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The Talon House

I grew up without you


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Sometimes I cry while I lay in my bed

Too many thoughts swirl around my head

Why did it happen

What did I do

Did I cry to much

Tell me the truth

Would you and my dad

Have ever been married

Or was the burden

Just too much to carry

Did I ruin your life

The day I was born

I try not to think this way

But really I’m torn

Would you be proud

Or would you feel shame

If you knew I was gay

Would you have loved me the same

Can you see me from heaven

What about dad

Are you glad he got married

Or does that make you feel sad

I know he still loves you

I see it in his eyes

Whenever you come up

He does his best not to cry

Our lives have gone on

But I still feel pain

I grew up without you

and it wasn’t the same

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