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The Talon House

Story - New Happenings in Belize

Miguel Sanchez

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This is Part 2 to a 4 part series.

New Happenings in Belize

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction and that of love. Any resemblance to actual places, events, or persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. This story may contain erotic and/or sexually explicit behavior between consenting boys and/or teens. If it is illegal for you to, or you find this sort of work offensive, don't download or read it!

The people in this story do not use protection because diseases don’t exist here. However, in our world they do so please use caution and protection.

This story is protected by copyright. It may not be downloaded or copied for other than your private enjoyment and may not be duplicated in any form, physical, electronic, audio or otherwise without the expressed written permission of the author.

This story was written for the Gay Authors Anthology Collection. You can view other entries here: http://www.gayauthors.org/anthology/index.php

I hope you enjoy this story.

Miguel Sanchez

© Miguel Sanchez 2007

New Beginnings in Belize

New Year’s Day was an event with parades and floats. Ben fixed a super dinner and the boys ate their fill. Sasha cuddled with Ben after everyone ate. Mo, Drew and I cleaned the kitchen up then went into the living room to watch some television. I was wiping the table when Mo came in. “Mike, you have to see this.”

I went into the living room and I had to giggle at the sight. There stretched on the sofa was Ben and Sasha but Benjy and gotten up and was lying beside Sasha and all 3 were sound asleep. I decided to have Mo and Drew get their baths to get that out of the way. Mo looked at me as if he had something to ask me privately. “Mike, can we take a shower?”

I had no problem with that. “Sure son. I knew Benjy and Sasha enjoyed baths, that’s why I had you 2 take them.”

The boys got undressed and headed into the bathroom. I heard the water going then a few minutes later, Mo came out with a towel wrapped around him. “Mike, I have a problem and I’m not sure how to handle it.”

The trio were still asleep on the couch so we went to Mo’s room. “What is it son?”

Mo looked like he was having a hard time getting it off his chest. “Mo just spit it out. I’ll not make fun of you.”

He smiled at me then took a deep breath. “You remember I told you that I like boys. When I saw Drew naked I got a boner and I was afraid he wouldn’t like me. I know he’s had things happen to him he didn’t like but I like him. I just don’t know how to ask him.”

I was about to answer him when a voice was heard. “Mo just talk to me. You’re my friend so I won’t get mad with you and I’ll never stop liking you.”

Drew was standing there dripping wet and he was sporting his own erection. “Why don’t you boys get your shower and can talk at the same time.”

Drew came over and hugged Mo then looked at me. “Mike, can you explain now what you were going to before?”

I needed to explain masturbation to him but Mo was looking at us and got a gleam in his eye. “Come on Drew, I think I can explain that too.”

I nodded my head and let the boys shower and have their talk. I went back out and relaxed in my recliner. I saw Sasha start to wake up then Benjy did. Benjy got off Ben’s chest without waking him then ran to the bathroom. The next thing I knew he was on my lap talking very animated. “Mike, Mo and Drew are playing with their peepees.”

I giggled because I knew what they were doing. “It’s OK son, they’re making themselves feel good.”

Sasha heard Benjy’s comment then smiled as Benjy looked confused. I decided to try and explain what was happening by asking a few questions. “Benjy, when you wash your p****, doesn’t it feel good and sometimes get stiff?”

Sasha got a case of the giggles and I looked down and saw what it was he found so funny. Benjy was rubbing himself through his shorts not even thinking about it. “Yeah Mike and it feels good now but then it feels like I gotta pee.”

Sasha was doing the same thing but didn’t seem to think anything about it. “Benjy, you won’t pee if you keep going. You’ll get a real good feeling.”

Just then Sasha started to shake and I had to wrap my arm around his waist do he wouldn’t fall. I watched as he came back from his orgasm while Benjy watched in amazement. “Sasha what happened?”

He smiled at us as he came up onto my lap. “I got that feeling Benjy. It’s really good and you’ll love it.”

Mo and Drew finally came out of the bathroom and they had smiles on their faces. Benjy not being at all shy had to ask a question. “Drew, did you two get a good feeling?”

Both boys turned red and stopped in their tracks. “Boys it’s OK what you did. Benjy, it’s normal for boys to rub themselves like that.”

Benjy looked at Sasha and smiled. “Can you show me how?”

Sasha smiled then looked down. I lifted his head up then kissed his cheek softly. “If you want to son, it’s fine.”

Benjy and Sasha got down off my lap then headed to the bathroom. I followed them and Sasha was filling the tub. Benjy ran over and lifted his arms. I put the boys into the tub and waited until it was full then shut the water off. I washed their hair then left so they could have their own fun. I was about to close the door when Benjy called me. “Thanks Mike.”

Ben was now awake but quickly made tracks to empty his screaming bladder. A few minutes later he returned giggling shaking his head. “You wouldn’t believe what those two are doing?”

Mo beat me to the punch. “Lemmie guess Ben, they were playing with each other.”

“I had the talk with them while you were napping,” I explained as he sat back on the couch. “Benjy had to pee but saw Mo and Drew.”

Ben smiled knowing that Mo preferred boys. “Mo, is Drew your boyfriend?”

Drew looked at Mo waiting for his answer. “Yeah, I really like him.”

Mo ran over and hugged Ben. “Just be good to him and remember we’re here for you both.”

Sasha and Benjy came out to the living room dripping wet. Mo went over to them and brought them back to the bathroom. “What has Mike and Ben said about using the towels to dry your bodies?”

I howled at Mo’s admonition. Just then I heard Sasha argue. “You not the Papa Mo, Ben is”.”

Ben went in and calmed things. “Sasha, Mo wasn’t trying to be the Papa.”

He had his hands across his chest looking down. “He always tries to tell me things.”

Benjy came out as Ben picked Sasha up carrying him over to the couch and sat down. “Son, Mo isn’t trying to do that as a Papa but more of a big brother.”

“He thinks he’s the Papa.”

Mo was upset with himself that he’d hurt his best friend and his eyes were starting to fill with tears. “I’m just trying to help you buddy. I know Ben is the Papa here for us just like Mike is for Drew and Benjy.”

Sasha was still pouting. “Then don’t yell at me.”

Ben lifted his chin up. “Son, he wasn’t yelling.”

Mo wrapped his arms around Sasha and kissed him on the cheek. “I’m sorry buddy. I’ve looked out for you for so long, I forget sometimes. It’s good now we have a Papa here and we can just be kids.”

Both boys snuggled into Ben. “It’s OK Mo. I don’t know what I’d have done without you at times. Do you love Drew?”

Mo looked surprised by the bluntness of the question. “Sasha you’re like my little brother and nothing will change that. You know I love you, I tell you that every night. I like Drew a lot and it is something special I can’t really explain. Is it love? I don’t know but it is something we both want to explore together.”

I listened carefully to Mo and he didn’t sound like a 12 normal year old boy but rather like he’d been forced to grow up faster than other boys his age. I watched Sasha lean over and hug Mo. “If you’re happy Mo then I’m happy.”

The two boys hugged then we settled in and watched television. At 10:30 Drew and Benjy headed to bed and I saw Mo’s eyes drop. I quickly figured out why he was acting like that. As Mo and Sasha walked past, I tapped them on the shoulder. “Mo, did you want to sleep with Drew tonight?”

He looked over at Sasha then shook his head no. Sasha hugged Mo and kissed him gently. “Sasha understands Mo. It’s OK if you want sleep with Drew. He special to you and I know you still love me. I will sleep with Benjy. I think he want me to help him get special feeling again.”

I took Mo to Drew and Benjy’s room and they were just sitting on the bed. Benjy saw me walk in with the other two then ran to Sasha. “Can we sleep together tonight?”

I saw Ben standing in the doorway. “If you boys would like to change rooms, that’s fine.”

Ben took Sasha and Benjy to their room and tucked them in as I tucked Mo and Drew in. “Sleep well boys. If you do anything, try not to wake the others.”

Drew gave me hugs and kisses then winked at me. “It feels super and it’s something I really enjoy doing with Mo. For once, this is on our terms and not someone forcing either of us.”

I leaned down giving Mo his hug and kiss then sat beside them. “That son is something that will never happen again.”

Ben came in and I went to give the other two hugs and kisses. Ben and I returned to the living room, watched the local news then called it a night.

School started and Drew’s grades really improved now that he didn’t have Benjy to raise. The weekdays got routine and both of us were getting antsy while the boys were in school. Ben went to work at the hospital’s Emergency Room and I started working 2 days a week with EMS.

