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Helping Cupid Hit His Target


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With the imminent arrival of yet another Valentine's Day, those of us without mates can ponder our misfortune and stuff ourselves silly with chocolate we buy for ourselves, all the while wondering what it takes to find that one special person who'll make our hearts skip a beat, make our eyes sparkle, and cause our temperatures to rise. Someone who'll make us feel gay in every sense of that word.

But some of us aren't really looking. We've already found that special someone. The trouble is they doesn't know that they're our someone special, or has yet to decide whether or not we're the someone special they've been seeking.

Yes, Cupid's aim is sometimes faulty. You get struck by his arrow, but the one you love escapes without so much as a scratch. Love is a many splendored thing, and it makes the world go round, but as one song says, "love hurts," and it never hurts more when you're in love, but, lo and behold, the one you love regards you as merely a friend, or they're your lover but doesn't seem to be in love with you, at least not as deeply as you want them to be.

Valentine's Day is the perfect time to take action. If the love of your life doesn't know how you feel, pull the bow yourself, and aim it straight at their heart. Cupid is a silly looking creature, but don't forget he's got all those arrows. He's armed for battle, and winning someone's heart sometimes means putting up a fight.

If the one you love is someone with whom you already have a relationship, but that relationship is still too platonic to meet your relationship needs, give it a little push. Buy them a special present that makes your intentions clear. A Valentine's Day card dripping with romantic verse is a start, but it may not cut it. Consider something a little more provocative.

Consider buying them a thong with your picture printed in the place that covers his most intimate parts!

If you have a digital camera, you can have just such a sexy item made for under $10.00 at cafepress.com. They also have briefs for the man who's a little more modest. This is not a gift you give to just anyone (the co-worker you have a crush on, but to whom you've never said more than a few words). This is for someone you are already seeing, who you know and trust. You want them to know you want to be more than friends. You want them to know you want them in every way imaginable. What you don't want is them reporting you to the police.

If that suggestion is a little too bold for you, consider something less sexy but just as romantic. The personalized gift, something you make or have made especially for them, shows that you consider them one of a kind, and, therefore, not someone for whom a routine store bought present, no matter how expensive, will do. If you dabble in art, draw his portrait, or draw your own. Or, better yet, draw the two of you together.

If words are your medium, write a poem or a romantic love letter. These are the kind of actions we might have taken when we were kids, secretly harboring a crush on a classmate, but that doesn't make it childish. These are romantic gestures so much sweeter than buying a box of chocolates. And it won't rot their teeth or make them fat. If you're already in a romantic relationship but have fallen into a boring routine, creative gestures like these can also help put some excitement back into your life. Love should be comforting, but it should never be dull.

On Valentine's Day, let your guard down and let your love show without worrying about looking silly. To fall in love, or to make someone fall in love with you, sometimes requires a little push. This year, be your own Cupid. Aim straight for the heart.

Article written by Brian for Date.info - The Webzine for Date.com


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