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The Talon House

Staking My Claim


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Staking My Claim

Chapter Six

by Nick

From my bedroom window the view is spectacular. I’m not bragging about it, I’m just saying, I have a full view of the ocean and all of the ships coming in and out of the Chesapeake Bay. I’ve had the same view for as long as I could remember, though, so it’s never been a big deal to me. Sometimes I catch myself looking out onto the water in the middle of a boring afternoon and wondering where the water could take me if I had a boat. The reflection off the water at night is pretty, but in my opinion, it’s nothing compared to the sun drenched waves that I can see at noon.

I often find myself dreaming about pirates and sailboats. I can practically feel the cool water against my fingertips as I imagine dipping my hand in the water as my boat sailed along, heading to parts unknown in search of adventure and romance. In that image, there’s not a care in the world. There’s no school, no homework, no rules and no Phillip Cassiante.

They say opposites attract, and in the case of Jarred and I, they were right. As much as I love to gaze out my window on a sleepy afternoon, he loves the night sky. I’ve never seen anyone look so longingly toward the sea in my life. The lights were off in my room and we were fully dressed, much to my chagrin. Jarred and I were on our knees on my bed, resting on the sill of my window and watching the ships pass. I was concentrating on Jarred, trying to get inside his head and figure out what he was thinking, but it seemed like he had built a wall that I couldn’t seem to penetrate, even if it were only for a moment.

Almost as if he were in a trance, he gazed out toward the blinking lights that guide the ships in and out of the choppy waters of the Chesapeake. Perhaps the lights had him hypnotized, or maybe he was looking for something else. Or possibly, I feared, he was missing Phillip.

I didn’t dare intrude on his moment, though. He was in another realm, and I felt like he needed some space. It wasn’t really a feeling of wanting to be alone that I got from him. It was more a feeling of knowing that he was thinking about something private, and I wasn’t about to push him into talking about it if he didn’t want to.

Personally speaking, I’m the kind of person who needs privacy. I’m fairly open with my mom and dad, naturally, but with others, even Jarred, there are some things that I keep to myself. It’s like I have to have that one private place in my mind that I can escape to for a little alone time. It has nothing to do with my sexuality, either. I’d say more or less, it has to do with my need to shut the world out at times.

If I’m mad at my parents I tend to want to be alone so I can go to that place. I close my bedroom door and lie on my bed with my music on, then I drift away. Sometimes at school if I have nothing better to do, I find myself there by default. Geography is one of the classes where that happened to me a lot. I tended to finish my assignments in that class early, and Mr. Elrich, my freshman Geography teacher, always seemed too busy to engage us anymore than he absolutely had to. That left my time at the tale end of that period open, and I would find myself lost in thought until the bell rang and it was time to head to sixth period Drama.

In the dark with Jarred, though, my mind was on him and what I wanted him to do with me that night. I glanced over at him and smiled, noticing the wondrous look on his face, then I let my gaze travel out to the water he was transfixed with. Out of nowhere, I felt his palm on the back of my neck, causing me to release a small sigh of contentment. I eased my body a little closer to him and let him wrap his arm over my shoulder, then I leaned into him and let my head rest on his shoulder. The warmth of his touch was magical as we watched the steady stream of cargo ships drifting in and out of the bay, going to and coming from God knows where.

“It’s pretty, isn’t it?” he said, breaking the silence as our faces touched at our cheeks and we created a small amount of friction between them by rubbing back and forth against each other. “I’m going to have a boat one day. I want that to be me out on the water.”

Instead of a verbal reply, I turned my head a little bit and kissed his cheek, eliciting a smile from him that filled me up with a warm, emotional feeling. I felt his embrace tighten, so I melted into his body, letting him guide me down to the foot of my bed, where we found ourselves in a lip lock. As we kissed, I felt his fingers run through my hair and send a chill up my spine as I anticipated where our make out session was going to lead. Our lips parted and as I lay still in my pre-orgasmic blur, I felt him move to my neck. The very tip of his tongue was teasing my skin, driving me crazy and making me whimper with desire. He lightly blew in my ear, then he enveloped my earlobe in his mouth and sucked on it while he massaged it with his tongue, and I almost shot a load in my drawers.

