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Hangovers, work-time drinking widespread in Britain: survey


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Hangovers, work-time drinking widespread in Britain: survey

Yahoo! News

Mon May 29, 7:10 PM ET

LONDON (AFP) -One in six Britons have admitted to being under the influence of alcohol at work, a survey revealed.

Insurance firm Royal/Sun Alliance said its poll of 1,500 full-time workers confirmed there was a cultural problem of people drinking on the job.

Spokesman Phil Bell said: "The effects of alcohol can be extensive, from an increased number of accidents in the workplace or lateness due to hangovers through to impaired decision-making and a poor image for customers or clients."

Such behaviour has an impact on the rest of the office, often forcing sober colleagues to carry the strain.

Bell said companies can be held liable for accidents in the workplace, with research showing that up to 25 percent of such incidents are caused by alcohol.

"Employers need to put risk controls and policies in place to ensure that they are providing a safe working environment for their employees, particularly with the World Cup approaching," he said.

The survey revealed that people under 30 were most likely to pull a sickie because of a hangover.

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