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Police Computers Clash With Dunkin' Donuts System


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Police Computers Clash With Dunkin' Donuts System

Officers To Disconnect Cruiser Computers At Drive-Throughs

KEENE, N.H. -- For Keene police officers, getting through the drive-through at Dunkin' Donuts can be quite a nuisance.

It turns out the officers' in-car computers interfere with Dunkin' Donuts computer system. Police using the drive-through have to disconnect their computer modems to avoid clashing with the restaurants' system.

That's not the only problem with the city's police computer system, said Sgt. Eliezer Rivera.

Rivera said the network is spotty and only as fast as a dial-up connection.

Keene's City Council is looking into getting the police a faster, more extensive wireless network to make things better. Other departments and Keene's school system might also be able to use it.

That means police could have better access to drivers' records and Dunkin' Donuts.

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