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A Collection of Poems


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While at home visiting for the the holidays, I had the opportunity to read some poems written by my 13 year old nephew. This collection was a school assignment.

I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

My Dog Jazzy

By Alex

As you was puppy,

You would get in trouble,

Playing around the house,

We had to teach you how to get down the steps,

Biting me when I am on the floor,

Taking you to the vets,

You were so happy,

But when you got hit,

We took you to the vet,

But you had to stay there,

But you came back home,

We were all happy when you came back,

Reflection: I wrote this poem so I could remember my pet dog when she is gone.

When I Lost My Pet Cats

By Alex

I lost you in a day away,

When I came home I could not find you,

You were cuddly and soft,

You might have been my favorite pet,

But I couldn't tell,

You could make me happy,

Relieve my stress,

And all my troubles,

But now that you can't,

Because you are gone.

Reflection: I wanted to write this poem so I could remember my cats, what good times we have had.

September 11

By Alex

The tragedy’s image

That sticks in my mind,

Planes crashing into the twin towers,

Mom and dad worried,

Had an uncle

That worked there

I was in school,

The world has changed

By war,

We are a little more alert.

Reflections: I wrote it so I could remember what happened on this life changing event.

When The Fog Rolls In

By Alex

When the fogs rolls in,

You can’t see anything,

No trees,

No houses,

No anything,

But when it rolls out,

It was like nothing has happened,

You could see everything,

But on this day something has happened,

Something went missing,

No trace,

Something very important,

My dogs were gone,

some people say that they could hear faint barks at night,

When the fog rolls in.

Reflection: it was an idea that came to my head during when I was asleep. I thought it would make a good poem.

The Best Day Ever

By Alex

The day will be remembered,

They try to out score us,

But it never happened,

This was a bust,

We would never win,

It was the best pro football game,

But we out scored them,

We would always choke and let them win,

But they didn’t!

The Colts bet the Patriots their worst rival,

The Colts offense and defense did their part,

So in return we won.

Reflection: I wrote it so I could remember that we beat the New England Patriots.

Life Is……

By Alex

Life is an undiscovered galaxy,

That there’s so much to find,

So much to discover,

You find new things,

Planets, stars, maybe new life forms,

That is so big,

There’s always something to find,

But you can only go so far,

So far,

You will never be able

To find everything.

Reflections: I wrote it because life is a undiscovered galaxy. Finding new things every day.

About How I Miss You

By Alex

How I loved you I didn’t know,

How you would bake cookies with me,

Play outside,

Or just sit and talk,

I would help you with your puzzles,

How we would stay up late and watch T.V,

As I grew up,

I started to know the past,

How you did many great things,

You were brave,

And never gave up,

I have very happy time with you,

And very bad,

But when you were gone,

I started to show my love for you,

There will never be enough times to say good bye,

I wrote this poem for you,

To show you how I love you,

I know you won’t see it,

But I know you would like it,

And give me a big hug.

Reflection: I wrote it so I could remember my grandpa and what he did for me.

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