The weekends were spent doing things with the boys. One Saturday the boys wanted to go swimming so I made a call to the resort Ben and I stayed at. The manager gave us his blessing and we spent the day frolicking in the water. We’d been there most of the day so we decided to call it a day and get dinner out. We sent the boys into the changing room while Ben and I got some lime-aids to go. Ben just placed the order when Benjy and Sasha came running out. “There is a boy in there being hurt.”

We ran to the changing room then quietly entered. We shooed Drew and Mo out when we heard two voices; a boy and a man’s. The boy whined. “Stop it hurts.”

I moved closer to the stall and I heard the man. “Shut up, you know it does then you love it.”

“No, I don’t want to any more.”

I knew the doors didn’t have locks on them so things like this could be stopped. I yanked the door open and there was a man with his finger in the boy’s bottom. The man ripped his hand back causing the boy to wince in pain. Ben beat me to the man and yanked him out of the stall by his tee shirt causing him to slip landing on his a**. The boy saw this and went over to him trying to protect him. I intercepted him picking him up in my arms. I carried him outside looking at Ben. “Don’t hurt him dude.”

I carried him over to the pool and sat down in a lounger. “What’s going on son? I heard what you said in there now what was he going to do?”

He shook his head and didn’t want to look at me. “I can’t say.”

He was trying to get comfortable on my lap because I knew his rectum was still hurting. “What’s your name?”

“Dalton,” he mumbled.

I lifted his chin up and smiled at him. “Dalton, I’m Mike. My friend in the changing room is Ben.

We were joined by 4 boys. “These are our boys.”

Dalton looked at them then dropped his head to the ground. Drew went over and put his arm around him. “Look man, I know what it’s like to have guys do s**t to us. So does my brother and the other boys here. I saw that guy with his finger in your a** and I know you didn’t like it. You don’t have to protect him.”

Dalton looked at Drew then at the others. “I was gonna let him put his peter in me. I’ve let him do it before. It’s no big deal.”

I could see the tears start to fall. “It is a big deal son. Adults shouldn’t be doing stuff like that with kids.”

Dalton’s head shot up and he was looking at me right in the eyes. “I like it Mike, I’m gay.”

“I’m gay too Dalton,” Mo interrupted. “Lots of boys our age fool around with boys but it doesn’t mean men can just force us to do things.”

I could tell Dalton was thinking about what Mo just told him. “How old are you son?”

Dalton looked at the ground when Drew came out to him. “I’m 14 and it’s not that bad. He’s good to me.”

Drew stepped in when he heard that. “He’s good to you? Man, if he was good to you he wouldn’t be making you do that stuff.”

Ben was leading the man out of the changing room by the back of the shirt. Dalton suddenly got scared. “What’s going to happen to him?”

I gently rubbed the back of his head. “He’s going to jail. What he did was against the law and they don’t tolerate people abusing children here. If he’s American, he’ll be deported after he does his prison sentence.”

Dalton started to shake. “Noooooooooooooooooo please, I’m begging you.”

Something was going on and I could tell Mo and Drew were confused by his actions. “Boys, go get changed out of your wet trunks so we can get ready to go.”

Sasha and Benjy just dropped their trunks and pulled their shorts on while the two older ones took Dalton with them to change. Ben dumped the guy in a chair and gave the man a look that said he had better stay there. We took a few steps away from him so we could talk quietly. “What do you make of this? Why wouldn’t someone want to see their abuser punished?”

Ben shook his head. “It could be a number of things, none of which I want to think about Mike. He could be the boy’s only source of money or he has something he’s holding over his head.”

Now I was even more confused than before. “What could an adult hold over a kid’s head that he’d be willing to be abused like that? It just doesn’t make sense. Dalton admitted he was gay.”

Ben nodded his head. “To you, yes but maybe he’s not willing to let his peers know.”

“Perhaps but no child wants to be abused when there is way out.”

Ben lit his pipe and took a few puffs. “Did you let him know that?”

Just then the 3 boys were returning. Mo took Dalton over by Sasha and Benjy as Drew came to Ben and me. “Mike, he’s got a twin brother out there somewhere. It seems this guy is using Dalton with the promise of reuniting the two of them soon.”

Ben was a subtle as a tank. “I think I can use my powers of persuasion to find out where he is.”

Drew shook his head. “Dalton’s tried Ben. He’s done everything he can think of including giving the man his butt. But I have an idea. Mike, let me use your cell phone.”

I handed him the phone then watched as he ran off. He was gone about 10 minutes and he came back with a smile on his face. “Piece of cake Mike, I made a few calls and every kid on the street will be watching this guy. I’ll know every place he goes and probably when he uses the bathroom.”

Mo and Dalton came over and Dalton was a nervous wreck. Drew put his arms around his shoulder and whispered into his ear. After a few minutes he seemed to relax then broke into a big grin. “Mike, Ben, thanks for all this. But I have another problem.”

Ben kneeled down and drew him into a hug. “What is it?”

He looked to the ground then back into his eyes. “I need a place to stay. I was staying with some friends but that was just for a few days.”

Drew slapped him on the back. “Not a problem dude. We’ll make room for you and when we find your brother, there will be room for him too.”

6 boys and 2 adults in a three bedroom house but with some rearranging it could be pulled off. “Drew’s right Dalton, you can stay with us. I’ll talk with Beth and get you in school.”

Drew took Dalton over with the other boys while Ben and I went over to the jerk. Ben stood in front of him and he thought Ben was about to nail him. “Look jerk, I don’t know what you have over that kid but he’s not gonna press charges against you.”

I stepped forward and he cringed again. “Since he won’t press charges, there’s no need for me to file charges because he wouldn’t testify so I guess this is your lucky day. I suggest you carry your sorry a** the hell out of here.”

The man got up and started walking away. I noticed Dalton walk over to him and they talked quietly for several minutes. The man took off for the parking lot and when I looked around, Mo and Drew were no where to be found. “Where’d those two go?”

Benjy and Sasha came over with Dalton in hand. Ben picked Sasha up and hugged him. “Where’d Mo and Drew take off to?”

He smiled then turned around. We saw the two boys walking quickly towards us. I was about to admonish them when Drew stuck his hand up and there was a license plate number. “Let me borrow your cell phone again.”

When Drew took off with my cell phone, Ben went over and talked with Dalton. “What were you talking with that jerk about?”

Dalton hung his head and started to cry. Ben kneeled down as I came up behind them. “He told me it was a good thing I didn’t press charges against him.”

I was totally puzzled at this turn of events. “Why, what else did he tell you?”

Ben reached out and wiped the tears off Dalton’s cheeks. “He said if I had, he’d have made a phone call and I would never see Dillon again.”

Now, this turn of events meant there was at least one other adult involved. Drew came running back waving his arms. “Mike, one of my friends spotted his car. It’s a couple miles from where we live but I know the area.”

I was pleased a house had been spotted so quickly but Dalton was panicking. “No Mike please, we can’t do anything that will cause Dillon to get hurt.”

I kneeled down and pulled him into a hug. “Easy son, we’re not going to try anything just yet but it is good to know where this guy lives. This way, someone can keep an eye on the place to see if Dillon is there.”

Dalton seemed to relax when he heard this. “I’m sorry guys. I haven’t seen him in several weeks and this guy keeps putting me off about when I will.”

It was after 5 and I was getting hungry. I knew the boys must be starved too. We went to the restaurant and ordered dinner. After we ate, we took the boys home then Dalton, Mo and Drew went back to their room to talk.

Sasha and Benjy got comfy on Ben’s lap and I put on a movie. About half way through, the other 3 hadn’t returned so I decided to see what was going on. Their door wasn’t closed tightly but I was able to hear the sounds of sexual pleasure. I let the boys enjoy each other and returned to the living room. Ben looked at me and I just smiled and he had a good idea of what was going on.

A few minutes later, 3 naked boys came out and snuggled together on the love seat. Mo came over and snuggled on my lap and leaned against my ear. “Dalton needed some special time with us. We also learned a quite a bit more that he hadn’t told you and Ben.”

Ben stood up with Sasha and Benjy in his arms. I moved Mo then helped him put those two to bed so we could learn more about Dalton and Dillon. We returned to the living room to see the 3 boys in an animated conversation. Drew and Dalton were going at it then Drew held him by the shoulders. “Look Dalton, Mike and Ben aren’t like other guys. Yeah, they’re gay but they aren’t out to hit on boys. Do you think the 4 of us would stay here if they were?”

