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Staking My Claim


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Living as close to the water as we do, you’d think that I’d spend as much free time as I could on a surf board or at least laying out on the beach. The view from my bedroom window is breathtaking. I can see the entire Southern end of the Chesapeake Bay, including the bridge that connects mainland Virginia to the Eastern Shore. It lights up at night, and I love to watch the blinking lights that guide the ships over the tunnels.

There’s a tremendous amount of marine traffic in and out of Hampton Roads. There’s amphibious Naval bases, ship yards and Marine Terminals throughout the region. Barges often use the James River to get to Richmond, and they use the Elizabeth River to access Norfolk and North Carolina. Needless to say, our area is inundated with bridge tunnels and along with them, terrible traffic.

Unfortunately, I was stuck in traffic with my mom on the Hampton Roads Bridge Tunnel looking at my watch and panicking. I was supposed to meet Jarred later on, but the way traffic was moving, I was beginning to wonder if we’d ever make it back to Virginia Beach. It always figured that when we were in Hampton, there would be a vehicle fire, an accident, or a breakdown inside the tunnel. It seemed to work the other way if we were trying to get through to the peninsula.

“What’s wrong, Andrew?” my mom asked as I sighed loudly and sat back abruptly, my usual course of action when faced with a situation I had little or no control over that was trying my patience.

“I need to get home,” I complained. “I made plans with a friend and I want to keep them.”

“Well I’m trying,” she said in a flustered tone.

“Why did we have to come this way?” I griped. “We could have gone the other way and been home by now.”

By the other way, I meant the other bridge tunnel, the Monitor Merrimac Memorial Bridge Tunnel. It was the second crossing that no one seemed to use because it came out in Chesapeake, not Norfolk, and it was a longer drive. But, like I said, no one uses it, so it’s never backed up.

“Honey, I doubt we’d be home by now,” she said cutting her eyes at me. “Besides, traffic’s moving.”

She was right. Traffic was starting to move again, but at a snails pace. We finally picked up speed and started toward the tunnel over a long stretch of bridge. Looking to the left, I could see Fort Monroe, a historic army base that was on the list of base closures for our area, which made me a little sad because of the beauty of it. From the interstate, it looked like a mediaeval battle station, complete with its own moat. Unfortunately, the BRAC commission had spoken, and a small piece of American history was going to be destroyed.

Just as we approached the entrance of the tunnel, the car in front of us put his brakes on, prompting my mom to lay on the horn and flip the driver off while I hid my face from the cars going around us. My mom had a funny way of embarrassing me in traffic. If she wasn’t causing a scene by having road rage, she was being pulled over and ticketed for speeding. I always preferred going with my dad, who at least drove like a sane person. Sure he sped a lot, but it was no where near the rate that my mom did, and he never caused a scene.

When we made it out of the tunnel, I put my head back and closed my eyes for a moment, trying to divert my thoughts away from my mom’s crazy driving. I guess if nothing else, she was getting me home faster than if she were driving normal, so I stayed quiet. Twenty minutes later, we were pulling into our driveway and I hopped out as fast as I could, using my key to get inside and going straight to my room to get ready.

Spending a Saturday with my mom in Hampton wasn’t exactly on my list of cool things to do, but I knew how she felt about having quality time alone with me. Besides, I knew Jarred was in Pungo with his dad riding his dirt bike. So I went with my mom to get a make over, and I was glad we had gone. She had one of the best hair dressers in all of Tidewater, and I was never disappointed when I went with her. Besides, it was nice to be allowed to act a little queenish in public where no one would judge me.

At home I was known as the princess. My mom and dad affectionately started calling me that shortly after I came out because I was such a queen when it came to my looks. I loved to spend hours in the morning getting ready, and I would spend close to an hour in the evening in the mirror on my face, exfoliating and cleansing my pores.

When I got out of the shower, I went to my room and got dressed, then I started on my hair. After close to twenty minutes, I was satisfied with my look, so I wandered downstairs to show it off to my mom.

“Hey kiddo,” my dad said with a smile when he spotted me. To be honest, I thought he was still off at the golf course. He used Redwing Golf Course, which is just around the corner from Jarred’s neighborhood. I’ve been with him a million times, too. I loved driving the golf cart around for him, going as fast as I could and getting us in and out of rough terrain. One time I got us stuck and he had to get out and push while I punched the gas, but he didn’t yell at me. It was one of the best days we’d had together at the golf course.

