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The Talon House

Staking My Claim


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Staking My Claim

Chapter Two

by Nickolas James

Basking in the afterglow of the love Jarred and I made was always one of the best parts of being with him. Not just physically, either, but emotionally. He had an effect on me like no one else ever could, and I knew that I was falling deeper in love with him. Each moment was like a gift, and even if I could describe the sensation of his mere touch in accurate terms, I could never do it justice with words.

On the last day of school, we managed to steal a few hours to be together, and to me, they were the most sensual, magical and perfect hours of my life up to that moment. Having already decided that I was in love with him, I was easily swept away by the power of his kiss, the tenderness of his touch and the selflessness of his dedication to please me by bringing me to multiple orgasms while he stayed inside of me.

When he first showed up, I was a little shocked. I had just gotten off the bus, and was unlocking my front door to go inside when he rode up on his bike. The temperature that day was almost a hundred degrees, but with the humidity factored in, it felt like a hundred and ten. His brow was covered in sweat and I could see that his gray Element shirt with the red Earth, Wind, Water and Fire logo was sticking to his torso. He looked like a god.

I instantly boned up when I saw him smile at me, and of course, I knew what he wanted. It was the same thing I wanted. Sex. It's funny how that word makes people act. Some people can't even say it, let alone talk about it. Others flaunt their love of all things sexual. It seems like gay and straight alike have the same hang-ups when it comes to sex. There are those who act like it doesn't exist, and then there are those who have it on their minds twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Those who swear they're virgins, and those who ought to live at a free clinic because of all of the diseases they put themselves at risk of catching.

The fact that three letters from the alphabet can cause such a stir when they're put in that particular order and talked about or acted out was always something that amazed me. There's nothing more natural in the world than the act of being one with someone you care about. It's how men and women procreate. It's how men and women, men and men, and women and women say, "I love you."

It's also how a lot of people identify themselves. I've never been judgmental, but in a way, I always thought it was sad that there are those who have no respect for their bodies. Everyone is beautiful in their own way, at least in my opinion, and the fact that they feel like they have to desecrate their sacred domain in such a public way by making p*** or even just hopping around from guy to guy, or girl to girl, is awful. It makes me wonder if something happened in their lives to cause them to have such a low opinion of themselves and the worth of their bodies. Maybe they were abused as children, physically, mentally or sexually.

I guess I fell somewhere in the middle of those two categories. I wasn't a prude by anyone's standards. I mean, I had no problem talking about sex, and calling each act what it was. My mom and dad had never told me that sex was something to be ashamed of, and I think that's why I always had such an easy time relating to who I was becoming sexually. I wasn't a prude, but I wasn't a whore either. In fact, I had only given myself to one person.

Jarred Fedina. The sweet sultan of my body and heart. The symbol of my love. My one and only.

I led him through the front door and gushed as I turned the dead bolt, securing it in the locked position. No sooner had he put the kickstand down on his bike when I was all over him, running my hands over his fit, trim stomach as I felt my own body tremble with anticipation. Our lips met and in an instant, our tongues were dancing to the rhythm of our hearts. With my palms pressed to his chest, I could feel his heart pounding as his chest heaved and his arms rested on my shoulders.

"Let's go to my room," I said, momentarily breaking our passionate kiss. I pulled my hands out from under his shirt and led him up the stairs to my room, where I didn't even bother closing the door. I wasn't concerned with being caught. I knew that wasn't going to happen. Not on that day. My parents both worked in Norfolk, and the odds of either one of them making it home before four thirty in the afternoon were about as good as snow falling on that hot June day.

Once we were in my room, I wrapped my arms around his neck and we picked up where we left off. I let him guide me to my bed, where I eased my way down on my back, making sure I was in the right position for him to lie on top of me. As our kiss intensified, I moved my hands down his sides to his hips, where I traced the outer edges of his Polo jean shorts and found the button up front, the passage to my destination.

I loosened his shorts and felt him wiggle a little, helping me ease them off his hips and down to his thighs as his own fingers had begun work on my fly. When I felt the button open, I arched my back slightly to allow him the ease of sliding my pants off, exposing my hard on and my sweaty crotch. I felt a little self-conscious at first because I hadn't had a chance to shower before he came over, but he never batted an eye as he ground his stiff dick into mine while we continued to kiss.

I opened my legs while he was on top of me and let him settle between them, resting his c*** at the base of my nut sack. I longed for him to point it lower and enter me, but I could tell he wanted to fool around a little more, so I was patient. We broke our kiss and for a moment, he looked at me with the most intense, loving, tender and hungry look I had ever seen in my life. Never before had I seen all of those emotions rolled up into one expression, but in that moment, I saw things I thought I would never see again.

I smiled up at him and offered him my lips, and, returning my smile, he accepted my offering. Our lips met for a brief moment, then he moved down my body. First to my neck, where he planted sweet kisses and sucked momentarily, making me squirm with pleasure. Then to my chest, where his puckered lips danced seductively around my nipples, making them harden more than they already had. Every few seconds, he would take a brief swipe at them with his tongue, but then he would torture me by returning to the outside. Finally, like a starving child in his mothers care, he locked his lips around my left nipple and sucked, sending a jolt of pleasure through my body that was so intense I thought I was about to spend myself.

