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The Fun in Fantasy


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Fantasy is a sex toy. Like any other, it can add spice to partner sex or pizzazz to solo sex. It's a fallacy that using sexual fantasy is reserved for people who are unhappy with their "real" sex lives. In fact, it's a great way to heat things up.

Below are some tame ways to bring fantasy into your bedroom, whether with a partner or alone.

Fantasizing with a partner:

1. Go to a public place, pretend to be strangers and pick each other up. You can drive there together, but enter separately. One of you should go in first and get settled at the bar, on the dance floor, or get otherwise engaged before the other enters. Talk to other people, have fun by yourselves, and eventually, "meet" each other. This is a great opportunity to take advantage of turn-ons you have. If it seems particularly appealing to be hit on with bad pick-up lines, to have a stranger silently take your hand and dance you around the floor, or to make eyes at a stranger across a crowded club, this is your chance to try them out while staying true to your partner.

Creating a Fantastic Environment

2. You don't have to go out to find the fantasy. Set the stage at home- as a surprise for a partner, with a partner, or as a treat for yourself. Consider altering the environment. Use candles or colored lights for ambiance. Put on music- maybe something you wouldn't normally listen to. Let it set a mood (you can use Peter Gabriel's Passion for a spiritual feeling or anything by Nine Inch Nails for a carnal feel. Experiment with scents, too. Changing the experience for your senses can transform your own bed into something that feels surprisingly new.

Situational Fantasy

3. Set the stage for fun. Fantasy is, ultimately, all in your head. So forego reliving the dating scene, blow out the candles, and get creative! What does it for you? Maybe you like the idea of sneaking a quickie in an empty room at the dentist's office. How about imagining a handsome stranger rescuing you from disaster, or you rescuing a damsel in distress? The only limitation is your imagination. If you're fantasizing with a partner, take turns describing the details and build it together!

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