“Hi dad,” I chirped, giving him a small hug as I walked past him. “Did you have a good day on the green?”

“It was alright,” he said. “I was two under par today.”

“Not bad old man,” I joked, inciting a friendly squeeze from him on the back of my neck. I struggled to break loose by keeping myself moving and holding a defensive arm out, grabbing the arm he had attached to my neck and ducking low to make my escape.

When I broke loose I moved to the kitchen, where my mom was trimming a few leaves from the fresh herbs she was growing in the window sill.

“Oh, sweety you look so cute,” she gushed when she turned my way. She moved my way and cupped my cheeks with her hands, looking me over and studying my face before she planted a kiss on my lips. I smiled and blushed a little when she let go, and before I could speak, my dad walked up from behind and wrapped both of his arms around me.

“You getting ready to go out kiddo?” he asked, and I turned my head and nodded.

“I think he has a boyfriend, Sam,” my mom said in a playful voice as I felt my dad start to sway from side to side, swinging me with him.

“Mom,” I sighed, feeling embarrassed. “He’s just a friend for now.”

“Well if he’s smart, he’ll be your boyfriend,” she said with a smile as she gave my cheeks a squeeze. “Where else is he going to find a cutie like you?”

“Do you need some money?” my dad asked in my ear, and I nodded in the affirmative. “How much?

“Can I have forty dollars?” I asked hopefully. I felt him kiss my cheek, then he let go long enough to fish his wallet out and hand me the money.

“Are you sure that’s enough Andrew?” he asked, wrapping his arms back around me and squeezing me lightly.

“I’m sure dad,” I answered happily, putting my head back against his chest and closing my eyes for a moment, content to feel the warmth of my dad’s hug. That was a familiar position for us to be in. For as long as I could remember, he would wrap his arms around me and link them at the front, making me feel safe and reminding me who my protector was.

To say I was close to my folks would be a major understatement. I loved them both more than I could ever understand, and I knew they felt the same way about me. They were constantly showering me with affection. I mean, sure, I was probably spoiled materially, but that was nothing compared to the way I was spoiled emotionally. They could hardly keep their hands off of me, and I for one ate it up. I loved being the only child and I loved the attention I got from them.

They punished me from time to time when they felt like it was necessary, but I wouldn’t call it harsh. In fact, neither of them had raised their voices at me, much less a hand. When I was punished, it usually came in the form of being grounded or having a privilege taken away like my Ipod or my cell phone or being on AIM or MSN. But those instances were few and far between for me, and I tried to keep it that way. I loved to make my parents proud, so acting out wasn’t something I went out of my way to do.

But I was a little nervous about what they would do if they ever found out I was having sex with Jarred. I knew they didn’t think I was ready for sex. They told me so when I came out. I told them not to worry, that I was still a virgin, and at the time, I was. But that time, like my virginity, was now long gone. I had given it to Jarred Fedina, the ruler of my universe. I wanted him to meet my parents so bad, because I felt if I could convince him that if we didn’t have to hide, we would be happy. Even if we had to lie about the sex, we could still be accepted as a couple.

Jarred called right on cue, and as soon as I hung up, I said goodbye to my mom and dad and was out the door. When I rode up to the Dairy Queen by the fishing pier, I saw him already waiting for me. He was grinning at me when I spotted him, and I almost lost my balance as I felt my heart rate increase at the site of him. We wound up riding back to my block, going past my house and to the empty beach. He took his button up off and spread it out on the sand, then he sat down and patted the spot next to him.

“You look good tonight,” he said sweetly as he took my hand. The sun was going down, giving the night sky a purple tint that accentuated my mood.

“You look good too, Jarred,” I said as I leaned into him, resting my head on his shoulder, taking in the aroma of Hugo Boss that was barely present on his neck. I knew he loved to spray it on his balls, mainly because he knew I’d be down there before the night was over. “You smell so good too.”

With that, he wrapped his arm around my shoulder and leaned into me, pressing the top of his head gently against mine. I turned to face him, and in a moment that couldn’t have been more serene, our lips met.

I felt a charge of energy run through my body as his other arm came up and moved around my neck, pulling me closer to him and urging me on. Our tongues started to dance to a rhythm that no one could hear but us, and as we lay back, my hard on pressed against my jeans. I felt Jarred’s hard on doing the same thing, and soon my need to feel his hardness dominate my body was overwhelming me.

