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Religion Vs. Jobs


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Last year, in the town I call my home town back in Indiana, the Thomson Consumer Electronics (RCA). closed their factory and moved. Causing a lot of people to loose their jobs.

Back in December, while I was home I heard, that the City of Marion had been approached by another Company about moving into the vacated factory building which would have created JOBS. The factory had everything they needed to open up. And I my opinion, it would have been a very good company.

But, the local university, Indiana Weslyen University, put a stop to it. Over the past few years, this place has expanded and is still growing. Why should a college tell a city what kind of industy they can have.

Now to make my point. Personally, I don't care what was going to be made, only that new jobs were going to be available.

I deliberately waited until now to tell you what company it was. It was Anheiser Busche. Yeah thats right, a beer maker, but a job is a job. And you can't tell me that church goes DON'T drink.

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