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Drenched by the rain you look gorgeous. Your brown, soulful eyes transcend perfection. Your presence in my life is nothing short of a miracle. When you smile, my head spins the way it did the day we met. The memories we share are incredible, and if I had to do it all over again, I wouldn’t change one thing. From the good times to the bad times, I would want to go through it all again as long as you were still there for it all. I live for you and I’d die for you. You’re my best friend, and compared to you, there is no one else of relevance. I’d leave everything and everyone behind if you told me to, and you know that. I’d also follow you where ever you lead me, no matter where that would be. We’ll never be apart because I won’t ever allow you to go. If you leave, if you ever find a new person to love, I’ll wait in the cut for the two of you and when I get the chance, I’ll prove to you why I’m the better man. A sneak attack from behind with a left hook to the back of the head to stun him, then a few well placed stomps to the head to let him know he’s not with you. I am. Forever. You can’t get away.

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