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The Talon House

Staking My Claim


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Staking My Claim

Chapter Ten

by Nick

The day was unseasonably cold, and the dark clouds that were rolling in from the east told me that a storm was on the horizon. Loud crackling thunder was playing a tune that could be heard throughout the region, sending people who were working carelessly in their yards or swimming in the cool waters of the Atlantic scurrying for cover. Bright lightning bolts were lighting an otherwise unusually dark summer day, a sure sign that a torrential down pour was imminent.

None of that mattered to me, though. Because at Eleven o'clock in the morning, I was inside, safe from the storm that was threatening to spoil the fun of tens of thousands of tourists who had descended on the area. I was sure that most of them had returned to their hotel rooms, or had taken refuge inside a store, where they would be able to stay dry and add some revenue to the local economy at the same time. The clouds were moving swiftly, but as far as I was concerned, they were out of step with my mood.

I felt as if I were frozen in time, standing in front of my mirror with his loving, safe, secure arms holding me tightly from behind. His hands were clasped tightly at my chest, and I had just brought mine up to meet them, further heightening the sensual feelings I had deep down. Those feelings were brought on by the carnal act we'd just engaged in. I could feel his warm, sweet breath tickling my ear, sending a long shiver through me that started at the base of my neck and ran to the tips of my toes.

"I love you, Andrew," he said softly in my ear, his affectionate voice brimming with sincerity.

"I love you too," I answered back, turning my head a little so that I could steal a delicious kiss from him. As our tongues dueled, the loud crack of a nearby thundercloud rattled the windows, but I hardly noticed it. The only thing I was able to concentrate on was the hardon that had just come back to life as it poked me from behind, alerting me to the opportunity that had presented itself.

At that point, I was at a crossroad, and I knew it. With every fibre of my being, I wanted to turn around, wrap my arms around his neck and let him guide me back to my bed so I could give myself to him again. On the other hand, I was content to stay wrapped in the embrace he was holding me in.

When our kiss ended, I put my head back against his shoulder and closed my eyes as his stiff organ nestled snugly in my crack and he sighed, taking obvious pleasure in the stimulation he was getting between my warm buns. My moist entrance was ready for another round of sex. I knew that he'd be hard pressed to top the first round, but something told me he was up to the challenge today.

When he first arrived, I was still half-asleep on the couch. I got up early, anticipating his visit, and got myself ready. As soon as I was out of the shower, I was on his cell, making sure that he was on his way. He said he was about to jump in the shower, then he'd ride over. I sat down on the couch and laid my head back with my eyes closed, making plans in my mind that made my body tremble with anticipation. The next thing I knew, the doorbell was ringing. It was almost an hour later and I had no idea where the time had gone.

I jumped up from my spot on the couch and made a beeline for the front door, letting loose with a short, involuntary yawn on the way. When I opened the door, he was standing on the other side with a smile that took my breath away and made my heart flutter. I noticed that he was dressed for the weather, but I had to wonder if he should have brought a raincoat with him just in case.

Either way, it didn't matter at the moment, because he had made it all the way to my place without getting wet. If it did start to rain, I figured, I'd have my mom give him a ride home later on when she got back from work. For now, though, I had other things on my mind as I closed the front door and took his hand. I leaned in and stole a kiss from him, then I led him to the couch, where I had just been snoozing away, and the two of us settled into a comfortable embrace.

"Are you cold?" I asked as I ran my hands up and down his back and chest simultaneously.

"Well I was a little cold, but this is nice," he said a little shyly, snuggling a little closer.

"It is, isn't it?" I agreed as he cupped my head and brought it down onto his shoulder, allowing me to inhale the light fragrance of his cologne, which was stirring my libido. Without another word, he turned his head slightly and pressed his lips to mine, engaging me in a sweet kiss that tasted delicious. I found myself sucking on his tongue, anxious to prove my devotion to pleasing him any way I could. There was no way that I could find his saliva, or anything else his beautiful body produced, to be anything but heavenly, and I was eager to draw as much from him as possible.

It didn't take long for me to get his pants unbuttoned and reach down into the front of his jeans, where I sought out his throbbing dick and gripped it eagerly with my right hand. I used my left hand to unfasten my own pants, then I let him guide me down onto my back.

