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Starting Over


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Starting Over

by tim

This story is © by tim and is protected by copyright law. Please do not copy and distribute, or post this story to other sites without the author's permission. This is a fictional story. Any similarities between actual people or events are purely coincidental. Although this story is listed in the no-sex section, it will eventually (not yet though) contain sexual situations between teen males. If this subject offends you or you shouldn't be reading this type of story, you assume all responsibility for continuing. This story also deals with the subject of teen suicide. The author hopes to show that this is not an acceptable option. Please send all comments to: Timthestoryguy10@cs.com . I would like to thank Jan for his invaluable assistance in getting this story read by as many people as possible. Thanks again Jan.

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*Although Starting Over has been listed in the no-sex section of the archive, there will eventually be sexual situations between teen males.

Starting Over - by tim

Chapter 6

The next morning Wayne and Carter had their daily morning talk. Carter was now to the point where he was no longer crying as much during these talks. As a matter of fact, this mornings talk was fairly light hearted. That's because there was only one thing on Carter's mind this morning: the beach! Wayne did intend to keep his promise to Carter, so the pair finally headed off down the shore toward the object of Carter's interest. Wayne knew he would never be able to pass Carter off as eighteen and get him in through the main entrance, so Wayne and Carter would get in from the public beach. Carter began to get so excited as they approached the beach, that it made Wayne laugh.

Wayne and Carter went past both signs this time, and made their way up into the dunes. This way it would not look as though they sneaked in when they came onto the beach. Once around the bend in the shore, Wayne and Carter made their way back down to the beach. Carter almost yelped from excitement when he got his first sight of the beach. Although it was not packed, there were quite a few naked bodies scattered around the beach.

"Well my boy, this is it." said Wayne. "Hand over the shorts and sandals, and we'll go on down to the beach."

Carter had not thought about this moment much, because he seemed hesitant at first. Wayne then took the lead, and removed what little he had worn here. Wayne now stood naked in the dunes. His body was only lightly hairy for a man his age, with hair under his armpits and a light patch in the middle of his chest. There was also a light trail of hair that ran down his stomach, to a moderately hairy pubic bush that surrounded his flaccid six inch c***. Now it was Carter's turn. He stripped off his shorts to expose his young body. Carter had light wisps of hair under his arms, and a few short hairs coming in on his chest. He had no trail of hair until he got down close to his navel. From there the trail led to an average growth of hair around his c*** for a boy his age. For now Carter was flaccid at about five inches, but that would not last too long.

Wayne led Carter down to the beach, and staked out a spot for their blankets. Wayne had brought a book for himself, as he was not the one who was interested in the scenery. Wayne relaxed on his blanket and opened his book.

"Why don't you go on down to the surf Carter, and see what you can find to do?" suggested Wayne.

Wayne watched and chuckled as Carter wiggled his butt as he walked down to the water. Carter then looked around. He had never seen so many naked guys together in one place before, and everyone seemed very casual about their lack of clothes. Carter did not realize how much he was grinning now, or how his c*** was beginning to harden to it's seven inch erection. He also didn't hear the person coming up behind him.

"Hi." said a strange voice. "My name is Kevin. This is your first time here, huh?"

Carter turned around and tried to cover himself for a moment, until he realized that he was on an nude beach. Then he realized that he was on a gay nude beach, talking to a good looking young guy.

"It kinda shows, huh?" replied Carter.

"Don't worry," said Kevin, "you get use to it pretty quickly. At least you better hope you do, or your c*** is going to get pretty sore from being that stiff all the time." Kevin then laughed lightly as Carter blushed a little.

"I was just kidding with you dude." chuckled Kevin. "Besides, I think you look just fine the way you are."

"Thanks dude." said Carter shyly, as he looked down at Kevin's c***. "My name is Carter, and you look pretty nice yourself."

"Cool!" exclaimed Kevin. "I was hoping you'd like me, there aren't too many younger guys here to hang out with today. So, I'm seventeen. My gay uncle snuck me in with a fake ID today, as usual. How old are you?"

Since Kevin was being honest about how old he was and how he got in, Carter decided it wouldn't hurt to be honest with Kevin. "I'm sixteen." replied Carter. "I snuck in from the public beach with the guy I'm staying with now."

"Cool!" exclaimed Kevin again. "You're staying with another guy, huh? Having any fun yet?"

"Nah," replied Carter, "it's not like that. He's my doctor, and he's as straight as an arrow. He's up on his blanket right now reading, while I have fun."

"You're not sick are you?" asked Kevin.

"Nah." replied Carter. "I was having a rough time with something, and he's helping me get through it."

