this great computer that I look at all the time when I come in. It’s got a pretty good price on it.”

Ben and I looked at each other so I let Drew lead the way to the computer. Ben, Sasha and Benjy went and looked for a TV and a DVD/VCR combination. The computer was about a year old but it seemed to be near the top of the line at the time and the price on it was 500 Belize. A salesman came over and after a few minutes of haggling, he agreed to take 400 Belize. I took the sales slip to the front and Ben was heading towards me. He handed me his slip and after paying just under 1,000 Belize we took our bounty home.

We got the electronics into the house and it was almost 8 already. I looked at the boys and tried the fatherly approach. “Drew and Benjy; go and get your bath. Mo, you and Sasha will go next. Ben and I will get the TV and DVD player set up and then we’ll see what’s on TV.”

Ben and I set the TV on a cart and rolled it by the cable outlet. The boys were still standing there watching us work. “Mike, can you help us like you did last night?”

Ben giggled as he hooked the cables up. “Go on Mike, I can do this.”

Mo walked over and handed Ben the DVD player. “Can we hook up the computer next?”

Ben started working then looked at Mo. “We’ll do that tomorrow now go and get in the bath with the others; you too Sasha.”

The boys ran to the bathroom then I coached four boys in the art of bath time. Sasha and Mo didn’t need much help but I noticed when it came to his crotch, Mo acted like Drew and skipped his p****. “Mo, don’t forget your p**** son. Slide the skin back and wash it.”

He looked at me like he hadn’t heard what I said. “Really Mike? My father said doing that was wrong and I wasn’t to do that.”

I looked at him then Drew came over beside him. “Mo, if you don’t, the stuff trapped under your foreskin will cause an infection and then you’d need to have the extra skin removed. You’d look like Sasha after the operation.”

He took it in his fingers and pulled the skin back. “You won’t be mad if it gets hard?”

I shook my head no. “Why would I get mad at something that happens naturally? No one will get mad at you if you get a stiffy.”

Mo slowly retracted the skin and I got a whiff of the odor. I watched as he washed it and saw that the shaft was a little red. “Does it hurt to pee son?”

Mo rinsed himself off then I helped him out of the tub. “No, it doesn’t hurt to pee.”

I felt better about that. I would keep an eye on Mo and hope the redness would clear up on its own. The boys got dried then scurried into the living room. Ben had the TV going then had a lapful of Sasha. The little guy got comfy and had a huge grin on his face. “Hey Ben, you look good like that.”

Ben kinda scowled at me until Sasha turned around and kissed him on the cheek. “Sasha like Uncle Ben.”

I rolled when he said that. We watched some Christmas cartoon specials and as the last one was going off, the boys were asleep. We got the boys in bed, tucked and kissed. Drew and Benjy were the last 2 I did and as I was closing the door, I heard Drew say, “I love you Mike”

“I love you too Drew. I love you Benjy.”

Ben and I got the house secured then we went to bed. The next morning, Ben was up first then I had an attack of the killer Benjy and Sasha. “Ok boys, I’m awake. Miss Beth said she would be here so you guys need to get some shorts on.”

They scooted to their room and I hurried to the bathroom. I was having my coffee then there was a knock on the door. There was Beth smiling. God I hated her, I’m not a morning person. “How did you manage the 4 of them?”

I giggled and sipped my coffee. “Like I did with 2. It was easy and Sasha tamed Ben.”

Ben was putting breakfast on the table for the boys then he came in and joined Beth and me. “Guys, I need to ask you both a question. Just answer yes or no.”

I looked at Ben and we both shrugged our shoulders. “OK Beth, what do you have to say?”

She pulled her thoughts together then it came. “Mike, I’ve never seen someone get to these two like you have. Drew never trusted anyone because he was always looking out for Benjy but you won him over. When he said “yes sir” to you; that told me he respected you. I’m here to ask if you two would consider being house parents for these boys. After the first of the year, two more boys will need supervision. We just don’t have enough good people. You’ll receive a stipend of $5,000 a month to run the house and buy food and clothes for the boys. Electricity, phone, cable and internet will be provided. I see you have a TV for them and I’m sure they love that.”

Ben and I were shocked. “Ma’am, we’re American.”

Beth nodded her head. “I know and that’s not a problem.”

I couldn’t believe this. It was a dream come true for me and I know the boys would be ecstatic. I looked at Ben and I could tell he already knew my answer. I hoped his love for the country would get him to say yes too. I knew he would have things back home to take care of but we could work that out later. I saw Ben nod his head and I gave him an ‘are you sure’ look and he nodded his head again. “Alright Beth, we’re in. You handle the details but let us tell the boys.”

