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The Talon House

Bodega Bay


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Bodega Bay

Chapter Fifteen

by Nick

Riding in Mark's car with my dad was the furthest thing from my mind when I rode to Justin's on my bike, anxious to beat my dad there so I could see my boyfriend. Yet, somehow, I wound up in that very predicament, and I wasn't being very cool about it. In fact, I was sure I was acting suspiciously, if anything, but my nerves were being tested.

Mark seemed to be totally at ease, chatting freely with my dad about college plans and car parts. The auto part store wasn't too far from Justin's house, where my dad happened to be working on a car with Justin's dad. He had come to a point where he needed a certain tool, but I wasn't paying close enough attention to what tool that was.

My dad decided to walk because it was so nice out that day. My guess was that his decision had something to do with the fact that my grandpa was parked behind him in the driveway, too, but I didn't suggest that much. My plan was to avoid him the whole time he was there so I could enjoy the day with Mark without feeling guilty around my dad.

Unfortunately, Mark offered to help with the Camaro, then he offered to take my dad to Pep Boys for the tool he needed while Justin's dad called different Chevy dealerships in the area for information on parts. When we got to Pep Boys, I stayed close to my dad and Mark while wishing to myself that I had stayed home with Justin.

Things went pretty smoothly, though, and soon we were on our way back to Justin's. On the way, my dad had Mark stop at our house and wait while he ran inside for something.

"What's wrong, Kevin?" Mark asked with a smile when my dad opened the front door and disappeared.

"I'm okay," I fibbed, not wanting to let on to Mark that I was a little upset that he was helping my dad instead of spending time with me. As soon as I answered his question, my dad reappeared and in a flash, he was getting back in the car. We backed out of the driveway, and just as Mark was putting the car in drive to take off, another car came up on us really fast, but slowed down and waited for us to take off. We made the right turn and the left onto Justin's block, and I noticed that the car was still behind us. We pulled into the driveway, and I saw the other car park on the wrong side of the street in front of a house across the street from us.

Just as I was climbing out of the back seat, I heard a familiar voice that made my hair stand up and my stomach drop.

"Kevin," my mom's voice called out, and before I had a chance to react, she was approaching me.

"Hey!" my dad shouted with force as he stepped between us. "You need to leave."

"You don't tell me a damn thing!" my mom shouted as she attempted to push past him. "I want to talk to my son."

"I'm giving you one more chance to leave now," my dad warned her, and out of the blue, she reached out and slapped him across the face. He responded by grabbing her wrist and squeezing it violently, the look on his face registering sheer outrage.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw someone else emerge from the car, and I froze. It was the one person I never thought I'd see again, yet there he was, and he was heading for my dad with his fists balled up.

Before I could warn my dad that Billy was coming, he let go of my mom and stormed him, balling his own fists and in a flash, Billy was on the ground. I never saw the first punch. It all looked like a frantic flurry, and Billy was overwhelmed.

As he rolled over with his hand over his bleeding nose, my dad advanced on him, planting several hard kicks in the small of his back and cussing at him. As he was doing this, my mom decided to try to scratch his eyes with her nails, but he was ready for her. When she jumped on his back, he flipped her over and even though she landed on her feet, it still looked bad and I found myself concerned for her safety while my dad was giving her a look that said she should have known better.

At that moment, I found myself overcome with sadness as I watched my mom and dad physically battering each other. In my mind, Billy wasn't there, and neither was Mark, or Justin, his mom, his dad or his brother, although they all were. Mark had gone inside to get help, and now there was a full audience. In addition, several neighbors had gathered and were watching, one of them on her cell phone with the police.

I didn't care about the tears that were running down my cheeks. They didn't matter to me, because I was witnessing something more traumatic to me than a fight between my mom and dad. It was the tears my mom had streaming down her own cheeks that were affecting me.

"I miss my son," she pleaded with my dad. "I need to see him. I need to hug him."

"Get off of my property," Justin's dad said, approaching her and Billy, who was trying to stand but having trouble. He seemed to steady himself, but at the last minute, he dropped back down to one knee and fell forward, catching himself on his hands.

"Not without my son," my mom said tearfully as she again started moving my way. Instinctively, I moved toward her and held my arms out for a hug, suddenly feeling desperate for her touch. She cupped my cheeks softly for a brief moment, then she wrapped her arms around me tightly while I fell apart, realizing once again how much I missed her.

