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The Talon House

Boudreaux meets the Devil.


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Boudreaux meets the Devil.

Boudreaux died and went to Hell. Strolling through on his daily


the Devil asked, "Hey Boudreaux, how do you like the heat down here?"

Boudreaux says, "Me, I like it just fine. It reminds me of Bayou Pon

Pon in


That made the Devil mad. That night, he turned the thermostat up all

the way

it could go. Man it was hot! When Boudreaux woke up, the Devil asked


"NOW how do you like it down here?"

Boudreaux says, "Mais, it's fine. It reminds me of August on Bayou


As you might expect, that made the Devil all the more mad. He turned


thermostat down all the way it could go! The whole place frosted over.

Icicles started forming from the rafters. When Boudreaux woke up, the


asked him, "How you like it NOW, Boudreaux?"

Boudreaux, clutching himself and shivering, started crying and smiling,

"Mais cher, I'm one happy Cajun!"

The Devil was infuriated! He yelled, "What do you mean you're one happy


Boudreaux, still shivering says, "The Saints done won the Super Bowl!"

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