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Starting Over


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Starting Over

by tim the story guy

I have decided on a way to settle the conflict between this story being listed in the no-sex section, and its natural direction. This will be the final chapter of Starting Over in the no-sex section. After this you can follow this story to the high school section as Starting Over 2: A New Chance. In that section, the story will follow its intended direction as the relationship between Carter and Kevin blossoms. Thanks to everyone who has supported this story to this point, and I hope you continue to follow its sequel.

This story is © 2004 by tim and is protected by copyright law. Please do not copy and distribute, or post this story to other sites without the author's permission. This is a fictional story. Any similarities between actual people or events are purely coincidental. This story contains relationships mostly between teen males. The sequel will contain sexual situations mostly between teen males. If this subject offends you or you should not be reading this type of story, you assume all responsibility for continuing. Please send all comments to: Timthestoryguy10@cs.com . Thanks for reading and I hope to see you again in Starting Over 2: A New Chance.

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Starting Over

by tim

Chapter 9

Wayne had never had a more exciting trip, taking Carter and Kevin back to Cincinnati. Both boys sat in the back seat all the way home, and the laughter coming from the back seat was almost constant. The only exception was when Wayne heard the unmistakable sound of the two boys kissing. Then there was the motel room in Tennessee. Wayne knew the two boys were not making love to each other yet, but the sounds they were making in their room were hilarious. It sounded like the boys were having an orgy, and Wayne was sure that the motel would never forget their visit. The next morning Wayne tried his best to shoot the boys a stern look, but when they doubled over in hysterical laughter, so did Wayne. The rest of the trip home was just as enjoyable for Wayne. He was happy to hear Carter laughing so much and having a good time, as it was a huge improvement over the Carter that Wayne first took to Florida. The only bad side of the trip was that Wayne was now missing Phillip terribly.

The first stop in Cincy was at Wayne's apartment, so he could unload his car and unhitch the trailer. After locking that up, it was off to reunite Carter with his parents. Wayne, Carter, and Kevin walked up the sidewalk to Carter's front door, and Wayne rang the doorbell. The door was answered by both Frank and Rebecca.

"Hello Frank and Rebecca," Wayne said as everyone went inside, "it's so good to see both of you again. This other young man with us is Carter's new friend, Kevin. He will be staying with me until his uncle moves here from Florida."

"Hello Mr. And Mrs. Williams." Kevin said as he offered them his hand. "It's good to meet Carter's parents."

"Hello young man." Frank replied as he shook Kevin's hand. "It's good to see that Carter already has another friend so soon after what happened. Which reminds me Wayne, me and my wife would like to talk to you alone about that."

"Of course." replied Wayne. "Carter, why don't you take your things to your room and show Kevin around while we talk?"

"Do you want me to show him EVERYTHING in my room?" Carter asked mischievously.

Wayne tried to keep a straight face as he replied, "Use your own judgment on that one." As soon as the boys had gone off laughing themselves silly, Wayne said, "He really is a great kid now that he's acting like his old self. What did you two want to talk about?"

"I can't believe the change in him!" exclaimed Frank. "We'll never be able to repay you for giving our son back to us like he was before!"

"If Frank weren't standing right here I would give you such a big hug for what you've done Wayne." Rebecca almost cried. "Oh what the hell!" Rebecca hugged Wayne as she thanked him for helping her son.

"Now, down to business." said Frank. "It's about the journal that Travis sent Carter. Rebecca and I never looked at it, because we felt that what was in there was private between Travis and Carter. However, Travis's parents weren't quite as considerate to the memory of their son. They now know that Travis was gay, and they don't want Carter to be around them to remind them of their failure as parents. That's their words, not mine or Rebecca's. We don't understand how they could feel the way they do about their dead son."

"Some people take that kind of news differently than others." replied Wayne. "You could think you know a person as well as you know yourself, but when something like that comes along they become complete strangers in the way they act. How are you and Rebecca taking what you know now?"

"We always knew that the two boys were closer than other boys would have been." replied Frank. "You would have had to be blind to miss it the way Travis's parents did. We weren't happy that Carter is most likely gay, because he's our only son. We always looked forward to being grandparents at some point, not to mention the way some people in this world will treat him, but we love our son unconditionally. We will do everything we can to see to it that Carter has every chance to be happy with his life, regardless of his sexual orientation."