When he let off of my nipple, he moved further down, this time to my belly button. Like him, I was blessed with an outtie, and he took long, slow strokes at it with his tongue, smiling up at me from where he had his head laying on my thigh. As he licked my navel, I felt his fingers running up and down the insides of my thighs, sending shivers up my spine and making my hard on jerk on its own.

I was so close to coming at that point, that if he had laid so much as a finger on my dick we would have both been covered in my spunk, but he didn't. Instead, he lifted my legs and dragged his tongue down, making a detour around the patch of hair that was resting above my hard on and then, letting it just brush the base of my dick. When he reached my balls, he slowly took each one in his mouth and sucked gently, again sending a wave of pleasure through me that almost sent me over the edge. I could feel his fingers making their way back up my thighs, and when they reached the top, I felt them parting my butt cheeks, and I was ready for him to enter me.

As I reached down and hooked my legs with my forearms, bringing them up to my chest, I felt his tongue moving to the center of my nut sack, then it traced down the center and before I knew what was happening, I felt his soft, scratchy, warm and firm tongue lapping at my butt hole. I closed my eyes and made a fist with each hand, holding on for dear life as he again took me to the edge of no return. He had his face planted in my a** cheeks, flicking at my entrance for almost five minutes, causing me to experience a kind of pleasure I had never imagined.

Just when I thought I couldn't take anymore, he pulled off and crawled back, putting his body between my legs once more, but this time I could feel the hot head of his dick lining up with my hole, ready to push its way in. The anticipation I felt was like never before, and I knew that as soon as he was inside of me I was going to shoot my load. It was inevitable. My a** was trembling with pleasure, and it was in need of the one form of pleasure it had yet to receive.

As his hard on made its way into my a**, a sharp tingle ran up my back and caused my c*** to jerk again. When our eyes met, my heart melted. I was in love with this Adonis who was making my body quiver. I lifted my head to meet him halfway for a kiss, and as soon as our tongues met, he pulled back slowly and then pushed forward, the head of his c*** scraping my throbbing prostate, making my legs shake and my whole body tense up.

As his motioned picked up, I lost track of everything around me. I could feel a strong spasm in my a**, calling for more strokes as Jarred pulled back and pushed back in harder and harder each time. Finally, I moaned out loud and my c*** shot out long, thick ropes of cum without so much as a first touch. Jarred's motion was intensifying. Just as it seemed that I was recovering from the orgasm I had just experienced, I found myself in the throws of yet another spasm deep inside of my butt, prompting me to call out his name and grab onto his shoulders as I tried desperately to take more of his c***, but there was no more to be had. I had all of him inside of me, but my body was calling out for him to drive deeper into my a**.

I repositioned myself slightly and in a flash, my need was sated. The head of his c*** was hitting every spot I needed it to hit and my animalistic urge to be f***** even deeper was being met. I found myself thrusting back against his strokes, and in less than a minute, I was once again being taken over by the waves of yet another orgasm. My c*** was jerking wildly as cum shot out the end, but this time, as the inside of my body gripped Jarred's hardness, I felt a warm, satisfying gush of cum flooding my a**, pumping me full of the seed of my lover.

I told him to stay inside of me when he was done. I wasn't ashamed that I had, either. I wanted to feel him in me, soft or hard. I wanted his sperm to stay in my a**, and the only wish I had at that moment was that I wasn't able to turn his seed into a baby. I continued to lightly buck my hips against him, feeling his half hard c*** moving around inside of my body, cementing my feelings for him.

There was no question about it. I loved Jarred Fedina, and I was going to go to any lengths necessary to get him. When he finally pulled out of me, he surprised me by planting his face back down in between my butt cheeks and forcing his tongue back inside of my trembling hole, lapping it clean. I heard him slurping, and I suddenly realized that he was lapping the load he had shot inside of me back out of me. He had to know what he was doing to me. The pleasure was so intense that I had to close my eyes and bite my lower lip to keep from hollering out his name again.

When he was done, he crawled up next to me and wrapped his arms around me, offering me his mouth for a kiss. When we parted our kiss, we snuggled as closely as we could and closed our eyes. Falling asleep with Jarred in my arms was a feeling I would never forget. Every once in a while, I could feel him snuggle closer to me and plant a kiss on my cheek or my lips, and each time I felt it, my heart melted. I knew we were meant to be together. I just needed some time to prove it to him.

About an hour later, we were both awake again, and I knew what was coming.

"Dude, I better go," he said as he slowly extracted himself from my embrace.

"Do you think we can see each other again soon?" I asked, still awash in the feelings I was experiencing.

"I'll be back tomorrow," he said with a confident smile. "Give me a kiss."

I sat up and leaned over to kiss him, and for a moment, I let myself forget that he was about to walk out of the front door. That he was about to go back to Phillip. That he wasn't my boyfriend.

"I'll call you tomorrow," he said gently as he got up. Instead of answering, I just smiled up at him from my bed as I watched him get dressed again, knowing that the next day would bring my next chance to make him fall in love with me.

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