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Christmas Spare


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Christmas Spare

(No One is real here, just a story.fiction. if your name is the same. tough luck! changes it to Daffy and Bugs!)

I awoke Christmas eve morning after the office party! A hangover to boot, I slowly got up to take a shower, trying to recall all that happened at the party. I remember chatting with Lynda and Roy the office workers and joking around.

The boss was in a jolly mood. Wish he was like that all year long, but as you normally know that is not gonna be!

My name is Lucas Newman. I am a go between worker at a computer business. Not much to do except hearing everyone complain about their day. Or how dumb Bubba is about a pc! Or how this one fool around or this one has a man! I learn one day that man was my boyfriend!? That would be nice. If it was true. And was a shock to me that anyone thought I was gay! Which I am, but thought I hid it well.

Since no one seem to give a damn, I outed myself. Still no one cared!

They are so wrap up in their day to day lives they hardly notice.

I like this one guy at work. His name is Tony Graham, good looking, sweet and ruggy. Hairy chest, slim and head full of light brown hair.

I wanted to get to know him at the party, but was afraid he would think I was coming on to him. So i kept my distance.

The party was long, but nice. Everyone seem to enjoy the fun of the season, and mostly i think because of the boss's mood. Last thing I recall was him singing "Jingle Bells". Let me explain this way. The Singing Dogs was in tune at least!

That the last I remember, next thing I remember is that I was in bed with Tony!?

This had to be a dream? No way i was in bed with him at my house?

I thought about this dream as I clean up in the shower being alone most of the time. I knew it was one of many dream that I'd dreamt over the years!

Meanwhile back at the office that morning, everyone seem to be in the regular "why did i drink that much mood". Hangover can make you feel that way.

The boss was back to normal. Except his was not talkling as much today. someone said he must have strain his voice singing last night! Everyone giggle, not too loud in case he could hear us.

After work I went christmas shopping. Brought a few things for my mom and dad, two brother and three sisters. they know about me. I think they. Knew before i did!? I come from what was known as a "hipple family" even my dad ask if i found a guy yet!

Sometime I think I'm not so gay. Gift wrapping is not something I do well so I let the store wrap them for me. Plus the hangover is not gone as much as i wanted it to be.

So home I go. Ten boxes wrap in hoilday glory in my arms as i try to open the door to my house, except someone open it for me?

Hi! i thought you never get home?

It was Tony!?? How did he get in my house?

I must have look so shock. His face turned worry looking!

Tony! i said. how did you get in?

Err, don't you remember!

Well err no i don't?

Tony look down toward the floor, "oh man" you must have really been out of it last night!?

I look at him, feeling sick at myself for his downcast look on his face the guy I dream about look as if he wanted to hide

You invited me to move in, you gave me the extra key to the house!

I gulp, I tried to remember that!. But no use. Everything was cloudy.

"Wait Tony. Help me put this stuff in the house please!. Then we will talk."

He grab a few boxes carefully. Put them on the dinner table. Then turn to face me as I put the rest there.

Listen Tony, I'm sorry. I have to confuss I don't remember much after the few drinks I had. So please be honest with me. what happen?

Well, Lucas. Lynda and Roy said we should get together and talk so we did. I had a few myself. You invited me here and i accepted.

After we made love.

WHAT!! I hollar. you mean we.....

Yes we did! You and I, on your bed last night.

Oh god Tony! I didn't make you do anything you didn't want to do did I?

No Lucas, I wanted to be here.

You did? You really wanted to be here!


I sat down and took a deep breath.

He ask if I was okay.

I said yes. I think!?

"So what else happen?" I ask.

"You ask me to move in."

"I did?"

"Yes you did."

I shug my shoulder and said, "Welcome home."

He look shock, "You mean I can stay!"

"yeah you can, I mean. I'm not unhappy at all. I'm really happy. This is something I dreamt about."

"You do!? You really dream of this?"

"Yeah, I did. Hope you don't find that strange!"

"No I don't, I was feeling like you didn't find me to be anyone you liked to be with. Honest. I was so happy when I woke up this morning, I got dress and hurry home to change clothes to get to work, then when work was over, I quickly went to my place to pack and came here."

I look at his handsome face, he look like a 19 year old, except he was 26. and he look happy! So was I.

I said, So welcome home tiger! I'm glad to have you here in my life!"

"Me too," he reply.

It was two week before christmas, we slept together. Made love and woke up in each other arms every morning.

Each day we work, come home fix dinner, go christmas shopping as it turned out, his family knows about him too. Now they know about us, my folk as well. They all seem happy except for some in his and mine. They seem to act as if we were aids waiting to happen, heck with them. We both agree the cousins were not always our favorite in the family anyway. Most are. But a couple here and there are not, it their problem we thought!

Christmas Eve was a blast. We had the traditional eggnog and treats at my family, then later at his. We were careful not to get too drunk for we had to get up early and join everyone the next day.

As we laid in bed that night, I heard him kinda "sigh" then a bit later he seem to be crying!?

I leanED over and saw that he was.

"Hey babe! What's wrong?"

He slowly turnED to face me.

"I lied," he said.

"About what!?"

"About being here after the office party that night!"

I took a few seconds to think, then i look at him and ask what he meant.

"You got drunk. I drove you home. I got here and walk you to the door. I had a time trying to find the keys in your pocket, once I did I got you inside and laid you on the bed."

"I still had the keys in my hand. While you were passed out, I went to Wal-Mart and got a spare key made and hopeD that you didn't remember that you didn't have a spare!"

I lean back. I thought. "No, I didn't have a spare!

"Come to think of it Tony, I did not."

"Yeah, I noticed, but I was worried you would think about that later."

"So what's the problem Tony?"

What's the problem!? I lied! I told you a lie."

So, are you saying you lied about how you felt about me?

No!! That'S not a lie. It's just I thought you never notice me. I was crazy about you, still am. Lydna and Roy at work knew I was."

"Can I be honest with you Tony?"


"I didn't think you were gay, I dream about you many night I thought about you, I felt lonely when you were not here with me. it was tearing me apart."

"You see Tony, you didn't really lie to me, you admitted that you wanted me to notice you, I did."

"So is that all!??"

"Yeah, that'S all. Except I made up the story when you got here with all those present's."

"No sweet babe, I'm glad that you made a spare set of key's You are the best thing that ever happened to me."

He smiled, lean up and kiss me.

"Glad you are my Christmas spare, Lucas!"

"I'm glad you are too, Tony."

The next day we made the roundS, wrapping all over the floor at both houses. Ate till we could not hardly walk without leaning on each other for support.

Then back home where we laid in each other arms, loving every minute we were together. The kissing was so fine!

It's been a few years now. We moved to a newer house, nicer, bigger. But more home feeling.

Over the mantle of the fireplace there is a picture frame with a key in it. The spare key Tony made. He gave it to me as a christmas gift the first christmas we spent here to remind us of the love and joy we shared since that night he went to the store to make the spare.

Not a day goes by that I don't look at that frame!. It reminds me of the dream that I had.

I kiss it in front of him every christmas. Thankful for a little white lie and a christmas spare.


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