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Here's a collection of stories and poems by a young author.

Earth Reborn

The Thoren came to the Earth releasing a virus that kills all females. Thoren ensnare the male race. This is the struggle of Khore to find himself and create a new world for those that remain. This is my first story in its third revision. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I have writing it. Many thanks to Sterling for his AWESOME editing. Without him, this story wouldn't be what it is.


My first poem submission. A little dark, but maybe you'll like it.

Midnight's Rainbow

Sentenced by his father's wrath, Asher's wings are cut and he is thrown to Earth as punishment. The origin of Vampires and the creatures of the night are lit in a new moon's light. His Mother, The First, exacts a similar sentence and only when the father forgives might they return to Haven. Until then, he is cursed to walk through eternity. Not mortal, not human, not vampire, welcome to a new race. The Slegna.

The Druid

Ty is one of the few remaining druid, and has been brought up in the old way. It is the year of fire, and he has many challenges to face. Starting his Junior year for the first time at a public highschool after being homeschooled since birth brings many challenges, disappointments, and finally love. Can he save the world?

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