At this point my head was spinning with passion as I gripped his juicy hard on and slowly stroked. His tongue was now dominating mine, and it was all I could do not to blow a load in my jeans right there on the couch. I lifted my hips slightly, eager to let him use his strong hands to ease my pants down. When he did, I opened my legs and pulled him closer to me. The warmth of his body was providing me all the warmth I'd need, and I knew that his hardness was ready to enter me.

I let go of his dick and helped him ease his pants down. He sat up to get them down to his knees, allowing his gorgeous c*** and balls to hang freely, and I found myself sitting up and repositioning myself in front of him.

I gripped his hot c*** again and gave it a few hard strokes, then I leaned forward and opened my mouth hungrily, my signal to him that I wanted him to ease it into my mouth. I felt a sharp jolt run through me when it made contact with my lips, and as it eased its way through them, they tingled. I sealed my mouth around his shaft and grabbed his hips as they moved back and forth, thrusting his veiny dick over the length of my tongue, all the way to the back of my throat and then back out. The motion was making my lips tingle even harder, and I was being swept away by the sheer sexiness of it all. I seductively moaned and raised my a** into the air with a slow, grinding motion that let him know what I was eager for.

I let one hand drop from his hips and used it to lightly roll his balls around with my fingers, then I pulled off of his hot c*** for a moment to take them into my mouth and suck on each one, making sure that they both got the attention they so richly deserved. When I moved back to his dick, I licked it up and down, then I smiled up at him before I swallowed it again, this time anxious to use my tongue and the muscles in my throat to milk it for every delicious drop of cum he had waiting for me.

I ran my tongue over the head of his dick for a long, titillating moment, then I treated my lips to the full length of his shaft, allowing them to feel it running back and forth an untracked number of times before I finally felt his c*** twitch hard in my mouth, a sure sign that my reward was coming. His cocked swelled one final time as the cum rose to the top, then it exploded in my hungry mouth, flooding it with a delicious load that I greedily swallowed as I continued to suck on the juicy treat in my mouth. I took him all the way to the back of my throat and let my throat muscles squeeze his shaft until there was no more cum to swallow, then I lustily sucked on it a little more before I let it loose and sat up with a contented sigh.

I used my hands to grip his shoulders and guide him back down on top of me, then I opened my legs and lifted them slightly, eager to let him enter me. When he settled between my legs, I felt the tip of his still hard c*** at my entrance, so I engaged him in another delicious kiss and griped his hips, pulling him into me. When he slipped in, I moaned and sighed, satisfied that he was now inside of me and not wanting the moment to pass.

"That was amazing," he said with stars in his eyes. "I can't believe I'm still hard after all of that."

"I'm glad you are," I said with a smile as I gazed up at him. "I wanted to feel you inside of me so bad today."

With that, he started a slow motion that caused me to arch my back. The pleasure was so intense, and coupled with the feelings I was still experiencing from having sucked him off, I was in a state of euphoria. His hard c*** was filling me so expertly, and as his motion increased, I found myself moaning all over again. He leaned over to kiss me, and I found myself eager to accept his offering. I swore that I could feel his gigantic load swimming around in my stomach. That, along with his stiff c*** that was running back and forth in my a** and the taste of his tongue, which was dancing with mine, sent a shiver through me that brought me to an abrupt climax that was brutal and beautiful at the same time. A torrent of cum shot out of the end of my dick and all over my chest as my a** muscles clamped tightly around his invading shaft, which was starting to pick up momentum.

Out of nowhere, I felt him flood my insides with a hot load of cum that seemed to be at least as large as the load he flooded my mouth with, maybe bigger. When he pulled out, he held my legs up in the air and lapped at my entrance with his stiff tongue. He used it to bully his way back up into it, where he sucked his hot load out and send another chill through me as the rough surface of his tongue snaked around in my a**.

"Let's go upstairs," I said seductively as he gently guided my legs back down to the cushions and snuggled up to me. "I want to show you how much I like it when you f**k me."

