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Manning gets laughs as host of 'SNL'


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Manning gets laughs as host of 'SNL'

NEW YORK - Indianapolis Colts quarterback Peyton Manning used his "Saturday Night Live" monologue to poke a little fun at his mother.

With his immediate family in the audience, the Super Bowl MVP introduced his father, Archie, who was a star NFL quarterback for 14 years, saying "he taught me everything I know."

He then introduced his brother, Eli — the New York Giants starting quarterback — before asking his mother, Olivia, to stand up during the live television broadcast on NBC.

"She never made it to the NFL," Manning said, feigning disgust. "Didn't have what it took. Got cut by the Dolphins, tried Canada for a bit. She's a real disappointment for all of us."

The cameras then switched to the Manning clan sitting in their seats, laughing.

Following Manning's monologue, the scene switched to a filmed segment in which Manning is shown coaching a group of children.

But unlike his straight-laced image, the segment depicts Manning making fun of the children as they make mistakes, screaming at a boy at one point, "I can't even look at you!"

Manning later demonstrates to the kids how to break into a car and arranges for one boy to have his leg tattooed.

Before Saturday's show, Manning said he was a bit nervous about hosting and appearing in comedy routines on live television. But sports figures have long been a staple of "Saturday Night Live."

Manning said he's been a fan of the show and remembers seeing New York Yankees star Derek Jeter dress up as a woman, and former NBA star Michael Jordan reminding himself that he was good enough and that people liked him.

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