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Welcome to The Talon House. I'm happy that you decided to pay a visit to my little corner of the 'net. I want to let you know what my vision for this site is and then maybe you can help me contribute toward that, and maybe make it your vision as well.

The Talon House is a place where anyone is welcome, no matter what characteristics they may have, provided that these few guidelines are observed:

1) This forum is not a "pick-up joint." Some of our members may be minors in the eyes of the law and it is much appreciated if we keep that in mind.

2) Everyone is here to have fun.

3) Personal attacks of any kind do not belong in this forum. If there is a personal dispute between you and another member, please conduct it via Private Messages or E-Mail. There is a forum where you can complain about a members behavior. Still, this is NOT your excuse to belittle them. SO DON’T.

4) If there seems to be a problem with a member that doesn‘t get properly handled, the Owner, and ONLY the Owner will have the final say.

5) Everyone is free to be who they are here. No one is here to judge you or criticize you for how you choose to live your life.

I am pretty laid back, but where protecting this community is concerned, I am not. I try to give everyone the benefit of the doubt until they show me they don't deserve my trust. I reserve the right to take actions I deem necessary to protect this community from what I judge to be inappropriate or harmful.

I hope that all of you will feel welcome enough to post in the forums and join in the discussions there.

Feel free to contact me with any questions, comments or concerns you may have, and I hope to see you all on the forums.

Other rules will be added as needed.

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First Added Rule:

There is to be ABSOLUTELY NO SPAMMING OF ANY KIND. This is to be a friendly community. Violaters will be dealt with.

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