“Do you want to go to a party?” he asked out of the blue, letting my earlobe go for a moment.

“A party?” I asked, a little surprised by the proposition. “Where at?”

“At Kyle K’s,” he said as he moved his face back down to my neck, where he continued the assault with his tongue.

“Okay” I said, unable to resist his charms at the moment. “I just have to tell my folks and get ready. Do we still have time for...”

Before I could finish, he had his tongue in my mouth. I reciprocated his gesture and felt my head spin as he unbuttoned my pants. I lifted my hips and let him work them off my hips and past my thighs, then I finished the job for him by using my legs to kick them off.

I wanted to return the favor but before I could think, he grabbed me at the hips and rolled me over so I was lying on my stomach. I felt his hands, still on my hips, guiding my a** up into the air, so I rested my head on my pillow and smiled as I waited for him to work his magic.

He moved his hands from my hips to my a** cheeks, which he parted for easier access as I moaned seductively. I felt his tongue again, this time in the valley of my a** crack, raking over my hot, quivering a****** and causing my body to quake in delight as he relentlessly lapped at it. The strokes of his tongue were becoming more forceful as they increased in frequency and my legs started to tremble.

At just the right moment, he had his hard dick up to my entrance and pushed. I shuddered as he buried his shaft deep within my body, letting it settle deep inside of me as my horny a** gripped and flexed around it. Finally he started to move back and forth with long strokes that made me moan loudly and bite my pillow. The pleasure I was experiencing was intense, and it was spreading all over my body with sharp jolts, causing me to push back with my hips, trying to meet his powerful thrusts. I felt his right hand reach around and grab my c*** at the base, then he started to stoke it and I lost my mind.

“Oh s**t,” I panted as my eyes rolled back in my head. His hand seemed to be moving in time with his dick, and the feeling that was building inside of my body was overwhelming my senses. Before I knew what was going on, I was swept away by a powerful orgasm that brought on a long, loud moan that I didn’t know I had in me. It was as if I had no control over my faculties, and Jarred seemed to be capitalizing on my weakened state of mind and body. His c*** seemed to be moving back and forth inside of my spasming a** with more force and his fist, which was dripping with my cum, seemed to tighten around my hard on, which was still overflowing with cum.

Just when I thought I couldn’t stand anymore, I felt his c*** jerk inside of me and in a blast, he was filling my a** with a warm load that didn’t seem to end. He released my dick and grabbed both of my hips as his pace quickened and his body shuddered. I heard him groan just as my moans were starting to subside, and then he collapsed on top of me.

His hard dick was still filling me up, and his load felt like it was swimming around inside of my a**, looking for an egg to attach to for fertilization. Of course nothing would have made me happier at that moment than to be impregnated by Jarred Fedina, but I knew better. Still, I knew it was okay to dream.

“That was the best,” he said as he kissed my back and began to pull out. As soon as his dick left me, he parted my a** cheeks again and moved back in with his tongue, and I knew what he was doing. I felt his load start to roll out of my a**, and he was right there, sucking it all up and pleasuring my a** at the same time by lustily rimming it while he consumed his seed. I heard him slurp the last of it into his mouth, then he moved to lie down on my pillow.

I greedily moved in for a long kiss, eager to let him share the contents in his mouth with me. As our tongues danced again, I tasted his delicious seed and sighed contentedly as his hands moved down my back and over my a** cheeks. When we broke our kiss, I moved down his body, leaving a trail of kisses along the way. When I reached his semi hard c***, which was still sticky with cum, I attacked it with reckless abandon. I licked it up and down, then I sucked it into my mouth, trying to get it down my throat without gagging. I had actually gotten pretty good at deep throating Jarred’s c***, but sometimes I still gagged a little. Still, I was a dedicated cocksucker for him, and I loved the feeling of his veiny hardon moving back and forth between my lips as my tongue lapped at its length from its underside.

By the time I got his dick to go down my throat, he had stiffened up again, so I reveled in the ecstasy I was feeling as I continued to blow him. His juicy hardon was turning me on in a way I couldn’t describe, but it was definitely intense. Especially when I felt it jerking in the back of my throat as I continued my back and forth motion. The longer I did it, the more turned on I felt, and before I knew it, I got my reward.