I slid my hand down his pants and abruptly undid his fly, making his dick more readily accessible to me. When I wrapped my hand around it, my whole body started to tremble with excitement. I slowly stroked him as we continued our kiss, and before I knew what was happening, I felt the cum rising up his shaft. I continued stroking until I felt the explosion dripping from my hand. I brought the creamy treat to my mouth and broke our kiss long enough to slurp it all up, then I moved back down to his c*** with my hand, trying to milk the remaining sperm from him.

I was desperate to feel him inside of me, but it was too risky to do it on the beach. We were in a private area of the beach, but it was open to all residents, and the last thing I needed was for one of our neighbors to catch me with my legs in the air and a dick in my a**. So, I let up and sighed, resigned to the fact that we were going to have to find a safer place to f**k.

My house is pretty big. Big enough, in fact, that when my parents are in one part of the house, I can normally move about un-noticed if I want to. But sneaking Jarred up to my room when my mom and dad were in the dining room talking about Halloween decorations was stupid. But as stupid as it was, I had to at least try. I was horny, and I had no problem with doing what I had to do in order to sate my needs.

“Andrew this is crazy,” he whispered as we crept through the front door. The alarm chirped, and I was sure my plan was ruined, but as I peaked around the corner, I noticed that my mom and dad were sitting at the table drinking wine and holding hands, so I lightly tip toed back to the front entrance way and led Jarred up the stairs to my room.

When we got there I closed the door and locked it. I had decided that nothing was going to stop me from letting him take me, and if that meant locking my parent’s out until I was satisfied, then so be it. I didn’t care at that point if they had heard the sounds of my bed rocking and come up the stairs to pound on my door. I had resolved that I was horny and I was getting laid. I’d deal with the consequences later.

I turned my stereo on, and played Franco Un-American by NOFX for Jarred. As soon as the music started, I resumed my previous position with him, locking my lips to his as I frantically ripped my pants off. I wasn’t even worried about my shirt. Just my pants, so I could make sure he had easy access to my a**. I felt him moving toward my bed, so I moved with him and let him lay me down as I worked to unbutton his pants.

When I was all the way on my back, I lifted my legs and practically guided his hard to my a**, holding it with my hand and lining it up with my opening. When it was where I wanted it to be, I grabbed his hips and pulled him into me, feeling his c*** enter me. When he was buried inside, I started to thrust back against him in an animalistic fashion. He grinned down at me and started to thrust on his own.

“Do it hard,” I commanded him, and he acquiesced, putting a force behind each thrust that only increased my need for more. I tightened up around his hard on, and in a flash, my legs started to shake violently as I deposited my load between us. I scooped it up and held it out to him, letting him lap it from my palm as he continued to thrust his hardest, scraping against my prostate and sending shivers up my spine as I called out for him to f**k me all night.

When our tongues started to dance again, I felt the familiar burning deep inside of my a** that grew more intense as the moments passed, and soon I couldn’t fight the inevitable. My legs started to jerk uncontrollably and my eyes rolled back in my head as I once again spilled my seed, my butt muscles contracting with tremendous force. Before my second orgasm was over, I felt Jarred erupt inside of me, flooding my a** with a torrent of sperm as his tongue pressed hard against mine.

When it was all over, we lay prone. He didn’t move to pull out right away, and in a moment of sheer passion, I smiled sweetly at him and said, “I love you.”

“I love you too,” he said, melting my heart and giving me hope. I lifted my head and kissed him again, slipping my tongue back in his mouth and in no time, I felt him harden inside of me. He started a slow stroke, and soon, he was back to his long, hard thrusts, sending me over the edge again. I felt him cum inside of me one more time, then he slipped out and wrapped his arms around me as I slipped into a deep slumber.

I opened my eyes when I heard his cell phone ringing. He sat up and in a panic we turned my lamp on so he could find it. He stumbled around for a moment while his ring tone continued to blare out before he finally found it. I glanced at my alarm clock and in an instant, I didn’t have to wonder who was calling him.

“I know it’s past midnight,” he said defensively. “Sorry, I fell asleep, dad.... No I’m at Kyle K’s house.”

I relaxed a little and got up to look for his clothes when a knock at my bedroom door told me I had troubles of my own. The next sound I heard was my moms voice, and she sounded tired.

“Who’s in there with you, Andrew?”

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