Instead of a verbal reply, he pressed his lips to mine, then he took my hand and gently guided me to my feet. We made it to the foot of the stairs when he suddenly stopped, then he surprised me by sweeping me off of my feet and supporting me with both of his arms, then he kissed my lips and whisked me up the stairs to my room. I was struck by the romantic gesture, and I found myself even more eager to please him as I hung on to my lover and let him carry me to my bed as if I were his bride.

By the time we made it back to my room, his hardon was back with a vengeance, and I knew that the only thing I had to do was lay back and let him dominate me. He laid me gently on my bed with a kiss, then he climbed in with me and crawled between my legs. He started to go down on my dick, but I stopped him.

"I don't want that," I told him gently. "I want to service your dick with my body."

He smiled at me, then he lifted my legs and went down further, prompting no argument from me this time. I felt his powerful tongue swirling against the lips of my a******, and I closed my eyes and let him work his magic. His hands parted my cheeks further, then his fingers opened my still gaping hole and his tongue entered me, eliciting a loud whimper from deep inside of me. I made a fist and brought it to my mouth, where I bit down on it as a way to handle the waves of sheer pleasure that were taking my body and mind over.

Just when I thought I wouldn't be able to take much more, his motion changed. His tongue was now moving back and forth, in and out, and making my whole body shudder as I moaned loudly and wondered when he was planning to stop. Before I had much time to think about it, I felt him sink his tongue back down, then he started to move the tip of it to and fro in a licking motion that made me holler his name over and over again.

Finally, he pulled his tongue out of my a**, which was now burning with desire, and he replaced it with his throbbing hard on. I felt it lining up at my entrance, then he gave a gentle push and entered me. I immediately wrapped my arms around his neck and let him take me at his own pace.

"Did you like that?" he asked lovingly as he slowly f***** me with his long shaft.

"Yes," I said taking a long, satisfied breath. "I loved it, and I love this too. Please don't stop."

And he didn't.

For the next hour, his slow, rhythmic strokes took me over the edge over and over again. The head of his raging hardon was more than just scraping my prostate; it was rubbing hard up against it, and with each pass back and forth, the pleasure in my a** seemed to build until there was no more room inside of me, then it all came gushing out of me in the form of an intense orgasm. Two times, three times, four times, and finally, I lost count of how many times he brought me off. My a** seemed to have a mind of its own, and it clenched involuntarily over and over again around his dominating c***, which seemed to have a never ending supply of sex for me to consume.

The last time, we came together. His tongue was lodged deep inside of my hungry mouth and his strokes were long and powerful, as they had been all morning. All of the tell tale signs of another orgasm were present in my mind and body, and as if it were my very first orgasm of the day, my a** started to burn with the familiar intensity and pleasure that only an insatiable bottom like me could relate to. It was at the height of my experience that my a****** started to flex harder and clamp around his powerful dick. My own dick twitched involuntarily one last time and I spent myself again, only this time, I felt a strong rush of cum fill me up with the force of a bullet, and I realized that I was overflowing with his creamy load.

I looked deep into his eyes and sighed dreamily, then I pulled him down on top of me and rolled over so that he was on his back and I was nestled safely in his arms. I felt him kiss the side of my head, so I snuggled up even closer to him and draped my left leg over the top of his naked body.

"I love you so much," I told him quietly.

"I love you too, Andrew," he said, running his fingertips back and forth over my back, then down to my butt where they traced along my crack. When he reached the bottom of my a** crack, he fondled my balls a little bit, then he let his middle finger enter my crevice and he carefully ran all the way back up to the top, bringing with him a gob of his seed, which was still leaking from my body.

Normally after having marathon sex, I fall asleep, especially when I'm being held and petted so lovingly. But this time, I simply lay still and enjoyed the feeling of being in my lovers arms, knowing that he had just given me everything I'd hoped for and more. I took playful swipes at his nipples, then I wiggled my butt for him, a signal that I wanted him to let his finger linger down there.

He didn't disappoint me, either. As his finger moved around in my crack, I blew lightly in his ear and giggled playfully every time I felt him brush over my entrance.