I felt her let go in an instant, and when I looked up for a reason, I saw three cop cars. They must have pulled up while I was in her embrace, because I never saw them coming. The police officers walked up and without a word, they separated my mother and I.

"Arrest her," my dad spat bitterly, his face cut from her nails. "She's violating a restraining order. Arrest them both."

The look on my mom's face was too much for me to take. I had never seen her look as hopeless and accepting of her fate in my life. My mind raced back to the times when she would break down in front of me, and I felt grief stricken. She was my mom, and she was trying to see me. She wasn't going to hurt anyone, I thought. I didn't understand why he had to have her arrested.

"No!" I yelled, trying to run to her. My dad grabbed me around the waist, pulling me back to him and forcing me into a hug that prevented me from seeing her being placed in handcuffs and forced into the back of the squad car.

"Let me go!" I screamed as I pounded on his chest and cried. "She's my mom and I want her!"

"Shhh," my dad replied as he held me against his stomach, and finally, I gave in to my frustration and fell apart, crying hysterically.

"I hate you," I cried into his chest, wrapping my arms around him and soaking his shirt with my tears. "I f****** hate you."

"Let it out, son," he said gently. He held me that way for a few minutes, but he had to let me go when the cops approached us. When I looked back for my mom, I couldn't see her anywhere. I knew she was in the back of one of the police cars, but I had no idea which one it was.

Billy was handcuffed too, sitting on the sidewalk talking to a female officer. His tattoos were on display, and I knew he was in big trouble. Seeing his large arms made me think back to the way those arms held me in place while he raped me, and all I could do was wince as a flood of memories came rushing back to me.

I felt a hand on my shoulder, and when I looked back, I realized it was Mark, who had just gotten a first hand glimpse at my dysfunctional family.

Of course, this triggered a whole new series of fears in my mind. I was certain that Justin and his family were totally freaked out by my family, and that they most likely wouldn't want me around. The way I saw it, my dad had just had a fistfight in their driveway, and the cops were there too. On top of that, they were bound to find out the truth. The whole truth.

I had never mentioned to Justin or Mark what Billy had done to me. I was sure that if I did, they wouldn't want me around. It was hard enough to live with what had happened. I felt a certain level of shame for being the victim of a molester, especially one who did the things that Billy had done to me.

Still, I found myself leaning into Mark as I watched my dad and Justin's dad talking to the police. Justin's dad was pointing accusingly at my mom and Billy, each word seeming to drip from his mouth like venom. He gave my dad a reassuring squeeze on the shoulder as he spoke.

When my dad started to speak again, Justin's mom walked over and joined in the conversation while I continued to scope the cars out, trying to locate my mom. Suddenly, I heard Justin's mom gasp, drawing my attention to her once more, just in time to see her holding her hand over her mouth as she held a horrified expression. She looked over at me and turned her head sympathetically, seeming to hold back tears, and I knew it was too late.

I looked up at Mark, trying to read his expression. His sad expression made me tear up again, and as if he knew what was happening inside of me, he wrapped both arms around me and held me tight. The shame I felt was immeasurable, and suddenly, I found myself hating my mom all over again. I hated her for bringing herself and Billy to disrupt my life. I hated her for revealing my secrets to Justin's family. I hated her because Mark was about to find out what happened to me. I hated her because it happened to me in the first place.

An hour later, it was over. The cops were gone, and my grandparents were at Justin's. They were in Justin's living room with my dad, talking to his parent's and telling them everything while I listened with Mark, Justin and his brother in the next room.

Each and every detail made my cheeks burn with shame as my deepest, darkest secret came to light. I buried my head in between my legs to hide my face while the three of them stayed close to me. Mark held me close while Justin and his brother rubbed my arms and legs silently; bringing me a feeling of security that I had no idea I could feel.

On that day, at that moment, I learned what the true meaning of friendship was. It had nothing to do with whether or not they still accepted me after they learned what had happened. Instead, the meaning was wrapped up in the way they were there for me, offering me the love and support I needed when the genesis of my shame was put on display for them to see.

It would have been easy for them to say that everything was fine, that they didn't look at me any differently. That obviously went without them having to say so. Instead, they understood that I was in crisis, and they were there for me in ways I never knew existed. It was more than I could have ever hoped for, and I knew for sure that I had never had a friend like Justin, or his brother for that matter. I also knew for sure that I was lucky to have Mark for a boyfriend, and that when he told me he loved me, he meant it. I also knew that I meant it too.

"Are you sure son?" my dad asked when I told him I wanted to spend the night at Justin's.