"I'm so glad to hear that because Carter needs to be accepted by you two more than anyone else in his life." said Wayne. "It will be a great relief to him when you sit him down to discuss this."

"Kevin is more than just a friend, isn't he?" asked Rebecca.

"Carter lost the boy that he loved most in the world." said Wayne. "As a result he has been afraid to show his love again. I know he does have strong feelings for Kevin, and Kevin loves him very much. Carter needs to know that it's okay for him to love Kevin the way his heart is telling him to."

"We'll make sure that he knows that it's okay for him to show how his heart feels." said Rebecca.

"What you've said has answered a lot of questions for us Wayne." said Frank. "We're so lucky that you were available for Carter, and we want you to continue to be his doctor. I know you closed your private practice, but it would mean a great deal to our entire family. In the meantime we will love Carter and let him know that it's okay for him to love another boy again. If his heart is telling him that Kevin is that boy, then Kevin is welcome here anytime of the day or night. We will treat him as a part of our family as well. You see Wayne, we really do love and accept our son unconditionally."

"I wish more parents were like you two." said Wayne. "It would make my job so much easier. If Travis had been shown the same love and understanding that you have for Carter, those two boys would both be here today and as happy as they deserve to be."

"Well, we can't do anything about the mistakes that Travis's parents made, but we can make sure Carter never suffers again because of it." said Rebecca.

"I wonder how much time we should give the boys?" asked Frank.

"Well," chuckled Wayne, "if the trip up here was any indication, they're probably locked together at the lips right now!"

"I guess we better let them come back out on their own then." laughed Frank. Frank's laughter was joined by Rebecca and Wayne.

As the adults made friendly conversation in the living room, Carter was exploring the depths of Kevin's mouth with his tongue. The boys were locked in a heated kiss, while their hands gently caressed each other's body. After about thirty minutes of heavy kissing, Kevin backed off to take a breath.

"I love you so much it hurts Carter." said Kevin. "I don't want to rush you into anything, but I'm really looking forward to showing you the complete depth of my love for you."

"I know that Kevin," replied Carter, "and I really want that to happen. I'm now afraid of what my parents are talking to Wayne about though. I wish I had some way to know if we need to be careful around them."

"Do you think they might know that you were in love with Travis, and that you guys were gay?" asked Kevin.

"I'm afraid that's exactly what they may be talking about right now." Carter said fearfully. "I guess we'll know if they say they never want you around me again."

"That can never happen dude!" said Kevin. "I would never stand for it!"

"I guess we should go out there and find out." said Carter. "We might as well get it over with."

The two boys kissed once more, then straightened themselves out before returning to the adults. Carter couldn't figure out for the life of him why everyone started smiling so much when they saw him and Kevin though.

"Before Kevin and I leave, I want to set up an appointment for us to get together twice a week Carter." said Wayne. "How's Tuesday and Friday sound?"

"That's okay I guess." Carter replied with a hint of confusion in his voice.

"Good!" said Wayne. "Well, me and Kevin will let you guys have a little time alone now."

"Thanks for everything Wayne." said Frank. "You're welcome in our house anytime Wayne. And that goes for you too Kevin. As a matter of fact, we'd love to see you again tonight if you'd like to spend the night with Carter and us."

"Sure!" exclaimed Kevin. "I'll come back at eight."

"We'll see you at eight then." said Rebecca.

Now Carter was really confused by his parents behavior, but they wanted him to sit down with them after Kevin and Wayne had left. Carter thought to himself that it was time to meet his fate now. His parents were bound to really say what was on their mind now!

Frank and Rebecca sat on the sofa together, then Frank said, "I know you're almost a man now Carter, but would you humor your old man and have a seat on my lap for this?"

"Oh s**t!" thought Carter. "This is really going to be bad!" Carter nervously took a seat on Frank's lap, and Rebecca took ahold of her son's hand.

"We want you to know one very important thing Carter." began Frank. "Me and your mother love you very much. We're both very happy to have you back from Florida, and acting like your old self again. We know you loved Travis very much, and he loved you too. We could always see that in both of you boys. We tried to give you two every chance to be happy, but his parents wanted nothing to do with that. But now you have a new chance, and it's time for us to move forward. We know that it's not always going to be easy for you to be gay son, but we both will do everything we can to love and support you. Your happiness is the most important thing in the world to us, and if you can be happy loving Kevin, then he's a very welcome and important part of our family too. We love you son, as well as any boy you decide that you love."

