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My feet were killing me. There was no denying that. I had been on them all day, climbing hills and standing still waiting patiently in lines that seemed to stretch for miles. It was hot, and even though I had dressed for the weather, I was really uncomfortable. The fact that Jarred was at my side made things better, though. The fact that my dad was right there with us sucked.

Busch Gardens in Williamsburg is a pretty large park. It gets bigger every season, too. The number of out of state and even international visitors the park has every day is astronomical, but I’d be willing to bet that there are just as many locals who frequent the park each day. It was fairly close by and easy to go to once a week if I had chosen to do so. My mom and dad bought me a summer passport, meaning I had an unlimited number of visits all summer long, visits I was bound to waste. There was no way I was going to spend day after day climbing the steep, long hills that the park was built around.

But Jarred and I had made plans to spend the day together, and surprisingly, my parents were the impetus behind them. I was halfway expecting them to tell me never to see him again, especially after the fiasco in my room. I just knew they’d never trust me again. Jarred and I were scrambling to get dressed while my mom was talking to me through the door, wanting to know who was in my room, and I knew I was busted.

“Who’s in there with you, Andrew?” she asked in a rather calm voice, but I was in a panicked state. I felt so vulnerable at that moment, more vulnerable than I had ever been in my life. Just a minute before, I had been resting comfortably in Jarred’s arms, feeling a measure of contentment that I had never felt before. I had slept in my bed with him before, and he always held me close when we were done making love, but this time was different.

Perhaps it was because I was already tired from the day I had. It was late, and we had been going at it for quite a while. In fact, Jarred didn’t spend himself inside of me for the last time until around ten thirty, then he wrapped me up in his arms and we both fell asleep until his cell phone woke us up. I imagine that his cell phone was what woke my parents up, too, because that was the precise moment my mom had come to my door.

While we were both dressing I heard my dad’s footsteps coming across the hallway to my door, and I knew it was only going to get worse.

“Buddy what’s going on in there?” he asked, as I slid my shirt on over my head in a rush.

“Nothing dad, I’m okay,” I called out.

“Who’s in there with you, son?” he asked in a firm voice, then he added, “Open the door.”

As soon as Jarred was dressed, I did what I was told. It was the most awkward moment I had ever been in with my parents. There I was, standing in between the two people who raised and nurtured me, who had given life to me, and the guy I was in love with. The guy who had just been in my bed. The guy who’s embrace felt like gold. The guy who had given me orgasm after sweet orgasm. The guy who had given me the gift of his own seed deep inside of me, the seed that was still embedded deep in my body. I could feel it there.

“Who’s this?” my dad asked a little accusingly. My only reply was to put my hands in my pockets and look down. “Well? I asked you a question, son. Who is this?”

I cleared my throat and tried to meet his eyes, but it was too hard. I darted my eyes back down to the floor and shrugged, feeling humiliated and scared at the same time. I knew I was in trouble, but for whatever reason, I was giving more thought to the fact that Jarred was trapped in my room. My mom and dad were standing in the doorway, and I knew that until I gave them some answers, he was unlikely to be leaving anytime soon. Then his cell phone rang again.

“Dad I’m on my way,” he said as he put the phone to his ear, then he sighed. “I’m trying to wake up, and I’ll be right home.”

When he hung up, he looked at my parents, who knew he was lying, with fear. I honestly felt like he was the bravest person on the face of the planet at that moment. Not only had he held his ground with his dad by keeping his story straight, he did it in the presence of my parents, who he had to know already had a less than favorable opinion of him. He had more guts than anyone I knew, and I loved him more for it.

I heard my mom sniffing, and I looked back up at her, and I saw her nose moving around as she turned it toward my bed, where the smell of sex was strong. I wanted to either die or disappear at that moment, knowing that she was very aware of what we had been doing in my room. My dad gave me an expectant look, and I finally spoke up.

“This is Jarred,” I said in a small voice, almost on the verge of tears. I didn’t want to cry in front of Jarred. I didn’t want him to see me be weak. But that’s how I felt, especially in the presence of my parents, who both looked outraged.

With that, my dad cleared his throat and nodded his head at Jarred, who nodded back at him. It seemed almost defiant on his part, but he still did it. He didn’t waver, either, when my dad started to move toward my dresser, where he rested an arm and crossed his feet as he stood and surveyed the two of us.

“Well Jarred,” he said in a calm voice. “It’s nice to meet you, but it’s getting late. I’m sure you need to get home, and it’s past Andrew’s curfew. Do you need a ride home?”

“No sir,” Jarred said confidently as he grabbed his wallet and stuffed if into his back pocket. “My bike’s in the garage.”

“I’ll open the garage door for you,” my dad said, standing up straight and letting Jarred walk past him. I watched sadly as Jarred walked out of my room without a word, my dad hot on his heals. I wondered to myself what was going to happen when he left. I wondered how long I was going to be grounded, and what privileges I would lose.