Dalton came over and pulled me out of my recliner and led me to the sofa. I sat down beside Ben then Dalton settled down on us. “I’m sorry but I haven’t been totally honest with you both. Dillon and I were to be adopted when some man said he could make it happen faster. The next thing we knew, we’d been separated and I was all alone. Then the guy you found me with today was telling me if I wanted to see him again, I would keep doing what he wanted. I just couldn’t risk him going to jail and never seeing Dillon again.”

Mo and Drew were in tears as they heard this. I slid over and let Dalton slide in between Ben and me. I held my arms out as Drew came over and settled on my lap as Ben held Mo. We comforted the boys and thought about how to best handle this. By the time the boys were calm, they had also fallen asleep. Ben and I got the 3 in bad and tucked in and during that time, not one of them woke up.

We locked the house up, checked on Sasha and Benjy then called it a night. I was sitting on the edge of the bed totally lost in thought. “Penny for your thoughts babe.”

I shook my head trying to organize my thoughts. “If Dalton and Dillon are set to be adopted, chances are Beth is going to know something about it. The one thing that has me baffled is who the hell this mystery man is who said he make it happen faster?”

Ben sat beside me and wrapped his arm around me. “If I didn’t know better, that jerk that had Mo and Sasha I’d say was behind it.”

I nodded my head. “Yeah but his a** is in jail awaiting trial.”

Just then Ben’s eyes got huge. “You don’t think he got released on bail do you?”

Just then panic swept through my body. “Oh Christ I hope not. He’d be stupid enough to try and get his hands on more boys.”

We did our business then crawled into bed. I closed my eyes but try as I might I couldn’t fall asleep. I’m not sure how long I’d laid there when I heard the door open. I could tell by the size of the shadow Dalton was standing there. I lifted the covers and Dalton crawled in. He slid over and snuggled in between Ben and I then drifted off to sleep.

Sunday we kept all 5 boys busy so they didn’t have time to think about anything. On Monday we got them off to school then Ben and I went to speak with Beth. We found her in her office about to leave to make her rounds. “Mike, Ben what a pleasant surprise; what can I do for you?”

I tried to get my thoughts out but Ben beat me to it. “We have a problem and we’re not sure how to handle it. Saturday we found a boy being molested and then begged us not to call the police. Later we learned he and his twin brother were in the process of being adopted then a man said he could help make it happen faster.”

Beth listened intently. “Did you say twin boys?”

I nodded my head. “Yes but they’ve been separated. We found one of them. His name is Dalton but his brother Dillon is missing.”

Beth slumped in her chair. “This has been a nightmare guys. It’s true that they’re supposed to be adopted. Everything was going fine when they upped and disappeared. I thought something happened between the man and the boys. He’d assured me it wasn’t at all like that but I was having my doubts.”

Ben interrupted at that point. “Beth is there any way you can find out if that son of a b**** that had Mo and Sasha is still in jail?”

She got on the phone and made a call. She slammed the phone down and put her head in her hands. We had our answer. “How the hell could that happen?”

I could see that Beth was pissed and she wasn’t one to be trifled with. “There is one Judge in town that will give alleged abusers bail but he normally sets it very high. He must have a good lawyer because not many will represent guys like him and push for bail. He’s got to be in the city because he wouldn’t risk…”

“Wouldn’t risk what Beth,” I interrupted. “Having his bail revoked? s**t man, if he’s behind this it will.”

Ben wrapped his arm around me because I was seething. “Calm down Mike, remember Drew has his friends out there and they know where one of the guys is staying.”

“I know man,” I said still angry. “I just want to find out if Dillon is there.”

Ben managed to get my emotions under control. “Drew’s friends have that under control right now and we’ll know something as soon as they do. Now, did you see the looks on Drew and Mo’s faces when Dalton mentioned he and Dillon were being adopted?”

That statement brought me back to reality. “s**t you’re right.”

Beth pulled a file out and looked thought it. “Drew and Benjy have been on the waiting list for almost 4 years now. I’m not sure about Mo and Sasha but let’s face it, it hurts not having a family they can call their own.”

I looked at Ben then over to Beth. “Ok Beth, what are the chances of two single gay dudes adopting 4 boys? Can it happen?”

She smiled at me and nodded her head. “The man that’s adopting Dillon and Dalton is a single man. I don’t know if he’s gay or not and personally I don’t care. They think the world of him and that’s what matters. I have your paperwork here so I can start getting things going. Now getting back to the twins, if I find out Jack is behind this I’ll personally cut his balls off.”

Ben and I looked at each other and busted out laughing. I looked at her while putting my hands down by my crotch. “The first day I met you when Benjy was in my arms; I thought that was going to happen when you saw him kiss me on the cheek.”

Beth got the giggles then. “If Drew hadn’t already told me about you guys, I just might have.”

Ben got serious at that moment. “I know in the states, they do a lot of things prior to adoption. Is there any way we can do this and have it be a surprise to the boys?”

Beth thought for a moment and then smiled. “I think that can be arranged. In fact, there is a larger house I want to move you all into. It’s already furnished so all that would need to be done is move your personal effects.”

Just then a boy came into the office. He tapped me on the arm getting animated. “Señior Mike, we’ve seen your friend’s twin.”

Ben looked at the boy and I thought he was going to run away. “Where did you see him little man?”

The boy relaxed a little. “He was being led out of a house Señior by a different man. Here is the license plate of his truck and the address. It had some kind of writing on it. I think he told me it said Protect you Children.”

‘Talk about a piece of work,’ I thought.

I knelt down in front of the boy and put my hands on his shoulders. “I need you to think real hard now son. Did your friend tell you what this man looked like?”

He shook his head. “No Señior he didn’t. But he did say he kept telling the boy that he would tell him everything he could and could not do.”

“Jack,” we all said in unison.

Ben was seething. “I’m gonna castrate that a******.”

The boy fell into my arms and started to shake. “Relax little one, no one here is mad at you.”

He was whimpering with his head on my shoulder. “Sorry Señior Mike but my name is Jack too.”

I picked him up and wiped his tears off his face. “You’re a good Jack. The man we’re talking about is a very bad man. One more question. Did your friend say where he was heading?”

He shook his head no so I put him down and gave him 5 dollars American. “Thank you Señior Mike but that’s not necessary.”

I kissed his head and hugged him. “Yes it was now you go on and be careful.”

The boy left and Ben and I knew a little more about Jack but we still needed to see that truck. As long as we knew about him we felt we had a small advantage.

Beth spent the day filling out papers while we moved all our things into the new house. The place was huge with 5 bedrooms not counting the master suite downstairs. We got all the boys’ clothes hung up in their rooms and the electronics set up. We walked the block back to the old house and waited for our crew. The boys got there before us and they were running from room to room. We walked in as Mo went to Ben. “Papa we’ve been robbed. Everything is gone.”

I reached my hands out for Drew and Benjy as Ben picked up Sasha. We walked out the front door as Mo and Dalton were following us wondering what we would do now. I made sure the house was locked then we went to our new house. Ben set Sasha down and unlocked the front door. “Welcome to our new home boys.”

The boys went inside and looked around. “Wow this place is huge.”

I had to admit I liked the larger place since soon we would all be a family but I didn’t want to give up fostering boys who needed it. Drew came up and leaped into my arms. “You knew about this all along, didn’t you?”

I just put an innocent look on my face. “Who me?”

The boys started giggling then Ben had to break the Hallmark moment. “Do you guys have homework?”

The boys jumped on their studies while we started dinner. Once that was finished, the boys got their shower. Mo, Drew and Dalton were a trio now. I think Dalton clung to Mo because he seemed to be willing to fool around with Dalton. Drew loved watching and learning plus enjoyed the feeling he received. I heard the water shut off then Drew called me. I hurried upstairs and went in just as Mo and Dalton orgasmed. “What is that Mike?”

Time for Biology class. “Drew that’s sperm, it’s what makes a girl pregnant when a man and woman make love. It’s how a baby is made.”

Drew touched Dalton's p**** and got a little of his friend’s semen on his finger. “Why can’t I do it? Is there something wrong with me?”

I wrapped a towel around him then picked him up into my arms. “There’s nothing wrong with you son. You’re just not quite old enough yet. Any time between 11 and 13 a boy will start making semen and sperm. Semen comes first then a little later, you’ll start making sperm. Don’t be surprised one time soon when you orgasm, you’ll see a little liquid come out of your p****.”

I got the boys dried then Sasha and Benjy got their showers. As soon as they came into the bathroom, both boys were sporting erections. “Bath or shower boys?”

They looked at each other then replied in unison, “Shower.”