The warm gush of cum that he shot hit the back of my throat like a rocket, but I had learned not to gag on it. Instead, I swallowed eagerly and waited for more. When he was finished shooting this time, I kept his throbbing c*** in my mouth and continued to suck on it and lap at it with my tongue, longing for another hot load that I could swallow.

I felt his hand brush gently over my face, so I looked into his beautiful eyes, which were illuminated in the darkness, and pulled off.

“I love you Jarred,” I gushed, resting my head on his shoulder. “Hold me.”

“I love you too Andrew,” he said with a sigh, wrapping his arms around me and lightly stroking the back of my neck.


As we navigated our way to Kyle Kammersguard’s house through the throngs of people walking along the sidewalks on Atlantic Avenue, I couldn’t help but think that Jarred should have chosen a less populated route. Pacific was one block over, and it was actually more of a straight shot to his neighborhood from my house. I stayed quiet though, because I had come to realize over the weeks that Jarred had a reason for everything.

We stopped in front of Blimpies sandwich shop, which was almost at the end of the strip near Rudee Inlet, and Jarred told me to wait with the bikes for him.

“I won’t be long,” he said, and without another word, he handed me his handlebars and went inside. From where I was standing I couldn’t see what was going on inside, but it didn’t really seem necessary for me to see what was happening, especially since Jarred emerged from the shop a few minutes after going inside. He hopped on his bike and we continued on to his neighborhood.

We rode up to a house I didn’t recognize, and I was a little nervous when Jarred opened the side gate and went through unannounced, motioning me to follow him.

He took an immediate left through a side door and into a garage, where he laid his bike down and prompted me to do the same. I did as I was told and followed him nervously to a door that would obviously lead into the house, and I was shocked when he didn’t knock. Instead, he walked in as if it were his house, making me feel even more unsure about what we were doing.

“Hey bud,” I heard an older man say as I stepped through the door, and Jarred’s reply cleared things up for me.

“Hey dad,” he said with a smile, then he turned to me and smiled. “Dad, this is my friend Andrew. Andrew, this is my dad.”

“It’s good to meet you Andrew,” he said as he approached with a friendly smile.

“It’s nice to meet you too Mr. Fedina,” I said, shaking the hand he offered and relaxing a little.

“Come on dude, I gotta take a shower,” Jarred said, and before I had a chance to let go of his dad’s hand, I was being dragged through the kitchen and into the living room, where a lady I presumed was his mother was watching television.

“Hey ma,” he said nonchalantly. “This is Andrew.”

“Hi Andrew, I’m Sandy,” she said politely.

I smiled shyly and said, “Hi, Mrs. Fedina. It’s nice to meet you.”

“The phone’s been ringing for you all day son,” Mr. Fedina said as he walked in the room. “Has your cell phone been off?”

“I forgot it this morning,” Jarred said with a groan, obviously irritated that he’d missed calls all day on his phone. “By the way, we’re going over to Kyle K’s tonight.”

“Okay,” his mom answered.

“Come on, Andrew, you can wait in my room,” Jarred said, waving me his way as he turned to walk down the hallway. I followed him to his room, and surprisingly, he closed his door and turned his music on. For the next ten minutes, he pulled out shirts and pants from his closet, asking me which combination I thought made him look the best. As we were walking out the door, I saw Jarred’s dad hand him fifty dollars and give him a pat on the shoulder, then we were off.


I admit that I lost track of time at the party. I had honestly never been to a party before, so when we first got there, I stayed close to Jarred. It didn’t take long for Renee and Kyle Pelton to notice me, though, and before I knew it, they were dragging me off to the backyard for a cold beer.

As the night wore on, I felt my buzz intensify and I was able to let my guard down. It was amazing to me that one person could have so many friends, but it was true. There must have been forty or more people in and out all night, and the music was loud and continuous. I had settled down in a chair by the back of the house when I noticed Kyle K was sitting next to me rolling a joint.

“Hey dude thanks for coming,” he said with a beautiful smile as he used his saliva to seal the fat yet evenly rolled joint. “I told Fedina to make sure he brought you.”

“No problem,” I said a little shyly, realizing that I was soaking his beauty up instead of concentrating on his words.

