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The Talon House

Shadow of a Lonely Man


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Look at me now, the shadow of the man I used to be

Look through my eyes and through the years of loneliness you’ll see

To the time in my life when I could not bear to lose a simple game

And the least of it all was the fortune and the fame

But the dreams seemed to end just as soon as it had begun, was I to know?

For the last thing of all that was on my mind, was the close at the end of the show

The shadow of a lonely man, feels nobody else.

In the shadow of a lonely, lonely man

I can see myself

(Looking out of nowhere, Looking out of nowhere)

But the sound of the crowds when they come to see me now, is not the same

And the jest of it all is I can’t recall my name

But I’ll cling to a hope, till I can’t hold on anymore, anymore

And for all the acclaim I am all alone and I see as I look through the door

The shadow of a lonely man there’s nobody else

In the shadow of a lonely, lonely man

I can see myself

Look at me know, a shadow of the man I used to know.


The Alan Parsons Project

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