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The Talon House

Into the City


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Into the City

Burbs rats, spoiled brats, so cool in backwards hats,

Basket brawls, drunken crawls, endless country-music drawl,

Nerdy dips on acid trips trying hard to be tragically hip,

Nursery rhymes, capital crimes, side by side in the urban grime,

Telephone crews, the cheapest booze, novel writers selling shoes,

Macho men, studying zen so they can slaughter their kin,

White trash, hopes smashed, Jesus freaks seeking cold hard cash,

Skater kids, Freudian id, broken drunks on the skids,

Working nights, gaudy lights, pimps and hoes in noisy fights,

Sleazy places, sacred spaces, maudlin coyote faces,

Crowds in view, shades of blue, who the f**k knew,

Cats in heat, vodka neat, predators looking to cheat,

Women vain, raising cain, looking for someone else to blame,

Trading gladness and subtle sadness for a taste of chemical madness,

Rocks in shoes, crappy news, talking heads selling points of view,

Too many hands, like so much sand, lost in this human wasteland.

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