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What Men Value


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Women are raised to value relationships; everyone knows this. Men, on the other hand, are often thought of as placing sex above all other needs. However, contrary to this belief, research has found that men value relationships as much as women.

In a study performed by Playboy, men were surveyed to see what they valued most to make their lives happy and satisfying. Below is a list of the top 11 values in order of preference. The results may surprise you:

* Health - 89%

* Love - 85%

* Peace of mind - 84%

* Family life - 84%

* Work/Career - 65%

* Friends - 63%

* Respect - 58%

* Education - 57%

* Sex - 49%

* Religion - 41%

* Money - 39%

As you see, "love" was ranked number two by the majority of men surveyed on the list of values with sex coming in at number nine. If you're one of the people who misjudged men and their needs, let this study allow you to open up your mind and see how multi-faceted men's needs really are. By doing so, you will have a richer relationship with the man you love.

- by Nancy Fagan, M.S., Featured Guest Writer

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