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  1. Welcome, dear friends...
  2. : : If you think that's funny, think back to the days when he would have been a lowly Private. OMFG!!! ::
  3. Welcome to The Talon House, taz3674. Make yourself at home!!
  4. Welcome to The Talon House, firehosejoe... Make yourself at home!! BeaStKid
  5. Welcome to The Talon House, Northguy501... BeaStKid
  6. Welcome to The Talon house, Spankspaz22.... Hope you have a great time here.... The BeaStKid
  7. Ummm... Let me rephrase my prvious post.... I was taught about BODMAS and BEDMAS in the 5th and 6th grades respectively. The Beastkid
  8. Ummm... I've yet to graduate... I'll do so next year. But I read about this (BODMAS) in 5th grade... About the computer thing (BEDMAS), in 6th grade.
  9. Hey! Welcome to The Talon House, Kyle Aarons. Hope you have a fun time here. The BeaStKid
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