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The Talon House

Staking My Claim


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Staking My Claim

Chapter Nineteen

by Nick

"That does it," Phillip exclaimed as he advanced on me. "You're dead meat!"

I tried slowly backing away from his menacing approach, but my back was up against the wall and I had no way to escape. I crouched down and waited for the assault to begin, hoping it wouldn't be too merciless when out of nowhere, I heard a familiar voice call out in a war cry.

"No!" Kyle K yelled, jumping onto Phillip's back, trying to restrain his arms. From where I was, I saw my opening. I didn't have a lot of time, though, so I had to act quickly. Phillip's mid-section wouldn't be this vulnerable for long.

I reached out with both hands and dug the tips of my fingers into his ribs as aggressively as I could, and his whole body jerked while he let out a loud cry of laughter. Kyle was still holding on as he fell backwards, but he never let go, even when they landed and he was smashed between the surface of the bed and Phillip's body, which was now convulsing with each movement of my fingers.

In the middle of my assault, I caught a glimpse of my cracked closet door, and could see the bright green shirt that hung just near the opening. For a split second, my thoughts shifted to the Sunday afternoon I spent with Jeremy Fisher, hitting shops on the oceanfront and buying everything that he suggested would look good.

I have to admit that when our afternoon together first started, I was a little nervous about what would happen. In Jeremy, I saw a potential new friend, but not much more. I didn't want to send him the wrong signal, especially since it was obvious that he was reaching out to me. What I had to figure out was what he was reaching out for.

Jeremy was so scene that it wasn't even a question in my mind that I could trust his judgment when it came to clothes. I'm always down to buy something new for my wardrobe, and I love trying clothes on at the store and again when I get home. There's something about a perfectly matched outfit and the right jewelry that brings out the best in me.

Waiting for someone I had just met in front of a pawn shop isn't something I'd normally consider under normal circumstances, but there was something trustworthy about Jeremy that I could sense right off the bat. He was a sincere person. He looked me in the eye and smiled when he talked, unless he was uncomfortable. But he didn't come off as someone scheming to get in my pants. In fact, he didn't come off as the type of person that had found romance in his life yet at all.

Like Kyle K, there was an air of innocence about him that appealed to me. I mean, sure, he was cute, but I didn't look at him that way. He just seemed like a really fun person to hang out with, and I knew we were going to have a good time without having any prior history of friendship with him.

I was early getting there, but Jeremy didn't keep me waiting long at all. And he was so comfortable with who he was. We turned to walk back to the strip, and he hooked my arm with his and led me around. Phillip finally called about thirty minutes into our shopping excursion, so I told him where we were and to come meet us. When I put my phone away, Jeremy steered us into a custom jewelry shop, where we looked at earrings. Both of his ears were pierced, his gold hoop earrings hanging off his lobes, and as we poured over the selection in front of us, he brushed my hair away from my ears to see what we were working with.

I got my left ear pierced when I was twelve, but never had anything else after that. At first it was a new, exciting thing for me, and I loved having it. When I was thirteen, I gave some serious thought to letting my hole close up because I found it to be more of a hassle than anything when I had to take my earring out for Boy Scouts and replace it with a clear stud. I was glad I didn't, though, because Jeremy and I were having a good time looking at new earrings for each other.

"Oh this one looks so cute," he gushed, grabbing it off the display rack. "Andrew, you've got to get this one."

Twenty minutes later, we were out the door and on our way to another shop. We happened by a tattoo parlor and looked at the designs on the window, but I knew a tattoo was out of the question unless I wanted to spend the remainder of my high school years grounded. Still, it was fun to look and talk about the ones we wanted to have and where we wanted them. I found it so easy to be myself, and I half jokingly commented that I'd have mine done on one of my butt cheeks. Jeremy fanned himself off in dramatic style, as if he'd just been scandalized, then we moved on for more shopping.