I listened closely as the sound of their footsteps moved down the stairs and toward the kitchen, where the door to the garage was. I heard the door open and close, then I heard the sound of the garage door going up. When it came down, I knew Jarred was gone.

Forever, I was afraid.

My mom and I stood in silence while all of this was happening, and I wondered what was going through her mind. I looked down at my bare feet and curled my toes, cracking the joints. When I heard my dad come back inside, I fidgeted nervously, waiting for him to confront me about having Jarred in my room. The closer his footsteps came, the more nervous I got. When he walked in to my room, my legs felt like they wanted to give out, but I stood up and waited for my fate to befall me.

“Andrew, it’s late,” he said in a matter of fact tone. “You need to go to bed, son.”

With that, they were gone. There was no confrontation. No questions. Just a simple request that I turn in for the night. I was beside myself.

The next morning I was up early, wondering how Jarred was doing. I was worried that he might have found himself in trouble at home, especially for being out so late. But putting that aside, I was more worried about what would be said when my parents woke up. I was too nervous to think about it. My experience told me that my dad was most likely furious with me, and needed to calm down, so he chose not to make an issue out of it the night before. But I knew that didn’t mean I was in the clear.

I was a little shocked that they were already up when I came downstairs, and neither of them were acting as if there was something wrong.

“Morning bud,” my dad said as soon as he saw me coming down the stairs. I was still tired, and I had done nothing to make myself presentable. My hair was a mess, I had sleep in my eyes, I was still in my PJ’s and I had morning breath. Knowing all of this, he still patted the spot next to him on the couch as I came into the living room, wanting me to sit next to him.

I took my spot and he immediately wrapped an arm around me, pulling me close to him so I could snuggle up to his chest while I found my bearings. I yawned loudly and stretched my legs out, then I curled them up underneath my body just in time to notice that my mom had taken the spot on the other side of me. She gave me a good morning kiss on the cheek and ran her fingers through my hair one time before she took a sip from her coffee mug.

“Are you hungry, buddy?” my dad asked, and I nodded sleepily.

“Well daddy’s going to Krispy Kreme,” my mom said softly. “Do you want to go with him?”

I shrugged my shoulders and yawned again, not really interested in moving from my comfortable spot on the couch with my parents. Somehow, though, I knew they were doing this for a reason.

“I’ll go get dressed,” I yawned, but my dad stopped me.

“You don’t have to buddy,” he said. “Just get some shoes on. We’re using the drive thru.”

“Okay, dad,” I said, lifting my head from his chest and stretching my arms one more time before I slid on a pair of flip flops and walked out the door with my dad.

The ride to Krispy Kreme was uneventful for the most part. Occasionally my dad would ask me a question about my plans for the summer, and if I planned to stay in the Boy Scouts, but it was mainly quiet. When we got there, the line was wrapped around the building, so we had a long wait that I was dreading.

I felt my dads hand grab mine out of nowhere, and when I looked over at him, he was smiling warmly at me. I gave his hand a squeeze and smiled back, then I relaxed against my seat.

“So let’s talk,” he said out of the blue, and with a sigh, I said, “Okay.”

Without letting my hand go, he turned in his seat and positioned himself so that he was looking straight at me, then he started.

“So tell me about Jarred, son,” he said, and I immediately stiffened up. He could sense it right away, too, because he squeezed my hand and tried to sooth me.

“Andrew, you’re with dad,” he said. “There’s nothing we can’t talk about, son. So tell me about him.”

He made it sound so simple. He was my dad and I was his son, and for that reason, he wanted me to spill my guts about Jarred to him. I had no idea where to start, either. I figured I could have started with us meeting at Food Lion, and maybe from there, I could move on to the day he came over and we came out to each other.

There was so much more I wanted to tell my dad, though. I wanted him to know about the way I felt when Jarred smiled at me. How warm I felt when he held me close. How content I was just to hold his hand and taste his kiss. How much I loved him.

Krispy Kreme has pretty good donuts, especially when they’re hot. Of course, they no longer make my favorite donut, the Sour Cream. There was something special about that donut, but one day it was just gone. There was no explanation, either. One day I had a Sour Cream donut melting in my mouth, taking its moist, creamy, sweet presence for granted, and the next day, it was no more.

So I had to switch up.

My replacement donut was the Raised Glazed. Much like the Sour Cream, it was moist and sweet, and in its own special way, it was creamy too. I always appreciated how the raised cake turned to dough in my mouth the longer I chewed on it, too.

My dad ordered three Raised Glazed for me, three Raised Chocolate for himself and six Chocolate Cake donuts with rainbow sprinkles, my mom’s favorite. With our dozen donuts in hand, we drove home. On the way, my dad continued to press me for information about Jarred.

