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Gator lunges at man delivering newspapers


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Gator lunges at man delivering newspapers

POTTSTOWN, Pa. - A man delivering newspapers at 5 a.m. Monday heard an unusual sound as he got out of his truck to retrieve a misthrown newspaper. He walked between two parked cars and saw a 4-foot alligator.

"He kind of lunged at me and hissed," said Bobby Kish, 46. "His mouth was open; I was about five feet away. It was enough to get my attention."

Kish jumped back in his car, drove to the Pottstown Borough police station and told the dispatcher, who sent officers to the scene.

Cpl. Jamie O'Neill grabbed the alligator from behind and secured its jaws with duct tape. The animal was taken in a patrol wagon to the county prison, where it was logged in as "Al E. Gator."

Capt. Allan Ewing was awakened by officers and asked how to deal with the reptile. He said the borough's animal handler arranged for it to go to a private animal facility near Wilkes-Barre.

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