"Oh!" said Kevin. "He's that kind of doctor. Do you wanna throw a frisbee around with me?" asked Kevin.

"Sure!" answered Carter as he smiled brightly.

Kevin went and got his frisbee, and the two boys began playing in the soft sand away from the water. Both boys were having fun, although Carter was finding it hard to concentrate on catching the frisbee. He seemed to be more interested in watching Kevin's flaccid c*** bounce up and down as he ran. This wasn't doing much to alleviate Carter's erection though, but he decided not to worry about it. After about thirty minutes Kevin and Carter were seating a little, and covered in sand from diving for the frisbee.

Kevin threw the disc toward Carter and immediately shouted, "Tackle the guy with the frisbee!"

Kevin ran at Carter and threw his arms around the unsuspecting boy, dragging Carter down to the soft sand. Kevin landed with his hand softly draped over Carter's c***. Now Kevin began getting hard himself.

Carter didn't miss this as he looked down and said, "I think someone kinda likes this game!"

Kevin stroked Carter gently a few times and replied, "It has it's moments."

The contact between Kevin's hand and Carter's c*** did feel good to Carter, but something didn't seem quite right. Carter did let Kevin continue holding his c*** though.

"You're the guy who was out on the boat yesterday, aren't you?" asked Kevin.

"Yeah, I was." replied Carter as he tried to relax.

"I was one of the first guys waving at you." admitted Kevin. "I kinda looked at you through a pair of binoculars, and thought you looked really hot! I was hoping you would make it here."

"Thanks." said Carter. "I'm kinda glad I did."

Then Kevin asked, "Carter, can we play around a little bit? I'd love to feel your hand around my c***."

"I guess we can try." replied Carter.

Kevin once again stroked Carter's c*** gently, as Carter took Kevin's c*** into his hand. After a few strokes though, Carter suddenly pulled away.

"I can't do it!" sobbed Carter. "I thought I could, but I can't!"

"That's okay." said Kevin dejectedly. "I was hoping you might like me as much as I like you, but I guess it wasn't meant to be."

"It's not that dude." sobbed Carter. "You are so hot, and I really want to, but I can't."

"Why not?" asked a confused Kevin. "What's wrong dude?"

Carter wiped his tears away gently, so he wouldn't get sand in his eyes. Then he told Kevin the story about Travis. While Carter was talking, Kevin cried almost as much as Carter did. After Carter finished telling Kevin his story, both boys sat quietly in the sand. Eventually they were both able to dry their eyes.

"s**t dude!" exclaimed Kevin. "That's even worse than my story."

"Your story?" asked Carter.

"Yeah." said Kevin, as he looked at the sand. "The reason that I'm staying with my gay uncle is because the rest of my family doesn't want me around them. I was having oral sex with a guy from school that I liked one day, when my mother barged into my room without knocking. She caught me and him both with our cocks in each other's mouths. As it turned out, my family is very homophobic. First, my mom beat me and the other guy, them my dad took his turn on me when he got home. I was pretty bruised up by then. Then that's when I found out about my uncle that I never even knew existed. He was discovered when he was eighteen, and the entire family disowned him. He came down here to Florida with almost nothing, and none of us kids were ever told anything about him. He had actually done pretty well for himself here, and even had pictures of some of us kids that he took while he was visiting without anyone knowing about it. Anyway, I was told by my parents that maybe I should go to live with my faggot uncle in Florida. That was their words exactly.

I came down here about eighteen months ago, and my uncle immediately took me in. The first day he just held me and cried with me, as I told him how much my family hated me now. Then he told me that he was my family now, and that he loved me very much. I found out that most of the pictures that he secretly took were of me! He said he always felt that I would be down here with him some day, he just didn't know that I would be so young when it happened. Since then my uncle and me have had a great time. He's the only family that I'll even acknowledge anymore. As far as I'm concerned, my family back home doesn't even exist anymore. I can be myself here without worrying about anything. If I bring another guy to my uncle's house, he'll let us have all the privacy we want while we have sex. The only thing he ever says is to be safe.

Now though my uncle's employer is transferring him back to Cincinnati, where we use to live. We'll refuse to have anything to do with our old family though. They've caused both of us nothing but pain, and neither of us need them."

"Did you say Cincinnati?" asked Carter. "That's where I'm from! My doctor thought it would be good for me to be down here for a little while. I can't believe you'll be moving to my town!"

"This is unreal dude!" exclaimed Kevin. "Do you know what the odds of this happening are? You'd probably be more likely to hit the lottery!"

