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The ACE Archives may exist fo some as only an idea, as imagined collections scattered about the homes, offices, and warehouses of contributors and collectors. ACE acquired permanent storage space for its collections in 2003; the facility is in a business park near the Lehigh Valley International Airport in Allentown, Pennsylvania. This office and warehouse contains storage space, workrooms and a front desk with computers managing the archival database. The business of running and maintaining this space is managed by ACE archivist RAy Ueberroth, who is assited by volunteers in ACE. It is Ray's mission to spread the work od the archives and of how ACE members can support the project, and eventuall the National Roller Coaster Museum.

Not all of ACE's collected artifacts live here, at least not yet. Some pieces, especially the larger ones like coaster cars, are still held at a few storage places about the continent. But the archives office does contain a massive accumulation of historic equipment, souvenirs and printed matter.

Much gratitude is offered to archivist Ray Ueberroth for his commitment to educating ACE's members and supporters about the importance of the ACE Archives - perhaps the most important ongoing project in ACE's current-day endeavors.

Excerpts taken from ACE News, The Offical Newletter of the American Coaster Enthusiasts, March-Apri 2005 issue.

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