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Passage Of A Soul


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Passage of a Soul


The moon looked fuzzy as I gazed into the star lit sky. The edges weren’t as crisp and distinct as I usually gazed upon, and I didn’t feel the usual compulsion to try and see deeper into each bent shadow. A scattering of clouds was passing overhead, and by their shape, I knew the weather would not interfere with this eve’s merriment.

My mind drifted a moment as the hiss of waves against the rocky shore flooded my ears. This night was as hypnotic as any I could remember in the past, and I lost myself in the swell of the sea and the feather-like touch of cool winds as they danced across my body.

A low murmur drew me from my trance and I glanced up one last time to see the deep blue of night with my old eyes. Soon… I would be born again and screaming into the darkness as the first breaths of life escaped my lungs. Tonight… was Samhain.

I am the leader of this coven and I depend on them to protect our way and our beliefs. It wasn’t always as easy as it is today. My kind was forced to endure the Salem witch trials, foolish discrimination, misconceptions, and the constant hunters that came about to eradicate us.

Due to our constant persecution from the Catholic Church, the pagan way was nearly lost. Our holidays became yours. Solstice became Christmas, Samhain became Halloween, and so on and so forth. The priests of time were meticulous in their conversion of my kind. Through all of this, a few of us have managed to survive, and now in a changing world, our numbers grow exponentially. Life is difficult, and the new age slant on one of the oldest religions has become mainstream and trendy once more.

The wind created ripples along my silk robes and sent a cascade of butterfly kisses against my sex. I was ready and wanton, but knew there was work to be done. I had sated myself during the previous orgy, and could wait until after this night’s work was finished. I had this much control of my destiny, even if choice was only measured in hours.

I couldn’t help notice his taught supple flesh as he lay there writhing against the stone altar. He was called Seth, an old name. His muscles flexed and he moaned into the gag that muted his cries.

There was no hiding my smirk as I watch the young muscles play beneath his skin as he struggled. Had it been another day, and another time, I would have ridden him like the youthful stallion he was. He was hers though, and I would never get the chance to sample that delight.

So… sadly all I could do was lose myself in the abyss of his dark brown eyes as they attempted to swallow me in their terror.

His shoulder length hair did little to comfort him against the dark granite stone he was tethered to. He swung his head from side to side as he fought against his restraints, and his dark auburn hair seemed to burst into flame as each curl reflected the fire’s crimson glow.

I relished the defeat I found in his eyes when he finally realized the inevitable.

My pride pulsed beyond me. I couldn’t help recognize the bravery and sedate calm of mind and body she possessed as she lay on the altar beside his.

She didn’t struggle or even display the smallest fear. Her purpose was preordained and she meant to fulfill her destiny. Her ivory skin looked almost orange against the blaze of the pyre in the center of our circle. The old words were spoken and I was again lost in the rhythm of the ceremony.

Golden fiery tongues lit the darkness and I let the ebb and flow of life sway me from side to side like a metronome of death and finally paused.

“I send your love before you so he will greet you in the afterlife.” With that I advanced, pulled the silver blade from my robes, and plunged it into the young man’s chest.

The look of surprise on his face weakened and finally turned into the stone like stare of death. He gazed into the distance as though there was no end. I had killed him, and his dead eyes stared past me as if asking a question.

I pulled the knife from his chest with a sickening glut. His chest sounded so thirsty it didn’t even want to give up the metal and again I smiled. I knew that sound all too well.

As I turned, my eyes slid down her flesh as I watched the moonlight ripple across her skin like a cascade of dancing white water. There wasn’t the froth and turmoil of a violent stream, only the serenity of light. It seemed to surge up her thighs and coalesce on the swell of her stomach and the unborn child hidden beneath. The landscape of her perfect white skin seemed nearly infinite.

I wiped the blood soaked blade across my robes as I faced her and smiled. She lay silent in her bonds and stared back at me with knowing eyes. There was no fear, and I suppose that is when I knew.

The muscles in my arm contracted and I heard the hollow crunch of shattered bone and cartridge as my knife found her heart. She would die, but her unborn child would be my life.

“All my love mother.” My daughter spat the bloody words onto her chest as death found her and I took my place in her womb.

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