"I don't know what will happen with us back in Cincinnati," said Carter, "but I would at least like us to be friends Kevin. Do you want to exchange numbers? I'll give you the number here, and back home dude."

"Sure," replied Kevin, "I'd like that a lot!"

Carter and Kevin went over to where Wayne was reading, and Carter introduced the two. Then Carter got a pen and piece of paper from Wayne, so he and Kevin could exchange numbers. By that time, it was time for the picnic lunch Wayne had packed. Seeing as how there was plenty, Wayne asked Kevin if he would like to join them.

"I'd like to," replied Kevin, "but what about my uncle? I can't just leave him out of my lunch plans."

"We have plenty for everyone." said Wayne. "Why don't you go ask him if he's like to join us?"

Kevin and Carter both scampered off to find Kevin's uncle, as Wayne watched the two pairs of butts disappear. "Damn! If I wasn't straight!" thought Wayne to himself as he chuckled.

After about ten minutes both boys returned with a tall naked man. Kevin's uncle was 37 and had dark hair. He had a little more hair on his body than Wayne, and was sporting a seven inch flaccid c***. Kevin and Carter both caught Wayne looking.

"Yep," said Kevin, "he's about the most well hung guy in our family!" This was accompanied by side-splitting laughter from Carter. Carter was soon joined by Kevin, as Wayne's face reddened.

"Come on boys," said Kevin's uncle, "lay off the straight guy. Nobody's perfect." Then the man extended a hand toward Wayne as he said, "My name's Phillip, I hope Kevin hasn't been too much of a bother. He really is a sweet kid when you get to know him."

Wayne shook Phillips hand as he replied, "He's been no bother at all. I'm grateful that he and Carter are hitting it off actually. Why doesn't everyone have a seat, and we'll dig in to lunch?"

"That sounds great!" replied Phillip. "I just hope that we aren't putting you out any."

"Not at all." said Wayne as he pointed to his large cooler. "It's completely full, and there's no way Carter and I would ever be able to eat it all."

Everyone sat down on the large blankets Wayne had spread out for their lunch. Then everyone dug into the best picnic lunch that anyone could remember having. The feast included imported cheeses, spiced meats from the U.S. And Europe, and large shrimp that had been cooked then chilled. The cocktail sauce for the shrimp had been homemade by Wayne. The cooler had kept everything perfectly chilled. All four guys ate as they talked and laughed, getting to know each other better. For dessert they had a sweet concoction that Wayne had made up from his own imagination. It had rich chocolate with sweet crunchy bits throughout, cream cheese, and a graham cracker crust. Wayne had also brought a small container of whipped cream to top it with.

When everyone was stuffed Phillip exclaimed, "Damn Wayne! It's a crying shame that you're straight. I would love to find a man who can cook like you, although I'm afraid I would soon put on weight." Everyone, including Wayne, laughed.

"I'll take that as the compliment that I'm sure it was meant as." chuckled Wayne.

"So," said Phillip, "the boys tell me that you and Carter are from Cincy. At least Kevin will have a friend when we go back there in a few weeks, although I can't say I'm looking forward to it. My family is not the nicest people there are, including my sister, who is Kevin's mother. She married a real a****** too! It makes me so mad that they ever laid a hand on my sweet nephew here."

"Are you afraid that they may try to intrude on yours and Kevin's life there?" asked Wayne.

"They better have enough sense than to try that!" replied Phillip. "They really hurt their son emotionally before he came to me. Now Kevin and me are both happy. I always thought that if I were ever able to have a son that he would be like Kevin."

"I guess you got that wish, huh?" asked Wayne with a chuckle.

"Yeah," replied Phillip, "I guess I'm about the luckiest man in the world in that way."

As Wayne and Phillip talked, Phillip found himself becoming attracted to Wayne. A certain part of his body gave him away as it gradually stiffened to ten inches. Kevin was use to seeing his uncle with an erection, but Carter and Wayne's eyes were both drawn to it. Kevin then poked Carter in the side.

"Sorry dude," said Carter, "I couldn't help staring at your uncle. I've never seen anyone that big before." Carter then turned to Phillip and said, "I'm sorry for staring sir, but you are very nicely hung. It looks so cool!"

"Thanks son." replied Phillip. "That was a very nice compliment. What do you think Wayne?"

This broke Wayne out of his stare, which caused everyone to roll over with laughter as Wayne's cheeks turned red.

"I'm sorry." said Wayne finally. "I didn't realize that I was staring."

"I'm sorry man," said Phillip, "I was just kidding again. Don't feel bad Wayne, I get that reaction from everyone when it gets erect. If I have an erection I can walk into a room full of guys and take off my pants, and not one of them would say anything. They would all be too busy staring. It's really just human nature."