“You need to come around more often dude,” he said, using the flame from his lighter to accelerate the drying process. “You wanna smoke this with me?”

“Sure dude,” I said, feeling a little self conscious but flattered at the same time that he would invite me to his house and then take the time to talk to me, much less offer to smoke a joint with me.

“Well let’s go somewhere less crowded,” he said with a smile, looking right at me with his gorgeous eyes. When he smiled, his lips seemed even poutier than before, and I realized for the first time how cute he truly was.

I followed him through the garage and into his house, where a crowd had gathered in the living room. We bypassed the crowd altogether and started up a flight of stairs. Once we reached the top, we took a quick right turn into his room, where he closed the door and took a seat on his bed. I looked around for a chair, but the only place there was to sit beside his bed was the chair at his desk, but it was full of unfolded or dirty laundry.

Before I could ask, he reached under his bed and pulled out a large , then he smiled at me again and my heart melted.

“You can sit on the beanbag it you want,” he said almost bashfully. “I know my room’s a f****** mess.”

“This is fine,” I said, sitting cross-legged on the large beanbag. It was actually really comfortable, and it seemed to conform to my whole body, even my back. As I got settled in and waited patiently for Kyle to light the joint, I couldn’t help but notice the way his blonde hair was accentuating his pouty lips. It was almost as if he were making direct eye contact with me on purpose, too. Like he was trying to get me lost in his baby blues. If that was his plan, it was working.

All of the sudden a flash of light caught my eyes and I snapped out of the trance he had me in. When he pulled the lighter away from his face, the joint was burning brightly as he hit it over and over again before passing it my way. I was already tore up, so I knew it couldn’t have gotten much worse as I partook in the offering of green he had served up for me.

As the joint got shorter, it got harder and harder to pass it between us. From where I was on the beanbag, it was proving a difficult task to pass him the joint without burning my fingers.

“Here, let me show you something,” he said with a smile as he stood up from his spot on the bed. Before I knew what was happening, he had taken a place on the beanbag right beside me. I wanted to move over for him, but the truth was, I didn’t have to. The beanbag was just the right size for the two of us to rest comfortably on and not worry about room.

Not that I was worried about needing more room. As far as I was concerned, Kyle K could sit as close to me as he wanted. I wasn’t going to complain. I watched him hit the joint, then he held it out for me. As I reached for it, he spoke.

“Watch what I do,” he said in a thoughtful tone. As the transfer between us took place, I watched his fingers carefully. Right at the exact moment of the exchange, he used his forefinger to support the joint until I could get a good grip on it, then he smiled cutely at me while I hit it. When I passed it back to him, I made sure to mimic his action, and I was rewarded with another wide smile.

“There you go Andrew,” he said happily. “It makes things a lot easier when we pass it back and forth that way.”

Out of nowhere, his cell phone rang and I didn’t get a chance to reply. He pulled it off his hip and answered almost reluctantly, but his face lit up immediately.

“Hey man,” he said excitedly. “No, I’m up in my room chilling out with Andrew. We’re getting ready to smoke another J. When you get here grab Fedina and Pelton and come up to my room.”

When he got off the phone he turned and grinned at me, cocking his head to one side in a motion that completely captivated and aroused me. I was almost disappointed that we were about to be joined by Kyle P, Jarred and whomever it was he was talking to on the phone. I secretly wondered who it was, but I didn’t have long to ponder the thought. I watched with wonder as Kyle produced another joint from behind his ear, and at that precise moment, the door swung open.

Jarred walked in first, looking and smelling like a God, followed by Kyle Pelton, who was being flanked by Renee. They were a stunning couple, to say the least, and I realized at that moment how good they looked together. Unfortunately, that realization was only in my head for a brief moment, because right behind them was another stunning specimen. He sauntered in with a fabulous hair do and the clothes to match, and right away, he made eye contact with me and smiled.

I was at a crossroad. On one hand, I was swept away by his sheer sexiness. The fresh smell of his cologne, mixed with the rich scent of Paul Mitchell Hair Wax was making my head spin. The way his perfect complexion seemed to glow in the light that was coming from the ceiling took my breath away. On the other hand, though, I realized that I was in over my head, especially when an uneasy Jarred spoke.

“Hey Andrew, you remember Phillip, don’t you?”

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