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Bad Moves for First Dates


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Here are some of the more obvious examples of first date boo-boos:

Showing up late:

A lack of punctuality is a real sign of someone who doesn't have their act together. It's a sign of immaturity, a lack of organizational skills and it's just plain rude. Not exactly the best first impression either.

Not making reservations (if plans were made to go to dinner, a play, etc.):

Ditto the above.

Dressing too casually:

Later on you'll have plenty of opportunity to impress your date with how wild and crazy you can be. The first date is a time to show off with how solid and "nice" you are.

Bragging about yourself too much:

You, you, you, you, you... Don't leave your date wondering halfway through the evening if you're trying to write an autobiography. If you don't ask your date questions about themselves you'll never get to know if you are compatible - and you come off as selfish and self absorbed.

Blowing your nose with your napkin (in a restaurant):

Unless your only other option was the tablecloth for a sneeze that snuck up on you, excuse yourself and go to the restroom or carry a handkerchief.

Ordering a "messy" meal:

First dates are hard enough as it is, why make it harder on yourself. Don't let a messy meal make you look like a slob.

Answering your cell phone during the date:

Unless you're a heart surgeon on call, all you're doing is showing your date just how unimportant they are.

Excessive Primping:

Avoid applying makeup at the table or spending too much time looking in the mirror and not enough time looking at your date.

Not having enough cash:

There's nothing wrong with being a little short on cash, but there's something really wrong about someone when you can't plan ahead. Think about how deep the water is before you jump off the bridge.

Talking about past lovers:

Whether you're complaining about an ex or waxing poetic, saying anything at all sounds like you're still hung-up on them. Plus, it's a good indication of what you might say about your date if things don't work out.

- by Brenda Ross

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