By the time Phillip caught up to us, I was having the time of my life. Jeremy and I were laughing about nothing in particular and I was getting a kick out of the way he openly gawked every time a hot guy would pass by.

"Oh my God, he is so out," Phillip said in my ear with a grin the first chance we had to be alone.

"It's pretty obvious, isn't it?" I agreed, and he laughed.

"He's been out for a while at school," he said. "I'll have to tell you the whole story later."

"He makes it look so easy," said with a sigh. "I wonder how he does it."

"He can't help it,' Phillip explained. "It's just who he is. I think it's great, personally."

"Me too," I said with a nod, then I added, "I'm not sure, but I think I might have accidentally come out to him."

"Well if you did it's okay," Phillip shrugged, putting me at even more ease that I already had been. "He's obviously not going to judge anyone for being gay."

"I really liked watching you this morning," I commented. "I missed you today, though."

"I missed you too, my love," he said quietly.

"Can you spend the night?" I asked hopefully. In reply, Phillip looked around carefully, then he pressed his lips to mine and nodded his answer.

I had to resist the urge to take Phillip's hand in mine for the rest of the evening. Jeremy had a calming effect on me that made me feel really secure about being out, but I didn't want to out Phillip. It was funny watching the two of them interact. It was as if they had a silent understanding between them about what each other's boundaries were, and neither one of them made a move to cross them. At the same time, though, they seemed like they were good enough friends to make casual contact and laugh about people from their school I didn't know. By the time Micah met up with us for coffee, though, I was practically caught up on who was who and what they were loved or hated for.

There was one topic that never came up with Jeremy, though, and I was determined to get to the bottom of it. I needed to know the details of how he'd come out, because Phillip made it seem like a juicy piece of gossip when we were shopping earlier on. As soon as we were alone in my back yard, I pressed him for the details.

"Well there's not really that much to it," Phillip said. "I mean, part of it was f***** up, but for the most part, we all knew he was gay back in sixth grade. It was just so obvious."

"What part was f***** up?" I asked, taking a seat on my bed spread, resting my back against the wall and patting the spot next to me. Phillip smiled and crawled over to me, taking his spot and wrapping an arm around me tightly. I rested my head on his shoulder and nuzzled it against his shirt while I listened to him tell the rest of the story.

"The part where Travis Stevens, the biggest loser in the history of our school, gay bashed him," Phillip said bitterly. "The f***** up part was that Travis was a senior, and Jeremy's about half his size. I wasn't there when it happened the first time, but Trevor was. He totally f***** Stevens up, but Jeremy ended up being suspended for nothing."

"Why?" I asked, feeling terrible for Jeremy.

"If you ask me, it's because the vice principal's a homophobe," Phillip said bluntly. "It just seemed like he was out to get him from the start. Jeremy doesn't bother anyone, but Mr. Jacobson hates him. He hates Trevor too."

"So Travis Stevens outed him?" I asked, but Phillip shook his head.

"I think he was already out in a way," he said. "Then we had the Day Of Silence, and Jeremy and Micah organized the whole thing. Trevor, Kyle Porter and Kyle K, Jarred and I all did it too. I mean, really, the whole school did it."

"And that's when he came out?" I asked.

"Not quite," Phillip answered. "Stevens jumped Jeremy by the gym, but this time instead of Trevor being there, a group of Goths and practically the whole baseball team f***** him up. I'd never seen anyone get that destroyed before, but he had it coming."

"s**t," I said quietly, trying to work out in my mind how anyone could have the inclination to put hands on Jeremy. I came to the conclusion that it had to be someone either hateful or ignorant, because Jeremy was as harmless as they come.

"The worst part was that Jacobson was on Jeremy's a** again right after it happened," he continued. "I thought Trevor was going to be expelled because he was right in his face, screaming at him. Then he just went to the office and talked to the principal because there was no getting through to a homophobe like Jacobson."

"What did the principal do?" I asked, and Phillip smiled.

