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15 Reasons to Rethink Your Relationship


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Your partner...

1. doesn't like your friends.

2. really only likes expensive things.

3. never calls.

4. is always late...even to your parent's 25th Anniversary party.

5. never wants to go out (with you).

6. is manipulative, cold, or boring.

7. never lets you pick the movie.

8. only seems to want to have sex.

9. has no real purpose in life.

10. doesn't laugh at any of your jokes.

11. forgets your birthday.

12. thinks Valentine's day is too commercial and should be banned.

13. expects you to pay a majority of the time.

14. Your parents just aren't wild about him/her.

15. Your friends are 'suddenly busy' when your partner's around.

- by Brenda Ross

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