I lifted the boys into the tub and set the shower for them. I pulled the curtain closed and let the boys get clean. As I was leaving, I heard both boys giggling so I figured this one would take a while. The 3 boys were back in their room so Ben and I used the time to talk. “I’m off tomorrow and I’m going to see if I can borrow one of the older ambulances and try and stake out that house. I would like to learn their routine. From what Drew said, the guy that was caught lives some place else.”

Ben shook his head. “Mike I don’t like that idea. I’m just afraid you’d go and try something silly like busting into the house if he is left alone.”

I had to smile at his worry because it was a tempting thought. “No man, I’m not about to do that. But I do want to learn their routine because I’m not about to leave those two alone for any longer than necessary.”

The next day I managed to use a unit and watched them come and go several times. Each time, Jack would hold Dillon's hand then let it go while he unlocked the back of the truck. He would put the boy in there, relock it then take off. I managed to follow them three different times and each time they went to the same place. It was a small store and Jack would be in there for about 20 minutes then come out with a small bag.

The following day I had to work and when I was on a run, I noticed his truck at that same store. I made a note of the time and he was becoming a creature of habit.

The next day Ben and I went in and talked with Beth again. When we were talking with her, a man came in. Beth immediately got a sinking feeling in her stomach then went to him. They talked quietly for a few minutes then they came over to us. Guys, this is Jeff Daniels. He’s the man that is looking to adopt Dillon and Dalton Farrell.”

We stood and shook his hand. “I just got into town today. Beth tells me there is a problem and you’ve got Dalton?”

Ben and I looked at each other and we both swallowed hard. Ben nodded his head. “Yes, we managed to rescue him a few days ago. We have a good idea where Dillon is but Mike is handling that.”

“The man that has him is really a creature of habit. He goes to the same store at pretty much the same times every day. I’m off tomorrow and I think I’m going to talk to one of the police officer’s I know so they can move in and arrest the man and get your son back.”

The man reached his hand into his back pocket and showed me his ID. “I’m with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement and I’m going too.”

Ben and I started shaking our heads no. “Not on your life man. First off, you’re out of your jurisdiction. Next, I don’t want Dillon spotting anyone he knows because we don’t know what might happen then. The best I can do is let you know that he’s been rescued. We’re not even telling Dalton about this because I’m not going to get his hopes up only to have them dashed if anything goes wrong.”

“But,” he started.

Beth stepped in then. “Mike’s right Jeff, if you were there and anything happened, you’d never forgive yourself.”

“When can I see Dalton?” Jeff asked.

I thought for a moment. “When Ben and I send the boys off to school, I’m going to talk with the police. Since he makes his first run about 10, it will give me plenty of time to talk with the police and for them to get a team in place to arrest him. After Dillon’s safe and sound, I’ll call you.”

I could tell Jeff was getting antsy as I was telling him my plan. “I just got into town man and I’m staying in a hotel. I’m going to want to spend some time with the boys.”

Ben nodded his head. “We understand that Jeff. But Dalton has bonded some with our boys and he’s not going to want to be separated from them even though he has his brother back. Now, here is what I suggest. We just moved into a larger house. It has 6 bedrooms and only 3 of them are being used. Tonight, why don’t you come over and have dinner with us. I don’t think it would be wise if Dalton was seen outside with you. Tomorrow, Mike can call you once Dillon is safe. Now, I’m sure he’s going to be taken over to the hospital and given a complete medical exam to see if he’s been abused. I’m going to tell you this now but don’t be surprised if he has.”

I stepped in at that point. “This guy isn’t one for getting physical with boys. He does love taking photos so chances are, he’s not been touched sexually. We won’t know until he’s been examined.”

“There is something you don’t know guys,” Jeff said interrupting us. “Dillon and Dalton are both gay and are well, lovers. They told me this and personally I don’t have a problem with it. They know not to let people know about their relationship as that would create all sorts of problems for them and I wouldn’t want to see that happen.”

I nodded my head in agreement. “Kids can be very cruel now I want to ask you a question. Are you gay?”

I could tell the question seem to hit home. “Um I don’t wish to answer that sir, if you don’t mind.”

Ben looked at him and seemed to read him. “Is that ‘cause you can’t answer it truthfully?”

“Just what’s that supposed to mean?”

I didn’t want this to get out of hand. “If you think admitting to being gay here and now will stop your plans for adoption you’re wrong. Ben and I are and we’re going to adopt the boys we have. I know being a gay cop can cause just as many problems for you as being gay and lovers can cause for Dillon and Dalton.”

Jeff relaxed. “I live in Broward County and it’s not bad there. In answer to your question, yes I am gay.”

Beth pulled out the forms for all of us to sign on the adoption then Jeff went back to his hotel to get a shower. We headed home to get ready to spend an interesting evening with Jeff.

While Ben started dinner, I started cleaning the house. When the boys came home from school I had them start on their homework right away because after Jeff arrived, their thoughts would not be on that. Ben came in and walked up behind me. “You should get them in the shower now so they won’t have to do that later.”

I nodded my head as the 5 of them came out of their rooms. Benjy came over and lifted his arms. “We’re done with our homework Mike.”

I had to quickly come up with a logical reason to send them into the shower before dinner. Benjy leaned his head onto my shoulder and I got a whiff of his hair. “Whew son, your hair smells awful. Shower time guys.”

Drew looked at me. “Aw Mike, it’s not even 5. Can’t it wait until after dinner?”

I went over to him while Ben went to Mo. “Whew no way man, shower time now.”

Dalton looked over to Mo then took his hand. “Come on Mo, you too Drew.”

I quickly added, “Why don’t you all take one together?”

Benjy started wiggling in my arms. “Yay, we all get to play.”

I heard the boys giggling in the shower when there was a knock on the door. Ben went over and let Jeff in. Jeff looked around admiring the place. “Nice house guys. Where’s Dalton?”

I motioned for him to follow me and we went part ways up the stairs. Jeff heard the giggles and smiled. We went back down the stairs and into the kitchen. “I should advise you of something. The boys go naked after their shower. Drew and Benjy have been doing that long before Ben and I met them now Dalton has taken to doing the same thing.”

Ben got to giggling. “I can’t wait to see the looks on our boys’ faces when they all see Jeff.”

We kept our ears open then heard the water shut off. A few minutes later the door opened and 5 naked boys came bounding down the stairs. Ben, Jeff and I were sitting in the living room as they came in. Dalton was leading the way then he saw Jeff. “DADDY JEFF!!! ON MY GOD, DADDY Jeff!!!”

Jeff opened his arms as Dalton ran to him and the others were frozen in their tracks. Drew and Mo came over to me as Sasha and Benjy went to Ben. There wasn’t a dry eye in the house as we watched Jeff and Dalton get reacquainted. “Oh Daddy they got Dillon, THEY GOT DILLON!”

Jeff knew not to say anything about tomorrow but he was finding it very difficult. “Mike told me that son. Now he has people looking for him so we have to have faith.”

“It hurts Daddy,” Dalton wailed. “I miss him. I’m so scared I’ll never see him again. Oh Daddy.”

Dalton was almost incoherent. Ben and I were looking at each other wondering if we were going to have to intervene. I could feel Drew and Mo shaking because they were crying so hard. The little ones were both crying into Ben’s shoulder at the same time.

Jeff was stroking Dalton's hair. “Shh son, it’s going to be alright. I’m scared for him too son. Do you trust Mike and Ben?”

Dalton started getting his emotions under control and his crying slowed to an occasional hiccup. “Yes Daddy, I trust them but Dillon.”

Ben and I moved over and sat beside them. Ben lightly rubbed Dalton’s back then gently kissed him. “We’re all scared for him son. Everyone we know has their eyes open and they’re looking for Dillon. Please have faith son.”

He sat up and looked at Ben. He held his arms out and Ben added another boy to his lap. He laid his head on Ben’s shoulder as Jeff started rubbing his back. Several minutes later, we heard Dalton’s stomach growl so Dalton was handed back to Jeff as Ben finished fixing dinner.

After dinner, I ended up with Sasha and Benjy, Ben had the Drew and Mo and Dalton was cuddled with Jeff. The Mexican dinner we all had seemed to be talking back to Drew and he had a case of gas that was causing a lot more than giggles. Ben finally got up and gave him some Tumms before we put him on the front porch. At 10:30 we got the boys to bed then Jeff left to go back to his hotel. At 11 it was our turn to call it a night. We were both lost in thought hoping things would go as planned but finally managed to get some sleep.

Ben got the boys fed then he headed off to work then I got the boys off to school. I drove to the police station and saw my friend and started telling him what was going on. “Mike, you knew about this for almost a week and you didn’t come to us?”

