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  1. Greetings All, The Kandric Saga continues!!! I have just recently been asked by Kyle to edit his newest chapter, 25, and I hope it will be out in a month or so. He has run up against some writers block and I am hoping to help him past it. Of course, I had to do the required reading which took me about 2 weeks to do but the story is awesome!!! Kyle was explaining some of the plot to me and the twists that are involved and it takes him quite a bit of time to get the chapters written due to the complexity of the story, but by no means is it even near completion. He does have a master plan for this story but getting it written is evidently quite an undertaking. If I can help in anyway answer any questions, please feel free to contact me. Oh, I hope Talon Rider does not mind me doing this, but Kyle has two more stories under way of which I am getting the pleasure of editing for him located at this site. http://www.castleroland.net/ They are really good and he only has 3 chapters on each posted but a slew more written. You may find these as interesting as Kandric. Have fun reading!!! Boxerdude!!!
  2. Boxerdude: If it was a guy I hope they would not have called him Buck Fluck!!!
  3. Boxerdude; Now where do I get that ring tone!!! LOL
  4. Thanks Jan!!! That was a nice touch! I appreciate the warm welcome! David
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