I told him how we met, and I told him how things had progressed between us. I could tell he was disappointed that I hadn’t been up front about Jarred from the beginning. If there was one thing I should have known, it was that I had no reason to lie to my mom and dad. They had never given me a reason before, and I felt a little ashamed of myself when I realized that he’d figured out what I was doing.

“So you really like him, huh?” he asked me with a smile as we got closer to our street.

“Yeah,” I said quietly, wondering how he was remaining so calm about the fact that I was telling him about a guy he and my mom basically caught me having sex with the night before.

“Well why don’t you take him to Busch?” he suggested, and I had to blink and shake my head.

“Are you serious?” I asked cautiously.

“Sure bud,” my dad said with a casual shrug. “I can take a day off and take you guys up there. We have passports. I can get him in.”

I sat still in my seat and looked at him, absorbing what he was telling me. I was having trouble computing it all. My dad was offering to take me and Jarred to Busch Gardens. When it dawned on me that he was dead serious, I smiled at him and said, “Okay.”

When we got inside, I sat and ate in silence while my dad told my mom the plan. She seemed overly eager to accept, making me think that she had something to do with the whole idea, Still, I was grateful for the gesture, and I made sure that I showed them my appreciation.

Much to my relief, they didn’t ask any embarrassing questions about sex. I always thought it would be easy to talk to them about it, but for whatever reason, I felt self-conscious about it. As soon as we were done eating, I called Jarred on his cell to tell him what was said.

On the way back from Williamsburg, my dad spoke up from across the bench in his truck, which we had used for our trip.

“You know you’re welcome to spend the night,” my dad said, leaning over to address Jarred. I silently gawked, not believing what I had heard, but the warm smile on my dad’s face said he was serious. I turned and looked at Jarred, wondering what was going through his mind, and what I saw was another calm, comfortable smile. He even looked a little grateful for the offer.

“I’d have to call my folks and ask,” he said politely. “But yes sir, I’d love to. Thank you for taking us today, Mr. Stout.”

With that, I grabbed his hand and held it the rest of the way home. My head was spinning, wondering if my mom was behind this offer too. As I held Jarred’s warm hand in mine, he and my dad talked about his dirt bike. He seemed so proud to talk about the horsepower, and the power band, as well as the jumps he took out in Pungo. My dad seemed impressed, too, and talked about his teenage years, when he had a dirt bike of his own.

We called my mom on the way home and asked her what she was hungry for from Wendy’s, then we pulled into the drive thru and got our food. Jarred had been trying to give my dad money all day, but he refused it at every turn. The only chance he had to spend his own money was when the two of us were away from him for a few hours at Busch. He tried one more time at Wendy’s to hand my dad some money, but again, my dad wasn’t having it.

When we were back at my house, Jarred used his cell to call his parent’s and ask to stay over. He didn’t have a hard time getting them to say yes. He might have been on the phone for about two minutes, and most of that was him telling them about his day. When he got off the phone, we sat down to eat our burgers, fries and chicken strips and we told my mom about Busch. The subject changed to Jarred’s parents, and then to the school Jarred went to.

As it got later, my parent’s headed up to their room. It was a weekday, and they both had to work the next day so that left Jarred and I alone for the first time since the incident in my room.

“Wow Andrew, your parent’s are cool,” he said sweetly. “You’re so lucky, dude.”

I blushed a little and took his hand, leading him to the couch where we had cuddled so many times before. He sat down and I took the spot next to him, leaning in and relaxing against him. The scent of Hugo Boss still lingered on his neck, and I took it in slowly as I buried my nose in his neck. I felt his arms wrap around me and squeeze tightly, so I lifted my head to meet his eyes and soak up his smile.

“I had fun today, Andrew,” he said softly. “I’m so glad we got to spend this time together.”

“Me too,” I said dreamily, leaning in for my reward, a long, deep french kiss. It didn’t take long to stir up our libido’s, and in no time at all, I was leading him to my room.

I closed the door behind us and locked it, then I sexily strutted over to him. I dropped to my knees and unbuttoned his pants, taking his hard c*** out and stroking it a few times before I accepted him into my mouth.

I took him all the way into the back of my throat, then I used my muscles to milk him for all he was worth. When I was satisfied that he was ready to shoot, I pulled off and stood up, leading him to my bed. I stripped down to nothing before I climbed in, then I let him take me.

That night, I fell asleep in Jarred Fedina’s arms, just like I had the last time. The only difference was, we didn’t have to worry about his cell phone ringing. His parent’s weren’t expecting him home that night. We also didn’t have to worry about my parent’s knocking. They knew we were in my room, and what we were up to. So, when he pulled out of me and wrapped me in his arms, I was able to do the one thing I hadn’t been able to do since the day I hooked up with him.

I spent the night in the arms of my love.

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