I put my hands up then grabbed a piece of paper and started drawing a diagram. “Relax Gene, you would have done the same thing but all your vehicles stick out like sore thumbs. I used an ambulance. No one thinks anything about them. Now, this guy parks in front of this store then goes inside. The street is pretty empty but you might want to consider getting some of your private cars out there so he can’t park by the front door. The door is at an angle so when he goes to the front door, he can’t see up the street. Now, this guy thinks he has it made. He’s been doing this for several weeks from what I’m told so he is going to be totally relaxed.”

Gene was thinking about what I was telling him. “You said he locks the boy in the back of the truck. How does he lock it?”

“I managed to get close to it and it’s a cheap lock so I can pick it with no problems. I’ll be there in an ambulance so that Dillon can be taken to the hospital. What I was thinking is that as soon as he goes into the store I’ll pick the lock and talk to Dillon. When he comes out, then you can move in and talk to him. Since he’s on bail you can search him or his vehicles any time.”

Gene smiled and nodded his head. “He’s on bail for suspected child abuse isn’t he?”

“You got it buddy,” I laughed.

He went and got about five officers then took off to the store and took parking places by the store so he had no place to park by the door. I hurried and got an ambulance then parked about 50 yards from the store. Gene came up and hopped in the back and now all we could do was wait.

Jack was a creature of habit and 10:10 he pulled up. Seeing there were cars parked on the street didn’t bother him at all. He just took the first place he came to, parked then ambled into the store. As soon as he was out of sight I ran up to the back of the truck. I took my pocket knife out and quickly had the door open. There in the back corner of the truck was the spitting image of Dalton. “W who are you?”

“I’m here to rescue you Dillon.”

“How do you know my name?” He asked.

I smiled trying to reassure him. “Dalton told me about you. Just trust me and you’ll be out of here in about 15 minutes. The police are here and Jack will be stopped and made to open the truck. He’s on bail so they can do it anytime they wish.”

He didn’t like the fact that he had to stay in the truck again but I assured him he would be 100% safe. I hurried back to rig then Gene and a few of his men took their place. Jack came out of the store and started walking towards the truck. As soon as he opened the front door of the truck, Gene made his move. “Excuse me sir, may I see some ID?”

Jack put the bag in the truck. “Yes sir, is there a problem?”

He handed Gene his driver’s license and he radioed headquarters. A few minutes later a voice was heard. “Jack Davis is on bail for suspected child abuse. His license is valid.”

Gene put his hand on Jack’s shoulder. “Turn around and face the vehicle sir. Do you have the keys to the back of the truck?”

Gene searched him and nothing was found except the keys but Jack was getting nervous. “There’s nothing in there except tools officer.”

Gene handed him the keys. “Open the back of the truck sir.”

Two other officers appeared and Jack was now surrounded. He fumbled with the lock then opened the door. The first thing Dillon saw was Jack and he panicked. Then he heard Jack slammed against the truck and Gene stepped over to the door. “Come on Dillon, it’s over now.”

As soon as I saw Dillon, I got out of the rig and ran over to them. Jack was being led away then he turned and saw me. I walked over to him and grinned. “Your a** won’t be out on bail this time b****. You can count on everyone knowing why you’re in jail too. Enjoy what’s left of your life.”

I went over and held my hand out to Dillon. He and I walked hand in hand to the ambulance. I tossed Gene the keys and hopped in the back and rode with Dillon. I radioed the hospital and let them know we were on our way. When we arrived, I had him on the stretcher and there was Ben waiting directing us into an empty room. I could see Dillon was scared with all the people around. “Dillon, this is my room mate and very good friend Ben. He’s going to take very good care of you.”

I turned to leave. “Excuse me sir, can you stay with me?”

I looked at Ben and he smiled and nodded. I walked over to Dillon and moved his hair out of his eyes. “My name is Mike and when you’re done here, I’ll be taking you home.”

He started to tear up. “Mike I can’t.”

I wrapped my arms around him. “Remember I told you Dalton told me about you?”

“Yeah,” he mumbled into my chest.

I kissed his head then rubbed his back as he started to calm down. “Dalton is fine son. He’s with us. Ben and I are foster parents and we have 4 boys.”

His head jerked up with a smile. “Really?”

I crossed my chest. “Honest injun kiddo. Now, I have a couple of phone calls to make then I’ll be right back in.”

He gave me a tight hug then latched onto Ben for dear life. I went out and called Beth then Jeff. It took almost 15 minutes to finally get Jeff calmed down as I heard him crying tears of relief and happiness. “Thank you Mike, thank you and your friends for everything.”

I gave him our address again and told him I’d call as we were leaving the hospital. We arrived just after 11 and after Dillon was carefully looked over we were out of there just after 2. I called Jeff then we headed home. Before we could get out the door, Dillon had to find Ben one more time. “Thanks Ben, will you be home soon?”

Ben picked the boy up and got a huge hug. “I should be home in about 2 hours.”

“OK, I’ll see you then.”

When we arrived, Dillon was in awe of our house. “Wow, is this your place?”

I laughed at the way he said it. “Well yeah it is but there are also 5 others staying here too. There are Drew and his little brother Benjy, Mo and his best friend Sasha then Dalton.”

Just then there was a knock on the door. I pretended to have to go to the bathroom. “Dillon, can you answer that. I think I know who it is so they can come in.”

Dillon walked over to the door and when he opened it he was in for yet another surprise. “DADDY JEFF!”

I watched as Dillon launched himself into Jeff’s arms. “Oh son, I’m so glad you’re safe now. When Mike told me what happened I just wanted to get you myself.”

Just then Ben walked in. He had gotten home early and saw the reunion from outside. All of us had tears in our eyes. We sat down and I filled Jeff in on Dillon's exam. He was fine and had not been molested sexually by Jack.

We got our emotions under control then waited as it was going to happen one more time when Dalton got home. About 5 minutes before they were due home, we made room on the couch as Dillon hadn’t moved off Jeff’s lap. As soon as the front door opened, Dillon moved so there would be room for Dalton. The boys came in and were chattering up a storm until Dalton saw Jeff and Dillon. “OH MY GOD DILLON!”

Dalton dropped his books on the floor and ran into 4 waiting arms. Ben and I went to our boys and held them as they were crying seeing Dillon and Dalton reunited with their soon to be adopted Dad. After everyone’s emotions were under control, I got everyone’s attention. “Now boys, I know the biggest question you have is where will everyone stay? It wouldn’t be practical for Jeff to be staying in a hotel because you couldn’t stay there with him.”

Benjy right away yanked on my pants leg. “Mike, can’t everyone stay here?”

I picked him up and kissed his nose. “That was the plan little one. Jeff can have one room and the twins can have the other. It looks like we have almost a full house again.”

Ben and Jeff fixed a great feast for us. After dinner, Drew and Mo headed for the shower then came out in their usual nothing. They stopped quickly when they saw Jeff sitting there. I giggled and motioned them to my side. “Guys, remember that Jeff saw you after your shower yesterday. You haven’t grown something new that we all haven’t seen, have you?”

“Awww, Mike, you’re teasing again, aren’t you?”

“You betchum, Red Rider”, I giggled back as Mo wrapped his arms around my legs.

After the other 4 got showered, we had a quiet evening at home.

Time passed and Ben and I could see that Jeff was going to be a super Dad to the twins. Just before spring break Beth came over. All 6 boys came and greeted her with hugs and Benjy had to get his usual kiss. “Why are you here Miss Beth?”

Beth set Benjy down then ruffled his hair. “Well you know Jeff is adopting the twins. I’m just here to talk with him about it, that’s all. Dillon and Dalton, I would like you two to be there.”

The other 4 walked back out front and sat down as Beth came in with Dillon and Dalton. Beth went over the paperwork and talked with the twins to be sure they still wanted Jeff to be their new Dad. As they came back into the living room, I saw the twins whispering between themselves. Dalton stood in front of Ben and I then put his hand on his hips. “I don’t know quite how to say this so I’m just going to do like you Mike and spit it out. You know there are 4 boys out there wishing like crazy that you would adopt them. Sasha calls you Papa, Ben. Drew and Benjy fight so hard to keep from calling you Daddy Mike. They all love you guys.”

Ben and I looked around trying to figure out what to do. I knew there was no way we could not say anything and hope it would just be forgotten. Ben shrugged his shoulders. “Ok guys, what is said in here MUST stay in here.”

Dillon and Dalton nodded their head then Ben cleared his throat. “Guys, we are going to adopt them. Beth has all the papers filled out. The day Jeff and you both go to court, we’re going to be there too but instead of 1 adoption, there will be 3.”

Ben and I were hugged by both the twins. “That’s great guys. Now when is our adoption?”