Tears of relief and happiness flowed down Carter's cheeks as he hugged both of his parents. "I love both of you so much!" cried Carter. "I don't know how I was so lucky to have you as my parents."

Frank and Rebecca both rubbed their son's back as Carter finished releasing his emotions. Then Carter looked back up into the eyes of the two most wonderful people in the world. "I'm so happy that Wayne stopped me from doing the worst thing I could have ever considered doing. I needed to experience this moment more than anything in the world, and I'm so happy now that I have. My love for you guys will last forever, and so will my love for Kevin. I know you couldn't have wanted me to be gay, because I didn't want to be gay either. Now I can accept and embrace it though, and it means the world to me that you do too. Thanks for accepting Kevin into our lives."

Frank and Rebecca both kissed their son on the forehead, then Rebecca said, "We know that your heart is trying to tell you what is right son. It's okay for you to express your love for Kevin to him, and we will never interfere with that. We both love you no matter what. Now, will you please consider showing your boyfriend how you really feel about him before you lose this chance?"

Carter blushed slightly, then giggled, "I'll do it tonight mom. Thanks to both of you for everything, including bringing me into the world."

"Despite the rough times son, it has been a joy to watch you grow into a young man." said Frank.

Carter now had a new chance, and he wasn't about to waste one more moment of it. The first thing he had to do was prepare to spend a memorable night with his boyfriend. Carter picked out his nicest outfit and his best cologne, then hopped into the shower. After Carter cleaned himself thoroughly, he got dressed then primped himself to perfection. Then Carter looked into the full-length mirror and finally saw what everyone else saw. The person looking back at him was an incredibly irresistible boy. Then Carter went out to join his parents. Rebecca whistled as loudly as she could, which caused Carter to blush and Frank to laugh.

Then Frank said, "With you looking the way you do, I think me and your mother will get a motel room for the night when supper is over. You boys may need that much privacy!"

Carter blushed once more, and it was Rebecca's turn to laugh. Then Rebecca put her arm around Carter's shoulder and said, "There's no reason to blush honey, we know how you boys feel about each other. You are dressed very nicely, and there's no way Kevin will be able to resist you tonight. We want both of you boys to be very comfortable when you make love tonight, because you will remember this night forever. We will be back in the morning to take you two to breakfast.

Carter smiled a boyish smile and said, "Thanks mom and dad, you guys are so special."

Then the waiting began. Carter paced the floor nervously while his mom prepared supper, and his dad tried not to laugh out loud. Carter was almost a wreck when he heard Wayne pull into the driveway with Kevin. Carter immediately ran to the door, and almost dragged Wayne and Kevin into the house. When Wayne and Kevin saw Carter, Wayne's eyes bugged open slightly.

"You look very nice tonight, young man!" said Wayne.

After Kevin had finished staring, he went up next to Carter and asked softly, "Are you trying to seduce me Carter?"

"Yeah dude," replied Carter, "is it working?"

"OH yeah!" exclaimed Kevin.

Everyone finally sat down to a wonderful dinner. After Wayne complimented Rebecca on her cooking, Carter started bragging on the cuisine that Wayne had treated him to over the past month. Wayne still insisted that Rebecca's cooking was great, but she still talked him into comparing cooking skills at some time. Then it was time.

"Well boys, I'll be back in the morning to get Kevin." said Wayne. Then he smiled at both boys and added, "You boys have fun tonight." Wayne gave the boys a wink before leaving.

"Okay you two," said Frank, "you're on your own for the night. Just don't blow up the house, and we'll see you guys for breakfast." Then Frank and Rebecca left Carter and Kevin alone for the night.

The boys stared nervously at each other for a while before Kevin finally asked, "So, what do you want to do tonight Carter?"

Carter spoke with his heart as he replied, "I want us to remember this night forever Kevin. I want us to remember tonight when we're old and sitting in our rocking chairs together, looking back on our life together. I want to make love to you Kevin, and show you the depth of my love for you!"


I'm sorry this one was so short, but it's time to move on now. It's time for Carter and Kevin to share their love for each other. Once again, I hope you continue to follow this story in the high school section as Starting Over 2: A New Chance. Please send all comments to: Timthestoryguy10@cs.com . Thanks for making this story very special so far.

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