"He made things right," he said. "After that, Trevor started bringing Jeremy around more and more. Now he's just one of the guys, like you and me."

"I think he's really sweet," I said, snuggling closer to my boyfriend. "And I think what Trevor did was really sweet, too. No wonder Micah likes him so much."

"You're pretty sweet yourself," Phillip said with a grin, turning his head so we were face to face. "That's why I like you so much."

With that, my tingling lips met his and I opened my mouth to allow his tongue access. My head was swirling and I let myself melt into his embrace, giving him the leverage he needed to guide me where he wanted me. He cradled the back of my head with his hand and laid me flat on my back so that I was resting on a pillow, and as our kiss continued, I felt his hands move down the side of my torso, where he lifted my shirt up. We broke our kiss so he could get it over my head, then he practically ripped his own shirt off before he collapsed on top of me and moved in for another kiss.

"Let me turn my cell off," I said breathlessly, reaching over to my night stand for the only potential distraction that I could think of. Phillip did the same with his cell, then he sat up and unbuttoned his pants. I laid still and watched him with a grin, waiting for him to take liberties with me. As soon as his pants were loose, he let them fall and slowly worked his way out of them, then he dropped his boxers.

I moaned with passion as I watched his thick member fill with blood while he carefully unbuttoned my pants and lifted my hips with his hands so he could guide them down. There was nothing more that I wanted at that moment that for him to fill me up with it, and I didn't care if it was my mouth or my a**. I just wanted his c*** anyway I could get it, and I wanted it desperately. As soon as I was stark naked, we resumed our kiss and I found myself reaching out for his hard on, anxious to feel the veiny shaft with my hands. Finally, I could wait no longer, so I broke our kiss and eased my way down his body, which was still hovering over mine.

I didn't give him the chance to roll over on his back. Instead, I took his hot dick in my mouth and let him feed it to me from the position he was in. I eagerly sucked on the juicy tool in my mouth, taking it all the way to the back of my throat without gagging as I guided his hips to and fro in a humping motion. With the motion he had, and the way I was running my tongue along the hard shaft and squeezing it with my throat muscles, it wasn't long before he rewarded me with a hot load of cum that rushed out of his dick with reckless abandon.

I didn't swallow it right away. Instead, I moved back up to my pillow and smiled for him, then I gulped his tasty offering down as my body shivered with delight. He wrapped his arms around me, still recovering from his powerful orgasm, and ran his tongue around the outer edge of my left ear seductively. He knew what I wanted him to do with that tongue, and didn't disappoint me. His tongue left my ear and made its way down to my neck, where it danced around for a full minute, bringing goose bumps to my face, then he moved back up and gave me a sweet taste of his kiss before moving back down to my neck.

When he was done on my neck, he moved to my nipples and sucked on each one, then he licked his way down to my belly button and attacked relentlessly. I held onto his head and moaned as he assaulted my navel, and at the same time, I felt his hands travel to my buns, which he kneaded hard. The force of his kneading was enough to moisten me up and get my juices flowing. When he left my belly button, he picked up my legs and ran his tongue up and down my crack, brushing over my quivering entrance each time and making me squirm.

Finally I felt his rough tongue center in on my a** lips and swirl around them before he sunk it down inside of me. By now I was panting and moaning loudly, silently praying to God that my parents were going to stay gone for the night because I didn't want them to hear my primal noises. Phillip ate at my back door for the next several minutes and I greedily called out for him not to stop. I was on a cloud and had no inclinations of coming down anytime soon. When he did pull his talented tongue out of my steamy a******, it was only so he could line up and enter me with his c***.

"It feels so good," I panted as he shook my body with long, powerful thrusts in and out of my love tunnel, then I called out again. "Oh my God."

With that, I felt a sharp spasm deep inside of my a** that cased my legs to shake violently and a load of cum to explode from my twitching c***. The spasm didn't seem to subside, though. Instead, it seemed to build in intensity, sending long shivering waves of pleasure throughout my body that originated in my a** and spread quickly. I was moaning and hollering even louder than before, but Phillip was able to silence me with a kiss that only added to my pleasure. I felt another orgasm sweep me away and at the same time, I felt Phillip's powerful load squirting with force deep inside of my body.