Beth started laughing. “Is tomorrow soon enough?”

We managed to keep the twins from spilling the beans during the evening. The next morning, I got our 4 aside. “You guys aren’t going to school today. I thought you’d like to be there when Dillon and Dalton’s adoption was heard.”

The boys nodded their heads in agreement but I could tell they weren’t totally happy. We got ours loaded into the van and headed off to the courthouse. We all sat there for what seemed like an eternity then a lady came in. “All rise, this court is now in session.”

The Judge took her seat. “Be seated please. I see I have an adoption petition before me. Is Social Services present?”

Beth stood and faced the Judge. “Yes Your Honor and we are in agreement. We do not contest this adoption.”

The Judge made some notes. “Very well then, Dillon Farrell, Dalton Farrell do you still wish for Jeff Daniels to adopt you and become your legal Father?”

They both nodded their heads. “Yes Ma’am.”

The Judge made another notation. “Since everyone is in agreement, it is the order of this court and Dillon and Dalton Farrell are hereby adopted by Jeff Daniels. It is further ordered that they shall have the same sir name as their father.”

The twins hugged Jeff as the Judge banged her gavel. “I also see there is more business yet to be finished.”

At that point Drew hugged the twins then headed for the back of the courtroom. Benjy ran after him. “Drew, where you going?”

Benjy grabbed Drew’s arm. “Look Benjy, I’m out of here.”

Drew managed to get the door open and went out. “Why Drew? Where you going to go? Hasn’t Mike and Ben been good to us? We don’t have to worry about anything now. WHY? WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS?”

Drew stopped and looked at his little brother who was now in tears. Drew came back and hugged him. “You don’t understand do you? Mike is very good to us as Ben is good to Mo and Sasha but it’s not the same. Look at what the twins have now.”

Benjy was still crying uncontrollably. “Yeah, Jeff adopted them. That was going to happen. Don’t you remember Dalton telling us that?”

“So what,” Drew shouted. “They were gonna be adopted. But you still don’t get it do you. Benjy, I want a family. I want someone who wants us.”

Just then the twins came out. They went over to the boys and Dalton grabbed Drew by the shoulders. “Just what in the hell are you doing?”

Drew tried to pull away but Dalton was too strong. As he was pulling, Dillon moved in behind Drew. “I’m outta here. You all have a nice life and live happily ever whatever.”

He pulled free of Dalton but turned right into Dillon. “OK Drew, you’re out of here but you owe someone something before you leave.”

“Just what the hell do you mean?”

Dillon held him firm by the arm as Dalton got the other. “You owe Mike an explanation. He’s standing in there wondering what the hell has gotten into you.”

Drew knew he wasn’t going anywhere right then. “Fine, I’ll go back in there and tell him.”

Dalton led Drew to the door while Dillon went and took Benjy by the hand. As soon as they were inside, the Judge banged her gavel. “As a rule, I say when people may leave my courtroom and I don’t believe I gave you permission young man.”

Drew froze in his tracks. “Ah, well I’m sorry Judge. I just need to tell Mike here something then if it’s just the same to you Ma’am, I’m outta here.”

The elderly female Judge looked at Drew and banged her gavel once more. “Young man, when the proceedings in here are finished you may talk to Mike. Do I make myself clear?”

Drew suddenly got very quiet as Dillon led Benjy beside his brother. “Yes Ma’am.”

“Now, as I was saying,” the Judge started again. “There is more business yet to be finished. There are two additional petitions before me. First I have a petition by a Mr. Ben Palmer requesting the court he be allowed to adopt Sasha Telkov and Mohammed Raimes. Mr. Palmer, do you wish this proceeding to continue?”

Mo and Sasha looked up at Ben and Sasha had tears in his eyes. “You want to be Papa to Sasha?”

Ben looked down at him and smiled, “If you’ll have me?”

Mo wrapped his arms around Ben and both boys said together, “Yes, we want you to be our Papa.”

Ben looked back that the Judge nodding his head. “Yes Your Honor, I would like them to continue.”

The Judge smiled and knew she had the answer she needed from the boys. “Very well, it is the order of this court that Ben Palmer is the legal adoptive parent of Sasha Telkov and Mohammed Raimes and that they shall have his sir name Palmer.”

Sasha and Mo jumped into Ben’s arms. “Thank you Papa.”

The Judge banged her gavel as Drew started to turn to leave. “I have another petition here. Mr. Mike Parker wishes to adopt Drew and Benjy Silva.”

Benjy turned and looked at me. “Really?”

I nodded my head. “Yes son, really.”

Drew was frozen in his tracks. He just stood there with tears running down his face. I eased myself out and went over to them picking Drew up. “Why didn’t you tell me?”

I looked down then back at him. “I wanted it to be a surprise but I didn’t know seeing the twins’ adoption would hurt you that much. I’m truly sorry I didn’t talk with you first. I’d really like you and Benjy to be my sons.”

Drew hugged me tightly and I could hear him sobbing. “Mike, you don’t know how long we’ve waited to be adopted. I knew Benjy was still young enough that he probably would but I really didn’t want that because that would mean I was alone.”

Benjy reached up and patted his brother. “I’d never let you be alone Drew.”

I wiped the tears away from his eyes. “Well, how about I see to it the both of your aren’t alone ever again. Would you both like me to be your Daddy?”

I felt Benjy leap and I caught him in my right arm. I turned and face the Judge. “Your Honor, I would like the proceedings to continue.”

The Judge nodded her head. “I see Mr. Parker you have a very independent young man on your hands.”

“Your Honor, Drew has been forced to grow up quickly. Over the past month he’s learned to be a child again but never been totally accepting of that fact. He saw the twins get adopted and he just felt his chance at that would never happen but I think he realizes otherwise now.”

The Judge nodded her head. “Drew Silva, do you wish Mike Parker to adopt you and become your legal Father?”

Drew wiggled so I set him on his feet. “Oh Yes Judge Ma’am. I want to apologise for the way I acted before. I’m sorry.”

The woman smiled. “Your apology is accepted. Benjy Silva, do you wish Mike Parker to adopt you and be your legal Father?”

Benjy’s head was bobbing up and down so fast I had to put my hand on it. “Oh yes I do. I love Mike and want him to be my Daddy.”

She made some notes in the file then looked at us. “Very well then, it is the order of this court that Mike Parker is the legal adoptive Father to Drew and Benjy Silva and from this day forward, they shall have Mr. Parker’s sir name. This court is now adjourned.”

I knelt down and Drew ran into my arms. “I love you Daddy.”

I kissed each boy and held them as I was surrounded by Ben and the others. “Are you happy now?”

Drew kissed me hard on the cheek. “The life Benjy and I knew before is really over.”

Beth came over and tugged on Drew’s ear. “Drew Parker I almost came out there and dragged you back in here.”

Benjy hauled off and popped him in the butt. “Yeah Drew just think, you almost walked away from all this.”

We entered the courtroom 9 individuals and left as 3 families. Beth had some more papers for us to sign. “Mike, Ben, I hope I can still count on you to continue to foster for me?”

Ben laughed at that. “Yeah Beth, we’re a glutton for punishment.”

“Hey,” Sasha said popping Ben on the butt.

Ben quickly picked Sasha up and started tickling him. “Hey what my little munchkin? Do you think I’d turn any boy away that needed help?”

Mo stepped in and hugged Ben. “Please don’t Papa. They need you and Mike just like we did.”

Benjy piped up at that point. “Oh you mean we might have more brothers?”

Beth added fuel to Benjy. “Maybe I could find you a little sister?”

Benjy’s head flung around. “A GIRL, ewwwwww, no way.”

We all laughed at Benjy’s animated reply as we headed out of the courtroom. I looked at Beth then drew her close to me. “I can’t thank you enough for making our lives so much richer now. I know it’s your job but never have I seen someone care like you do. Ben, Jeff and I wouldn’t stand a chance adopting in the States but here you care about the kids. I’m taking everyone out to dinner tonight and I want you there.”

Beth pulled back when I invited her to dinner. “That’s not necessary Mike.”

I nodded my head. “Yes it is. Without your support, I don’t know if the Judge would have granted the adoptions.”

The weather was very warm so we went to the resort for dinner. I got a private table and we really enjoyed ourselves. Beth looked at Jeff and got serious. “Jeff, Jack’s trial is coming up and Dillon will more than likely have to testify. I know the DA assigned to the case and he’s very good with kids.”

Jeff looked at his boys then back to Beth. “I was hoping they’d have enough evidence that they wouldn’t need Dillon.”

