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Wild West World Theme Park


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The largest city in Kansas will welcome yet another new amusement venue within the next year. Already, All-Star Adventures and Sports Entertainment are entertaining thrillseekers on the west side of town. Next, In Park City, just north of Wichita, Wild West World Theme Park is under construction, with a package of rides from Zamperla and Chance Morgan to be introduced with the new par in 2006. Three roller coasters are on the bill: a Zamperla spinning mouse and junior family coaster, and a custom mine train ride from Chance Morgan. Other rides from both companies will appear next year, with more on the way for 2007. The town of Park City has assisted in Wild West Worlds's development through the issuance of public bonds.

What's not certain is the fate of the park on the south side of town: Joyland, home of the ACE Coaster Classic Roller Coaster, a 1949 Hervert Schemck out-&- back running the last remaining set of curled-front PTC cars. Now with two new amusement park facilities in the area, the future is not looking good for the troubled traditional park, and the focus might now shift to preservation and relocation of Joyland's treasured artifacts.


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