"I guess you're right." laughed Wayne weakly. "I should know that, being in the profession I'm in."

"I'm just sorry that I couldn't control it better than that." said Phillip.

"Don't worry about it my friend." said Wayne. "Actually I'm kind of flattered that I caused that kind of a reaction in you, as long as you remember that I'm straight."

"You got it, my new friend." replied Phillip.

Everyone sat around and talked more, even though Phillip's erection never did go down. He finally had to excuse himself to go to the men's room and take care of it, as it had started getting uncomfortably stiff. When Phillip finally returned, everything had returned to it's normal state. The rest of the afternoon was spent with Phillip and Wayne talking, while watching Carter and Kevin play on the beach. The two men marveled at how good the two boys looked together. Finally it was time to call it a day. Kevin gave Carter a very warm hug as the two boys said good-bye for now. Wayne and Phillip settled for a handshake, but Phillip wanted to be honest with Wayne about something.

"I do want you to know something Wayne." said Phillip. "I honestly meant it when I said it was a shame that you're straight. I think you're a very attractive man. I hope this won't affect us being able to be friends though. I would like very much for us to be friends, especially when I return to Cincy. I'll need all the friends I can get there."

"I would like very much for us to be friends Phillip." replied Wayne, as he wrote his numbers down for Phillip. "I don't see any reason for your attraction to me to interfere with our friendship."

Wayne and Carter finally began the walk home, after putting their clothes back on. As they walked Wayne could tell Carter had something on his mind, but then again so did Wayne. When they arrived home Wayne put everything away, then he and Carter had a seat in the living room.

"Did you have fun today Carter?" asked Wayne.

Carter giggled as he replied, "I was going to ask you the same thing Wayne."

"It was a very interesting day to say the least." said Wayne. "I was wondering what you had on your mind on the way home though."

"I kinda like Kevin." said Carter.

"Normally that would call for a happier reaction, wouldn't it?" asked Wayne.

"Earlier today we ended up in a kind of accidental cuddle on purpose." said Carter, which got a chuckle from Wayne. "The problem was, we ended up with our hands around each other's cocks. Kevin's hand on me felt good, but it didn't feel right. Then when I tried to stroke his c***, I couldn't continue anymore. I want to be able to love someone again, but I'm kind of afraid."

"Under the circumstances I would normally say that it's understandable." said Wayne. "We did determine though that what happened to Travis wasn't your fault."

"I know," said Carter, "but that doesn't help me to not be afraid. If anything were to happen to Kevin right now, I don't know what I would do."

"It kind of sounds to me like you love Kevin." said Wayne.

"That's not possible this soon, is it?" asked Carter.

"You don't want to do things with Kevin because you're afraid something will happen to him." replied Wayne. "You're protecting Kevin, even though you would probably like things to go further. That sounds like love to me Carter."

"I just can't think of doing stuff like that so soon though." said Carter.

"Okay then Carter, look at me." said Wayne. "I could never think of doing stuff like that with another guy, but Phillip did have an effect on me today."

"Did you want to reach over and touch his c*** Wayne?" asked Carter.

"I honestly don't know." replied Wayne. "It was ...I mean, he was kind of fascinating."

"Oh oh!" exclaimed Carter. "I think we're going to have to work on you next Wayne."

"I don't really think so." chuckled Wayne. "Sure, Phillip is a very nice man and we do intend to be friends. That's all though."

"So that big beautiful piece of meat between his legs, that everyone was staring at, didn't even register?" asked Carter.

"No, not really." replied Wayne. "It's perfectly normal for guys to check other guys out. That doesn't necessarily mean that you're gay. I'm not the least bit worried about looking at Phillip's p**** today."

"Okay," said Carter, "you're the doc."

"Right," said Wayne, "and as your doctor I think you should spend a little more time with Kevin. We're going to be here for one more week, and he seems like a very nice boy."

"I'd love to!" exclaimed Carter. "But wait! Him and his uncle live near Orlando, so I guess I'll need a way to get there."

"You're about as subtle as a freight train Carter." chuckled Wayne. "Go ahead and call him later. If tomorrow is okay, we'll go to Orlando."

Carter did call Kevin that evening, and made arrangements to visit him and his uncle in Orlando. Carter went to sleep happy that night. As long as things didn't go too fast, everything should work out fine.

That was pretty close to actual sex, wasn't it? That's not what this story is about though, so it will be a little while yet. At least Wayne dealt well with the situation in this chapter, huh? Please send all comments to: Timthestoryguy10@cs.com . See you again in chapter 7.

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