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Let's Play Bullsh*t Bingo


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Do you keep falling asleep in meetings and seminars? What about those long and boring conference calls? Here's a way to change all of that.

1. Before (or during) your next meeting, seminar, or conference call, prepare your "Bullshit Bingo" card by drawing a square -- I find that 5x5 is a good size -- and dividing it into columns -- five across and five down. That will give you 25 1-inch blocks.

2. Write one of the following words/phrases in each block: synergy, strategic, core competencies, out of the box, bottom line, revisit, take that off-line, 24/7, out of the loop, benchmark, value-added, proactive, win-win, think outside the box, fast track, result-driven, empower (or empowerment), knowledge base, at the end of the day, touch base, mindset, client focus(ed), ballpark, game plan, leverage.

3. Check off the appropriate block when you hear one of those words/phrases.

4. When you get five blocks horizontally, vertically or diagonally, stand up and shout "BULLSHIT!"

Testimonials for satisfied "Bullshit Bingo" players.

* "I had been in the meeting for only five minutes when I won." -- Jack W., Boston

* "My attention span at meetings has improved dramatically." -- David D., Florida

* "What a gas" Meetings will never be the same for me after my first win." -- Bill R., New York City

* "The atmosphere was tense in the last process meeting as 14 of us waited for the fifth box." -- Ben G., Denver

* " The speaker was stunned as eight of us screamed "BULLSHIT!" for the third time in two hours." -- Kathleen L., Atlanta

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