Beth took out some papers and we quickly filled them out. No sooner had she put them in her briefcase, the boys came in. “I’ll take care of this and see you the day after tomorrow.”

Ben and I now had some major work ahead of us. I thought for a minute about what we could do with the boys so Ben and I could shop. “Ok boys, how would you like to go swimming in the pool at the resort?”

That seems to solve our problem. “Ok guys, go get into your trunks but bring shorts and underpants so you can change into them later.”

The boys changed then we were off to the resort. I spoke with the manager and he said the boys would be fine and he would make sure they were safe. Ben and I gave the boys hugs and kisses and told them there was something he and I had to do but they would be bored silly. They bought the explanation and headed to the water.

Ben and I were like kids ourselves. We made sure the boys would have a Christmas they would never forget. When I was at the house, I saw a storage room and it was large enough to hold the bounty we bought for the boys. Two hours of shopping then another two for wrapping. The four big items we didn’t wrap. Each boy got a new bike and helmet equipped with a heavy cable and lock. At night, the bikes would go into the shed and would be locked so they wouldn’t get stolen. We made the door stronger and put a strong lock on it too just so there would be another level of security to keep their bikes safe.

Once everything was wrapped and locked away, we headed back to the resort. On the way home, we stopped and got a Christmas tree and a nice supply of ornaments. “Mike, we’ve never had a Christmas tree before,” Drew said.

“Well, this will be your first one,” I said looking at Ben.

We took it home and got it set up. Ben and I let the kids pretty much decorate it and all in all, they did a pretty good job. Ben put Sasha on his shoulders then let him place the Angel on the top. Then I went and gave them a little surprise. I got stockings for each of them and put their name on them with a felt tip pen. “This is an early gift for you. There is a lot of sweet stuff in there so please don’t eat it all because I don’t want 4 boys with tummy aches.”

I got some little nails so they could be hung near the tree. During our shopping, we got some groceries so we weren’t eating out all the time. Ben started dinner while I got the computer set up. We bought a wireless router so our laptops could work and we would be able to be online when the boys were.

After dinner, we plugged the tree in and the boys smiled at its beauty. After their baths, we watched A Christmas Story then we put the boys to bed. After a hard day of swimming, it didn’t take them long before all four were asleep. We waited a little while just in case someone had to get up then we started bringing the gifts in. Once everything was in, we headed to bed.

It seemed I just fell asleep when four boys were in our room. “Wake up guys. You have to see this. Come on Mike wake up.”

I opened my eyes and saw sunlight then hurried to the bathroom. I pulled some shorts on then Ben and I were almost pulled out to the living room. Benjy jumped into my arms and held my face with his hands. “Mike, Santa was here. He actually came.”

I hugged my little one and kissed his cheek as the tears fell. “Yes Benjy, it does look like he made a stop here.”

I put the boys down then sat down beside the tree. I would pick up a gift and give it the owner. While I was doing this, Ben slipped outside and lined the bikes up by the back door. When the last gift was opened Ben called the boys and had them bring the paper so it could be put into the trash. When Drew opened the door, the boys saw the bikes. Paper went flying and hugs were given all around. The boys did put the paper in the trash then I brought them into the living room. “How did you like your first Christmas?”

Drew and Benjy were on my lap and Ben had Mo and Sasha. Drew kissed me on the cheek. “Mike, this is the best Christmas ever. I can’t remember our last one. I know this will be over in another few days but I love you. I wish you never had to leave and could be our Dad. Benjy and I talked about it and we’ve never felt so safe and loved.”

Mo looked at Ben and both boys gave Ben a huge hug. “Mike, you showed me yesterday that you do care about us. I don’t know you and Ben that well but I will be very sad when you have to leave.”

I had to fight tears at what Drew said and I saw Ben with some wet eyes also. “Boys, there is one more gift Ben and I have for you. I tried not to let you wiggle into my heart but it happened and it was the best thing for me. Over these last two days, I can’t see my life without you. Our Christmas present to you is that Ben and I will be staying here and will be your house parents. Do you think you can put up with us?”

Hugs and tears lasted for I don’t know how long. Ben and I got breakfast going and 4 boys quickly make it disappear. After breakfast, Ben and I watched the boys ride their bikes and realized we were now Daddies. I felt whole again. I felt Rainer in my heart telling me this was my lot in life. I couldn’t believe this gift I got while spending Christmas in Belize.

The End

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