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Passenger Accused of Exposing Genitals


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Passenger Accused of Exposing Genitals

By Associated Press

9:47 PM EDT, September 5, 2007

DENVER - A central Kentucky man accused of exposing his genitals on a Frontier Airlines flight faces trial in October on suspicion of obscene and indecent exposure on an aircraft.

Alan Michael Froula, 42, of Fisherville, about 20 miles east of downtown Louisville, pleaded not guilty Tuesday, according to documents filed in U.S. District Court in Denver.

Passengers and flight attendants reported seeing Froula's genitals exposed on Flight 4961 from Louisville to Denver on Saturday, according to an affidavit.

He was freed on $20,000 bond.

A phone message seeking comment from Froula was not immediately returned Wednesday.

Trial was scheduled for Oct. 31.


Now, this would normally be enough but.... Here are some of the reader comments I saw. Some of them are priceless.

*That took balls!

*Thats NUTS!!

*If you ask me, he's pretty cocky about that sort of thing

*I thought it was a no frills flight?

*I guess he mistook "Thank you for flying with us" as "Thank you for unflying with us".

*He was just trying to instruct the pilot on the "feel" of the joystick in the cockpit.

*I thought it was a no frills flight?

*It was. They didn't give him a swizzle stick with his cocktail, so he took out his own.

*A central Kentucky man? Maybe he misunderstood when the attendant told him to "return yourself to the full, upright position"

*He was trying to join the mile high club on a solo mission

*So what, the guy was sharing his NUTS with the passengers, you get hungry on these night flights.

*It probably just needed some air

*airline nuts?

*what! no pictures??

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