“I’m sure they do Jeff,” I said quietly. “But it’s only with Dillon’s testimony that the court can convict him of kidnapping.”

Beth patted Jeff’s shoulder. “That carries an automatic life in prison. Or system of justice takes kidnapping very seriously weather it’s a child or an adult.”

After we talked about Jack’s trial, the subject was livelier and we had a great time. We all watched as the boys ate themselves silly and still had room for ice cream. I paid the bill then we got the boys home.

Thursday, Jeff took the court papers and headed to Belize City. He went to the US Embassy to register the boys’ adoption and to apply for their passports. The man said it would take a couple weeks for their passports to be processed and mailed back.

Friday afternoon, a Representative from the Cayo District Prosecutor’s Office came over just before the boys got home from school. I was going to leave the room but Jeff said I could stay as they talked. “Mr. Daniels, I’m Assistant District Prosecutor Dixon and I know you’re worried about Dillon having to testify but when I ask questions of children, I’m always thinking of them first. I know it will be embarrassing in some cases so I try to be as gentle as I can.”

Jeff nodded his head. “Thank you for that sir. Can you tell me what evidence you do have?”

Mr. Dixon took out an envelope and pulled out some photographs. “I don’t want you to see all of these because they are pretty graphic.”

“Mr. Dixon, I’ve seen both my sons naked as they’ve ran around in the nude. I’m a police officer too, so I’ve seen a lot in my time.”

Mr. Dixon handed Jeff a couple of the pictures and he started to cry. I looked and there was a photo of Dillon being masturbated by a hand. He handed the photos back.”

I put my arm around him and held his as he quietly sobbed. “Jeff he’s your son, not just another victim. It’s only natural you’re reacting like a parent and not a cop.”

Just then the boys came in from school. The twins saw Jeff had been crying and they quickly came to his side. “What’s wrong Dad?”

Jeff composed himself then hugged his boys. I took the others back into their bedroom so they couldn’t hear what was going on. Drew tried to go back out. “Dad, they need us.”

I shook my head. “First off son, you don’t even know what’s going on out there.”

“So,” Drew shot back.

Mo stepped in quickly. “Drew, give your Dad a chance to tell you something before you go off half cocked.”

I sat down on the bed and pulled Drew onto my lap. “Now boys, here’s what’s going on. Mo, Sasha, you remember what Jack did to you boys right? Well he did that to Dillon too and a little more.”

Sasha started to cry as Ben came into the room. He picked his son up and held him. “Jack do sex things to Dillon?”

I shook my head. “No son, he didn’t do that but he did take photos of Dillon and he was playing with Dillon's p****.”

“Oh,” Sasha said softly.

Out in the living room the ADP was going over with Dillon about his testimony. “Son, I know you had photos taken of you and they’re not very nice. Now if I play things right, those will never have to be talked about.”

Jeff suddenly was confused. “What do you mean?”

“Simple,” the ADP started. “In this country kidnapping is a Capital Offense. We don’t have the death penalty here but it does carry life without parole. All I’ll have to prove is that he held you against your will and he’s away for life.”

Dillon smiled at that thought. “That means some other boy will not have to go through what I did. You ask the questions Sir and I’ll answer them.”

The ADP packed his things up and left then Jeff came down to the boys’ room telling us we could come out. The boys made a mad dash for the twins as the adults went into the kitchen to start dinner. Dillon started telling the others what was going to happen. “Mr. Dixon said he won’t have to show those photos because Jack kidnapped me.”

Drew asked, “So that means he's going to get away with that?”

Dalton shook his head. “Um well yes and no. He won’t get punished for taking them but he’ll be in prison for the rest of his life for kidnapping Dillon.”

All the boys relaxed when they heard that. During supper, the boys were a little quieter than normal. After showers were taken we took the boys out for a walk and found an ice cream parlor. This was the thing needed to lift the boys’ spirits and get their minds off court.

Over the weekend we kept them busy. Saturday we went horse back riding then Sunday we went snorkeling. The boys were so tired both nights they fell asleep in the living room and had to be carried to bed.

Monday rolled around and it was time to see Jack face the music. Ben and I talked and we decided to let them come to court because Mo and Sasha had a vested interest in seeing Jack get punished. We arrived at the courthouse at 8:45. Jeff and Dillon talked briefly with the ADP then Dillon was led to a special waiting room by Beth. Beth stayed with him until he was called to testify.

As we were getting seated, we saw Jack led into the courtroom and placed at a table beside his attorney. Jack was full of himself. “Ok Mr. Hotshot, now it time for you to earn the money I’ve paid you.”

His lawyer looked at Jack with contempt. “You don’t get it do you s**t for brains. Kidnapping in this country is a Capital Offense. It carries life without parole. I know about the photos you took and in my opinion, you’d have been better off letting that boy go after you took them. At least you would have had a chance at getting out but not now. All that boy has to do is tell the court you held him against his will and didn’t let him leave and you’re hung man. My advice is let me plead you guilty and hope the Judge is in a good mood.”

Jack lost all the color in his face. “s**t, I’m f*****.”

Just then a voice boomed out. “All rise. The Cayo District Court, Criminal Division is now in session. The Honorable Judge Blackburn presiding.”

We stood and watched the Judge take his seat then bang his gavel. “Be seated. I see before me we have the case of Cayo District vs. Jack Davis. The charges are Kidnapping and Sexual Exploitation of a Minor. How does the defendant plead?”

Jack’s lawyer started to stand but Jack beat him to it. “I plead guilty Your Honor and throw myself on the mercy of the court.”

The Judge looked at Jack then over to his lawyer. “Have you conferred with your lawyer sir?”

Jack nodded his head. “Yes Your Honor, I have.”

The Judge wrote on his sheet then looked back at Jack. “Very well then, this court accepts your Guilty plea. You will be returned here in two weeks time when this court will pass sentence. This case is adjourned.”

The Judge banged his gavel and two men came and led Jack away. Jeff ran to the back of the courtroom to get Dillon with Dalton hot on his heels. They got to the witness room and Jeff picked his son up. “It’s all over son. Jack pled guilty.”

Dillon buried his had in his Dad’s shoulder and started crying. We all came in and stood around Jeff and Dillon. Ben rubbed the boy’s back. “Let it out son. Just let it all out now.”

Dillon finally got himself composed. He wiggled and Jeff set him back onto his feet. “I’m glad he’s not going to be able to hurt another boy again. Sasha, Mo, I heard about what he did to you two also and I’m sorry.”

The two boys went over and hugged Dillon tightly. Dillon then went over to me and hugged me. “Mike thanks for getting me out of there. I don’t know if I said it before.”

Dillon’s next stop was to Beth. “We’ve never really talked before but thanks for letting Daddy adopt us.”

Dillon and Beth talked for several more minutes then he went to Drew and Benjy. “Drew, you have a good Dad now and a little brother who loves you. You almost let that slip away. If I hear of you acting like a jerk…”

Drew hugged Dillon tight. “No way dude, I’ve waited and wished too long to ever do that that. I’m not ever gonna risk losing Dad or my brother.”

We all talked for another few minutes then left the courthouse for home. We decided to let the boys all stay home and go out and play. That night, Jeff took his boys out to dinner for a private celebration. Ben and I didn’t feel like cooking so we took the boys out also.

Jeff was home when we arrived. Mo and Drew headed for the shower. Benjy and Sasha quickly went into their room as I looked around for the twins. “Where are the twins?”

Jeff looked around to see if little ears might be present. “They’re in their room and probably will be so for the rest of the night.”

Ben got a worried look on his face. “Nothing happened did it? They aren’t in trouble are they?”

Jeff smiled and gently shook his head. “Oh no guys, nothing like that, they are spending some very personal and private time together. They haven’t had a peaceful moment alone in ages.”

I smiled and nodded my head. “I guess they’ve finally realized everything is over and it’s the start of a whole new life.”

Just then, Sasha and Benjy came downstairs giggling. Benjy came over and sat on my lap. “There are funny noises coming from Dillon and Dalton’s room.”

Ben looked at his son and he was snickering too. “Well don’t you two worry about it. Dillon and Dalton are having some special time alone so neither of you try to listen at their door.”

I looked at Benjy then Sasha and I could tell they were disappointed. Just then, Mo and Drew came bounding in from their shower. The hopped up between Ben and me and got comfortable. I set Benjy down and told him and Sasha to get their showers then we could watch some television.

The youngest two came down from their shower and took their places beside us. We were watching a movie when the twins came down and joined us. Jeff smiled as they sat beside him. Dillon looked at us with a sad face. “Dalton and I should apologise to you for not being better company tonight.”