"I'm sure dad," I said. "I just want to be with my friends tonight."

"I really wish you'd stay home tonight," he said resignedly. "But if you want to, it's your choice."

"I want to go to Justin's," I said, sure of my decision.

"Okay, bud," he said, patting the spot next to him on the couch. "Let's talk about today."

"Do we have to?" I asked, dreading the prospect of recounting the day's events.

"Absolutely," he said with finality in his voice. "Kevin, I want you to know that I didn't have your mom arrested to be mean. I did it to protect you."

"She wasn't trying to hurt me, dad," I argued, but he cut me off quickly.

"Oh really?" he snapped. "Then why was he with her?"

I looked down and sniffled, trying to deduct in my head why she would have brought Billy with her. I knew he was right, but I was too stubborn to admit it. I needed him to be wrong, because if he wasn't, I knew I'd have to accept that my mom was trying to hurt me. Of course, that would have required me to accept the reasons she wanted to hurt me, too, and I wasn't ready to deal with that.

"I'm sorry I said I hated you and that I said the F word," I said quietly, feeling guilty for cussing.

"Come here," he said, motioning me to him with his fingertips on both hands. I moved over to him and let him wrap his arms around me. "I'm not going to let anyone hurt you again, Kevin. I meant it when I said it before, and I still mean that. I love you more than anyone in this whole world."

"I love you too dad," I said, tightening my grip on him. I felt him kiss my cheek, and I looked up into his eyes and saw the most powerful look of love I had ever seen in my life up to that day. He leaned down, pressed his lips to mine, and kissed me again, then he let go of our embrace and held both of my cheeks as he pressed his lips against my forehead and kissed it too.

When I got to Justin's, it was as if nothing had happened that day. Mark, Justin and I followed behind Justin's brother down the hall to his room, where we all camped out on his bed and watched DVD's. I snuggled up to Mark and let him hold me in an embrace, letting him kiss me every now and again.

On the other side of the bed, Justin was laying with his head on his brother's chest. I watched as his big brother ran his fingers through his hair inattentively as they both seemed transfixed with the movie, and it made me realize how badly I wished I had grown up with a big brother. I had never seen them fight, and at times, it seemed like Justin's big brother would go above and beyond the call of duty.

I closed my eyes when I felt Mark's lips against mine again, and I let desire take me away from everything around me. I slid my tongue into his mouth and rolled over so that he was on top of me, grinding his hard on into mine as I wrapped my legs around him in an attempt to grind back into him with my own hardness.

Two things were preventing us from going further at the moment; one was the fact that we were both still fully dressed, and the bulges in our crotches were covered in denim.

The other reason was that we weren't alone. Justin and his brother were next to us in the bed, trying to enjoy the movie. I felt like we were being rude by getting too hot and heavy in front of them, so I let go with my legs and let my crotch drop back down to the bed as Mark pulled his tongue out of my mouth.

About an hour later, I woke up to the sound of the bedroom door closing. I looked around and saw that Mark and I were alone.

"Where'd everyone go?" I asked sleepily, snuggling up to Mark again.

"They're going to sleep in Justin's room," Mark said. "We get to sleep alone again."

"Good," I said in my most seductive voice, shocking myself a little as I unbuttoned my pants and pulled them off, kicking them off to the side. I stripped my tighty whities off next, then I pulled my shirt up over my head. When I was fully naked, I crawled up on my knees and settled myself onto Marks legs, unbuttoning his pants and pulling them down as far as I could without his help. He used his hands to get them off the rest of the way, then he held his arms up so I could take his shirt off. Once it was over his head, I tossed it to the side and grinned as I moved in for a kiss.

I felt completely unable to control myself as I slid my tongue into his mouth. I reached down, grabbed his hard on with my right hand, and gave it a squeeze as I felt his hands running all over my butt, driving me over the edge. I broke our kiss and instinctively moved down his chest, suckling his nipples for a moment, then I moved down again.

This time it was his cute belly button that had my tongue all over it while I stroked his hot hard on, sending chills through my body. I felt it brush against my neck for a moment, and I realized how close I was to it. I pulled off of his belly button and looked at the vein in my hand, stroking it slowly and working myself into a sex driven frenzy, and before I had time to even consider what I was doing, I put my mouth over the end of it and started to suck on it as if my life depended on it.