"I love you Andrew," he said, a look of intensity on his face.

"I love you too," I panted. "Don't pull out."

With a grin, Phillip gave me a peck on the lips and started rocking his hips back and forth lightly, his c*** still rock hard in my a**. Before I knew it, he had was feeding me full strokes that were stabbing in and out of the copious load he'd shot deep inside of me, causing it to leak out with each thrust. I didn't care, though. I wanted him to deposit a hundred loads in my a** and never pull out because everyone of them was special, in my eyes. After one more session of marathon sex, though, he pulled out and sucked his load out of me, pleasuring me with his tongue once more as he did, then we snuggled close. He wrapped me in his arms and held me tightly, planting sweet kisses on my lips over and over and humming softly, lulling me into a restful sleep.

When I opened my eyes, it was just after one in the morning and my bladder was screaming at me. I carefully extracted myself from his embrace and put my boxers back on, then I opened my door and walked down the hall to the bathroom. When I turned the light on I was blinded by the light, but I didn't let that prevent me from emptying my full bladder. My aim was far from perfect, but it was the least of my concerns, especially in my half conscious state. When I was done, I turned and headed back down the hallway, just in time to bump into my dad, who looked and smelled freshly showered. He had a new robe on, and was just about to turn the light off on the staircase when he spotted me.

"You okay buddy?" he asked when he spotted me, and I just nodded sleepily.

"Phillip's spending the night," I told him, rubbing my eyes as I moved toward him for a hug. "When did you guys get home?"

"Oh, about an hour or so ago," he estimated as he wrapped me up in his arms and kissed the top of my head.

"I got a new earring today," I said, wrapping my arms around his chest tightly and giving him a long hug. "I'll show it to you tomorrow."

"Alright buddy," he said. "You sleep tight, okay? I love you."

"I love you too dad," I said sleepily, then I let go and walked back to my room. I closed the door and got back in my bed, curling up as tightly as I could with my boyfriend. I felt him shift a little so that he was on his back, then he took me in his arms and held me close, making it easy for me to fall asleep again.

I woke up the next morning with a peaceful feeling, and as soon as I blinked and things came into focus for me, I knew why. Phillip was still holding me, but was wide awake and watching me. He smiled when I looked up at him and used his fingertips to brush my bangs out of my eyes, then he leaned forward for a morning kiss on the lips. It was after nine in the morning, so I knew my folks were long gone, so I took his hand and walked with him to my bathroom, where we peed and brushed our teeth with my toothbrush.

As late as it was, we wound up back in my bed and I was glad we had. I attacked Phillip with my tongue as soon as we were under the covers, giving him a long kiss that I was hoping would lead to more, and in a hurry. I felt him tug at my boxers, so I straightened up and helped him ease them down. When they were around my knees, he broke our kiss and gently guided me face first down to my pillow and I whimpered in anticipation of being mounted, hoping for a long, forceful f**k.

I felt him straddle the back of my legs, but instead of penetrating me with his c***, he spread my cheeks apart and buried his face in my a**, lapping at my entrance over and over. The rim job he gave me sent me over the edge, and I came from the sheer force of it.

Once I came, he pulled my hips up into the air and held on tightly as he continued to punish me with his hot tongue. I gripped my pillow as tightly as I could, trying to hold on as tightly as I could, but it was no use. Before I knew it, I was calling out his name and begging him to f**k me. His oral assault continued so long that I lost track of time as my legs trembled with the sharp jolts of pleasure I was experiencing in my a**.

