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Texas Man Rigs Up Video Store Inside Truck

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Texas Man Rigs Up Video Store Inside Truck

BRUCEVILLE, Texas (Wireless Flash) -- A Texas businessman has found a new way to drive customers into his video store -- by setting up inside a 50-foot trailer.

Darin Winder owns and operates Big Rig Video in Bruceville, Texas, which is the first -- and, so far, only -- video store that is operated inside a giant truck trailer.

Fittingly, Winder rigged his store next to a truck stop to take advantage of the many truckers who pass through the area and need videos for the long haul.

Winder admits 90 percent of his business comes from sales of beef jerky and X-rated videos, but admits he's shocked by which films are arousing interest. In his words, "Surprisingly, we sell an awful lot of `she-male' tapes."

Winder's success has inspired him to consider to rig up locations at other truck stops but some locals aren't excited at the prospect, saying they're "disgusted to see all the trucks lined up for miles" to buy the pornos.


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