Small explosions were happening inside of my body as I enjoyed the sensation of having Mark's hard on in my mouth. I ran my tongue over the head, mimicking the actions Mark had taken so many times on my own hard on, and I knew that at any moment, he was likely to cum in my mouth. The thought of swallowing his cum was making me hornier, so I slowly jerked his hard on while I sucked it and suddenly, I felt the cum rising up his shaft.

When I knew he was about to shoot, I gripped harder and milked his c*** for all it was worth, then it happened. I kept my mouth locked around it as he shot a torrent of sperm into my mouth. It wasn't the first time I had tasted his cum, but it was the first time I had gotten it from him in such a direct way, and I was so caught up in the moment that I thought nothing of swallowing every drop and milking him for more.

When I pulled up off of him, I crawled up to his face again and kissed him. He was still rock hard, and I was still feeling horny. His hard on was poking me in the butt, moving up into my crack and scraping my opening, and I felt a sudden urge to let him take me right there.

I reached back and parted my butt cheeks, settling against the head of his hard on trying to no avail to push down on it and get it inside of me.

"Kevin, what are you doing?" he asked me in a concerned voice.

"I want to go all the way," I panted as I tried in vain to get the head to penetrate my butt hole.

"Really?" he asked, again sounding concerned.

"Yes," I said, feeling frustrated that I wasn't getting far with my attempts.

"Are you sure?" he asked, and in reply, I wiggled my bottom as I tried to use my fingers to part my tight hole. "Hold on, then," he said.

With that, he slid a finger into my mouth, then he used it to penetrate me. It was a little uncomfortable, but as soon as it was all the way inside of me, I sighed, once again getting used to his finger.

He had fingered me a couple of times before, and I always loved it. We had talked about what it was like to go all the way, and he told me that when I was ready, he would make sure I loved it. I rode his finger for a few minutes, then I pressed my lips to his and kissed him.

"I'm ready," I said, feeling like I couldn't wait to feel him inside of me.

"Let me make sure," he said, sliding his finger out of me and bringing it back to my mouth. With it was a second finger, and I quickly took both into my mouth and sucked on them lustily before he pulled them out and penetrated my hole again.

By now, I was going crazy with the agony of desire that I had as his two fingers worked in and out of me. I moaned lowly and held on to his body tightly while he slowly brought me to the edge with his motions, then I felt them slip out.

"Here," he said as he handed me an unwrapped condom. "It'll make it easier."

I wasn't too sure if I was doing it right, but I slowly rolled the condom over his hardness and before I could blink, I realized that the moment had come. I felt his hands gripping my butt, parting my two cheeks as his fingertips rubbed the outside of my entrance. I guided myself down to his waiting member, and in a moment I'll never forget, I forced myself down on him.

As soon as he was inside of me, a million thoughts ran through my mind. I thought about the last time I had someone inside of me, but I quickly convinced myself that there was no comparison. I loved Mark, and I hated Billy. I decided that I wasn't going to ruin the moment by trying to compare the two.

Other thoughts that raced through my mind were of my mom and dad, and what they would think if they knew what I had been doing. Again, though, I decided that the moment was too special to ruin it by thinking about anything but my love for Mark. I let myself get comfortable, then I slowly started to ride him.

As I rode him, the horny feelings I had been having all night seemed to be surfacing again. I closed my eyes and pressed my lips to his, letting him kiss me passionately as his hardness slid back and forth inside of me, causing my butt hole to flex involuntarily around him as a feeling deep down inside of me grew to a fever pitch. Before I knew what was happening, an intense rush of pleasure coursed through my body and I came hard.

As I recovered from my orgasm, Mark rolled me over and held my legs in the air as he leaned down to kiss me again, thrusting in and out of me as our tongues danced. I felt another frantic rush of pleasure take me over as his strokes became more intense. I could feel my hard on twitching with each thrust, and I had to break our kiss so I could call out his name while more cum shot out of my body.

He met my lips once more, and in a flash, I could feel the warm gush trapped by the end of the condom. We kissed for another long moment and he stayed inside of me, but he pulled out while he was still hard and slid the condom off. I took it from him and emptied it's contents out onto my heaving chest, rubbing it into my skin like lotion.

"I love you Mark," I said as he grabbed the empty condom and tossed it into the garbage can.

"I love you too Kevin," he said.

"Will we do it with each other all the time now?" I asked hopefully, feeling no shame this time about my feelings.

"We can do anything you want with each other," he said as he wrapped his arm around my shoulder and held me to his chest.

With that, I laid my head down on his chest and took his hard on in my hand, lightly stroking it until I could no longer keep my eyes opened.

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