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7 Tips to Bounce Back from Bad Breakups


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7 Tips to Bounce Back from Bad Breakups

Brought to you by Coco Helado and Match.com!

Let's face it: This isn't the first time you've been dumped. The first time was probably back in junior high school, and all you had to do was sulk for a few hours. By the time the bell rang for lunch, you were over it.

Through all the heartbreak and epic tragedy, there's one constant you can count on ? unsolicited advice from friends. And amidst all the girl-powered pandemonium of advice, you get tips like, "Take up a hobby. Have a fling with a stranger. Read a good book."

Those are great for relationship rookies, but you've experienced a major rejection that requires more than the requisite bubble bath. You need specific, straightforward counsel:

1. Grace, get yourself a Will

Gay friends are fabulous. They tell it like it is, make you feel gorgeous and know how to have a good time. By spending more time with your best gay pal, you'll get the affection you've been missing without fighting over petty things like what to watch on Sunday TV. Football or "Sex and the City"? Psshhh ... like there's even a decision.

2. Worm your way into a good book

I know, your gal pals tell you this one every time ? but what do they suggest? Trashy grocery-store romance novels with Fabio wannabes on the cover? They only make you lonelier and more pathetic. No burly guy is going to "thrust himself at you and seduce you into a world of intense sensation." You just need a good dose of Bridget Jones or someone else just as clumsy and tragic as you.

3. Turn off the treadmill

One of the first things you'll want to do is get a killer bod so that when you run into your ex, he'll think, "I didn't realize she bore such a striking resemblance to Jennifer Garner." But you're already bored with your tiresome treadmill training. Why not try classes you've never considered before, like belly dancing or cardio hip-hop? You may pick up some new moves for the next Mr. Right.

4. Go ahead and grub

Nothing stimulates the appetite like a broken heart. But, sweetie, six bowls of ice cream won't help your six-pack. Sure, you feel empty inside and you want to fill the void, but choose low-calorie, sugar-free, low-fat snacks.

5. Stamp collecting, anyone?

Your friends are right that a hobby can really take your mind off things. But be careful what you choose: Scrapbooking isn't the best idea when three-quarters of your pictures will all feature the ex. That could make for one soggy scrapbook. Try cooking, hiking or take up boxing.

6. No bathing

Forget your pathetic tub and that drugstore bubble bath. This time you need the spa treatment. Go ahead and take your girlfriends. You can relax and pretend to listen as they give you more predictable advice.

7. Get out there again

Any chance you get, date. Don't turn down any opportunities to meet someone, have fun or distract yourself from plotting against your ex. It's just good practice, and even though you've been at this since the seventh grade, you could use it.

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