Ben and I smiled at him and held out our hands. Dillon ran over hugging Ben. “We understand little one. A ton of weight has been lifted off you and your brother and you needed some special time alone together.”

Dalton came over and gave me a hug then they returned to Jeff. At 10:30 we got the boys to bed and Jeff retired for the evening too.

Tuesday Ben and I were off and Jeff got a special delivery letter. He signed for it then sat down to open it. “Wow that was fast guys. I have the passports for the boys and their adoption registration from the Consulate.”

Jeff showed us the passports. “When will you return home now?”

Jeff took a deep breath. “I do need to get back. I’m on a leave of absence from work.”

I fired up the computer and checked on flights from Belize City to Ft. Lauderdale. There was a flight that left Belize City at 12:25 in the afternoon and arrived in Ft. Lauderdale at 7:20 that evening. Jeff sat down and made reservations for he and the boys for the next day. I know this would be hard on the boys but they would be happy that their friends were going to their new life with their Dad.

When the boys came home from school, Jeff called the twins over to him. “Boys, I have some news. Some of it is very good but part of it will make you a little sad.”

Drew ran over and I scooped him up in my arms. “Did Jack get away?”

I kissed his cheek and calmed him down. “No son, nothing like that.”

Jeff handed the twins their passports. “This will get us home to Florida boys.”

I could see them look at the boys with watering eyes. “When are we going home Dad?”

Jeff wrapped his arms around the boys. “This is the sad part boys. We’re leaving tomorrow afternoon.”

Drew ran over hugging me tightly and started crying softly. “Dad, will we ever see them again?”

Jeff walked over and caressed Drew’s hair. “I swear to God you’ll see them again son. You 4 are their best friends.”

Drew reached his arm out for Jeff and he took him from me. “I’m going to miss them Jeff.”

Ben was holding his two boys and Benjy was in the arms of the twins. Ben looked at the computer. “Well, I have an idea for you guys. We can get a web cam and a microphone so you can see the twins and talk with them.”

“All right Dad,” Sasha and Mo yelled.

Ben set them down and started rubbing his ears. Dillon got a huge grin on his face. “Dad, can we get one of them too so we can see the guys and talk with them.”

Jeff set Drew down then went over to his boys. “Yes boys, I’ll get us a web cam but my PC already has a microphone. Now come on boys, we have to get packed.”

Jeff took his boys upstairs and started packing. Ben and I sat down then we had our boys on our laps. Mo looked at Ben with sad eyes. “Papa, could we go to the airport tomorrow so we can watch them go home?”

Ben looked at me and I nodded. “Sure son, you can all go with us. We were going to have to take them right after you left for school.”

While Jeff and the twins were packing we had the boys get their homework done. Even though they weren’t going to school tomorrow, it would be late when we got back and Ben and I were sure they wouldn’t be able to concentrate on it.

About 30 minutes later, Jeff and the twins came downstairs. “Well that’s all done. Guys, I don’t know how we’ll ever be able to repay you for all you’ve done for us.”

Ben put his hand up. “That’s not necessary Jeff. We’re just glad you all are together as a family.”

I chimed in at that point. “Besides, it’s us that should be thanking you. If we hadn’t heard about you adopting the twins, we might not have taken the chance to mention it to Beth.”

Dillon came over and sat on my lap. “Mike, you had your friends come and rescue me. Ben was there in the hospital when the doctors were looking at me all over. I don’t think I could have gone through that alone. I know they were Doctors but it was still embarrassing. I owe you both so much.”

He hugged me tightly then jumped over to Ben and then the tears started to fall. The others came running in when they heard Dillon start to cry. Benjy came over and stood in front of me glaring. “Why did you make Dillon cry Daddy?”

Dillon heard that and quickly looked at the little boy. “Benjy, your Daddy didn’t make me cry. I’m crying ‘cause I’m happy for what your Daddy and Ben did for me. Your Daddy saved my life and Ben helped me through the second most embarrassing moment in my life.”

Benjy crawled up onto my lap then reached over and hugged Dillon. That night we took Jeff and the twins out for a farewell dinner. The twins kept the boys in good spirits and all 6 of them devoured their meal. After I paid the bill, we stopped at the ice cream stand. When we got home Drew, Mo, Sasha and Benjy got a shower together. While they were in the shower, the twins came over and talked to Ben and me. Dillon was the spokes person for them. “Dalton and I talked about this and we’d like your permission to spend some time with your boys.”

Ben looked at me and nodded. “You don’t need our permission for that.”

Dalton put his arm around his brother’s shoulder. “Guys, I don’t think you understand what we’re asking. When I first got here, Mo, Drew and I had sex together. I know Sasha and Benjy like fooling around because they’ve asked me a few questions. We’d like to give them a goodbye evening.”

I looked at Ben and he nodded his head. “I don’t have a problem with it. I know you won’t push things to where someone is uncomfortable so have fun tonight.”

Our four came out of the shower and they were met by the twins at the bottom of the stairs. Dillon took Benjy and Sasha’s hand and led them back up the stairs. “Where are we going Dillon?”

Dillon leaned down close to Benjy’s ear. “We’re going to show you two a special time tonight.”

Benjy looked at Dillon then over to Sasha and grinned. Sasha got a smile on his face as he understood what was going to happen. Dalton then took Mo and Drew’s hand and those three went upstairs. Jeff looked at Ben and me. “Thanks guys, the twins asked me about it and they’ll be fine.”

We started watching television and got engrossed in the programs. The next thing we knew 6 boys came downstairs with smiles on their faces. Benjy hopped up on my lap and kissed me on the ear. “Boy Daddy that was fun. Dillon gives good tingles.”

I looked up at Dillon and he was a few shades of red. He leaned down and tickled Benjy’s ribs. He quickly stopped then kissed his cheek. “I’m glad you liked it.”

Since none of the boys had school in the morning, we let them stay up a little later than normal. By 11, all 6 were sound asleep on their respective father’s laps.

The next morning Ben and I were up at 6:30 and we got breakfast going. Jeff was up about 15 minutes later and joined us for a cup of coffee. At 7 we got the boys up. Drew was his usual cheerful self. “Uh Dad, I want to sleep.”

Mo got up and headed to the bathroom. I pulled the covers back over Drew then headed for the door. “Alright son, you can sleep. We’ll be back home about 3 after we take Jeff and the twins to the airport.”

I started to close the door when Drew threw the covers back and jumped out of the bed. “Hey wait for me.”

The boys got dressed then came down for breakfast. I got the dishes into the dishwasher and at 7:30 we were on our way to Belize City. We arrived about 9:45 then Ben and I helped Jeff bring their luggage into the terminal. We watched as they checked in then walked around for little while. At 11:30, it was time for them to go through security. The boys tried being strong but they finally started crying as they hugged the twins. Mo handed them a piece of paper. “Here is our email address and our IM screen names. Please email us when you get home. That way we know you’re safe.”

When all the boys finished hugging, the twins and Jeff came over to Ben and me. I hugged Dillon while Ben had Dalton. Dillon said, “I hope you don’t mind this but you two have two more honorary sons.”

I kissed him on the cheek then looked at Jeff. He was nodding his head and smiling. “Ben and I would be honored to be your other Dads.”

I heard Ben tell Dalton, “I want you and your brother to be the best boys you can be. Stay in school and get good grades but most of all, be good to each other.”

Dillon heard what Ben said too and both boys had tears in their eyes. The twins changed places and we got big hugs from them. “We promise to always love each other.”

Jeff was giving the boys goodbye hugs and kisses. Then he came over to us. “Guys, you and your small clan are always welcome at our house. We expect to see you some time over the summer.”

We each gave him a big hug and a goodbye kiss. I looked at him then smiled. “I’m not sure when but we’ll be there. I wonder if the 6 of them would like to see the nude beach?”

Jeff giggled when I said that. “Just remember to wear sunglasses because a few of their white butts will blind everyone.”

We gave another fast round of hugs then they had to go. We went to a small restaurant that had a viewing area where planes took off and landed. We had about an hour before the flight left so we got the boys lunch. Drew wolfed his food down then went to the wall and started looking at the different airplanes. “Daddy, guys, look quick there’s Jeff and the twins.”

We hurried over and Ben put Sasha on his shoulders while set Benjy on mine. We all watched as they got on the plane and the boys were waving and yelling. There was too much noise going on so they couldn’t hear the boys screaming. About 15 minutes later, we saw the door close then heard the engines start. The plane started taxiing to the runway then several minutes later, we all saw the plane lift off heading into the sky. We quietly left the airport and walked to our van. The 6 of us are now a family after all the new happenings in Belize.

The End

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