When he entered me from behind, I let my knees fall to the bed and smiled back at him, anxious for him to take me doggy style. With his powerful grip on my hips, he drove into me from the backside, finding my spot and bringing me off over and over again until he could no longer handle the way my a****** was gripping and flexing around his thick member. He filled me up with a warm load, waiting until he was finished before he pulled out, then he buried his face back in my a** cheeks and ate his load out of me. When there was nothing left of his load, he changed his technique and rolled his tongue back and forth, over and over again, until he got tired and had to stop.

He took me in his arms and cuddled me with a loving smile, then he spoke.

"How was it?" he asked with a look of devotion on his face.

"It was amazing," I exclaimed. "I want to do something for you, now."

I started to move down his body, but his strong hands gripped my shoulders and stopped me. Instead, he pulled me back up to him and shook his head.

"This morning is for you, my love," he said. "I want to be the one to satisfy you."

"But you did," I retorted, starting to slide back down. Again, he stopped me.

"I don't want you to have to do anything today," he said. "Just let your man do everything for you. I want you to be the one to get what you need today."

That morning Phillip gave me pleasures untold. The source of my pleasure, though, didn't just come from the carnal acts we engaged in. No, they were from something else. Something deep inside of me. A yearning I had to be obedient to him, to show him my appreciation for being so incredibly unselfish and so dedicated to pleasing me. By the time we stopped, it was more than a feeling of afterglow from sex that I was feeling. It was a love deep down in my heart for Phillip Cassiante that I was sure would never fade.

It seemed like as soon as I turned my cell phone back on, it was ringing. Kyle K called and I told him to hurry over, that we'd wait to smoke a joint until he got there. As soon as I got off the phone, I ripped the sheets off of my bed and took them down to the laundry room. I left them in a hamper and got fresh ones, which Phillip took from me and insisted on fixing. He showed me how to put them on like a professional nurse in a hospital, then he arranged my pillows so they looked fluffy and orderly by my headboard.

By the time Kyle got there, we'd showered and fixed ourselves up. All traces of sex were gone, and we quickly retreated back to my room to smoke a joint.

"So I heard you went shopping with Jeremy Fisher," Kyle said casually. "What did you get?"

"Check it out," I told him, handing him my new earring. "Plus I got a few new outfits."

"Well they say gay guys have the best fashion sense," he said with a smirk, meeting my eyes and grinning.

"Then you should have a closet full of nice stuff," Phillip joked playfully, and Kyle chuckled.

"Yeah I do," he said. "I just take you with me and let you pick it all out."

The playful banter went back and forth as we passed the burning joint between us and prepared to roll another one. At some point, Jarred called and said he'd be over, so we decided to wait to smoke the second one. As the kidding continued, Phillip reached out and swiped Kyle's lighter, which prompted him to retaliate. I don't know how I got drawn into it, but somehow I managed to earn a spot in the raucous. It wound up being Kyle and I against Phillip, who was the bigger of the three of us anyway, but he kept getting the better of us until I tried to give him a wedgie, which prompted his advancement on me and allowed Kyle to attack from behind and opened him up to a tickle attack.

"Hey I'm going to piss my pants," he cried out through his laughter, so I let him up. He walked out of the room and turned left toward the bathroom, so I turned my attention back to Kyle, who looked game for another challenge.

I should have known what could have happened. It was a no brainer, but I didn't give it a thought until it was too late. Kyle and I grabbed each other playfully at the same time and wound up on my bed, our lips less than an inch away from each other. Usually I make the first move, but this time, it was Kyle who moved in and kissed me. I guess I thought I had plenty of time to break it and separate before Phillip was done in the bathroom, but I must have lost track of time or something.

Just as I pulled away and looked up, I saw Phillip standing there, watching us with a devastated look. His eyes were full of raw emotion and he looked at me as if I'd just stabbed him in the heart. Unfortunately, that wasn't the only problem. Because standing next to Phillip was Jarred, who was smiling initially when he spotted Kyle and I, but then he turned to his boyfriend and read his expression well. Well enough, in fact, to straighten up, look between Phillip and I with accusing eyes, and storm off.

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