As time passed, my playful giggles turned into passionate moans, and before I knew what was happening, I stopped blowing in his ear and found myself locked in a passionate kiss. As our tongues dueled, I felt his finger slip up into my hole, and as our kiss intensified, I found myself being swept away again, awash in feelings of love and an animalistic urge to be pleasured all over again.

I was about to seek out his c*** with my a** when a loud boom shook the house, followed by three loud cracks. We got up and walked to the window together and watched as the sky lit up with lightning. The clouds were getting darker, and we knew it was only a matter of time until the rain started to fall.

I felt him put his arm around me and pull me close, so I reciprocated by wrapping an arm around his waist and letting him hold me as we watched the lightning show together.

"It's going to rain," he said, tightening his grip around my shoulders.

"At least we're in here," I said, watching the rolling clouds that loomed on the horizon. "I'm glad you came today."

With that, he leaned over and kissed me on my burning lips, then he let me walk to my dresser, where I looked in my mirror and took note of my disheveled hair. I moved to fix it, but he came up from behind and wrapped his arms around me.

"You're beautiful," he said lovingly. I smiled back at him, then I let my head rest against his chest and let him hold me tightly.

Hearing Phillip tell me that he loves me is like the sweetest song I could ever have hoped to have flow through my ears. To be able to tell him I love him back means more to me that I know how to express. Expressing my love to him by sharing a delicious kiss with him is one of the most fulfilling things I'll ever be able to do with him. Having him inside of me, though, is the greatest gift of all. I was determined to give myself to Phillip Cassiante any time he wanted me, any way he wanted me. Satisfying his hot c*** was all I could think about, and all I wanted to do.

It's true. Phillip had me dick whipped, but there was nothing I could do about it. He was the most thoughtful, caring and romantic lover in the world, and for every minute I invested in bringing him off, he made an even harder effort to see to it that I got a healthy return on my investment. And I always did.

At the moment, Phillip's hard c*** was resting between my warm a** cheeks, where he was getting stimulation that he seemed to be enjoying, but I knew I could give him more, and selfishly, I could take a little for myself.

I started to grind my hips and a** around as I lifted myself up on the tips of my toes, then I breathlessly let go of his hands and let them rest on my dresser so I could bend over. I raised my hips into the air and offered him my a** again, which he readily accepted. I felt him grip my hips, then he lined up at my entrance and slipped in with no trouble at all. Before I could push back, he was thrusting forward, then back out again.

As his c*** filled me up to the brim once again, I started to moan and holler out his name as I watched him in the mirror. I pushed back to meet his forceful thrusts and tightened up as much as I could with every muscle in my a**, and before I knew what was happening, I was in the throws of my reward. The spunk shot out of my c*** with force and hit my dresser. What didn't land there poured out onto the carpet, but I wasn't worried about anything but riding out the intense f**k I was being treated to. Out of nowhere, I felt Phillip's c*** jerk in my spasming a**, then he shot another hot load deep inside of me.

When he pulled out, he dropped to his knees and spread my a** cheeks again, then he buried his face in my a** and used his torturous tongue to slurp his sperm from my body. I closed my eyes again and wondered to myself how I'd be able to stand much more of what he was doing to me that day. His tongue worked its magic at my back door for another five minutes, then he pulled his face away and took a deep breath. I turned around to face him as he stood up, then he took my hand and led me toward him for another kiss. I could taste a sweet mixture of his spunk and my a** juice on his tongue, and I greedily tried to suck it all out of his mouth.

When we broke our kiss, he playfully scooped me back up into his arms and planted one more sweet kiss on my lips, then he laid me down on my bed and crawled in with me. He took me back into his arms and lightly caressed my face and forehead until I fell asleep.

The sound of the doorbell woke us both up with a start, and I found myself scrambling for my clothes. I realized that they were in the living room, so I quickly grabbed a pair of boxers, some shorts and a shirt and instructed Phillip to stay there.

For some reason, I quickly made my way down the stairs. It was probably because I was in a panic, but whatever it was, I was at the door in no time looking out the peep hole to see who was at the door. I didn't see anyone, so I carefully opened the door and peaked out just in time to see Jarred, who was soaked, turn and look back at me. His face lit up when he realized that I was home, and he turned around to make his way back to the front porch.

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